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Guiding questions:

1. Engagement. In general, the students were not engaged with the lesson. While it
may be due to the classes being early in the morning (I primarily observed periods
1-3) the classes were generally very quiet with only a few students volunteering to
answer, and the teacher electing to call on those students in order to move the
class along.
2. Questioning. The questions the teachers asked were all relatively simple, and to
the tune of Here is an algorithm to solve a problem. Here is a problem. Apply the
algorithm. What is the solution? Id place that somewhere between 2 and 3 on the
DoK based on the algorithms complexity.
3. Classroom Management. There werent really issues with classroom management
outside of the remedial class I sat in on, on the first day at Scranton High. Related to
the first question, students in general just seemed apathetic. That said, in most
classes the students seemed to be at least somewhat capable, so its not quite the
dystopian indifference I make it out to be.
4. Resources. (How does the teacher use available resources to affect the above

Riverside JSHS: One interesting thing that caught my attention was that the last
class I visited arranged its desks in a peculiar way, with two boards on either side of
the classroom, and desks in the middle, divided into two halves each facing each
other, such that the dividing line were perpendicular to the boards. This was
noticeable, because it was a technique that did not involve an object, but how they
presented the space.

Scranton High: The most compelling use of resources was in the second class I
observed at SH. It was when the teacher wanted to reference a page in the text, she
did the simple, clever solution of just projecting the actual textbook page onto the
board. This is something that most of the teachers in my classes dont even do,
because were adults and should have our textbooks ready. That a teacher of high
schoolers did this was cool since it meant no one had an excuse not to follow along,
or they at least had one excuse fewer.