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hlo.FI4 (2J)/LA-20Ul/S35.-Thc lollowing Acl of Lcgislarivc Amcmbly qT t l l d natiot~al

Dcllli rcccivcd ilie asscnt of lhc Prcsidcnl or India on IEtlr July, 2001 and i s hcrcby publisl~ad'ior
- - Qcllli Acr No : ' 7 r l a 0 1 ) -3
(As passcd by Ihc Icbislat~\r-Asxrnbly ohhc National -+ipitalTerrirory olDclhi on 28th Mqrcll. 2001). $
Furil~crto amend rhc Indian Stamp Acl, 1599.

Sllclri T i t l c , cxtcnl and Conmicnccmcnt I. ( I ) T h i s Acr rn;l!. bc called [he Indian,S~arnp(Dclhi ~mcndmcricj:
( 2 ) 11 extends lo rile wholc ollhc naiional Capilal Tcrri~oryo l D c ~ j
(3) It shall coil~c,inlpforce on such dgiF as Lhc Licurenar!t ~ o v e m ' :
o i t h c ~ a l i o n aCapilal
l Tcrrilory may, by nolificarion in thc D*:

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X-A 2.
Substitution n(SchcduIc ~orSc11cdulc In LChdim S ~ m A& p 1899 as inBrrcinhcNil~ionalCapiu~lTerritory
orDelhi, for SchcdulcI-A, rllc follo!\-ing Schcdulc shall k subs~irurcd,
namciy i-
Dccriplian o~lnstrurncnr . Propcr Sump Duty
1, . ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, ofa deb1 e x d i n g rwcnly rupers in amount or vlauc, Onc n i p
rvritlcr or signed by or on bchaIf of, a debtor in order to supply nidcnce of mc11
dcbl . !ny book (olhcr than a banker's Pass Doak) or on a xpraiepiccc of papcr
when s ~ : hbook or paper is lcfl in ihc creditors possession :
Prowdcd ll~arsuch a c k r ~ o ~ ~ l e d g e rdocs
n c ~ ~nor
r co~tlainany promkc LOp y thc d c b ~
or ariy slipulalion lo pay inrercsr or ro delirrcr any goodr; or olhcr propeny.
2- ADMINIS&TION BOND.including r bond given ulr 6 of lhc Govc Saving
Bank Acl, 1873 or scclions 291, 375 and 376 of Ll~eIndian Sumssion AcI. 1925,
(a) Whcrc lllc arnounidrjs noiwcccd Rs. 1000 . . . Thc ame duty as Bond
NO. 15 for such arnounL
@) In anyothcr msc: Onc Hundcrcd rupces
3. ADOPTION DEED, Ihar is to say, any-in s m ~ n c n(olller
l than a \Vill). recording an Fifv Hupccs
~doplion,or conIcrring or pirrpodng to c~nfcran aurl~oritylo adopl: . .

AUVOCATE-Scc Enlry'as an Ad~~ccalc

(No. 39)

4. AFFIDAVIT, including anafiirmarior~or Declnrarion in thc u s c orpcrsons by 1;uis Ten rupccs
to a m r m or dcclarc insrcad of S w ~ i r i n g .
Esclnplions :

Afidavir or dcclararion in wiling nrl~cnmadc :
(i~) As a condition ofcnrolnicnl undcr Il~cArrlg Acl. 1950; or Air Form Act, 1950:
(b] For t l ~ cimniedinlc purpose or k i n g Elcd or-uscd in any c o u or
~ kForc lllc
o[licer of m y court : or

(c) For Ihe irnnlcdiatc purposl: o~cmiblingany pcrson lo reccivc any pcnsion or
charilablc allowance.

(a). [Trclntir~gto (he salc ola bill ofuchangc; Onerupec For revcry Rs. 10000
or part thcreof.

) (b) Il rclsring lo [he salc of s ~ a \ r r n r n c n~

company or orhcr body corporare
ds h~u e~in i n incorparlod
l r n or Oncrupa Tor tuery B.IOU00
or p a n rhercoF of rhc value of
i h e m r i i y or sl~arcsubjcct lo

i (c) l r nor olhcnrisc proilidcd for;

rnauimum of m.1000.
FjFiy r
u m

(a] For or rclaring to tlic salc of goods or merchandise cxclusivcly. no1 bei~iga
N o ~ cor ~ c r n o r a n d u r ncl~argmbleundcr No. 43;
(b) Madc in rhc form oltcndcrs ro thc Ccnrral Go\%,lor or rclating lo any loan.
- 6, AGREEMENT TO LEASE-Scc Leaq (No. 35) :
Agrccmcnt Rclating To Dcposit of Tiile Dccd Pawn or Plcdge, t h a ~is ro say, any
Insliurncn~cvidcncing an agrccrncnt rclaling to :-
( I ) The d c p s i t of ridcdccds or inslnrrncnls consriruring or k i n g evidcna o
1l1crirle lo any propcny ivharcvcr (othcr than a markelablc securiry), or,

Proper Scalnp Duly

(2) Thc ~J\I.II or pledge orrnovrablc propcriy, wherc such dcposit, pawn or
plcdgc has k n made by way of sccuril~lor the rcpaymcnl br money
;~dv;~nccd or lo bc advanced by $myof !oat\ or an cxisting or futurc debt:-
(a) 1Cs1lcliloit11or debt 1s tcpayablc 011 dcrnnrrd or ruorc r1lan !Ilrcc n~olllhslroni 0.5 1"r ccnl or ihc anlolrnl
illc dnlc orrhc instmmenl evidencing lhe agrcelncn1:- sccurcd by such decd, subjcct
lo a maximum of fifty thousand

(b) If sucli lo;m or dcbl i s rzpayablc not morc ;ban thrcc rndnths lrorn-thc dnli oi Halrrhc duty p~yablcuridcrsub-
aich instmmenl. cla~tsc(a).

or pawn ar plcdge of g o d if unarrcsied

!us\run~ei~l -

7 APPOINTMENT IN EXECUTION OF A POWER,rvhctl~cro l lruslecsor o f Onc l~undredrupecs . .

pi,apcrlv. movwblc or irnniovnblc, whcrc madc by any writing no1 bcing a !rill
S API'RA ISEMENT OR VALUATION mndc orhcnvisc than under an order of lllc
Coiirt ill clic coursc of a suit :-

(;I) IVl~crerhc mlount docs no1 cxcccd Rs. 1000. Thr: sallte duly as Bolromary
Bond No. 16
(b) In :In)' olt~crGTSC

(:I) Allpraiscmcnt orvaluation made Tor thc i d ~ r m a t i oof-onc

l~ parry only, and
nn! btrlrg in 311~'n ~ ~ n noblignlory
cr bcl\vra~parlies cill~crbjl aErccmcnt O r
opurnlkoo o f law.

lhc amourll Lo hgiven

(b) Al~praiscmcnrof cmps lor ihe purporc olaiccna~t~tng
ro n lar~dlordas rcnl. .
. . AI'PRENTICESHIP DEED,includi~gcvcrywriting rcla~tng~oihe scnkeor tuilioh
orany ;lpprcnrice. clcrk or scrvanl placcd with any masrcr lo lmrn any profession,
lradc or c~iiploymcnr,no1 bring ~niclcsolClcrklr~p(No. 1 I).
E s e i ~ ~ i > :~ i o ~ i
I ' n s ~ r ~ ~ ~ornpprcnliccship
nc~li caccu~cdLy_a Magisirarc ultdcr !hc Apprcnlices
Acr, 19511, or by which n pcrson i s apprcn~iccdby. or at Ihc cliargc of. any public
(a) Wllcn [he autlioriscd wpitnl or thccompaoy docs no; escccd.onc lac: 0.1 5% oltlic Au~hortsedsl~arc
capiial nidl a rnonclilry ccill~lg
oiRs. 25 Lakhs.
(b) 111olhcr c;iscs

Arriclc of any Associa~ionno1 lorrncd for proill and rcgis~credunder

Scc aka Memorandum of Aarxiation ofa Company (740.39).

II ARTICLES OF CLERKSHLP or contract whcreby any pcrson kisl bccon~estmultd Four hundrcd rupecs
a clcrk in ordcr co his admission as an arrorncy in any Hjsh Coun.
lo scnbcas

- .,
ASSIGNMENT :-See conwance ( NO.23i- ~raidkcrNO. 62 and Itiansfcr of
Lwsc No.63, as thc casc may bc. - ' ' -.
. .
A'ITORNEY-Sre cnlry as an Attomcy No.30 and porvcr o l Anorney (No. 48).
AUTI IORlTY.TO ADOPT-Se Adoptio'n D t ~ (No.
d 3). .

12. AWARD, IhM is 10 my,any decisidnin writiG.9 an arbitritororumpire, not

bcing ana~varddireclmg a paditionon a.rdc<cncc nude otbcnvkc lhan by an
ordcr of lhe murI in lhc c o u m oia suit :-.;, ...
(a) \V11crc I ~ amount
G orv;llue of th c p l m 10 which the a ~ m rclalcs
d as ser The m c duy as a bound
. r o d in such award, d m no; cxcccd Rs.,>000; No..15 Tor such amounr.
fi) If it c x m d s Rs. 1000, buI docs not ex& a.
5000. One rupce for cvcry o n c
ihousand r u m or parr Lhermf
of rhc vaIue of Ihc propcrty 10
which Ihe nwar+ rclares.
and for evcry additional Rs 1000 or pan Llltreorin cxccssofh. SOW.
'.id. BILL OF LADING (including a through biIIof lading)
- . ,
Samc as in Schedulc-1
Samc as in Sclicddc-I
15. BOND as de6ncd by scction 2(5) not
.. ..bcinga DEBENTURE
. .
(No. 27) and no1 2% ar~d0.5% on bond i w ~ c d
bcinc orhcwisc.
-., by Ihc Local aulhozjly.
Provided lor by this Acr or bg.111~
cdurl ~CCSAct, 1870- ,.

Scc Adminismhon BondlNo. 2) Bottomry Bond Wo.16). Customs Bond

Wo 26). I~idctnnilyBond m o . 34), R q n f l c n t i ;. ~Bond
. , (No. 56); W r i t y Bond
(No 57) ..'-.
:.-I., !.'

1. ha thc
nand when e.uccurcd by any
Erc~rlptial~ ~r,qnior~hc pucposc 01guaranteeing
i ~ ~ ~ ) m c d ~~ r~svprivui&sii&cnntion
nc~d l o i sharillblc dimcnrary

I or Ilospiial or la any oiher object df public utiIi&stdl nor kc lcss than Sipaicd
sunr ~r nlcmnl. . < , . . ! # i . .,

I Ib. BOTTOMRY BOND, chat i s lo my, any inslrumcnlrvhercby h e masicr of a sea-' n ~ s cm c duty ns a Bond
going ship bonorr. rnancy on a sr?curiij,'of ll~eship lo enable him ro prescrbc thc No. IS for the same arnoanl
ship D l prosecurt her voyage. -

I. I?. CANCELLATYON-lns~umcnt~l.(includingan).inslrumeniby which my. im-

mcnr previously c x m r e d IScancelled) i i attested and not othcnvise pmvidcd for.
Onc hnndrcd r u b

I Scc also rclcasc Wo.SS), Revoczlian of scrllcrncnl (Ho,

(No. 6 l), Rcvwtion of f rust (No. 63-B)
S8-B),Surrender or L a c

I 18. CERTIFICATEOF SALE (in rcspccr or uch propert) pur up as a separjle lot and
. Thc same duty as C~nvcyancc
sold). Conveymcc duty as to thc purchaser orany property wld by public auaian (No. 23) for a considcrarion
by a Civil Or Ra~cnucC o u r t or Col1,ccror orolhcr Revenue Ofictr cqual lo ltle arqounl of thc
., ., purchasc moncy only. .
19. CERTFICATE OR OlIEEl DOCUhtEMT cridcnoc,thtpghtor title olthc Onc rupcc for evcry onc
holder Ihcrcof, or any othcr person. cithmro any sham, onc thouand stock in or tl~ounndor a parl &ercoi, of
of any i n c o ~ r a r e dCo, or. olher body wrporari or ro'@mmeptopriclo~of sharcs, rl~c~ l u ofthc
e sharcs, scrip
scrip or nock in or of any such Co.or M y ,
, ..
., or srock.
Scr: also LETTER OF A L L O W OF SHARES No. 36
20. C H a E R PARTY. b a t is lo say any i n s ~ l e n(cxcept
t an a p m c n l Tor rhc Iiircaf Fifry kpccs ,

a (ug srcarncr), rvhcrcby a vcsscl or some s-cd princip? paa thcreoris let for tlrc
spccificd purposcs of Ihc charterer, whclhcr ir includes a @4naltyclauscorno[.

W i ~ * ~ 9 , 3 1 * ~ W
+TI el?' Q I W ; F ~ ~$ 1~ - F T ~

T l ~ cDelhi (Distribution alProcceds olTartr) Acl, tOl)Z@elhiAcl No. 1 1 of 2002).

(As passed by Ihc Lcgislativcassembly of LhcNational Capi1al Tcrritoy DT Dellti on 34-2002),
An hcl to prov:de forlhc dis~ribuiionofinenc~ procecds of l k ~ ~ s[he
o fGovernment o r Naticnal Capita) Tcrri
oTUdll iamong h c Municipali~icsin pursuance ofthc principles nfdic~ribulionFonu lad and r l rrc~rnrncndarinns
~ m
by [llc Fi[~;urcc~ ~ r n r n i s s oconstituted
n by hc Govenrmcs~ofNllianal Capihl Tcmrory afDclh~md lo rnilC;cconsequ
:~lncndlnenrsin [he Dclhi Municipel Coqmralion Acr. 1957, LheDrlhiMolot VchicIsTaxaionAct 1962 arid h c New
Municipal Cauticil AcI, lYY4.
Bc it cnacred by [he Legislativ
Rcpublic of India as rollows :I
m m - I
1. Shorllil\c c x t t n t nntlcommenccmcnl:-

(33 Such pcrccntagc may bc prcrcribcd o r lhc ner prlxecds of such h x c s apd dulicr; in my financial

- ofthe Fisance Comniission.



4. Dhhaisrion o l Scction 184 :

Seclion 184 o f l t ~ cUelhiMvnicipal Corporal ion Acl. 1957 (66 or 195 7) sIhall bc o n i~lcd.
'htotor Veldt Taxation Act, I l l 2
dmcndntcnl or t l ~ c
5. O~nissiono i Scclion 20:
Srctio, 20 or Ihr Dclhi M a o r Vchiclw Taxation 61,1962 (51 of 1162) 3hatl bt olaincd.
A!ncndmcnIal rhe N c l v Dtllli Municipnl Cou~rcilAct, 1971
~ ~Section lZS :
G . O ~ l i i s > i uor
c Dclhi Municipal Council Act 1994 '(44 o f 1994)sliotl bc omittcd.
Section 125 or ~ h New



Dated: I q 1 1 87


F.5(111)/Fin(T&E)12007-081 In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-

section (3) of section 1 of the Indian Stamp (Delhi Amendment) Act, 2007, (Delhi Act
No. 10 of 2007) the Lieutenant Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi,
hereby, appoints the 2oth day of November 2007, as the date on from which the said
Act shall come into force.
By order and in the name of the
Lieutenant Governor of the National
Capital Territory of Delhi,

(Ajay Kumar Garg)
Joint Secretary (FinancelPlanning)

F.5(11 l)lFin(T&E)/2007-081 T~b\

lq Dated: \ q . I \ .o-)
Copy forwarded to:
1. The Secretary, GAD, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Delhi Secretariat, I.P. Estate, New Delhi
(in duplicate with Hindi version) with the request to publish the order in the Delhi
Gazette part -IV extraordinary to today's date.
2. The Secretary to Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.
3. The Secretary to Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.
4. The Principal Secretary to the Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor Delhi.
5. The Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Govt. of National Capital Territory of
6. The Secretary to the Finance Minister, Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi.
7. The Secretary to the Revenue Minister, Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi.
8. The Secretary (Revenue) and Divisional Commissioner, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, 5
Sham Nath Marg, Delhi.
9. The OSD to the Chief Secretary, Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi.
10. The Deputy Secretary, Law, Judicial & Legislative Affairs, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
l l . G rdfile.
A b s i t e

Joint Secretary



No. F. 14(20)/LA-2007/LJ/07/ Dated the November, 2007.

The Joint Secretary (GAD),
General Administration Department,
2"dLevel, A-Wing,
Delhi Secretariat,
New Delhi.

Subject: The Indian Stamp (Delhi Amendment) Act, 2007(Delhi Act 10 of 2007).

I am directed to forward herewith two copies of the above notification (English
and Hindi versions) for publishing in the Delhi Gazette (Part-IV) - Extra-Ordinary
today itself. It is requested that at least 10 copies of this Act may be sent to this
Department as soon as received from the press.

Yours faithfully,

% (Rakesh SyaI)
Encl: As above Joint Secretary (Law, Justice & L.A.)

No. F. 14 (20)LA-2007, ( 7 / 0 7 '7 0 93 Dated the &&ovember, 2007

Copy together with the copy of enclosures forwarded for information and
necessary action to: -

1. The Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.

2. The Joint Secretary & Legislative Counsel, Government of India, Ministry
of Law & Justice, Legislative Department (Correction Cell), Shastri
Bhawan, New Delhi.
L.' 3. The Pr.Secretary (Finance), Govt.of NCT of Delhi, Delhi Secretariat, 4th
Level, A-Wing, New Delhi.
4. The Pr. Secretary to Chief Minister, Govt.of NCT of Delhi, Delhi
Secretariat, New Delhi.
5. The Secretary to Lieutenant Governor, Raj Niwas, Delhi-110054.
6. The Secretary (GAD), Govt.of NCT of Delhi, Delhi Secretariat, 2ndLevel,
A- Wing, New Delhi.
7. The Secretary (LA), Delhi Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Old
Secretariat, Delhi-11004.
8. The OSD to Chief Secretary, Govt.of NCT of Delhi, Delhi Secretariat, New
9. Sh. N,G. Goswami, Legislative Counsel, Law Department,
Delhi, Delhi Secretariat, New Delhi.

Joint Secretary (Law,



No. F. 1~(zo)/LA-2007/L.J/07/ Dated thJt +/c(
November, 2007

N0.F. 14 (20)LA-2007t The following Act of Legislative Assembly of the National
Capital Territory of Delhi received the assent of the President of India on the
5' November, 2007 and is hereby published for general information: -
"The Indian Stamp @elhi Amendment) Act, 2007
@elbi Act 10 of 2007)

(As passed by the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi
on the 18' September, 2007).
[ 5' November, 20071

An Act further to amend the Lndian Stamp Act, 1899 (Central Act 2 of 1899) FS in
force in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

BE it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Tmitoy of

qelk in the Fifty-eighthYear of the Republic of India as ~ O ~ ~ O W S :
Short Me, axtent and I. (1) This Act may be called the
Commencement. Indian ~ & m p(Delhi Amendment)
Act, 2007.
(2) It extends to the whole of the
National Capital Tenitory of Delhi.
(3) It 8haII come into force 'on
such date as the Lieutenant
Governor of the National Capital
Territory of Delhi may, by
notification in the Dethi Gazette,

2. Amendment of In the Indian Stamp Act, 1899

Sch0dul8 I-A* (Central Act 2 of 1899) as in force
in the National Capital Territofy of
Whi, in Scheduls 9-A, for Article
No. 23, the following Article shall
be s u w , namely:-


Oescriptlon oflndrumsnt .proprrr$tpmpw

f t' "23- b - r drllnd by T h m I#rcsrrt afthe consideratton

7 t m d ~ n2(10) not b&q e tmdk amwntwdfMhhth8lmbument
af w w w m h@u
---. w(Roulddih.t*-'of'
~ ' ! l d gmmcmb(. Dmputy.
nducd nlr d
~h. rlmp duty
:3 "'
. . $~lpqp)l.qnl~~m-
4 '
hdd bya*)-

. .a)
P a m @(No.
..?. )'