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4:00PM Check In 1:00AM Late-Night Meal 12:00AM Midnight Meal
DCL Siebel Center / ECEB Siebel Center / ECEB

Company Expo 2:00AM Lightning Talks 3:30AM Mini Meal

Atrium Siebel & ECEB 1015 ECEB Siebel Center / ECEB

6:30PM Opening Ceremony 8:00AM Breakfast 8:00AM Breakfast

Illini Union Siebel Center / ECEB Siebel Center / ECEB

8:00PM Contribute Panel 11:00AM Microsoft Workshop 1 10:00AM HACKING ENDS

Grainger Auditorium ECEB 1103 Siebel Siebel Center / ECEB

Create Panel 12:30PM Lunch 11:00AM Lunch

1404 Siebel Siebel Center / ECEB Siebel Center / ECEB

9:00PM Dinner 1:30PM Core Workshop 2 (Contribute) 12:00PM Project Expo

Siebel Center / ECEB Grainger Auditorium ECEB Illini Union

10:00PM Contribute Project Fair Core Workshop 2 (Create) Closing Ceremony

throughout ECEB 1404 Siebel Illini Union

Core Workshop 1 (Create) 2:30PM Granular 5:00PM Buses Leave

1404 Siebel 1015 ECEB Siebel

11:00PM Core Workshop 1 (Contribute) Firebase

Grainger Auditorium ECEB 1103 Siebel

3:30PM VIP Panel

Grainger Auditorium ECEB

SPEAKERS 4:30PM Lawrence Livermore Workshop CONTACT

1015 ECEB
Karl Fogel Email
Karl is a partner at Open Tech Strategies,
Microsoft Workshop 2
LLC, helping organizations of all kinds
1103 Siebel
launch and participate in open source Facebook
projects. He is also the author of Producing
Open Source Software: How to Run a 5:30PM Karl Fogel Keynote
Successful Free Software Project. Grainger Auditorium ECEB
Jean-Baptiste Kempf 6:30PM Dinner @HackIllinois
Jean-Baptiste is an open source Siebel Center / ECEB
developer, a multimedia specialist, and a Instagram
startup founder. Hes also the president 7:30PM Jean-Baptiste Kempf Keynote @HackIllinois
of the, one of the lead 1404 Siebel
developers of VLC and maintainer of
Post using
numerous open source libraries.
8:30PM Jessica McKellar Keynote #HackIllinois2017
Jessica McKellar Grainger Auditorium ECEB
Jessica is the Director of Engineering at
Dropbox, and featured in 2017s Forbes: 9:30PM Microsoft Workshop 3
30 under 30. Shes the recipient of the 1103 Siebel
O'Reilly Open Source Award for her work
as the Director of the Python Software
Foundation and Red Hats Women in
Open Source award.