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Computer System 7

Task 6

Build and configure the computer system to meet a design specification. [3.1]
You must install at least one hardware and one software component in a standalone system.
Connect and setup: Equipments e.g., monitor, printer, modem/router, keyboard, mouse, speakers,
microphone, RAM, hard drive.
Install hardware: Components e.g. graphics card, sound card, CD/DVD drive.
Install software: Operating system software e.g. Windows; applications software e.g. Microsoft Office;
security software e.g. virus checkers, firewalls; device drivers; create appropriate directory/folder

After you have built the system you must configure some basic system settings, such as left and right
mouse buttons, power saving options, screen resolution, desktop theme, font size, default language
setting, default folder locations etc.
Configure: BIOS configuration e.g. setting a BIOS password, editing power management options;
Joy would like you to carry out the following configuration on his new PC:
BIOS configuration: Set a BIOS password
Power Management Options: Turn off monitor after 30 minutes when he is away from the
Startup options: Load Macromedia Suite folder so that he is able to get to the folder straight
Edit desktop settings: Display icons on Desktop as he finds it easier to get to instead of going
through the start menu, display the Dell Logo as the wallpaper as this is a company requirement.
Set Date and Time settings to support GMT Kathmandu, editing the desktop e.g. icon size, font
size, color, background, icon choice.
Others: Editing antivirus configurations; setting file sharing/permissions; creating and
reconfiguring application toolbars, install additional fonts.
Note: Your teacher will complete a witness statement to confirm that you have completed the task
successfully and you need to submit the Lab report.

Rajan Raj Pant (HND / Third Semester) 1