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a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.
"an international conference on the environment"
synonyms: congress, meeting, convention, seminar,

a person who is in charge of an activity, department, or organization.

"the sales director"
a member of the board of people that manages or oversees the affairs of a business.
synonyms: administrator, manager, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson

Word Part Meaning Sentence

Director Noun a person who is in charge "the sales director"
of an activity, department,
or organization.
Conferenc Noun a formal meeting of "an international conference
e people with a shared on the environment"
interest, typically one that
takes place over several
Domain Noun an area of activity, This problem is outside the
interest, or knowledge, domain of medical science.
especially one that a Looking after the house was
particular person, viewed as a womans domain.
organization etc deals with
Critical Adj if you are critical, you Many economists are critical of
criticize someone or the governments economic
something policies.
critical of Many parents are strongly
critical of the school.
He made some highly critical
centre Ph to have something as the The discussion centred around
around/on verb main subject of discussion reducing waste.
sth or interest:
Subset noun a hidden or second Whats the subtext here?
meaning behind Whats the writer really
someones words or saying?
1relating to the ability to 1 a job that requires
understand things and considerable intellectual effort
think intelligently 2 Marks very intellectual.
y etc
2 an intellectual person is
well-educated and
interested in serious ideas
and subjects such as
science, literature etc
conceive Verb formal to imagine a Many people cant conceive of
particular situation or to a dinner without meat or fish.
think about something in a conceive that
particular way He could not conceive that
(cannot) conceive of anything really serious could
(doing) something be worrying his friend.

Conduce Verb to lead or contribute (to a the belief that technological

result) progress conduces to human
Somehow Adver in some way, or by some Dont worry, well get the
b means, although you do money back somehow.
not know how Somehow, I managed to lose
my keys.
Generalize Adj Common
Perspectiv Noun a way of thinking about His fathers death gave him a
e something, especially one whole new perspective on life.
which is influenced by the from somebodys perspective
type of person you are or The novel is written from a
by your experiences childs perspective.
Assess verb to make a judgment about impact/extent/effectiveness
a person or situation after etc of something
thinking carefully about it a report to assess the impact
SYN judge of advertising on children
assess the
Embarrass Adj feeling uncomfortable or Lori gets embarrassed if we
ed nervous and worrying ask her to sing.
about what people think of He looked embarrassed when I
you, for example because asked him where hed been.
you have made a silly
mistake, or because you
have to talk or sing in
Dysfunctio Adj Not functioning well.
Systemati Adj organized carefully and a systematic
c done thoroughly approach/way/method
Comprehe adj including all the necessary
nsive facts, details, or problems
that need to be dealt with
SYN thorough
Transcend verb to go beyond the usual The desire for peace
limits of something transcended political