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UPSC Exam-Sunny ki sunn le ek

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Panga mat lena PHYSICS walo
se na toe 2.5kgsamjha?

Pud ad optional
Hindi lit. optional
Sociology optional
History optional
Philosophy optional
Geo optional
Pol. Science +IR optional
Chemistry optional
High scoring
If u hv strong background then it
will help u lot
Easily available coaching wala
notes and coaching classes
Only science students opted this
Moderate syllabus
Very few competitionmeans
examiner will not have extra
burden for paper checking
V hv to read out of syllabus No
GS help wala funda
Little bit lengthy syllabus ( v hv to
use lot of additional resources
and website)
Very few coaching notes available
in the market
Need too much practice
Diagram issue
HARSH DIKSHIT(48)146+182=328
BARANWAL(156) 173+148=321
ARJUN SHARMA(297) 84+110=194
There is a major difference in IIT
JEE and UPSC Exams. In the
former, we do not need to
memorizemuch, once we have
understoodthe basics. But in the
latter case, there should be no
illusion regarding the fact that
evenin Physics, there is a lot
ofmugging up.
You should have all the
derivations on your finger tips.
Some derivation in Paper 2 are
more than 4 pages long. All the
steps (substitutions,
normalizations, calculus) in such
derivations should be remembered
by heart. In many cases, there is
no alternative to rote
Topper notes Rishi Gupta

Booklist Paper-1
Mechanics by D.S. Mathur
An Introduction to Mechanics by
Kleppner and Kolenkow
Classical Mechanics by Goldstein

Waves and Optics:

Optics by Ajoy Ghatak
Optics by B.S. Agarwal

Electricity and Magnetism:
Introduction to Electrodynamics by
David J. Griffiths
Electromagnetic Theory and
Electrodynamics by Satya Prakash

Thermal and Statistical Physics:

Heat and Thermodynamics by Dittman
and Zemansky
Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory and
Statistical Thermodynamics by Sears
and Salinger
Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics
and Kinetics by Satya Prakash
Paper II

Quantum Mechanics:
Quantum Physics by H.C. Verma

Atomic and Molecular Physics:

Atomic and Molecular Spectra by
Raj Kumar
Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser
Quantum Physics by Resnick and
Nuclear and Particle Physics:
Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser
Quantum Physics by Resnick and
Nuclear Physics by D.C. Tayal

Solid State Physics, Devices and

Principles of Electronic Materials
and Devices by S O Kasap
Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser
Quantum Physics by Resnick and
Coaching wala notes

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