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Everything about Indian Rummy: The Rules and Game

The show must go on despite deep changes in technology and our outlook towards these paradigm
shifts. Just like any other game, with time things have changed for 13 card rummy also. This should be
expected given the holistic approach of Indians towards gaming. Change is nothing new for the
inventors of several dice games and a prevalent card game culture of Rummy, Seep and Teen Patti.

13 Card Rummy is of unclear origin. This game which involves substantial mathematical skills is a really
cool game to hang out with. In the past it has been a regular social activity, especially amongst friends
and family. People from south India are most enthusiastic about this card game. The sole objective is to
form acceptable sequences and sets before all your opponents as early as possible. Stay with us to know
everything about the classic Indian game that gained momentum in clubs and today has become the
most played social game one on the web.

Fundamentals of the Game

How many players can A minimum of Two players can battle it out and the number can be as high as Six,
play a game though this number can go up to eight. This specific reason writes rummy as a
simultaneously? versatile play which can be molded according to the people interested in playing.
Its an anytime, anywhere and anybodys game.
What is the Deck A deck count simply means the number of decks that are being used for the game.
count? Does it remain It depends on the number of players who are participating at the rummy table. A
the same? minimum of one and a maximum of three decks can be used in the game.

S.NO Number of Players Number of Decks

1. 1 to 4 2

2. 5 to 8 3

The Ice Breaker

The show starts with an equal distribution of 13 cards. The remaining cards are placed on the shooting
blanket and are known as the stock pile. Players begin the game and take turns in an anticlockwise or
clockwise direction.

The Purpose Tour

Players should be most concerned about forming valid sequences and thats the key for you to survive
and even win the game. The one who does it in minimum time is declared as the winner. The valid and
invalid runs depend on the type of game you are in. Heres a representation for valid and invalid

Valid Sequence 5, 6, 7

Invalid Sequence 2, 9, 5
The Set

A set consists of same value cards of different suits.

Face Card Set K, K, K

Regular Set 2, 2, 2

The game of Rummy primarily consists of calculating and remembering the cards which are
discarded by all players at the table. Players can only use the same card ONCE

Lets take the example of King of Hearts and see, where it can rule. Suppose it finds a place with the
other two face card Kings and the set becomes K, K, K. It could also team up with the King of clubs
and the joker card.

Face Card Correct House K , K , K

Incorrect House 2 , Q , K

Regular Card Correct House 5 , 5 , 5

Incorrect House 5 , 4 , 7

How The Game Rolls

It isnt a complicated game and stays on 2-Ds of drawing and discarding.

Drawing It is the simplest and most regular act often practiced by a player. To draw
means to extract the top card from a pile of cards. The goal remains to form
valid sequences or sets according to the current running game.
Discarding You have to make valid sequences and sets with the same number of cards in
hand, i.e. 13. You need to maintain the equilibrium all the time. And to do this
you need to discard a card that is of little or no use to you to the discard pile.
When you discard a card, it is shown facing up on the top of the discard pile. It
is visible to all players at the table and may be drawn by the player next in turn

When To Call it a Day

You know whats the difference between Rummy and Nintendo? Short answer, Rummy cant be paused.
Suppose Jack after fighting a hard battle comes up with at least two sequences (one of which is pure
with no wild cards) only then may he can win. Heres an example:

First Sequence Second Sequence Third Sequence Fourth Sequence

From 10, J, Q A, 2, 3 J, Q, K, A 10, J, Q

What if the Stock Pile Runs Out

We shuffle the discard pile and turn it over to start a new stock Pile.

Things to Remember

The Magic of Ace Cards is a critical expression in building the rummy house. All Aces , , ,
are considered as a 10 pointer cards and can be paired with either A, 2, 3 or Q, K, A.
The versatility of As is limited and the same wont help you out on K, A, 2.
We request all our readers to please take the losses in a sporting manner and dont let them
spoil your day. You are your own engine and break, so press the gas pedal and lets roll forward.

To Sum Up

We hope our document helped you in knowing rummy and its basic rules. Take a chance and explore
this amazing game. You can try out some cash games for free by registering yourself and opening an
account. Then you can claim a sign up bonus and play.