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From an early age, I have been interested in the way that businesses

World operates in our everyday lives : How mini stores make a huge profit

even though its small business, How they sell themselves to the

customer, asking myself why the same type of goods have different

priced? My enthusiasm on Business studies and Management grew from a

fresh food office at Bangkok. I was intrigued by the amount of fresh food

were sold and wondering how it was possible to manage the sales

because Fresh food cannot be leftover and running a business that

involved such a high-risk.

I have searched many international universities in Thailand including:

Thammasat University International, Chulalongkorn University and

Mahidol University International College. Those three are the top rank

university in Thailand but after I looked towards those universities. I think

that Mahidol University International College is the best choice for me. My

enthusiasm is to explore in business major and also work with Asst. Prof.

Dr. Supara Kapasuwann whose professor that I have known and followed

since I was in young age.

From my experience in Business studies, I have passed many of the

business electives including: finance, economic, accounting and Marketing

and Advertising. All of these elective that I have chosen gives me a basic

structure role of business. Furthermore, I also passed a business

simulation which develops a critical thinking, long-term plans and the

basic skill in trading.

I am a competitive golfer, I see that golf is a mental game which I have to

do some meditation practice for strengthening my mental ability, thinking

ahead and ability to control myself. I also set my own schedule for

exercising like: get up early to exercise. I always do it routinely since I was

in young age and those things shape me to become active person. For my

achievement, ten years that I played golf with 128 trophies. I have a

chance to qualify in Thailand Golf Association in 2011 and again in 2012

which is a major tournament and I got second place and I also have been

qualified and selected as the representative of Thai golfer for golf

challenge in many different countries including: 2nd place in MacGregor

golf Hong Kong tournament, 1st in Albatross International Junior Golf

(India), 5th The Prime Minister Cup - Sarawak (Malaysia) and 5th U.S. Kids

Golf Tournament (Malaysia). Going in different countries have improved

my golf experience and also the experience in cultural differences.

I am looking forward to continuing these past time alongside of my

degree. However, with the degree that I will achieve, I will not only

progress at a personal level but also looking forward for the successful

business in the future.