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Service Manual 0303 SM1-10-33.

Outrigger/Steer Pump, R & I c. Work the crane control levers and outrigger
switches back and forth several times.
This procedure covers the removal and installation of d. Rotate the steering wheel back and forth re
the outrigger/steer pump. For recondition procedure, peatedly until steering becomes hard. (On
see SM Keysheet Area 1-10. cranes equipped with emergency steering
system, it will take several rotations of steering
Removal wheel before steering becomes hard.)
1. Lower, detach, and secure load, as required. e. Turn ignition switch to the OFF" position.
6. Check that all control levers are in the neutral posi
2. Stabilize the crane for service as follows:
a. Park the crane out of the way on a firm and level tion and move the function lockout switch to the
surface. DISABLE" position.
b. Engage the park brake. 7. Label for assembly purposes and disconnect the
c. Engage the swing park brake or travel swing hydraulic hoses (1) by removing capscrews, wash
lock, as required. ers, and split flanges (4). Catch any spilled hydrau
lic oil and dispose of properly.
d. Level the crane on fully extended outriggers.
e. Fully retract and lower the boom, as required. 8. Cap/plug the open ports and hydraulic hoses (1) to
3. Shutdown the engine and disengage the main hy prevent excessive oil loss and contamination of the
draulic pump. system.
9. Remove the capscrews and washers (5) securing
the outrigger/steer pump (2) to the convertor (3).
10. Remove the outrigger/steer pump (2) and spline
WARNING adaptor (7) from the convertor (3).
Solvents and cleaning solutions can be 11. Remove the gasket (6).
hazardous. Serious personal injury may 12. Cover the convertor (3) opening to prevent con
result from misuse of these products. Read tamination from entering.
and follow all the manufacturer's
recommendations concerning solvents and Cleaning And Inspection
cleaning solutions.

4. Thoroughly clean area to be disassembled with an

approved cleaning solvent to prevent contamina
tion from entering the oil circuits. Allow the area to Solvents and cleaning solutions can be
air dry. hazardous. Serious personal injury may
result from misuse of these products. Read
and follow all the manufacturer's
recommendations concerning solvents and
WARNING cleaning solutions.
Hydraulic oil is under pressure and may be
hot. A sudden release of hot oil could cause 1. All components should be thoroughly cleaned with
burns or other serious injury. Shutdown the an approved cleaning solvent, air dried, and care
engine and exhaust all trapped hydraulic fully inspected.
pressure from the system before removing 2. All LoctiteR, Permatex R, or other sealant residue
any line or component. should be removed from threads of hardware and
the mounting surfaces of parts that are going to be
5. Relieve hydraulic system pressure as follows: reused. Prior to applying new thread locking com
a. Relieve the hydraulic system precharge pres pounds or sealants, clean threads and surfaces
sure by pushing the button on the pressure re with LoctiteR 7070 Cleaner to ensure best perfor
lief valve, located on the hydraulic reservoir. mance of products.
b. Turn the ignition switch to ON", but DO NOT 3. All soft parts", such as gaskets and o-rings
START THE ENGINE. Move the function lock should be replaced.
out switch to the OPERATE" position.

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SM1-10-33.0 0303 Service Manual

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1. Hydraulic Hoses 4. Capscrews, Washers, & Split Flanges 6. Gasket

2. Outrigger/Steer Pump 5. Capscrews & Washers 7. Spline Adaptor
3. Torque Convertor

Figure 1
Outrigger/Steer Pump

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Service Manual 0303 SM1-10-33.0
4. Inspect the integrity of the hydraulic lines/hoses 7. Check hydraulic reservoir oil level. Add oil as re
that are connected to the outrigger/steer pump be quired. See Operator's Manual for correct type
ing serviced. Repair or replace if required. and procedure.
5. In the event of severe defects, contact factory per 8. If a new or reconditioned pump is being installed,
sonnel for directions whether to repair or replace refer to the Pump Break-In" procedure found lat
any major component. er in this SM Code.
9. Start the engine and rotate the steering wheel
Installation back and forth several times to drive any trapped
air back to the reservoir. Check for steering prob
lems and/or leaks. Repair as necessary.
WARNING 10. Inspect the connections on the hydraulic lines for
leaks. Repair if needed.
Lubricants, sealants, joint and thread locking 11. Complete the installation by testing all related func
compounds, etc. can be hazardous. Serious tions of the outrigger/steer pump for proper opera
personal injury may result from misuse of tion. Normal operation of hydraulic system should
these products. Read and follow all be confirmed. A general inspection of compo
manufacturer's recommendations concerning nents and systems in the areas adjacent to the re
these products. pair should also be performed to ensure related
damage or wear is not present.
1. Install the spline adaptor (7) on the output shaft
within the convertor (3). Pump Break-In
2. Apply a light coat of LoctiteR 515 adhesive to the
mounting flange of the convertor (3). Align and If the outrigger/steer pump is new or has been recondi
install the gasket (6) to the mounting flange of the tioned, it must be broken-in" before being used on
convertor (3). the crane. Follow these procedures for breaking in the
3. Align and install the outrigger/steer pump (2) to the pump after it has been installed.
convertor (3) and spline adaptor (7). 1. Back off the steering relief valve until spring tension
4. Using LoctiteR 242, install the capscrews and on the adjusting screw is fully relieved. Check Op
washers (5) through the mounting flange of the erator's Manual for adjustment procedure.
outrigger/steer pump (2) into the convertor (3). 2. Fill all ports of the outrigger/steer pump (2) with
5. Pre-lubricate the outrigger/steer pump (2) with clean hydraulic oil. Check Operator's Manual for
clean hydraulic oil through the open ports of the the correct grade of oil.
outrigger/steer pump (2) to facilitate initial start up. 3. Operate the outrigger/steer pump (2) for two min
Refer to the Operator's Manual for the correct utes at zero pressure at lowest possible rpm. Dur
grade of oil. ing this period, the pump should run free and not
6. Ensure that o-rings (not shown) are installed develop an excessive amount of heat.
properly on the ends of the hydraulic hoses (1) and 4. If pump is operating smoothly with no excessive
connect the hydraulic hoses (1) to the outrigger/ heat, reset the steering relief valve to its normal set
steer pump (2) using capscrews, washers, and ting. Check Operator's Manual for adjustment pro
split flanges (4). cedure.

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SM1-10-33.0 0303 Service Manual

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