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23 January 2017

France Security

The state of Frances broken security makes France an unsafe travel destination for

tourists as a result of the ongoing and increasing terrorist attacks, the large amount of crime, the

horrific attacks on important public figures, and the threat of attacks to come.

France is not safe as a result of the ongoing and increasing terrorist attacks on the

country. BBC demonstrates the increasing attacks in France by providing a timeline. The attacks

start off slow, beginning at the beginning of 2012 and rapidly increasing and becoming more

frequent in recent years. The attacks range from shootings, beheadings, vehicle ramming,

stabbing, or a combination. (BBC). The essence of showing these attacks demonstrates the

increasing security risk of attacks in France. The country went from having a few attacks a year

which is normal, but in recent years it is becoming a frequent happening, with 15+ attacks shown

within the last year. The country is at a point where acts of terrorism are becoming a frequent

happening. With the amount of attacks and the increasing security issues, the country is for sure

not safe. The safety of the country is at question and they need to address the increasing terrorist

issues. Heavily armed soldiers continue to patrol Paris's streets, metro stations and riverside

beaches, snapped by wide-eyed tourists as a new sort of postcard from the city. A national state
of emergency, in place until January, plus pat-downs and bag searches at the entrance to any mall

or cinema, are constant reminders of ongoing threats. A blues musician laments that concerts in

his city are far less well-attended than before. (Economist). The Economist's point in bringing up

these facts is to show us how the destruction going on within the country. The country's is

insecure and the fact that a country has to preform pat downs on civilians in community places

shows that the country is scared and isn't safe.

France is not safe due to the large amount of crimes within the country. Transition goes

here. street crime is a concern, most notably in areas frequented by tourists. Consular officials

throughout France report that U.S. citizens are frequently pick-pocketed, robbed, or victimized in

a variety of scams( "Timeline: Attacks in France). In other words, BBC is urging to us that

crime is frequent for American travelers. Street crimes are more common on American tourists

and are often the victims of scams. This proves that France isn't safe to travel to right now

because they are going through security problems. burglaries are a frequent occurrence in the

country. Thieves have easy access to homes and law enforcement in the country has a hard time

preventing and stoping these crimes. Often they will knock on the door and pretend to be

providing a service. In essence, they are demonstrating another major crime in the country of

France. Burglary is another big issue for the country and they struggle with preventing these

crimes. This is yet another reason proving the country is unsafe.

France is unsafe due to the attacks on public figures. Earlier this year, world famous

reality star Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint at her Paris hotel, Hotelde Pourtals, which

was an exclusive hotel. Two men broke into her room and tied her up and took off with 10
million dollars worth of jewelry. (McAuley). McAuley's article describing the events of

Kardashian's robbery demonstrates the major lack of security in France. If a major reality star

with loads of security is at risk for attack, that's bad. Kardashian's robbery is a major anti

commercial for the country and really proves how dangerous and unsafe it really is. I need more

here. transition goes here. They forced [Fr Hamel] to his knees. He wanted to defend himself,

and that's when the tragedy happened," she told French media."They recorded themselves. They

did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It's a horror. The author's names article

describing the horrific acts on an important public future, a priest is terrible. A priest is someone

people look up to and admire. An attack on a priest is barbaric. This demonstrates the blatant lack

of safety and security in the country.

Critics argue that terrorism and the safety dangers in France aren't a relative threat for the

average person. "According to a 2011 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the

average American is as likely to be crushed to death by furniture or televisions as they are to be

killed by a terrorist" although critics think that the threat of terrorism is slim, they are wrong.

Terrorism is an increasing threat in every country especially France.Everywhere in Europe is at

the same risk of terror attack today as it was two weeks ago," says travel expert Phil Sylvester of

travel insurance website. "Were just more aware of it today, feeling the hurt and the fear.

Although people may argue that the risk has always been the same I disagree. If you look at the

amounts of terrorism and how they increased over the last few years drastically. If the terrorism

increased that much in such a short amount of time it is sure to be increasing more. Terrorism is

not a light subject and should not be looked over that easily like this quote is suggesting. The

safety and security of a country and its visitors is not a light subject. No matter how much
terrorism there is a little or a lot it doesn't matter, it is still terrorism and the country isn't safe.

Closing goes here

France is not safe due to the threat of future attacks. France, the European Unions third-

largest economy after Britain and Germany, was already struggling to emerge from a long period

of stagnation and high unemployment. France is the most visited country in Europe, attracting

more than 84 million tourists last year, and economists had forecast a long-awaited uptick in

growth for 2016. After the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks, the momentum slowed, and a slump in

foreign tourism had only recently started to reverse." The essence of what this author is trying to

say is that terrorist attacks on France are not just something of the past. They are an ongoing

threat and will increase in future years. The country isn't safe and is not fit to have tourists and

needs to get a handle on its national security.We havent seen a bounceback, he said. What we

dont know for certain is whether theres an overall dampening impact to global travel, or to

Europe specifically. The threat of terrorist attacks is pertinent in France. There is a major threat

and people need to be worried. The security in France needs to be fixed and increased. The future

of the country is depending on the safety measures to be increased for the well being of the


In conclusion, France is not a safe country as a result of the ongoing and increasing

terrorist attacks, the large amount of crime, the horrific attacks on important public figures, and

the threat of attacks to come. people need to bring awareness to the safety concerns or make an

effort to improve the conditions. The threats of attacks are pertinent and this is a well-traveled
and well-liked country with millions of tourists a year. the security of this busy country needs to

be a bigger concern for the future.