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Literatura Americana: Autores

Unit Prose Poetry Drama

North American and Jean Rhys
Postcolonial Literature: An Amitav Ghost Judith Wright
Introduction Leslie Marmon Silko
Captain John Smith
Colonial America. The William Bradford
Beginnings of the John Winthrop Anne Bradstreet
American Literary Cotton Mather Edward Tylor
Robert Beverley
William Byrd
Benjamin Franklin
Philip Freneau William Dunlap
The Birth of a Nation Thomas Paine
Connecticut Wits Royall Tyler
Thomas Jefferson
William Hill Brown
C. Brockden Brown
Washington Irving
William Cullen Bryant
Fenimore Cooper
The American Waldo Emerson
Waldo Emerson
Renaissance The Brahmins
Henry David Thoreau
John Greenleaf Whittier
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Herman Melville
Edgar A. Poe
Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Poetry and Prose of Sarah Orne Jewett
the Civil War Period. G. Washington Cable Walt Whitman
The Last American Joel Chandler Harris Emily Dickinson
Renaissance Authors Bret Harte
Mark Twain
Carl Sandburg
Gertrude Stein
T. S. Eliot
The Evolution of Bronson Howard
Ezra Pound
Drama and Poetry William Carlos William Eugene ONeill

Wallace Stevens
Archibald MacLeish
Stephen Crane
Henry James
Realism, Naturalism, Ambrose Bierce
and Independent Prose Frank Norris
Jack London
Writers of the Late Edith Wharton
19th century and the Theodore Dreiser
Willa Cather
Early 20th
Sherwood Anderson
Sinclair Lewis

Ernest Hemingway
John Dos Passos
William Faulkner e. e. Cummings
The Lost Generation. John Steinbeck Eugene ONeill
Hart Crane
The Thirties Thomas Wolfe Tennessee Williams
The Fugitives"
Henry Miller
The Fugitives"
Katherine Anne Porter

The Forties and Fifties Flannery OConnor