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Maximum Number Of Devices Per User

The Essential, Basic, and Enhanced UCL licenses support users with one associated
device, where the user's id is entered in the OwnerUserId field of one device. The
Enhanced Plus UCL license supports users with two associated devices. UWL Standard
and UWL Premium support users with three and up to ten associated devices.

Number of Devices Per User

When a user is associated to one device - where their userid is found in only one device
configuration OwnerUserID field. When a user is associated to more than one device,
then higher level licenses are required independent of device type.

If UserA is assigned OwnerUserID for two devices, then one Enhanced Plus license is
required for both the user and the two associated devices. If UserA is assigned
OwnerUserID for more than two devices, then one UWL Standard license is required.
UserA can be assigned up to ten devices with one UWL Standard license. If more than
ten devices are assigned to one user, then the user requires one UWL Standard license
and also requires an additional license for the additional device.
So, yes if you will associating three devices with the user i.e., Jabber for Windows,
SmartPhone and Phone, you will need UWL Standard license .In case, if the user will
just be using Jabber UC on windows and phone, then one UCL Enhanced Plus license
is good enough

License Type DLUs Required

CUWL Professional 12
CUWL Standard 11
Enhanced Plus 9
Enhanced 6
Basic 4
Essential 0
Telepresence Room 11

Also remember, if you have more than 2 devices assigned the same owner user id, then only it
will start consuming one CUWL standard license instead of 3 separate licenses