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Sou. Doxa to enikisanti en Si!

Doxa to Thyself as more spacious than the

proelthonti ek Sou! Doxa to Heavens, in that Thou hast borne
elevtherosanti imas dia tou Tokou Thy Creator. Glory to Him Who

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa

Sou! abode in Thee! Glory to Him Who
came forth from Thee! Glory to Him
Who through Thy Birth-giving has
BLESSINGS  set us free! Archdiocese of Good Hope

Vespers Hymns & Readings

2 ND
18 June 2017
Also the Feast of St Leontios, St Hypatios & St Theodoulos of Tripoli, Syria St Leontios
By the Grace of God of Mount Athos - St Leontios of the Kiev Far Caves Monastery Synaxis of North
American Saints



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Tone 1
Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators for
the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much more easier to
understand, to participate and to appreciate.
Glory to God for His Great Mercy!


8. T O N E 1 - V E S P E R S H Y M N S 2 A P 2 M A T T - S T L E O N T I O S - 1 8 J U N E 2 0 1 7
To Iko Sou prepi Agiasma, Kyrie, is Holiness is proper to Thy House, O
makrotita imeron. Lord, unto length of days.
Gynekes Myrofori Myra ferouse, meta The Myrrh-bearing Women took Myrrh
spoudis ke odirmou ton Tafon Sou and hastened, mourning, to Thy
katelavon, ke mi evrouse to ahranton Tomb. And when they found that
Soma Sou, para de tou Angelou Thine Immaculate Body had gone,
Mathouse to kenon, ke paradoxon they learnt from the Angel of the
Thavma, tis Apostolis elegon: Anesti New and Strange Miracle, who said
O Kyrios, parehon to kosmo to Mega to the Apostles: The Lord is Risen,
Eleos. granting to the world His Great

St Nikon of Optina Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
Perform everything attentively - eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.

As being done in the Sight of God - Amin Amen

Remembering always
Idou peplirote i tou Isaiou prorrisis. Behold! The Prophecy of Isaiah is
that our Lord Parthenos gar egennisas, ke meta fulfilled. As a Virgin Thou gave
Sees everything! Tokon, os pro Tokou dieminas. Theos Birth, and after giving Birth, Thou
gar in O tehthis. Dio ke fisi remained as before. For it was God
ekenotomsen. All O Theomitor, Who was Born, and the nature of
ikesias Son doulon, So temeni mankind was thereby Restored. O
prosferomenas Si, mi paridis. All os Mother of God, do not overlook Thy
ton Evsplaghnon ses agkales ferousa, servants Entreaties, offered to thee
Sis iketes splaghnisthiti, ke presveve in Thy Temple; but have
sothine tas psihas imon. Compassion for us, Thy servants
Thou who bore in Thine Arms the
APOLIIS TO DOULON SOU...  for the Salvation of our soul.
Tou lithou sfragisthentos ipo ton While the stone was sealed by the
Ioudeon ke stratioton filassonton to Judeans, and soldiers stood on
ahranton Sou Soma, Anestis trimeros, guard over Thine Undefiled Body,
Sotir, Doroumenos to kosmo tin Zoin. Thou rose on the Third Day, O
Dia touto e Dinamis ton Ouranon Saviour Who gives Life to the world.
evoon si Zoodota. Doxa ti Anastasi For which cause the Heavenly Powers
Sou, Hriste! Doxa ti Vasilia Sou! Doxa cried aloud to Thee: O Giver of Life:
ti Ikonomia Sou, mone Filanthrope! Glory to Thy Resurrection, O Christ!
Glory to Thy Kingdom! Glory to Thy
Providence, O Thou Who alone Loves
Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.
Amin Amen
Tou Gavriil fthegxamenou Si Parthene As Gabriel proclaimed to Thee, O
to here, Sin ti foni esarkouto O ton Virgin: Hail! With that cry the Lord
olon Despotis, en Si ti Agia Kivoto, os of all became Incarnate in Thee, the
efi O Dikeos David. Edihthis Platitera Holy Tabernacle, as foretold by the
ton Ouranon, Vastasasa ton ktiston Righteous David: Thou hast revealed

2. T O N E 1 - V E S P E R S H Y M N S 2 A P 2 M A T T - S T L E O N T I O S - 1 8 J U N E 2 0 1 7 TONE 1-VESPERS HYMNS 2AP2 MATT-ST LEONTIOS-18 JUNE 2017 7.

tinon, tharsito laos tou Theou. Ke Defender in our Lord, to Whom She
gar afto polemisi, tous ehthrous os gave Birth. Take Courage, therefore,
pantodinamos. O People of God, take Courage! For
He, the Almighty, will defeat our
PROKEIMENON SATURDAY EVENING PSALM 92/93 Vespers Service 2nd Sunday After Pentecost
O Kyrios evasilefsen, evprepeian The Lord reigns - He vested Himself
2nd Sunday of St Matthew - Calling of Apostles
enedisato with Majesty.
1. Enedisato Kyrios Dinamin, ke 1. The Lord vested and girded Himself
perizosato. with Power Kindly use the Service Book until this point, then carefully follow instructions
2. Ke gar estereose tin ikoumenin, it is 2. And He established the world , with regard to these Hymns
ou salevthisete. which shall not be moved.


Kyrie ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou. Lord, I cry out to Thee: hear me, O
Isakouson mou, Kyrie. Kyrie, Lord! O Lord, when I cry out to
ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou, Thee, hear me! Hear my voice, when I
To pathi Sou Hriste, pathon By Thy Passion we were set free from proshes ti foni tis deiseos mou, en to cry out to Thee! Hear me, O Lord!
ileftherothimen, ke ti Anastasi Sou, ek our passions, O Christ, and by Thy kekragene me pros Se, isakouson
fthoras elitrothimen. Kyrie, Doxa Resurrection, we were Redeemed mou Kyrie.
Si! from corruption, O Lord: Glory to Katevthinthito i prosevhi mou os Let my Prayer rise before Thee like
Thee! thimiama enopion Sou. Eparsis ton incense - the lifting up of my hands
O Kyrios evasilefsen, evprepian The Lord reigns; He clothed Himself hiron mou Thisia Esperini. Isakouson as the Evening Sacrifice. Hear me, O
mou Kyrie! Lord!
Enediasto. Enedisato Kyrios with Majesty. The Lord clothed and
Dinamin ke perizosato. girded Himself with Power. RESURRECTION STIHERA TONE 1

Agalliastho i Ktisis, Ourani Let Creation Rejoice, the Heavens be Exagage ek filakis tin psihin mou, tou Bring my soul out of prison to give
evfrenesthosan, hiras krotito ta Ethni glad, the Nations clap their hands exomologisasthe to Onomati Sou. Thanks to Thy Name, O Lord.
met evfrosinis. Hristos gar O Sotir with Joy! For Christ our Saviour, in Tas Esperinas imon evhas, prosdexe Accept our Evening Prayers, O Holy
imon, to Stavro prosilose tas amartias His Love for mankind, has nailed our Agie Kyrie ke parashou imin, afesin Lord, and grant us Remission of sins,
imon, ke ton Thanaton nekrosas, zoin sins to the Cross, put Death to amartion, oti monos i O dixas, en for thou alone revealed the
imin edorisato, peptokota ton Adam death, and granted us Life, by raising Kosmo tin Anastasin. Resurrection to the world.
pangeni anastisas, os Filanthropos. the fallen Adam, Father of all
mankind. Eme ipomenousi Dikei, eos ou The Righteous shall wait for me, until
antapodos mi. Thou Reward me.
Ke gar estereose tin ikoumenin, i tis And He established the world, which
ou salevthisete. shall not be moved. Kiklosate lai Sion, ke perilavete aftin, ke Encircle Zion, O People, and surround
dote Doxan en afti, to Anastanti ek Her. Give Glory to Him Who is Risen
Vasilefs iparhon Ouranou ke Gis, O King of Heaven and Earth, Thou art nekron, oti aftos Estin O Theos imon, from the dead, for He is our God and
akatalipte, ekon estavrose dia beyond all understanding, for due to O Litrosamenos imas, ek ton anomion He has Delivered us from our
Filanthopian. On O Adis sinantisas Thy Love for us all, Thou were imon. iniquities.
katothen epikranthi, ke Dikeon psihe crucified of Thine own Will. Hades
dexamene, igalliasanto. Adam de was filled with bitterness when it Ek vatheon ekekraxa Si, Kyrie. Kyrie, Out of the depths I have cried to
idon Se ton Ktistin en tis katahroniis met Thee Below, and the souls of the isakouson tis fonis ou. Thee, O Lord. O Lord, hear my
anesti. O to thavmatos! Pos Just Rejoiced at receiving Thee. What voice.
Thanatou egefsato i ton apanton Zoi? a Miracle it was! That the Life of all Defte lai imnisomen, ke proskinisomen Come, O People, let us praise and
All i os ivoulithi, kosmon fotise, should taste Death in His Desire to Hriston, Doxazontes aftou tin ek worship Christ, Glorifying His
kravgazonta ke legonta. O anastas grant Light to the world that cries nekron Anastasin, oti aftos Estin O Resurrection from the dead, for He
ek ton nekron, Kyrie, Doxa Si! and says: Glory to Thee, O Lord, Theos imon, O ek tis planis tou is our God and He has Delivered the
Risen from the dead! ehthrou, ton Kosmon Litrosamenos. world from the deception of the

6. T O N E 1 - V E S P E R S H Y M N S 2 A P 2 M A T T - S T L E O N T I O S - 1 8 J U N E 2 0 1 7 TONE 1-VESPERS HYMNS 2AP2 MATT-ST LEONTIOS-18 JUNE 2017 3.

Genithito ta ota Sou prosehonta is tin Let Thine Ears be attentive to the Ti Se onomasomen Endoxe? Tis Ellados What shall we call Thee, O Glorious?
fonin tis Deiseos mou. voice of my Supplication. prosforan, os ormimenon ap aftis, tis An Offering of Greece, for Thou
Eufranthite Ourani, salpisate ta Heavens, be glad! Foundations of the finikis katharmon, os tethimenon en came from there? Or the
afti, fostira, os en Skoti Purification of Crete, for Thou were
Themelia tis Gis, voisate ta ori Earth, sound the trumpets! Hills,
exastrapsanta, genneon, os aittiton tis offered there? A Lamp, for Thou
evfrosinin. Idou gar O Emmanouil shout for Joy! For behold!
plittousi. Politropos Sou i Evklia, shone in the Darkness? Valiant, for
tas amartias imon, to Stavro Emmanuel has nailed our sins to the
Leontie Pammakariste, iketeve, tou Thou were unconquered by those
prosilose, ke zoin O didous, Thanaton Cross, and He, the Giver of Life, has
Sothine tas psihas imon. who wounded Thee? Thy honour
enekrose, ton Adam Anastisas, os put Death to death, by raising up
takes many forms, O Most Blessed
Filanthropos. Adam, as our Loving God.
Leontios! Pray that our soul may be
Ean anomias paratirisis, Kyrie, Kyrie, If Thou, O Lord, should mark Saved!
tis ipostisete? Oti para Si O ilasmos transgression, O Lord, who would Enite ton Kyrion panta ta Ethni! Praise the Lord, all Gentiles! Praise
estin. stand? For there is Forgiveness
Epenesate Afton pantes i Lai! Him, all you people!
with Thee.
Ton sarki ekousios stavrothenta di Let us Praise Him Who of His own Will Ti Se Athlofore prosipomen, stratiotin What shall we name Thee, O Passion
tou Hristou, os katheretin ton Bearer? Soldier of Christ? for Thou
imas, pathonta ke tafenta, ke was Crucified for us in the Flesh. He
ehtrhon, Vasilea ton pathon, os destroyed the enemy. Ruler of
anastanta ek nekron, imnisomen Suffered, was Buried, and Rose from
efsevias athlitin, trofea, ton pinonton Passions? For Thou were an Athlete
legontes. Stirixon orthodoxia tin the dead. Let us say: Confirm Thy
os filoptohon, Dikeon, erstin os of Piety. Feeder of the hungry? For
Ekklisian Sou Hriste, ke irinefson tin Church in the True Faith and bring
Ouranofrona. Pikila Sou ta Thou Loved the poor. Righteous?
zoin imon, os Agathos ke Peace to our Life, O Christ, for Thou
pathimata, lamprotera ta palesmata, For Thou Love Heavenly Wisdom.
Filanthropos. art our Good and Loving God.
iketeve, tou Sothine tas psihas imon. Many were Thy Sufferings, and
Eneken tou Onomatos Sou ipemina Se, Because of Thy Law, O Lord, I waited splendid Thy Struggles! Pray that
Kyrie; Ipeminen i psihi mou is ton for Thee; my soul waited for Thy our soul may be Saved!
Logon Sou, ilpisen i psihi mou epi Word. My soul Hopes in the Lord. Oti ekrateothi to Eleos Aftou ef imas, For His Mercy rules over us; and the
ton Kyrion.
ke i alithia tou Kyriou meni is ton Truth of the Lord endures forever.
To Zoodoho Sou Tafo, parestotes i As we the unworthy stand before Thy eona.
anaxii, Doxologian Prosferomen ti Life-giving Sepulchre, we offer a Ti Se ou thavmasi Leontie? Oti enikon Who will not wonder at Thee, O
Afato Sou Efsplaghnia, Hriste O Hymn of Praise to Thine Ineffable
lavon, tis Alithias tin Pigin, potamous Leontios? Since Thou received the
Theos imon. Oti Stavron katedexo, ke Compassion, O Christ our God. For
energesias, anavlizis tis pistis, ke Well Spring of Truth, Thou poured
Thanaton Anamartite, ina to kosmo Thou art without sin, and hast
pasin, anargiros anepifthona, forth Rivers of Benefaction to the
dorisi tin Anastasin, os Filanthropos. accepted the Cross and death in
prosferis tis dipsosi ta dorimata, Faithful. Without payment, Thou
order to grant the world
evfrenis de tous metehontas, idaton distribute abundant Gifts to all who
Resurrection, as our Loving God.
ton tis hristotitos, iketeve, tou sothine ask! Thou gladden those who
Apo Filaktis proias mehri niktos, apo From the morning watch until night; tas psihas imon. partake of the Water of Goodness!
filakis proias, elpisato Israil epi ton from the morning watch until night Pray that our soul may be Saved!
Kyrion. let Israel Hope in the Lord. Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati, Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Ton to Patri Sinanarhon, ke sinedion Let us praise the Word Who is without ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
Logon, ton ek Parthenikis nidios beginning, and Who is Co-Eternal eonon. forever, and to the Ages of ages.
proelthonta afrastos, ke Stavron ke with the Father. He came forth Amin Amen
Thanaton di imas ekousios ineffably from the Virgins Womb,
katadexamenon, ke anastanta en and for our sake He willingly
Doxi, imnisomen legontes: Zoodota accepted the Cross and Death, and Tin pagkosmion Doxan, tin ex Let us praise Mary the Ever Virgin,
Kyrie, Doxa Si, O Sotir ton psihon Rose in Glory. Let us say: Glory anthropon sparisan, ke ton Despotin Glory of all the world! Born of
imon. to Thee, O Lord, O Giver of life and tekousan, tin epouranion pilin, human parents, She gave Birth to our
Saviour of our soul! imnisomen Marian tin Parthenon, ton Lord, and is the Gateway to Heaven.
FESTAL PROSOMIA ST LEONTIOS - TONE (8) PLAGAL 4 Asomaton to asma, ke ton Piston to The Adornment of the Faithful, She
Oti para to Kyrio to Eleos ke polli par For with the Lord there is Mercy, and egkallopisma. Afti gar anedixhti, is hymned by the Angelic Hosts. For
Ouranos ke Naos tis Theotitos, afti to She has been shown to be Heaven,
afto Litrosis. Ke aftos Litrosete ton with Him is Abundant Redemption;
mesotihon tis ehthras kathelousa, and the Temple of the Godhead. She
Israil ek pason ton anomion aftou. and He will Redeem Israel from all
Irinin antisixe, ke to vasilion ineoxe. is the One Who, breaking down the
his transgressions.
Taftin oun katehontes tis Pisteos tin Wall of Enmity, ushered in peace and
agkiran, Ipermahon ehomen ton ex threw open the Kingdom. With Her,
aftis tehthenta Kyrion. Tharsito as the Anchor of our Faith, we have a

4. T O N E 1 - V E S P E R S H Y M N S 2 A P 2 M A T T - S T L E O N T I O S - 1 8 J U N E 2 0 1 7 TONE 1-VESPERS HYMNS 2AP2 MATT-ST LEONTIOS-18 JUNE 2017 5.