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PEOPLE V CAINGLET in said Cadastral Case that he possessed and owned Lots Nos.

8479 and
GR Nos. L-21493-94 8492.
By: Encarnacion


1. December 13, 1962 - Wilfredo G. Cainglet was prosecuted before the

Court of First Instance of Zamboanga del Sur for falsification of public
and/or official documents under two informations:

That in April 22, 1959, in the municipality of Ipil, province of NO. A judgment on the guilt of the appellee would not undermine
Zamboanga del Sur, the accused prepared and/or caused to be the indefeasibility of the titles over Lots Nos. 8479 and 8492. Neither
prepared the following document -- would the criminal proceeding for falsification or perjury be a
collateral attack on the titles in question. The prosecution for
falsification or perjury is a proceeding in personam which inquires into the
Judicial Form No. 106, otherwise known as an Answer, made the criminal liability of the accused. Not being an attack on the validity of the
following untruthful statement of facts: titles in question, any judgment rendered therein would leave said titles
(1) That he is the owner of Lot No. 8492, Pls-248; undisturbed.
(2) That he is the owner of the buildings and improvements
existing on the land;
(3) That he has been in possession of said land as owner
for over 3 years;
(4) That the said land was acquired by occupation and
purchase from a predecessor-in-interest; Additional doctrine:
(5) That his predecessor-in-interest had been in possession
thereof for almost thirty (30) years; Conclusiveness of judgment in the registration of lands is not
(6) That there is no person having interest to the said land absolute. It admits of exceptions:

--when in fact, the land is actually possessed and occupied by the aggrieved party may file a suit for reconveyance of property, or
Mindet Elon since before the war. a personal action for recovery of damages against the party who
registered his property through fraud, or
in case of insolvency of the party who procured the registration
Filed the document in Cadastral Case No. 19, which proceedings through fraud, an action against the Treasurer of the Philippines for
was then in the CFI, claiming that a decision in the CFI in October recovery of damages from the Assurance Fund.
30, 1959 was rendered declaring that the property was of the
accused Cainglet. Through these remedial proceedings, the law, while holding registered
titles indefeasible, allows redress calculated to prevent one from enriching
2. Lower court dismissed the informations. Provincial fiscal appealed to the himself at the expense of others. Necessarily, without setting aside the
SC. decree of title, the issues raised in the previous registration case are
relitigated, for purposes of reconveyance of said title or recovery of


Whether or not the final judgment in Cadastral Case No. 19, LRC Cadastral
Record No. N-184 declaring Wilfredo G. Cainglet owner of Lots Nos. 8479
and 8492 bars his subsequent prosecution for falsely stating in his answers