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Chemical Engineering Indralaya

Find 50 Words and in Engineering terminology you may found, and write the

A process model to estimate biodiesel production costs

No Words Funcition Meaning
1 Fatty acids Noun A carboxylic acid consisting of a
hydrocarbon chain and a terminal
carboxyl group, especially any of
those occurring as esters in fats and
2 Feedstock Noun Raw material to supply or fuel a
machine or industrial process.

3 Biodiesel Noun A biofuel intended as a substitute

for diesel.
4 Product Noun A substance produced during a
natural, chemical, or manufacturing
5 Glycerol Noun A simple polyol compound. It is a
colorless, odorless, viscous liquid
that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic.
The glycerol backbone is found in
all lipids known as triglycerides. It
is widely used in the food industry
as a sweetener and humectant and in
pharmaceutical formulations.
Glycerol has three hydroxyl groups
that are responsible for its solubility
in water and its hygroscopic nature.

6 Pumps Noun A mechanical device using suction

or pressure to raise or move liquids,
compress gases, or force air into
inflatable objects such as tires.
7 Centrifuge Noun A machine with a rapidly rotating
container that applies centrifugal
force to its contents, typically to
separate fluids of different densities
or liquids from solids.
8 Dilute Adjective Made thinner or weaker by having
had water or another solvent added
to it.
9 Grease Noun A thick oily substance, especially as
used as a lubricant
10 Rapeseed Noun Seeds of the rape plant, used chiefly
for oil.
11 Refined Adjective Impurities or unwanted elements
having been removed by processing
: refined sugar.
12 Crushing Verb Deform, pulverize, or force inwards
by compressing forcefully.
13 Sewage Noun Liquid and solid waste carried off in
sewers or drains
14 Inorganic acid Noun A mineral acid (or inorganic acid) is
an acid derived from one or more
inorganic compounds. All mineral
acids form hydrogen ions and the
conjugate base ions when dissolved
in water.
15 Bleached Verb Whiten by exposure to sunlight or
by a chemical process.
16 Enzymatic Noun Enzyme catalysis is the increase in
catalysis the rate of a chemical reaction by
the active site of a protein. The
protein catalyst (enzyme) may be
part of a multi-subunit complex,
and/or may transiently or
permanently associate with a
17 Refined Adjective With impurities or unwanted
elements having been removed by
18 Biphasic Noun Two separate and distinct responses
reaction system that are separated in time;
immediate reaction to an antigenic
challenge followed by a recurrence
of symptoms after an interval of
19 Processing plant Noun A chemical plant is an industrial
process plant that manufactures (or
otherwise processes) chemicals,
usually on a large scale. The general
objective of a chemical plant is to
create new material wealth via the
chemical or biological
transformation and or separation of
20 Monophasic Noun The process is widely used
reaction system industrially for the dimerization of
alkanes typically propene and
butene, to the more valuable
branched hexenes and octanes
21 Biodiesel Noun Biodiesel production is the process
processing of producing the biofuel, biodiesel,
through the chemical reactions
transesterification and esterification.
This involves vegetable or animal
fats and oils being reacted with
short-chain alcohols (typically
methanol or ethanol).
22 Pilot small plant Noun A pilot plant is an industrial
production system that employs
new technology concepts, mainly
for the purpose of learning about the
new technology. The knowledge
obtained is then used for design of
full-scale production systems, as
well as for identification of further
research objectives and support of
investment decisions.
23 Piping Noun Lengths of pipe, or a network of
pipes, made of metal, plastic, or
other materials.
24 Utilized Verb Make partical and effective use of
25 Ambient Noun The ambient pressure on an object
pressure is the pressure of the surrounding
medium, such as a gas or liquid, in
contact with the object.
26 Engineering Noun A professional service that provides
firms independent expertise in
engineering, science and related
areas to governments, industries,
developers and construction firms.
27 Electricity Noun A form of energy resulting from the
existence of charged particles (such
as electrons or protons), either
statically as an accumulation of
charge or dynamically as a current.
28 Equipment Noun An original equipment manufacturer
suppliers (oem) is a company that makes a
part or subsystem that is used in
another company's end product.
29 Construction Noun Building material is any material
materials which is used for construction
purposes. Many naturally occurring
substances, such as clay, rocks,
sand, and wood, even twigs and
leaves, have been used to construct
30 Storage tanks Noun Storage tanks are containers that
hold liquids, compressed gases (gas
tank; or in u.s.a "pressure vessel",
which is not typically labeled or
regulated as a storage tank) or
mediums used for the short- or
long-term storage of heat or cold.
31 Sophisticated Adjective (of a machine, system, or technique)
developed to a high degree of
complexity make partical and
effective use of.
32 Condensation Water which collects as droplets on
a cold surface when humid air is in
contact with it.
33 Flowsheet Noun A process flow diagram is a
diagram commonly used in
chemical and process engineering to
indicate the general flow of plant
processes and equipment.
34 Utilities Noun The term utilities can also refer to
the set of services provided by these
organizations consumed by the
public: electricity, natural gas,
water, and sewage. Broadband
internet services (both fixed-line
and mobile) are increasingly being
included within the definition.
35 Environmental Noun In occupational health and safety, a
control design feature, e.g., in a hospital or
workplace, that limits the risk of on-
the-job injury. In the practice of
allergy and immunology, a process
or design that limits the exposure of
the patient to particular antigens.
36 Vacum drying Noun Removal of liquid material from a
solution or mixture under reduced
air pressure, which results in drying
at a lower temperature than is
required at atmospheric pressure.
37 Distillation Noun The action of purifying a liquid by a
process of heating and cooling.
38 Distillation Noun A fractional column is an essential
tower item used in distillation of liquid
mixtures so as to separate the
mixture into its component parts, or
fractions, based on the differences
in volatilities.
39 Mix feeder Noun A device supplying mix raw
material to a machine
40 Steam jacketed Noun Steam kettles are an improved, self-
contained version of the large
stockpot used for range top cooking.
And they are put to many of the
same tasks. Steam kettles are often
used to boil pasta, simmer sauces,
stocks and stews.the circulation of
steam inside the jacket provides
even heating to the contents of the
41 Condenser Noun An apparatus or container for
condensing vapor.
42 Recycled Verb Convert (waste) into reusable
43 Heat exchanger Noun A device for transferring heat from
one medium to another.
44 Purification Verb The removal of contaminants from
45 Separator Noun A machine or device that separates
something into its constituent or
distinct elements.
46 Flash tank Noun A typical flash drum. Flash (or
partial) evaporation is the partial
vapor that occurs when a saturated
liquid stream undergoes a reduction
in pressure by passing through a
throttling valve or other throttling
47 Raw materials Noun The basic material from which a
product is made.
48 Heater Noun A person or thing that heats, in
particular a device for warming the
air or water
49 Boiler Noun A fuel-burning apparatus or
container for heating water, in
particular. A tank for generating
steam under pressure in a steam
50 Reagent Noun A substance or mixture for use in
chemical analysis or other reactions.
51 Equipment Noun The process of supplying someone
or something with necessary
52 Spreadsheed Noun A computer program in which
figures arranged in the rows and
columns of a grid can be
manipulated and used in