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Restaurant Cafe Restaurant

Dish nasi kerabu, ikan chicken rie mutton curry,
bakar, satay sweet and sour fish briyani, vegetables

Price RM 10.50 per RM 12.50 per RM 7 per person

person person

Taste spicy, uses coconut not spicy very spicy, many

milk spices used
Distance ten-minute walk twenty-minute drive fifteen-minute drive

Free ice cream mixed vegetables fruit pudding

Answer BI Tahun 5, Peperiksaan Akhir Tahun 2013

Question 1

Accept any suitable answer.

Question 2

(a) Complete the table with the correct answers.

Question 3

Accept any suitable answer.



Examination : End Year Exam

Year : 5

Paper : Two

Type of Questions : Subjectives

Number of Questions : 3

Time : 1 hour 15 minutes

QUESTION 1 : Sentence Construction

Topic : Family

Write five sentences based on the picture and words given

QUESTION 2 : Information Transfer

Topic : Glorious food

A Fill in the blanks

B Choose one and give reasons

QUESTION 3 : Note Expansion

Topic : Travel and Adventure - Sabah

Picture 1 : Describe about Sabah
Picture 2 : Describe about rafflesia in Sabah
Picture 3 : Describe about tourist in Sabah and tamu (market) in Sabah