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Alec Peebles

Mrs. Bays

English III

22 May 2017

Killers and What They Did

Serial killers have been around the world for centuries. These killers have ruthlessly

killed, raped, and eaten their victims for hundreds of years. Most murders are never solved, some

killers claim to kill more than they have just to feel a little more powerful and go down in history

as famous killers. Investigators have confirmed that the most notorious killers have murdered

hundreds of innocent people.

The first known serial killer in America goes by the name Herman Webster Mudgett or

H. H. Holmes; he was a serial killer from 1891 to 1894. Mudgett was known as America's first

serial killer with a confirmed nine kills and more than 200 believed kills, but they are unproven.

Mudgett was a dedicated killer and he slaughtered countless people in his murder castle. The

castle was a three story home with secret passages, peep holes, and chutes down to the basement,

to transport bodies. Located in Chicago, the castle he built and was mainly used during the

Chicago Worlds Fair; and the castle became a hotel during that time. Herman would use gas

pumped into their rooms to aphixiate his victims, then he transported them and tortured his

victims in his basement ("HH Holmes." Crime Museum).

Herman was a sneaky man; he killed in secret, but when he was not killing, he was filing

false insurance claims. One of his most famous insurance fraud claims occurred when his

partner took out 10,000 dollars of life insurance. Benjamin Pitezel Hermans partener was

supposed to die and then Herman would take the money. But, sadly, due to greed, Herman

actually killed Pitezel, and then he killed three of Pitezels children just to make sure they would

not talk. On May 7, 1896, Mudgett was hanged for the murder of Benjamin Pitezel.

Perhaps the most famous serial killer of this century is Ted bundy. Ted was an ordinary

boy who did well in school, but as a young child knives fascinated him, and he also had no

problems stealing. Bundy did not have many friends in school due to the reason that he was

very shy; however, in college he landed the perfect, beautiful, wealthy girlfriend, and when they

broke up Ted was heart-broken. Many believe this was the motive for Bundys killing spree for

The exact number of women Bundy killed will never been known. There is also some debate

what year he started killing, but most sources say that he began his murderous rampage around

1974("Ted Bundy."

Ted Bundy had a ruthless heart. He trapped people who would be willing to help him.

With his cham and ability to fake an injury and feign the need for help, would lure girls into his

car. Bundy would sometimes break into places to rape and stab or bludgeon girls to death. After

Ted killed his victims sometimes he would do sexual things with them ("Ted Bundy."

Outwardly Bundy was living a normal life. He graduated from college, worked on a

political campaign, and was recommended to law school by the newly elected governor. While

Bundy was in law school, he was pulled over by police who arrested him for having a car full of

burglary tools. As police began to investigate Bundy, they realized he was much more than a

burglar. Unbelievably Bundy escaped jail twice before he was finally arrested. His first

conviction came from a woman he had abducted who managed to escape. Bundy escaped jail

and made it all the way from Washington State to Florida, but he was not finished killing. In one

night he attacked four girls in a sorority--killing two of them. Then he abducted and murdered a

twelve year old girl before he was pulled over and arrested for a final time. Ted Bundys

viciousness created his own downfall. He had bitten two of the girls from the sorority, and the

bite marks helped convict Bundy (("Ted Bundy."

Bundy was sentenced to death. In order to escape capital punishment, Bundy tried to

plea bargain offering information on unsolved cases. He tried to appeal all the way to the

Supreme Court, but to no avail. The ending of Ted Bundys reign was January 24, 1989 when he

was killed on the famous electric chair Old Sparky) in Florida. When he was killed, people

were so excited that some shot off fireworks to celebrate the ending of Teds horrible life ("Ted

Bundy." Considering he worked hard to try to postpone his death nothing

would have worked--because he needed to die, his plague had to leave the earth.

Childhoo]No one really knows why people kill for fun; maybe they had a psychological

problems like Garavito. Maybe they experienced deep trauma like Bundy, and then their darker

side surfaced. Some serial killers like Mudgett take great pains to plan for murder, which leads

one to think they wanted to believe Mudget had been exposed to something horrible in his life.

Most killers have motives, but they in the end they are just ruthless, soulless beings who do not

deserve to live. The legendary killers who have plagued this world have no reason to be here on

this planet. they took no mercy when they kidnapped and raped innocent people. They should

never be let go because bad tendencies come back.


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