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Learning Contract Draft or Final

be submitted as ofa to undertake an
Student Name fack Little Contact Phone No. 0aL22525

Student Number tt737691 Degree Bachelor of

Sound and Music

Full name of the hos the organisation, address, personal emall of the hostand telephone number
of proposed host organisation
Danielle Elasi
Cranbrook School
Address: 5 Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill NSW2023
Phone: (t2)e327 e000

Placement AdrianKingwell Phone (02)e327 e000

Supervisor Coordinatorof Number: Akingwell@cranbrook
name/title Contemporarv Music Email address:

ttachment Aprl 24 zfi Could extend beyond 5 Dates

approval Date Iune 2017

Attendance Pattern (e,9.2 weeks full time, 1 day per week for 10 weelc, 2 days per week for 5
wks etcJ
L or 2 days per week for at least 6 weeks
Learning improve my skills and knowledge in analog audio gear
Goal 1
Resources and Stratesies
Many of my own projects are limited in gear choces, so naturally I tend to use the same mic and
preamp for mostn-the-spot recordingi I hope that the myriad of analog gear Cranbrook has to
offer will help refine my skills and bolster my experience with different kinds of transducers and
signal processors.

Competency statement:
Competent work with arralog recording and mixing gear.

Evaluation strateg:
To seek feedback from host and colleasues on my work and how I can improve it

Learning Gain experience and improve knowledge in mixing and mastering recordings
Goal 2
Resources and Strategies
Most of my own work in post production is tailored to the aesthetic I have envisioned duringthe
writing or recording process. This opportunity affords me chances to have a say on the final cut of
workwhose genesis I played no part in, thus furthering my abilities in post production work

Competenry statement:
Competently produce and master complete sonic work

Evaluation strategf;
To seek feedback from host and colleagues on mywork and how I can improve it

,^^---^l t-^tf- ^,
Learning Produce three creative sonic works using local and relevant sound.
Goal 3
Resources and Stratesies
In recording and doing post production work for the school I will have access to local information
and material, which will primarily be appropriated for tlre purposes laid out by the organisation,
and secondarily which will be drafted and edited for purely creative purposes ie remixing a
recording ofa band.

Competency statement: Competently appropriate material sourced from a local environmentto

auxiliary creative practice.

Evaluation strateel: Seek feedback from my peers and communiff on my work

Learning Gain experience in working in an educational team in a professonal environment

Goal 4

Resources and Strategies

As a musician I am experienced in keeping time to the music of others and even mprovising in a
shared creative space, and this internship will allow me to appropriate these skills and gain
experience in a professional and [importantly) edueational environment.

Competency statemenh Competentlywork among a team in both music and education

Evaluation strategyr To seek feedback from host and colleagues on my work and how I can
improve it.

n.-t-^!^^l lra--Li- ^^{

Learning Expand myskill in education.
Resources and
Having taught a workshop covering some aspects of the HSC Music L curriculum at the
already, am keen to expand on this kind of work and hope by the end of the internship
to have
completed development of another workshop tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Competency statement Competently develop a pool of material and lesson plan

for a music-
based workshop.

Evaluation stratery: To seek feedback from host and colleagues on my work and how
I can

Student \L /s /\1

Placement Supervisor 12 lSltt

Supervising Lecturer Signature: date

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