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Lesson Plan Volume Formulas

University of Scranton

Volk Ayres

ECUI 526


After completing the heading, please list the following content for
the plan:

Title Continuation of 3D Geometry

Subject Area(s) Math
Grade Level 7th-9th, geometry is a grey are
in CC.
Summary of the Lesson Build on Yesterdays lesson.
Introduce Pyramids and
Spheres deeper understanding
of spheres is not a realistic
goal, so just feed them the
formulas. Pyramid activity for
justifying the 1/3rd the
prismatic formula.
Standards: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.G.B.6
Solve real-world and
mathematical problems
involving area, volume and
surface area of two- and three-
dimensional objects composed
of triangles, quadrilaterals,
polygons, cubes, and right
Know the formulas for the
volumes of cones, cylinders,
and spheres and use them to
solve real-world and
mathematical problems.
Use geometric shapes, their
measures, and their properties
to describe objects (e.g.,
modeling a tree trunk or a
human torso as a cylinder).
Essential Questions Can the student find the
Volume of a given simple 3d
shape given its dimensions?
Objectives SWBAT calculate the volume
and surface area of a figure
given initial parameters.
Vocabulary: Pyramid

Estimated Time 50 minutes

Materials Required Small paper pyramids, that fit
to form a cube.
Procedure BEFORE:
Entrance ticket covering
Introduce and explain
spheres, then give
students an
activity/puzzle to solve in
groups. Find out how
many pyramids fit into a
cube, and from that
derive an equation for a
pyramid with a square
Quiz covering the
previous 3 days.
Formative Assessment Ability to solve the pyramid
puzzle is the formative
Student Resources None.

Accommodations I will follow the students IEPs.

Assessment Short 4 question quiz. One on
Area, two on volume and
surface area, and one on