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Emma Seibert

Mrs. Barnes

English 112

15 November 2016

Annotated Bibliography

"Creationism." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2014. Opposing Viewpoints in


u=mass12242&xid=52bc6663. Accessed 11 Jan. 2017.

This source provides much information on the very opposing side of evolution, being

creationism, which is the belief that a supernatural being created all aspects of the earth.

Creationists dont take the bible as a myth or fiction, but instead follow nearly everything

it states. This also talks about many modern christians and people of other religion

believe that God helped assist the forces of evolution, but still put him as the center of the

Earths existence. It also explains examples of the events where creationists fought to

keep the theory of evolution from being taught in schools, trying to pass laws banning it

and convicting teachers who dont follow it. This source would be great for me to give

information on the opposing side of only teaching evolution in schools. It was published

in 2014 and found on Gale Student Resources

"Evolution." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2015. Opposing Viewpoints in







Accessed 14 Nov. 2016.

Within this article, the process of evolution is explained, along with different pieces of

evidence that its believers use to support this theory. The contradicting sides of evolution are

also explained along with the belief in the bible, and its importance to those who believe

religion overpowers any theory. Information for my side of the argument is present and it also

gives the reasons behind the opposing sides. The article briefly explains how evolution is taught

in schools today. This would be helpful for an introduction paragraph and general information

regarding the whole project. Since this was found on Gale, it is a reliable database source with its

copyright being renewed in 2016.

National Science Teachers Association. "Creationism Should Be Excluded from Science

Courses." Education, edited by Mary E. Williams, Greenhaven Press, 2005. Opposing

Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints in Context,

Accessed 11 Jan. 2017. Originally published as "NSTA Position Statement: The Teaching

of Evolution,".
This source provides the reader with reasons supporting the teaching of evolution to be

required without equal time for creationism. It gives past legal issues on events where courts

across the country ruled that teaching creationism in schools is a form of forcing religion and is

therefore unconstitutional. The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) also give reasons

why they believe evolution should not be banned, saying it would deprive children of their

knowledge towards the Earth and of science in itself. Some legislators still argue that there

should be a form of a disclaimer before teaching evolution, stating it is only a theory, which

others still argue against teaching it in general.

Rich, Alex K., and Matt Donnelly. "Counterpoint: Evolution Should Be The Only Theory Taught

In Schools." Points Of View: Teaching Evolution (2016): 3. Points of View Reference

Center. Web. 12 Jan. 2017




This article's main focus was on the reasons why evolution is a reliable and well

developed theory. It gives components of the theory of evolution and different variations of it.

This article explains why evolution is the only credible explanation for the creation of the world,

and therefore should be the only thing taught in schools. Evolution is a theory that is in hundreds

of years of making, and is supported by countless amounts of facts, evidence, fossils,

experiments, and events. This particular article would be great for factors of my main argument.
It was written by Alex K. Rich, who is an American biologist and biophysicist. He was also a

professor of biophysics at MIT and Harvard Medical School.

"Science Classes Do Not Need Disclaimers that Evolution Is Only a Theory." School Policies,

edited by Jamuna Carroll, Greenhaven Press, 2008. Opposing Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints

in Context,

Accessed 12 Jan. 2017. Originally published as "Selman v. Cobb County School District, Amicus

Curiae of Colorado Citizens for Science et al. in Support of Plaintiffs," 2004.

This article explains why evolution should not be dismissed as just an idea. It also states

how it should not need a disclaimer in order to teach in it schools. This source gives

many facts to back up why evolution is a reliable fact and is not just an idea. Evolution is

backed up by hundreds of years of facts. It also states what evolution is not, a conclusion

that explains why everything was formed and the origin of everything. By giving a

disclaimer on evolution when taught it makes students question pure facts, and doesnt

allow them to think critically and fully understand the factors of science. I would use in

in my research paper to argue against creationism.