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Instrumental Skills learnt through quartet

rehearsal, dress rehearsal and show.

In our performance we chose to play lAmazing Grace' for the Christmas

concert because it fitted the Christmas theme. We were given a piece of the
music for our performance. Due to my instrument being a clarinet in Bb, my
piece had to be written out since it is a transposing instrument. To start off
each musician had to practice their own piece individually.
My piece of the music was the tune while the other two keyboard parts were
the melodic bass (Aimee) and the chords (Cody). Before we put our pieces
together we listened to it in order to learn what each other piece sounds like
so it's easier to put toypthpr

First we put the two keyboards together, and then we added my part. We
had to count to 4 beats as a head start before we play together so we play at
the same time. The first time we played we weren't in time and the pitch was
not right either, so we made individual corrections to our timing and pitch.
The two keyboards had to add in F#s to their piece. After, the two keyboards
chose their sounds. Cody decided to choose lvoice ooh' for his chord piece
and Aimee chose to use lstrings 2' (035). The two keyboards needed to
balance their volume for the dynamics so the clarinet is louder than them
because theirs started with piano which is quiet while mine was mezzo piano
which was not too loud but louder than piano.

After we expr>rirru>ntrd backing beats on the keyboard that would fit in time
with music. The backing beat we had chosen was called lWaltz' (088) to go
with my piece because it kept in time the tempo. We added only the melody
with the backing beat for verse one. That is the end of verse one for our

After verse one is finished us go straight to verse two once Cody turns the
backing beat. Verse two includes the Melody, the chords and the second
melodic moving part. As practiced we added in the dynamics, and / added in
my slur (when you play a couple of bars but tongued so it sounds like it's
stuck together in one breath).

verse three is when the sass clarinet (vrs tythell) joins playing long notes
using the roots of the chords. The Bass darinet held no each note for six
beats. To show the end we added a rallentando (meaning slowing down
gradually) led by Aimee.

We decided to use three verses because it made a longer performanre.

vaking o long performance was better because it will satisfy the audience
and the music piece was too short. Also we had many ideas to add within the
three verses. During class we planned our positions that would be on the
stage in our classroom. We tried various layouts and ended up with a
triangular shape where the two keyboards mirrored each other. The bass
clarinet sat next to the chords on the right side and / played nest to Aimee on
the left side since we have similar parts. Aimee played A on keyboard so that
/ can tune up my clarinet playing the note Bb. We play several run-throughs
before the actual performanre to perfect and be familiar with the
performance and not just the music piece but also all our positions and where
to put our equipment when we are not on the stage.

The day of the concert we performed twice on the same day. We had one last
run-through before the concert began. We also had a group of elderly people
come watch us before the concert in the afternoon. The equipment we used

* Extension lead

* Cables (for the keyboards)

* Tables for the keyboards

* Chairs

* Music stands

* i ns'trumpnrs
1114 wh h s-
* Music pieces

Helpers to set stage up for us

We placed our eqiiipmpnt behind the choir on the stage. We had to think of
health and safety like falling off the stage and tripping over a wire. Bowing
after the performance is over to the audience. / learnt some things while
preparing for the concert like why / had sit next to Aimee because we have
similar parts and having to bow to the audience once we finished playing.


We kept in time, our dynamics was on time when we had to change and our
positions on stage were in the right place.

rviy tempo was a bit fast, when the music is supposed to go slow to give that
calm effect. / will improve this by slowing the tempo down and use my feet to
lightly tap the floor for the pulse because this helps me improve on my music.
Rebecca Lodge 10H2