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This module is called Design Process. It focuses on providing a design direction to the 17 global goals proposed
by the UN for sustainable development. I chose global goal 3, good health and well-being. I chose to work upon
teenage mental health : drug abuse. Through this project, I wish to create awareness about drug abuse and its
harmful effects on teenagers mental health and ensure a better health. I selected this topic because I feel this
kind of issue is not much discussed in Indian schools and colleges and it is indeed a need of the hour. Teenagers
are today being exploited through friend circles, social media, study pressure, etc. Therefore, their families should
be aware about it.

Through this project, I wish to explain drug abuse and its symptoms and effects. Also, various kinds of drugs
prevalent in India. For research, I wish to make a field trip to an NGO to study the actual conditions of the drug
users and collect facts and figures. I wish to analyses all the data collected and draw conclusions. Lastly, I will find
out solutions and implement them through awareness and social media. Collecting feedback of friends, family and
teachers is also an essential part of my project.

I have been given a golden opportunity to work on this wonderful project and I wish to work on it as it is an
important issue to work on. I hope that I find ways to create awareness amongst teenagers.
I would like to express my special gratitude to Pearl Academy to give a golden opportunity to do this project on
the topic Teenage mental health : drug abuse amongst teenagers.

Secondly, I want to thank Ms Arundhati Mitra, Ms Smita Singh, Ms Sonia Mallick and Ms Kanupriya Sharma for
their guidance, encouragement and useful critiques of this research work.

Lastly, I would like to thank the faculty members, friends and parents who guided me and supported me all
through the project.

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2 May 2017 Mumbai

1 Introduction 1

2 Research Synopsis 12

3 Secondary Data Collection 14

4 Primary Data Collection 26

5 Data Analysis 30

6 Concept Development 34

7 Final Solution 36

8 Implementation 38

9 Recommendation & Suggestions 41

10 Limitations 42
11 Way Forward 43

12 Reference List 44

The sustainable development agenda for sustainable development

was adopted by the world leaders in september 2015 at an UN
summit. The 17 sustainable development goals are unique in that they
call for action by all the countries to promote prosperity while protect-
ing the planet.

Sustainable development refers to development that meets the needs

of the present without compromising the ability of the future
generations to meet their own needs.

The SDGs, also known as Global Goals, build on the success of

the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and aim to go further to
end all forms of poverty. The new Goals are unique in that they call
for action by all countries, poor, rich and middle-income to promote
prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending
poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic
growth and addresses a range of social needs including education,
health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate
change and environmental protection.

Countries have the primary responsibility for follow-up and review

of the progress made in implementing the Goals, which will require
quality, accessible and timely data collection.

Sustainable Goals
Poverty is the lack of income To end hunger, achieve
and resources . It includes food security and improved
hunger and malnutrition, limited nutrition, Hunger and
access to education and other malnutrition mean less
basic services. More than 700 productive individuals, who are
million people still live in poverty. more prone to diseaseand thus
The reasons for poverty are often unable to earn more and
unemployment, social exclusion improve their livelihoods. Poor
and high vulnerability of certain harvesting practices and as
population to disasters and food wastage have contributed
diseases. to food scarcity.

Ensuring healthy lives and Ensure inclusive and quality

promoting the well-being for education for all and promote
all at all ages is essential to lifelong learning. Education
sustainable development and can break from the cycle of
building prosperous societies. poverty, reduce inequalities
Major progress has been and to reach gender equality.
made in several areas, Education is also crucial to
including in child and fostering tolerance between
maternal health as well as people and contributes to
in addressing HIV/AIDS, more peaceful societies.
malaria and other diseases.

To achieve gender equality and To ensure access to safe water
empower all women and girls. sources and sanitation for all.
Women and girls represent Access to water, sanitation and
half of the worlds population hygiene is a human right, yet
and therefore also half of its billions are still faced with daily
potential. In some countries, challenges accessing even the
girls are deprived of access to
most basic of services. Water
health care or proper nutrition,
and sanitation related diseases
leading to a higher mortality
rate. Marrying young also remain among the major causes
affects girls education. of death in children under five.

To ensure access to affordable, To promote inclusive and

reliable, sustainable and sustainable economic growth,
modern energy for all. Our employment and decent work
everyday lives depend on for all. Poverty eradication is
reliable and affordable energy only possible through stable
services to function smoothly and well-paid jobs. Nearly 2.2
and to develop equitably. Lack billion people live below
of access to energy supplies the US$2 poverty line.
and transformation systems
is a constraint to human and
economic development.

To build resilient infrastructure, To reduce inequalities within
promote inclusive and and among countries.
sustainable industrialization and Inequalities based on
foster innovation. Economic income, sex, age, disability,
growth, social development sexual orientation, race,
and climate action are heavily class, ethnicity, religion and
dependent on investments in opportunity continue to
infrastructure, sustainable persist across the world,
industrial development and within and among countries.
technological progress.

To make cities inclusive, safe,

To ensure sustainable
resilient and sustainable. Half of
consumption and production
humanity, 3.5 billion people live
patterns. More people
in cities today, and this number
globally are expected to join
will continue to grow. Because
the middle class over the
the future will be urban for a
next two decades. This is
majority of people, the solutions
good for individual prosperity
to some of the greatest issues
but it will increase demand
facing humans i.e, poverty,
for already constrained
climate change, healthcare,
natural resources.
education must be found in city

Taking urgent action to tackle To conserve and sustainably
climate change and its impacts. use the worlds oceans, seas
Climate change is caused and marine resources. Oceans
by human activities and is provide key natural resources
threatening the way we live including food, medicines,
and the future of our planet. By biofuels and other products.
addressing climate change, we Maintaining healthy oceans
can build a sustainable world for supports climate change
everyone. Severe weather and mitigation and adaptation efforts.
rising sea levels are affecting Its also a great place for tourism
people and their property and recreation.
developing countries.

To sustainably manage Promote peaceful and

forests, combat desertification, inclusive societies for
halt and reverse land sustainable development,
degradation, and halt provide access to justice
biodiversity loss. Forests for all and build effective,
cover nearly 31 per cent of our accountable and inclusive
planets land area. From the air institutions at all levels. People
we breathe, to the water we everywhere need to be free of
drink, to the food we eat, forests fear from all forms of violence.
sustain us.

Topic 1 De

90% problems are

health related
40% suffer from hypertension Eff ects
50% report arthritis
40% have defective vision
Physical environment Health Issues
30% hearing loss
10% diabetes
Financial Instability Fmily Issues

Personal Issues No social interaction

Social environment Dependancy

Time Precaution
Family life
Precautions to be
taken from age of
40-45 years Regular health checkups

Proper care to be taken Involment in cultural,spiritual

after retirement, i.e. and social activities
60 years
Financial stability

Active Ageing

Active refers to continuing participation in social, economic, cultural

and spiritual affairs, both physically and mentally. Active Ageing is
the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and
security in order to enhance quality of life as people age.

Active Ageing in Indian Society

Ill health is a major cause of concern and causes situations where the
elderly feel helpless and chilren help is most sought after. Research
shows that most diseases affecting old parents in India are non-

Joint and muscle pains, various levels of blindness, hypertension,

diabetes, bowel disorders, dementia and depression are key medical
problems faced by the elderly.

Mental pressures : Many old people express that they are unable to
talk to anyone or share their feelings. According to the World Health
Organization Country Report (2002), the elderly describe what it feels
like to talk to walls, to be perceived as burden on children and old
age is the worst form of disease.

Many people complain that the old persons pretend to be ill because
they want attention. Many doctors also share that somewhere down
the line they want to be talked to, empathized with and listened to.

Topic 2
jor brands
mographic Ma
16.2% of textiles Nike
were recovered & kept
out of landfills. H&M

61% of the clothesrecovered Patagonia

for secondhand use are
exported to other RECYCLE
countris REUSE

Causes Eff ects

Reduces green
house gasses
It means reusing the
clothing as donation,
Saves landfills space
cleaning rug, etc.
Generation of new materials
It is breaking down the
clothing and creating
Conserves energy
something new

Recycle/Reuse in Clothing
Need to recycle/reuse
There are piles of reasons to recycle your used clothing, shoes,
belts, handbags and stuffed animals. Not the least of which are the
mountains of discarded garments that end up in the landfills each and
every year. Clothing that can take hundreds of years to decompose.
Its an alarming situation thats growing bigger and uglier every day.

When clothing isnt recycled, it means more and more has to be

produced and that means more and more pollution for all of us.
Pesticides enter our ground water and streams affecting birds, bees,
animals, the farm workers who have to work with them and eventually
all of us. Just as bad, the dyes, most of which contain heavy metals,
are known to be harmful as well. Synthetic polyesters and nylon
arent any better or safer. Theyre made from petrochemicals, a
byproduct of oil refining which increases our need and reliance on oil
and increases harmful pollution which affects us all.

How to recycle
Clothing and textiles are nearly 100% recyclable. More and more
people are recycling their old attire, whether its through donation,
thrift store or simple curb side recycle. By recycling clothing you
are cutting down on the number of resources needed to produce
new clothing. Clothing can become anything like cleaning rugs and
carpets. Many major brands such as Nike, H&M, Patagonia, etc are
engaged in the activity of reuse/recycle of clothing on a large scale.

Topic 3 em o g r a ph y
Age 12 to 14
Male : 7. 2%
C a u s es Female : 5.8% Eff ects
Delayed puberty
Study pressure Age 15 to 17
Reduced growth
Male : 10.8%
Memory problems
Personal & family issues Female : 9%
Perceptul ability problems
Damaged relationships
Addiction to social networks
Wasted academdics
Lack of motivation, self
Peer pressure MENTAL esteem & confidence
b Topic e & Place

Marijuana Age 13 to 17

NGO : Arzoo Foundation


Mental Health amongst Teenagers
Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well being.
It affects how a person thinks, feels and acts. It also helps to determine
how to handle stress, relate to others and make choices.
Many factors contribute to mental health problems such as biological
factors, life experiences such as trauma or abuse, family history of
mental health problems, etc.

Teenagers who have good mental health feel happy and positive about
themselves, do physical activities and take a healthy diet.

There various problems that teenagers face includes drugs i.e., they
could be addicted to drugs due to a number of reasons such as peer
pressure, study pressure,etc. Teenagers nowdays suffer from body
image problem. They spend huge amount of money on clothes,
items,etc but at the end of it they are not satisfied. Also, social network
has become the necessity in the life of teenagers. They are so addicted
at times that they spend all day and night on them. Therefore, they
cannot sleep well and cannot concentrate on their studies as a result
they suffer a lot in all the aspects of life.

There is help available from various sources. If they have a warm

relationship with their parents, teenagers will usually feel able to tell
them if they are in trouble. Counsellors or Psychologists also provide
help by interacting in a friendly manner and carrying out activities to
release stress which helps in healthy mental behaviour among teens.

Research Synopsis

I chose the topic,Mental Health amongst Teenagers : Drug abuse, because I feel in todays generation teenagers
are getting depressed and getting into drugs because they are going through a lot of pressure such as parental
pressure, peer pressure, study pressure as the competition in every field is getting tough and social pressure as
the social networking websites are not letting them concentrate on other life aspects. They get into such situation
in which there is nobody to talk to or share what is bothering them. By this assignment i would like to study all the
scenarios by which their mental health is getting effected because of drug abuse and do my bit to provide help,
awareness and support to the victims of drug abuse.


- The meaning of drug abuse.

- What leads to drug abuse amongst teenagers?
- How the mental health of teenagers is getting effected because of drug abuse?
- What are the symptoms of drug abuse?
- What are different types of drugs and their short and longs effects?
- State wise intake of drugs in India.
- Major steps taken in order to improve the mental health amongst teenagers.
- Time taken on an average for a drug addict to get back to his/her normal life.
- Government support provided to drug abuse victims.
- My solutions to the problem of drug abuse amongst teenagers in India.

Teenage mental health is a vast topic. Therefore, I decided to come down to one of the problems that teenagers
face these days and I chose to move forward with drug abuse amongst teenagers. After carrying out a detailed
research on this topic including data and statistics from various websites, books, blogs, etc. I gained a lot of
knowledge but this wasnt enough on my research part. Therefore, I approached an NGO Azoo Foundation which
helps the teenage drug victims in its rehab center in Mumbai. I carried out a survey of the Head Counselor Mr.
Dinesh and Nisar Khan. They provided me with useful information and various facts and figures.

I then made an observations and found out the reasons why teenagers take drugs, the symptoms, effects and
types of drugs. I compiled the data and statistics to know state wise intake of drugs in India. Visiting the NGO
helped me in alot many ways. It was a learning visit and I experienced how drug addicted teenagers return back
to their normal lives with the help of wonderful doctors, counsellors and care takers. The activities performed by
them in order to distract themselves from harmful addictions. Many drug addicts come out perfectly in just a period
of 3 months. Otherwise, the time taken by others vary from case to case. Though I wasnt allowed to talk to the
drug abuse victims due to privacy issues yet I the knowledge I gained from talking to the counsellors and visiting
the center was truly experiential.

To further understand the project, i made mind maps, infographics, pie charts and bar diagrams. It was easy and
informative exercise. In order to generate awareness about drug abuse amongst teenagers, I made posters and
circulated on social media websites, college and around my locality. Feedback was also provided from various
people which helped me understand their point of view on this project.

Secondary Data Collection
Drug Abuse amongst Teenagers

A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or orther wise introduced into the
body.A drug is any substance that when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin
or dissolved under the tongue causes a physiological change in the body. Drug abuse is a complex phenomenon,
which has various social, cultural, biological, geographical, historical and economic aspects. The disintegration of
the old joint family systems, absence of parental love and care in modern families where both parents are working,
decline of old religious and moral values etc, lead to a rise in the number of drug addicts who take drugs to escape
hard reality of life. The processes of industrialization, urbanization and migration have lead to loosening of the
traditional methods of social control rendering an individual vulnerable to the stresses and strains of modern life.

What leads to drug addiction

Pressure of studies : Pressure of studies on students might be one of the few cases which results in substance
abuse among teenagers. The educational system nowdays is very competitive and lacks flexibility whith lakhs of
students appearing for a few thousand seats. There is always a parental burden which adds to the pressure of
making it big academically.

Personal and family problems : Personal and family problems also lead to drug abuse among teenagers who
fail to cope up with the ever growing family and personal problems. Personal problems may include relationship
problems with loved ones, dealing with a sudden change, death of a close person, etc.

Peer pressure : The adolescence situation is often the cause of unproductive activities. A boy/girl who has a
friends circle who are into drugs tends to repeat the same as friends circle influences his/her activities.
How is mental health getting affected

Drugs poses a serious risk to the physical health growth of teens

such as delayed puberty and negative effects on the reproductive
system, lower bone mineral density, higher levels of liver enzymes that
indicate liver damage and shorter limbs and reduced growth potential.

Drug abuse affects teenagers brain development such as interfering

with neurotransmitters and damaging connections within the brain,
reducing the ability to experience pleasure creating problems with
problems and problems in development of perceptual abilities.

Social and professional risks of teenagers drug abuse such

as car accidents, assaults, sexually transmitted diseases, wasted
academic opportunities late start in chosen career path and damaged
relationships with friends and family.

In a early stage, one might really find it helpful to erase some problems
or make ones life better which leads to more and more consumption
of drugs. But as addiction reaches a step further, it becomes more of a
need rather than just a problem solver.

Types of drugs and their effects

Marijuana drug

Short term effects Long term effects

Poor Impaired
Coordination cognitive
Short term Decline
Memory in
Problems IQ

Hallucinations Poor

Problems Risk of
Heart Failure
Increased in Chance of
Heart Rate Cancer

Marijuana drug is a preparation of
the Cannabis plant intended for use as
a psychoactive drug or medicine. It is
often used for its mental and physical
effects such as high or stone feeling,
a general change in perception, euphoria
(heightened mood) and an increase in

Short term side effects may include a

decrease in short term memory, dry
mouth, impaired motor skills, red eyes
and feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

Long term side effects may include

addiction, decreased mental ability in
those who started as teenagers and
behavioral problems in children whose
mothers used this drug during pregnancy.

Onset of effects is within minutes when

smoked and about 30-60 minutes when
cooked and eaten. They last for between
2-6 hrs.


Short term effects Long term effects

Dilusions Drunk
Dazed Hearing Loss
Risk of
Unconsciousness Heart Attack
No and
Coordination Kidney

Severe Slurred
Headaches Speach

Rapid Sudden Death

Heart Rate due to

Inhalants are substances that produce
chemical vapors that can be inhaled to
induce a psychoactive or mind altering
effect. The effects of inhalants range from
an alcohol like intoxication and intense
euphoria to vivid hallucinations depending
upon the substance and the dose.

Some inhalants users are injured due

to the harmful effects of the solvents or
gases or due to other chemicals used in
the products that they are inhaling.

Of more than 1000 household and other

common products that could be abused
as inhalants most often used as shoe
polish, glue, toluene, gasoline, lighter
fluid, spray paint, cleaning fluid, etc. The
chemicals are rapidly absorbed through
the lungs into the blood streams and
quickly reach the brain and other organs
sometimes causing irreversible physical
and mental damage.


Short term effects Long term effects

Increased Poor
Heart Cognitive
Rate Skills
Diluted Anxiety
Pupils Disorders
Temperature Lung
Increased Occurances
Blood of
Pressure Flashbacks
Lack of
Heart Rate
Loss of

These are drugs that cause
hallucinations. Users see images,
hear sounds and feel sensations that
seem very real but do not exist. Some
hallucinogens also provide sudden and
unpredictable changes in the mood of
those who use them.

Lysergic acid diethylamide is a
semisynthetic psychedelic drug that is
derived from the ergot, a fungus that
grows on rye. The drug is widely known
for its psychedelic effects and for the
altered thinking and moods that it can
cause. People who take the drug report
experiencing hallucinations, altered
sense of time and spiritual awakenings.

According to the National Institute on

Drug Abuse, when a user takes LSD, he
or she will feel a wide range of physical
effects including dilated pupils, reduced
appetite and increased alertness or


Short term effects Long term effects

Concentrated Respiratory
blood vessels Failure

Dilated Destruction
Pupils of
Nose Tissue Auditory
Rate of
Bizarre Damage
Damage to
Blood Vessels
Loss of Infectious
Appetite Diseases


The word cocaine refers to the drug in a

powder form or crystal form. The powder
is usually mixed with substances such
as corn starch, talcum powder, sugar
or other drugs such as procaine or

Extracted from coca leaves, cocaine was

originally developed as a painkiller.
It is most often sniffs, with the powder
absorbed into the bloodstream through
the nasal tissue. It can also be ingested
or rubbed into the gums.

Today, cocaine is a world wide,

multibillion dollar enterprise. Users take
this drug at all ages, occupations and
economic levels.

Common Symptoms of Drug Abuse
The regular drug users show many symptoms of drug abuse. People around them should be aware of the
symptoms and their behaviour especially their family and friends in order to help them. Some of the symptoms
are neglecting responsibilities at workplace, college, school or at home like skipping tuition classes, low
performance academically. They are regularly into fights with family members, friends, teachers, etc. They also
have a sudden change in behavioural attitudes like lying, getting irritated, arguing for small things, losing temper
easily. They often are demotivated, have low self esteem, feel lethargic and lack confidence. They often have red
eyes, are sweaty and always in a panic situation.

Help to the Drug Abuse Victims

Half of the problem is resolved when one shows the desire to give up addiction. One must speak up about his/her
problems to someone who would understand and try to get him/her out of the problem. Support might come from
family members, friends, doctors or counsellors, people who had the same problems but recovered.

World Statistics on Drug Abuse

June 26 is celebrated as International Day against Drug Abuse every year. It is an exercise undertaken by the
world community to sensitize the people in general and the youth in particular to the menance of drugs. With a
turnover of around $500 billion, it is the third largest business in the world, next to petroleum and arms trade.
About 190 million people all over the world consume one drug or the other. Drug addiction causes immense
human distress and illegal production.




YEAR : 2013


Primary Data Collection
In order to move ahead with my project and to get a better understanding of my topic I went on a field
visit. I visited an NGO Arzoo Foundation and its rehab center. I took an interview of the head counselor.
Interacting with him and visiting the NGO helped me a lot in understanding the actual meaning of drug
abuse and what leads to drug abuse amongst teenagers.

I found out that the main reasons for drug abuse amongst teenagers are peer pressure i.e., if even two or
more people in a group are into drugs then automatically the person who doesnt do drugs starts doing it.
Its voluntary. The drugs that are easily available in India are nicotine, marijuana, Inhalants, hallucinogens,
cocaine, etc. Inhalants are easily available everywhere such as general and medical stores. Other drugs
are supplied through agents, high prices are charged for them. Also in many clubs drugs are available.
Drugs dont cause a sudden change after consumption. The symptoms of drugs intake are seen after a
period of time.

There are major steps taken in order to improve their mental health. They are kept under 3 months of
observation and various activities are carried out such as yoga, meditation, exercises, outdoor, indoor
games, regular counselling sessions, story time, movie time and much more in order to distract them from
negative thoughts and thoughts about drugs. A proper diet is taken. The average period is 3 months. If
not much improvement is observed then the period is further extended from case to case. Nowdays, even
13 to 14 years kids are drug addicts. They start taking drugs from school and continue in college. Peer
pressure, study load, social networking sites,etc influence teenagers in a lot many ways.

Government help is also provided. Many drug related NGOs are funded by the government. They provide
facilities such as conselors, technology, etc. National research, facts, figures and data is released every
year in order to generate awareness. Government has taken an initiative to ban harmful drugs in India.
Interview of Mr Nisar Khan and Mr Dinesh (Counselor) - Arzoo Foundation Mumbai

1) What according to you is drug abuse?

Drug abuse is a disease. A drug is any substance that when taken creates changes in the body such as
physiological, cognitive and behavioural change. There are types of drugs with different types of effects
depending upon the dosage. Any drug taken in a large quantity is harmful for the human body.

2) What leads to drug abuse amongst teenagers?

There are various reasons. It mostly happens because of peer pressure. Todays generation finds drugs cool
and feels that it should be done because its in a trend. But it is all voluntary done. If the person is willing to take
the drug no one can stop or control him and vice versa. They also feel that drugs can be used as remedies to
cure depression, stress, etc. They basically feel better after consuming it.

3) What types of drugs are prevalent in India?

There are many. The most common and most used are nicotine, marijuana, types of inhalants like petrol, shoe
polish, thinner, spray paints etc, cocaine.

4) What are the sources by which teenagers procure drugs?

Inhalants are easily available everywhere. Any medical store, grocery store, etc can provide inhalants which are
basically household items and are cheap. Other drugs are supplied through agents. High prices are charged for
them. They are easily available in bars and clubs. These are supplied illegally in India.

5) What are the different kinds of effects on human body after consumption of drugs?
There are no sudden changes in the body. The symptoms of drugs are seen after a period of time with an
increase in the consumption rate. The common symptoms include red eyes, rapid heart rate, hallucinations,
liver, kidney, lung damage, high blood pressures - sometimes heart attack, severe depression, mood
swings, irritation and sometimes even death.

6) What are the reactions of the family members when they first bring their child in the
de-addiction center?
Parents claim that initially they didnt know how it started, they are confused and concerned. Mostly, lower class
are into drugs and their families cannot afford a treatment in a de-addiction centres.

7) What major steps are taken in order to improve their mental health?
The drug abuse victims are kept under observation for 3 months. Various activities such as yoga, meditation,
exercises, indoor and outdoor games, counseling sessions, story time, movie time,etc are conducted. A proper
diet and medication is maintained. If not much improvement has been observed then the 3 months period is
further increased and varies from case to case.

8) Is there any government help provided to help the drug abuse victims?
Yes, Government help is also provided. Many drugs related NGOs are funded by the government. They
provide facilities such as counselors, technology, etc. National research, facts, figures and data is
released every year in order to generate awareness. Government has taken an initiative to ban harmful
drugs in India.

Pictures of the rehabilitation centre

Data Analysis
I prepared a set of questions and visited Arzoo Foundation (NGO) and interviewed the counselors there.
They provided me with a lot of facts and figures which i further analyzed. The secondary research
that was done by me was somewhat similar to the primary information that I got during my visit to the
rehabilitation center. The data I collected was use of selected Illicit Drugs among youth 12 to 17 years,
2013, usage of drugs state wise and deaths due to drug abuse.

The survey helped me a lot in development of a concept and working towards a solution with a direction.
It helped me identify in which areas I need to work on.

Use of Selected Illicit Drugs among youth 12 to 17 years: 2013
Source :


State wise data of consumption of drugs : 2014
Source :

State wise deaths due to drug abuse amongst teenagres : 2016
Source :

Concept Development
I chose global goal number 3, good health and well - being out of the 17 global goals listed. After
doing a lot of research and understanding my chosen topic, I carried out a field visit to an NGO, Arzoo
Foundation, Mumbai. Visiting this NGO helped me in a lot many ways. During this visit I took an interview
of the counselor, took pictures of the rehab center and made observations. I made mind map and
infographic in order to understand the concept better. I decided to focus on teenage drug abuse victims,
the problems that they are facing, causes and effects of different types of drugs, the problems that their
family and friends face and the government helped provided to the drug abuse victims.

After making the observations, I conducted an interview of the counsellor of the NGO, who gave me
immense knowledge and information about drug abuse and its harmful effects on teenagers. Also i found
out the concerns and worries of family and friends. I analyzed the intake of dangerous drugs of various
ages amongst teenagers, state wise drug usage and deaths cause be drug usage in India.

As a part of my solution, I decided to spread an awareness program which makes teenagers aware about
the drug abuse and how its effects are harmful to the human body and a donation program to help the
NGO in treating the teenage drug abuse victims for free and introducing new technology and counsellors
to its family. I chose social networking websites to spread the awareness because I feel that todays
generation is very active on these websites. Secondly, I spread the posters of drug abuse awareness in
my college so that college students are aware of drug abuse and lastly, a team from Arzoo Foundation
would like to conduct a workshop on drug abuse amongst teenagers in my college. This will generate
awareness amongst students and they will also be aware about the NGO so that in case of help needed
they know where to approach. I feel this information is very important and should reach everyone.










Final Solution
As my final solution, I decided to spread awareness about teenage mental health and drug abuse amongst
teenagers. My awareness program consists of posters, donation to an NGO and a workshop conducted by
the NGO. My awareness program talks about drug addiction and its harmful effects. Also, donation to Arzoo
Foundation which is an NGO that deals with drug abuse amongst teenagers and has a rehabilitation centre that
treats drug abuse victims. Through this donation I will be raising funds which I will be collecting through social
media websites and by spreading posters in my college. These funds will help the NGO in treating the drug
abuse victims who cant afford treatment for free and introducing new technology and doctors that will help them
in treating their patients better.

I chose social media websites to spread awareness because this generation spends most of their time on these
websites. Therefore, I thought it to be the best platform to spread awareness. Secondly, spreading posters all
over my college about donation and awareness. My poster explains Many people dont understand why or how
other people get addicted to drugs. They may mistakenly think that those who use drugs lack moral principles or
willpower and they could stop it by simply choosing to. In reality, drug addiction is a disease and quitting takes
more than good intensions or a strong will. Therefore, I through this platform would like to spread an awareness
about teenage mental health and drug abuse. Its correctly said one little thing leads to the next so stop it right

Lastly, Arzoo Foundation (NGO) and its team wants to spread awareness in my college, Pearl Academy
through a workshop which will provide information and guidance about the whole drug abuse phenomenon. This
workshop will be knowledgable as it will explain various drugs and its harmful effects, symptoms of drugs, what
leads to drug abuse amongst teenagers, help provided by the NGO to drug abuse victims, explaining the journey
from addiction to de-addiction. This workshop will be a platform by which teenagers will be aware about drug
abuse and the right place to approach when needed help.


I put up my posters for donation and awareness on drug abuse amongst teenagers on social networking websites
and everywhere around my college Pearl Academy. I got a lot of positives responses. I collected a handsome sum
of money for donation for Arzoo Foundation (NGO). Many people appreciated for spreading awareness amongst
teenagers, especially the head counsellor Mr. Dinesh and Mr. Nisar Khan of the NGO. After seeing my posters, a lot
of friends interacted with me and asked detailed information on drug abuse and i was happy to provide all the useful

Social media websites were very useful and a proper platform to generate awareness. Most of the donation
collected was through these sites. Everyone was glad that this kind of initiative was taken and I hope that it works

Therefore, I expect teenagers to learn about drug abuse and mental health as it is a disease as it is spreading all
over the country and teenagers are the easy targets. Also, I expect the NGO to use all the funds collected at the
right place and at the right time.

Posters about awareness at college

Poster on social media website

Recommendation & Suggestions

I explained my entire project to people and presented my solutions and posters and asked them about their opinion
for the same. I asked them to give me recommendations and suggestions at places i could improve and at places
they liked. I asked people in college who saw my poster and answered their various questions on donation.

I am glad that this issue is raised by someone who belongs to the same age group. Not many people are aware of
drug abuse. It is really a good work done by you to generate awareness. Im impressed.
Nisar Khan
(Arzoo Foundation)

You can create more awareness at a bigger platform. This is a big issue which needs to be worked on.
Ashutosh Mishra

It is really great that the funds collected will be used to treat the drug victims. The work is for a good cause. Keep it
Rashi Singh


Not every research and solution is perfect, sometimes there are difficulties in implementing the solutions on a large
scale. Therefore, I too came across some of the limitations during the process of my project. One of them was that
not many people responded or donated funds. They were not willing to pay even a sum of Rs.50, they thought it
was waste of their money. On the other hand, some just donated without asking any questions such as what is
the donation for or how is my donation going to help the drug victims, they just donated for the sake of donating.
Secondly, I wasnt able to spread awareness on a large platform, it is not possible to reach each and every
individual to spread awareness. This project need time of more than 18 weeks as it a vast issue which needs to be
worked on and I wish to continue this project in future.

Way Forward

I wish to continue this project in future. The progress might be slow but im keen to continue it as it is for a good
cause and it has gave me a lot of knowledge and experience. By creating more posters i wish to generate
awareness. Also by using the social media platform, i wish to create more awareness as social media is an
effective tool and more and more people are active now a day. I also wish to work under Arzoo Foundation (NGO)
in future to understand the issue deeply. The NGO wants to conduct a survey in my college Pearl Academy soon in
which the team will introduce the issue and generate an awareness program by introducing activities, games and
presentations on drug abuse in order to make students understand the issue in a better way and in a fun learning
way. I wish to be a part as a orginizing member for the workshop.

I hope that in future i am able to create awareness on a large scale and more and more teenage drug abuse victims
are helped and taken care of. Also, to prevent them from falling into the trap of this harmful disease.























working on this project has given me an insight and taught me a lot. It gave
me experience and learning about the problems faced by our world and country.
It made me think how poor the conditions are of the people living and
experiencing the worst scenarios. It has inspired me to help and has
encouraged me to work for those in need. It has given me an insight to the real
world and Im now a step ahead as a designer, a designer who will indeed
design for a better cause for the world and its people. This module has given
me an opportunity to understand the process of design and how to apply a
design situation. It has made me think the concept behind a solution and how
to implement the solution in its best way.