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CRUCIFEROUS Broccoli and other Brassicas are

part of a healthy diet full of

different foods. Fruits and
VEGETABLES vegetables have special benefits
This vegetable family, also known that vary by color. Remember to
as Brassica vegetables, are eat the rainbow every day!
nutrient-dense and full of vitamins,
minerals, fiber, and other health- ALL IN THE FAMILY
promoting bioactive compounds.
Broccoli, kale, and their vegetable Cabbage
cousins are full of phytochemicals Kale
including glucosinolates. Broccoli
Research shows phytochemicals in
Brussels Sprouts
cruciferous vegetables boost your
immunity, are anti-inflammatory, Collard Greens
support your eyesight, and may Bok Choy
prevent diseases like cancer, heart
disease and stomach ulcers!
VITAMIN C In soups, salad, stir fries, as a snack with Arugula
hummus or dip, cooked into casseroles or
VITAMIN K quiche, as kale chips, or even cauliflower rice!
FIBER Romanesco
FOLATE FUN FACT: Cauliflower
B VITAMINS and broccoli tops, called
the curd, are actually
PHYTOCHEMICALS unopened flower buds!
Cauliflower rice
Pesto is a zesty sauce can be used in
that can be mixed into any dish where
pasta, spread on you use brown or
sandwiches, or a white rice. Just 1
dressing for chicken or cup of cauliflower
fish. This pesto is made is an excellent
with collard greens and source of
basil leaves! Vitamins C and K!
Ingredients: Ingredients:
5 cups Collards, raw, trimmed, chopped 5 cups Cauliflower florets or 1 head
cup Basil leaves 1-2 Tablespoons Olive oil
3 cloves Garlic Salt, pepper, seasonings (to taste)
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
cup Pecans 1. If using whole cauliflower head, cut in
cup Olive Oil
half, cut out core, chop into florets.
cup Parmesan Cheese, grated
teaspoon Salt 2. In a food processor or blender, pulse
florets until it looks like rice. Or, you can
1. Place collards in a steam basket and steam chop it up with a knife!
for 3-4 minutes. 3. Warm a pan over medium heat on stove,
2. Drain and rinse with cold water. then add oil and cauliflower.
3. In a food processor, process garlic and pecans until 4. Stir and saut for 2 minutes, then cover
finely ground. Add remaining ingredients and process for 5-8 minutes, season, and enjoy!
until it reaches a sauce consistency.

Joyce Moon, MSN

Sodexo Dietetic Intern
Spring 2017 Nourish April 13, 2017
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