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MS3 level : Exam 3 Date : May 2017

Text: The USA

Dear Kamel,
I am Jenny .I am from USA. I am a student at Middle
School in Chicago. I am happy to inform you about my
country USA.
The USA is a big country. There are lots of cities. In the
cities there lots of buildings. The tallest building in the USA
is the Sears Tower in Chicago. Chicago is not the biggest Sears tower
city in the USA .The biggest city is New York.

The USA has got lots of lakes and rivers and mountains .The
biggest lake in the USA is lake superior. The longest river is
the Mississippi. The highest mountain is Mount McKinley, in
What about you and your country? Yours
Mount Mckinley Alaska

Adapted from : Reading & Writing 3 By Helen Casey

Read the text then do the following activities.
Part One : A/ Reading Comprehension ( 7 points)
Activity 1 : Read the text and say true false not mentioned (2pts)
1) Jenny is not an American student. .
2) USA means : United States of America. .
3) The USA is bigger than Algeria. .
4) Chicago is the capital of USA. .
Activity 2: Read the text and complete the fact file about USA. ( 3pts)

Biggest city
Tallest building
Biggest lake
Longest river
Highest mountain

Activity 3 :Lexis.
a Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following . ( 1pt)
1 sad =/= 2 shortest =/=

b Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to the following ( 1pt)
1 tell = 2 largest =

page ( )
By Mr Samir Bounab ( )
Part One : B/ Mastery of Language ( 7 points)
Activity 1 : Complete the table . ( 3pts)

Adjective Comparative Superlative

1 populated 1 1 The most populated
2 good 2 better 2
3 3 hotter 3
4 4 4 worst

Activity 2: Find questions to complete the following dialogue. ( 2pts)

A : .?
B : Algeria is situated in Northern Africa .
A: ..?
B: Algeria is 6835,6 km far from USA.

Activity 3 : Find in the text words that have the final < S > pronunciation ( 2pts)

/s / = likes /z/ = borders

1 1
2- 2

Part Two : Written Expression ( Integration) < 6 pts>

Jenny sent you a letter talking about her country The USA and wants to know about your country.

Write a letter talking about Algeria ( use comparative & superlative)

Write about :

location .
cities & capital
biggest cities
lakes , mountains and rivers.
The letter :

Good Luck By Mr Samir Bounab ( )

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