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An Dongxu
Passport: E84102553
Date of birth: 07/02/1993
Nationality Chinese
Mobile phone: +972 54-6452071

China Agricultural University(CAU)
B.E, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Beijing, China
Sept. 2012-Jun.2016


Undergraduate Thesis Design: "Layout and Design of Wheat Drip
Irrigation Project at Qubeiying Village, in Beijing Shunyi District".
The Layout and design of the drip irrigation system for winter wheat in an area of about 500 acres, including: materials collection and analysis;
irrigation system selection; water amount balance calculation; pipe network layout; pipe network hydraulic calculation; irrigation system
formulation; determination of irrigation work system and group division of rotation irrigation; material statistics; the safety measure of system
operating; working on engineering design drawing and so on.

Project Practice: "Wheat Drip Irrigation Project in Shunyi District,

Tracking and investigating the growth conditions in various wheat growth periods from the sow in the October to the harvest in the June of the
next year, and comparing the impact on plant height, tiller number, leaf area, chlorophyll content and final yield in various experiment fields
arising from the ratio of NPK fertilizer, the amount of irrigation water.

Layout and Design of Irrigation drainage system and Irrigation

channel in Qinghe
The layout and design of the drainage system in Qinghe irrigation area of about 228,000 acres, including: Learning about profiles and
distribution of the area; calculation of irrigation ratio and water consumption; design and layout of the channels; headwork design; regional
planning; working on engineering design drawing and so on.

Design Irrigation pump station in hills irrigation area Dec.2015

The design of the pump station in hills irrigation area of about 18,000 acres, including: calculation of pump station flow and head lift;
determination of pump type and quantity; pipes configuration, hydraulic calculation; setting height and motor determination; design of pump
house; working on engineering design drawing and so on.

Project practice: "Designing the hinge of the Second Qianjing gates -

Xinhua Gate".
According to the materials given, carry out the hydraulic design, arrange the chamber, design the underground profile layout and prevention of
seepage and drainage, an ultimately calculate the stability calculation for the chamber.


Construction Internship"Study Pumped storage power station in
Visit and Study the internal structure, performance and working methods of the pumped storage power station in Fengning,Hebei
Project Practice: "Visit and Study the water irrigation regulation
system in Hetao Irrigation District,Yellow River".
At present, the informatization communication in the irrigation district is consisted of two parts, the wireless communication transmission and
the cable communication transmission. All of the various informationalized water regimen data, video monitoring, network, IP voice telephone
rely on these two communication approach to complete. The staff can understand the water regimen information immediately in various
irrigation districts and even monitored water regimen information of the irrigation management.

Project Practice: "The area measuring and mapping at Diaowo

Village, Beijing City".
Measuring the river, mountain and vegetation in the selected area at Diaowo Village, calculating the accuracy and finally depicting the contour

Project Practice: "Survey of the mountain rock surrounding the

Beijing City".
Observing and measuring the rock of certain mountainous region surrounding the Beijing City, and finally concluding the summary report on
rock layer occurrence.

Member of the Department of Rights and Interests, China Agricultural
Publicity Department of Youth League Committee in College of Water
Resources & Civil Engineering Member
Publicity Department of Youth League Committee in College of Water
Resources & Civil Engineering Director
Organizing the College Postcard Design Contest Sept.2013
Organizing the filming of university video on the theme Where is the
Youth League Committee in College of Water Resources & Civil
Engineering, League Branch Secretary
Organizing the University Postcard Design Contest Nov.2014
Organizing the University Outdoor Sport Activity of RunningMan Mar.2015
A private tutor: Educating the Middle Schools students on Math, English,
and Physic


The First Prize of Social Practice Group Oct.2013
The Second Prize in the Structural design competition Dec.2013
The Third Prize of the Social Work Scholarship Jun.2014
The Third Prize in the College CAD Drawing Contest Sept.2014
Outstanding League Cadres Dec.2015
The first Prize of the Excellent Social Work Scholarship Dec.2015

Proficient in MS Office Suite including: MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Professional software skills include: autoCAD , CROPWAT, ROOTFLY.
Professional graphics & video processing software skills include: Photoshop, Corel VideoStudio, Edius.
Programming skills include: The C++ Programming Language.
Associate Professor. Quanzhong Huang
Department of Irrigation & Drainage, College of Water Resources and Civil Engineering
Deputy Director, Chinese-Israeli International Center for Research and Training in Agriculture
China Agricultural University
Tel: 086-10-62737144
Fax: 086-10-62737979