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Jaime Gonzales
Seeking an internship to gain experience in the field of Computer Science
University of Texas at El Paso Bachelor of Science Expected Dec. 2018 Cumulative GPA: 2.89
Major: Computer Science
Relevant Coursework:
Data Structures Program Analysis
Dynamic Programming Object Oriented Programming
Searching Algorithms Digital Systems Design
Responsible and Organized Familiar with Ruby and JavaScript
Work well as individual and team Proficient in English and Spanish,
Solve problems using CS logical learning simplified Mandarin
Protein Sequence Program Spring 2017

Project dealt with finding the similarities of protein sequences by using Dynamic
Programming using a Blocks Substitution Matrix (BLOSUM).
Maze Generator & Path Finder Spring 2017

Created a program that uses Disjoint Set Forests to create a maze. The program then
stored the available paths in an Adjacency List (Hash-Table) then used Depth-First-
Search to create a final path from start point to end.

Professional Experience
Whataburger Team Leader 2015-2016
Focused on guiding and helping team members to provide the best quality of service. Key
roles were to manage the unit alongside the manager as well as ensuring customer and
team member satisfaction.
Relevant Activities
ACM UTEP Club member

Part of Computer Science club designed to gain knowledge about professional aspects of
Computer Science as well as a broader understanding of ways Computer Science can be
applied to current and future issues.

UTEP Mentorship

Opportunity to discuss and interact with well experienced mentors from the CS
department faculty including department chairs.