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Audit trail- the checking and recording of seal numbers and characteristics during transit.
Barrier seal - a seal with indicative features combined with high tensile strength
Bolt seal- a two-piece seal composed of a male pin and a female locking body
Electronic reusable seal- a multi-use two part seal using electronic protocol to generate a
new seal number each time it is used.
Indicative seal- normally a low strength seal designed to leave evidence of attempted
removal and re-fitting.
Mechanical reusable seal- a multi-use, two-part seal using mechanical principles to generate
a new seal number for each time used.
Metal seals- a seal fabricated from tinplate or other similar material.
Plastic seal- a seal made from thermoplastic materials.
Pull through seal- a seal with a variable length that allows the one end of the seal to be
pulled through the closure to varying lengths.
Seal numbers- the unique alphanumeric code that is applied by the seal manufacturer or are
generated by electronic or mechanical means. This number is used to track the seal during
Strap seal- also known as the strip seal. A seal designed with a metal or plastic strip as one of
its main construction features.
Substitution - removing the original security seal and replacing with another one.
Tampering- compromise of the security seal after it has been applied.
Tamper-evident- the property of a security seal that provides proof of evidence that the seal
integrity has been compromised.
Tamper-proof- a seal that claims it can effectively resist tampering.
Tamper-resistant- a seal that can resist attack and re-assembly.
Two-piece seal- a seal that consists of two separate parts.
Variable length- a one-piece seal that provides variable length sealing options