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Heroin Addiction and Opiates Gangs in the Antilles,

Terrorism in Trinidad.

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Today Kali is a goddess, much revered in the West by Western Wiccans

and she, is even being incorporated into feminist thought as symbolic of the
power that women can wield. Males who engage in the worship of Kali bow
themselves to women, as they consider women to be their rightful masters.
The sex ritual depicted in the pictures above of Kali dominating Shiva is a
dance of a sexual nature, Shiva becomes the wife in this role, the term
dominatrix has its origins in goddess worship. Below is a drawing of Ceres
the Greek goddess of Agriculture, next to her is a photo of Opium poppies
which were sacred to Ceres. The Opium poppy is a plant sacred to Lilith.

Figure: The throne of Ceres is designed to resemble a flowering poppy, her

staff is also reflective of a poppy in bloom, atop the staff in its hollow
Opium is burning as savor in honor of the goddess. Naturally her adherents
would imbibe Opium as a means of entering ecstatic trances in order to
gain contact with and to become possessed, by Ceres (sorcery).

Throughout this book I have stressed that all pagan cultures have their
origins in fallen angels. In every culture known to man throughout the
globe the same demon spirits keep appearing in mythology, folktales, epic
tales and songs, art, architecture , religio- magical rites et al.

It is no coincidence that every pagan culture has a god or goddess that

corresponds to another culture somewhere else, the source or power that is
worshipped is one and the same in this book I call that source demons
according to biblical standards.

The similarities in the practices of the Canaanites and the Hindus are
astoundingly similar. The Canaanites worshipped the free love aspects of
the Goddess Asherah. Canaanite women refused to accept the

recumbent/passive position during coitus, or to only receive vaginal

penetration. Instead, the women of Canaan, like those of Greece and
Sumeria, favored the active position astride the man when not engaged in
fellatio or Sodomy, all the above were strictly forbidden by the God of
Israel. Another interesting aspect of Lilith is the Opium poppy which is
sacred to her, showing her, as Ceres, the Greek goddess of agriculture, the
red rose is also sacred to her.

The red rose is representative of feminine sexuality and the white rose
symbolizes the pure virgin Goddess. In ancient Canaanite ritual sacrifices,
to Ashtoreth and Baal, red rose petals were sprinkled on the consecrated
altar before blood was shed.

After the sacrifice had taken place, white petals were scattered in order to
represent the new found purity believed to have been born from human or
animal sacrifice.

11 FEBRUARY, 2015 - 00:27 MARK MILLER.

Archaeological study explores drug-taking and altered states in prehistory.

(Read the article on one page).

Neanderthals on speed 60,000 years ago; Paleolithic art inspired by

psilocybin or Amanita muscaria mushroom trips; and alcohol-fueled
religious worship all over the world down through the ages these are just
some of the drug-taking behaviors reported in a new research paper which
looked at decades of archaeological evidence to see how prevalent the use of
psychoactive substances and other reality-bending practices was in
prehistory. The paper also explores the link between religion and
hallucinogens, stimulants, alcoholic beverages and other substances.

Elisa Guerra-Doce, an archaeologist at the University of Valladolid in

Spain, says that altered states of consciousness were very nearly ubiquitous
in societies throughout prehistory and history. An anthropologist who
studied 488 human societies published a paper in 1973 that said 437 or 90
percent of them reportedly incorporated altered states of consciousness
(ASC) into their fundamental belief systems.

Guerra-Doce looked at four types of archaeological evidence to do her study

of altered states among prehistoric societies:

Fossils of burned, waterlogged or desiccated leaves, seeds, fruits or wood of

psychoactive plants

Psychoactive alkaloids in skeletal remains and artifacts

Residues of alcoholic beverages

Depictions of drinking scenes or mood-altering plants inspired by inspired

by altered states of consciousness

She found chemical residue from and parts of many psychoactive plant in
levels of dwellings from various eras and in artifacts and human remains
from thousands of years ago. People used alcoholic beverages nearly
everywhere for thousands of years, mildly stimulating betel leaves in Asia
as far back as 13,000 B.C., hallucinogens derived from the San Pedro cactus
in the Andes as far back as 10,600 years, hallucinogenic mescal beans in
Texas and northern Mexico 11,000 years ago, and peyote from between
9,000 and 5,600 years ago.


Prehistoric people used hallucinogens as part of sacred burial rituals

New study sheds light on drug culture in Tiwanaku, Bolivia

The ancient origins of the ceremonial Kava drink of the Pacific


The Greek god of wine, Dionysus, crosses the sea in his dolphin boat with
grape vines above the sail in a bowl from 530 B.C. by Exsekias. (Carole
Raddato photo/Wikimedia Commons)

People also apparently got high on opium as the poppy was domesticated in
the western Mediterranean 8,000 years ago; the mildly stimulating (among
other benefits) coca leaves for tea and chewing in South America from at
least 6,000 B.C.; cannabis (marijuana) in central Asia 7,000 years ago and
hallucinogenic nightshade all over the world as long ago as 5,000 years.
There were tobacco in the New World 4,000 years ago, hallucinogenic yopo

snuff from the New World more than 4,000 years ago, and hallucinogenic
mushrooms from various places and times around the world.

Peyote plant (Frank Vincentz photo/Wikimedia Commons)

Guerra-Doce states in her report:

Ethnographic studies have long been exploring the place of fermented

beverages (beer, fruit wines, rice wine, mead, koumiss, pulque, chicha,
among many others) and psychoactive plants, not only hallucinogenic but
also narcotic and stimulant (peyote cactus, morning glories seeds, sacred
mushrooms, ayahuasca or yaje brew, cohoba, Virola snuffs, coca, tobacco,
mescal beans, San Pedro cactus, iboga, betel, kat, pituri, cannabis,

nightshade plants, opium poppy, and ephedra, just to offer a few examples)
within traditional societies in every corner of the planet, above all in the

Published in Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness

and Culture, Guerra-Doces article is titled 'Psychoactive Substances in
Prehistoric Times: Examining the Archaeological Evidence' (PDF link).
While the article focuses on entheogens, or plants and alcoholic beverages
that 'generate the divine within,' it also refers to other practices that people
used to alter their reality, including auditory stimulation, exposure to
extreme temperatures, food restrictions, breathing techniques, extreme
physical exercise, or meditation.

Featured image: Ancient relief carving depicting drug use (Michael


By Mark Miller.

Cannabis finally reached the United States at the beginning of the 20th
century, arriving in the southwest from Mexico, as immigrants fled the
country during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1911. Beginning in the early
1900's, a number of state and local laws in the United States began
prohibiting the use of marijuana. A federal law called the Marijuana Tax
Act banned its use and sales in 1937. Prior to 1937 in the United States
(and 1928 in the United Kingdom), cannabis had enjoyed a 5,000 year run
as a therapeutic plant with no history of illegality.

Today, the U.S. federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule I

control substance, alongside heroin, LSD and ecstasy. In recent years,
support for marijuana has increased on a national level in the U.S. with the
legalization of medical marijuana in 32 states. Some nations, such as the
Netherlands have decriminalized marijuana possession in coffee shops. In
2001, Portugal became the first European country to officially abolish
criminal penalties for personal possession of drugs, including marijuana. In
the last decade, a plethora of scientific research has emerged providing
10 | P a g e

evidence for the medicinal benefits of consuming cannabis, confirming

what ancient people already knew thousands of years ago.

Featured image: Smokers hearts by Gabriel Ferrier, 1887 (Wikimedia


By Bryan Hilliard


Blaszczak, By. "Marijuana's History: How One Plant Spread Through the
World." Live Science. October 17, 2014. Accessed May 16, 2015.

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11 | P a g e

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Burnett, Malik. "How Did Marijuana Become Illegal in the First Place?"
Drug Policy Alliance. October 9, 2014. Accessed May 16, 2015.

"DEA / Drug Scheduling." DEA / Drug Scheduling. Accessed May 16, 2015.
12 | P a g e

Marijuana and Mexican Shamanism



What is Shamanism?

Shaman is defined, as per their own explanation is the following:


'Sh-mn: From Evenki (Tungusic language of Siberia) amn, derived

from the Sumerian sham-an, Eagle of Heaven.

1 Sham: from the Sumerian shem or sham meaning eagle or vehicle of


2) An - from the Sumerian, heaven or celestial.

A Shaman is:

The Eagle of Heaven

One who flies as the Eagle into the Celestial Domains smoked or ingested
13 | P a g e

3) One who is capable of spiritual flight (Astral Travel/Astral Projection can

be attained through the means of ingesting plant matter such as
mushrooms et al or plants such as Cannabis Sativa whether

Astral Travel is also attainable through meditation (Trance


The knowledge of good and evil has its beginning in

Shamanism. You are in the regions of Hell now. Quote from the
book by Apostle S.D. James the Occult and Satanism 6/10/88).
Shamanism uses techniques of ecstasy in order for men to use
them their souls must be sold to Satan, quoted from the
aforementioned work.

The following is an excerpt from Terrance McKenna on Shamanic spirit

contact and communication with the spirit world. His description of such is
classic occultism and witchcraft.

We are not talking about passive agents of transformation, we are talking

about an intelligence, a consciousness, an alive and other mind, a spirit,
which of course have no place in our society. Nature is alive and is talking
to us. This is not a metaphor. Terrance McKenna.

From earliest times it has been recognized that knowledge goes beyond
sensory awareness or the rational way of understanding the world. Entering
into a communion with the plant consciousness or spirit is a way that can
take us directly to an experience that can show us that there is no such
thing as an inanimate object. Everything in the universe is alive, possesses
awareness and has a spirit. It offers a significant challenge for the rational
Western mind to come to terms with the plant spirit consciousness, and a
leap of imagination is required to incorporate the otherness of the plant.
The magical world to which we are transported by plants is not accessible
through the verbal rational mind but through dream language or an
14 | P a g e

expansion of the imagination. Thus dreams and the power of our

imagination act like doorways and allow us to be in communion (in the
true sense) with the plant spirit consciousness (Howard G. Chairing. He is
the author of the bestselling book, Plant Spirit Shamanism (Destiny Books
USA), and has published numerous articles about plant medicines).

What I've Been Taught

I've written a number of books and articles on the subject of marijuana

syndromes and treating the effects and side effects of marijuana with
Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here I would like to focus on what I've been
taught about marijuana and Mexican shamanism.

The Shamanic Nature Of Marijuana

When you first start taking marijuana, its nature connects you with your
dreams, aspirations and creativity. It reprioritizes your sense of values to
become more humane and authentic. It takes you through the first stages
and tests of changing your perceptions of reality by transporting you from
the superficial, mundane world into other realms. As I was taught, its main
purpose is to help you detach from the material plane, cleanse yourself of
cultural poisoning and open doors into other dimensions of possibility.
15 | P a g e

Marijuana can help you let go of appearances and materialism. But if you
let it take you too far and you don't do something to balance it in your life,
marijuana can also turn you into a slob that can't get anything done. It's the
same energy, taken to an extreme. This is a good example of the
progression of effects of a drug. If you go overboard, or get infatuated with
the high of the drug, its effects will first exaggerate and then turn into their

This effect is one level of the shamanic testing arena. It's where many of the
lessons of plant medicines reside. These tests are built in mechanisms, or
proving grounds, that only allow those that make it through in a good way
to progress further on the path. The ones who don't make it are left to the
demons and psychotherapists.

Skunk Medicine

When a young child smells marijuana for the first time, they often share a
simple but profound insight: Marijuana smoke smells like a skunk. Many
Mexican shamans agree. Marijuana shares two main qualities with the
skunk at levels of what the shamans call Skunk Medicine.

Sexual Betrayal

The first quality is sexual betrayal. This relates not only to sexual infidelity
as we commonly see it on TV Novelas, or soap operas, but also has the
property of betraying or trading our noble goals or ideals for sexuality and
16 | P a g e

sensuality. People who are deeply involved with unbalanced marijuana use
frequently seem to be somewhere in this experience.

The Black and White Energy

Another expression of skunk medicine is what the shamans call the black
and white energy. This plays out as a battle of opposing ideals, usually with
one side oppressing the other. This can happen both physically and on the
level of values. A great example of this effect is how the police and policing
relate to a definite stage of marijuana's progression through any system.
The police are a social projection of the black and white energy. This stage
deepens over time into a perception and projection of an oppressor, the
Down Presser Man. Any survey of marijuana-influenced culture and art will
provide many examples of The Man.

On a personal level, the initial phases of black and white energy help us to
clarify our sense of authenticity. Over time, if the infatuation with
marijuana deepens, the black and white energy plays out as polarity on
every level. This polarization even happens physically as marijuana
influences the user's hormones and depolarizes his/her jing sexual essence
over time.

A Feminine Energetic Quality

Even though the influence of marijuana causes a depolarization of sexual

essence and charge in both sexes, the Mexican shamans I've known
consider the nature of marijuana to be female. This kind of female has very
specific qualities. Let me explain:
17 | P a g e

Have you ever wondered where in the world the name marijuana comes
from? It's not a botanical title. The word comes from Mexican shamans. We
first started hearing the term marijuana here in El Norte at the end of the
1800s, when Gringo soldiers first had continuing contact with freedom
fighters from Mexico, who were mostly Pancho Villa's supporters in Sonora.

So what does marijuana mean, anyway? Mari means Mary. It means Virgin
in the Christian sense and all that goes along with that icon. But a Juana is
a whore. (If youre deeply aching to verify the truth of this statement, click

here. ) This leads us into a dichotomy that is the essence of what

marijuana's medicine is all about. uana sf

1 (Andes) (=prostituta) whore

2 (Mx)

* marijuana

3 (CAm)

* cop *

Marijuana and Malinche

Sexual betrayal issues can get stimulated with repeated and unbalanced
contact with marijuana. We've discussed that above. They are a part of
marijuana's nature. On a magical level, marijuana reflects the betrayal of
materialism. She's La Chingada, she who both comforts and destroys you.
She's the source of your everyday enjoyment, your array of small, but
18 | P a g e

meaningful, satisfactions and the generatrix of your wretched condition.

She initiates you into the tradition of Mexican goddesses who infect you
with the very illnesses that they cure. She's the Virgin of Guadalupe, whose
indigenous identity is linked with Malinche, the Betrayess.

Malinche's original name comes from the word Malinalli, which means
weed. She was the Sun's younger sister who came to Earth many centuries
ago as a powerful, wise, crazy and socially unacceptable teenage witch.

Malinalli wanted to be acknowledged and revered for who she was: a

goddess. The only problem was that people couldn't deal with being around
her. She challenged their values and constantly called them out on their
contradictions. Because they couldn't handle her, the Aztecs abandoned her
in the wilderness. They acknowledged her, but only at a distance. They went
on to create their empire without directly integrating her power. But they
remembered and respected her, and they knew that someday she would

When Malinche came back two hundred years later, she came with
powerful reinforcements from outside of the realm of the Aztec imagination
and worldview. She commanded a battalion of six- legged warriors, who
under her skillful guidance completely destroyed the Aztec social order.
Those warriors were the Spanish 'Christians' and their horses.

It took many years and over twenty million Aztec lives to play that polarity
out. Aztec society ultimately resurrected itself only under Malinche's
original terms. She was finally revered as a goddess. That worship
continues to this day.
19 | P a g e

Malinche is teenage power. She's rebellion. She breaks through the

prevailing social order and speaks what's in her heart and mind. Malinche
is the essence of revolution. She's a powerful antidote for our painful
journey of socialization and domestication. Her power comes from outside
the box. Malinche is the Black Swan. She's evolution.

That's a lot to keep in mind if you're considering recreational

experimentation with marijuana. But it's worth keeping in mind.

An Illustrative Case History Involving Millions of Test Subjects Over a

Fifty-Plus Year Time Span

What hypothesis is complete without a research study that examines a very

large number of random test subjects? For a very accurate illustration of
what the shamans have observed regarding the nature of marijuana, I offer
a cross-sectional example: Let's observe and review the general effects of
marijuana on the Hippie movement in the 1960s.

Reordering Values

Marijuana 'Turned On' an entire generation. It pushed those who became

most besotted with its effects to reorder their sense of values. They did this
to the point that they dropped out of contemporary society.

The Hippies created their own communities based on ideals that they felt
were closer to what was real for them. Spontaneity, peace and love were the
buzzwords of the day. They eschewed materialism and all of its trappings.
It's hard for us to understand today how radical it was for the Hippies to do
20 | P a g e

what they did. That was a very conservative and dangerous time. The status
quo wasn't questioned, and the U.S. was at war. Back then you could get
killed for being a Hippie. It wasn't a fashion statement. It was a serious
revolutionary act.

From Love to Sensuality to Sexuality

Before long, the Hippies came to a place where their idealism of love took a
dark turn. Their collective principle of love wiped out in the magnetism that
descends into sensuality and sexuality.

Immaturity, lack of spiritual guidance and the absence of a clan of wise

elders left the Hippies rudderless in a world of energy they didn't rightfully
belong in. They played out a perverted betrayal of their aspiring collective
dream for the basest sensuality. Hippie dress got loose. They stopped
bathing. They let themselves get all hairy as they connected with their own
foul, dissociated projection of the Earth. They traveled west to Haight
Ashbury, tripping out on their skin, their pores and an infinity of tiny
details while their dreams slowly separated from reality step by step.

Paying the Price

In the parlance of the shamans, the Hippie movement was devoured by

denizens of the underworld. This generation of castaway souls traveled into
places that they shouldn't have been without being granted the proper
permission or protection. They paid the price.
21 | P a g e

Hippie ideals of peace and love twisted and hardened as the young and
innocent children of the Summer of Love explored and clashed with the
Black and White energy of the collective. Conflict became the keynote of the
times, ultimately ending with the Manson family and the proclamation of
the Black and White War. Peace and love went full circle to become its

From a Mexican Shaman's point of view, none of this comes as a surprise.

In the absence of the guiding light of wisdom and spiritual tradition, any
foray into the other worlds assisted by plant medicines will lead to a

It's All About the Nature of Marijuana

The outcomes of this particular disaster could have been foretold from the
get go with any basic familiarity with the nature of the marijuana.
Moreover, this catastrophe could have been avoided altogether if the
Hippies would have taken traditional measures to balance their use of
marijuana. They could have done it by taking marijuana along with other
medicinal herbs and performing specific rituals whenever they used it. Who
knows where we would all be right now if they had taken those simple

The Story Continues...

But the shamanic nature of marijuana tells us the story of the Hippies isn't
over yet.
22 | P a g e

This article was some of the original material that went on to become

Marijuana Syndromes

How to Balance and Optimize

the Effects of Cannabis

With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Spiritual Use Of Cannabis

Cannabis Research Other Resources Social Justice Spiritual Use of


Healing and Spiritual Traditions that Use Cannabis

A depiction of the churning of the

world in the ancient Indian creation

Most people are startled to find out

that every major pharmacy in
America offered cannabis tinctures as
medicine until the 1930s when
cannabis prohibition began in the
23 | P a g e

Cannabis has been used for over a thousand years by most of the worlds
great cultures as a medicine. Most people in the west are unaware that
many ancient cultures also recognized the value of cannabis as an aide to
spiritual practice.

Like any powerful medicinal plant, the energies of the plant must be used in
a way that harnesses its basic properties to promote health and healing.
When used correctly it can have a profound, enlightening effect.

For this reason, sects within Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism
and a variety of other religious groups have used cannabis for spiritual
practices. Below is a brief overview of cannabis spiritual history compiled
through various textual and online sources with a focus on ancient spiritual

Cannabis Use in India

Cannabis has been used in Ayurvedic and Indian medicine for at least three
thousand years to treat a variety of health conditions, including nausea and
wasting syndromes. It is also prescribed for general health and longevity.
To this day body builders in India use cannabis as a part of their training
regimen to gain muscle mass, promote digestion, and build strength.

The spiritual aspects of cannabis are considered so profound in South Asia

that many religious groups including Buddhists, Naths, Shaivites and
Goddess Worshippers(2) have incorporated it into meditation practices, as
a means to stop the mind and enter into a state of profound stillness, also
called Samadhi.
24 | P a g e

Cannabis holds a prominent place among Tantrics in India, Nepal, Sikkim,

and Tibet to this day. In the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism, it is said that
Buddha subsisted for six years on nothing but hemp seeds.(3) Various
spiritual texts, including the Buddhist Tara Tantra,(4) list cannabis as an
important aide to meditation and spiritual practice. In the Tantric
Buddhism of the Himalayas and Northern India, cannabis still plays a
significant role in meditative rituals to facilitate deep meditation and
heighten awareness.

Cannabis is even mentioned in the Indian creation myth, where it is named

as one of the five nectars of the gods and designated a Reliever of
Suffering. In the original myth, the gods churn the Ocean of Milk in search
of Amrita, the elixir of eternal life. One of the resulting nectars was
cannabis. In the Vedas cannabis is referred to as a source of happiness.(5)

In India today, cannabis is often made into a drink consumed by local

people and is said to be the favorite drink of Indra, the king of the Indian

Cannabis is most closely associated with the worship of Shiva, one of the
three principal deities of India. Cannabis is considered Shivas favorite herb
due to its spiritual properties. It is commonly consumed by Shaivite yogis,
ascetics, and worshippers of Shiva, as an aid to their sadhana (spiritual
practice). Wandering ascetics, known as sadhus, are often seen smoking
cannabis out of a clay chillum as a part of their spiritual practice. (6)
25 | P a g e

One of the most commonly consumed preparations of cannabis in India is

called Bhang. Bhang is offered to Shiva images and statues throughout
India, especially on the festival of Shivratri.

Cannabis is such an important part of the religious culture of Benaras, the

main city of Shiva worship, that it is sold in government-run shops and
used by pilgrims and common folks alike, being part of the religious

In reviewing the use of cannabis in India, the Indian Hemp Drugs

Commission conducted a government study on the matter and made the
following conclusions in their report:

"...It is inevitable that temperaments would be found to whom the

quickening spirit of bhang is the spirit of freedom and knowledge. In the
ecstasy of bhang the spark of the Eternal in man turns into the light the
murkiness of matter.

"...Bhang is the Joy-giver, the Sky-filler, the Heavenly-Guide, the Poor

Man's Heaven; the Soother of Grief...No god or man is as good as the
religious drinker of bhang...The supporting power of bhang has brought
many a Hindu family safe through the miseries of famine. To forbid or even
seriously restrict the use of so gracious an herb as the hemp would cause
widespread suffering and annoyance and to large bands of worshipped
ascetics, deep-seated anger. It would rob the people of a solace on
discomfort, of a cure in sickness, of a guardian whose gracious protection
saves them from the attacks of evil influences..."
26 | P a g e

Ayurvedic and Indian doctors still prescribe cannabis to treat a range of

conditions. Slowly the west is finally beginning to recognize the true values
of this remarkable plant.

Cannabis Use in China

Hemp has a long history in China. At one point it was so prized that the
Chinese called their country "the land of mulberry and hemp. Cannabis
was a symbol of power over evil and in emperor Shen Nung's
pharmacopoeia and was called the "liberator of sin. The Chinese believed
that the legendary Shen Nung first taught the cultivation of hemp in the
28th century B.C. Shen Nung is credited with developing the sciences of
medicine from the curative power of plants. So highly regarded was Shen
Nung that he was deified and today he is regarded as the Father of Chinese

A Chinese Taoist priest wrote in the fifth century B.C. that cannabis was
used in combination with Ginseng to set forward time in order to reveal
future events. It is recorded that the Taoists recommended the addition of
cannabis to their incense burners in the 1st century A.D. and that the effects
thus produced were highly regarded as a means of achieving immortality.
In the early Chinese Taoist ritual, the fumes and odors of incense burners
were said to have produced a mystic exaltation and contribution to

Cannabis Use in Japan

Hemp was used in ancient Japan in ceremonial rights and for purification
with and emphasis on driving away evil spirits. In Japan, Shinto priests
used a gohei, a short stick with undyed hemp fibers to create sacred space
and purity. According to Shinto beliefs, evil and purity cannot exist
alongside one another, and so by waving the gohei the evil spirit inside a
27 | P a g e

person or place would be driven away. Clothes made of hemp were

especially worn during formal and religious ceremonies because of hemp's
traditional association with purity.

Cannabis Use in Ancient Iran

Ancient Iran was the source for the great Persian Empire. According to
Mircea Eliade, "Shamanistic ecstasy induced by hemp smoke was known in
ancient Iran." In the Zend-Avesta, hemp occupies the first place in a list of
10,000 medicinal plants.

One of the few surviving books of the Zend-Avesta, called the Venidad, "The
Law Against Demons", calls bhanga (marijuana) Zoroaster's "good
narcotic, and tells of two mortals who were transported in soul to the
heavens where, upon drinking from a cup of bhang, they had the highest
mysteries revealed to them.

Cannabis Use in Ancient Europe

According to Nikolaas J. van der Merwe (Department of Archaeology,

University of Cape Town, South Africa) the peasants of Europe have been
using cannabis as medicine, ritual material, and to smoke or chew as far
back as oral traditions go.

The famous Greek philosopher Herodotus wrote about the use of cannabis
by the Scythians, whose cultural practices he observed and wrote about.

According to Herodotus cannabis was an integral part of the Scythian cult

of the dead wherein homage was paid to the memory of their departed
leaders. Cannabis has been found in Scythian tombs dated from 500 to 300
28 | P a g e

B.C. Along with the cannabis, a miniature tripod-like tent over a copper
censer was found in which the sacred plant was burned.

Cannabis Use in Africa

In south central Africa, cannabis is held to be sacred and is connected with

many religious and social customs. Cannabis is regarded by some sects as a
magical plant possessing universal protection against all injury to life, and
is symbolic of peace and friendship. Certain tribes consider hemp use a

Members of the Rastafari movement use cannabis as a part of their worship

of God and for Bible study and meditation. Rastafarians see cannabis as a
sacramental and deeply beneficial plant and consider it to be the Tree of
Life mentioned in the Bible. Bob Marley, amongst many others, said, "The
herb ganja is the healing of the nations." The use of cannabis, and
particularly the use of large pipes called chalices, is an integral part of what
Rastafarians call "reasoning sessions" where members join together to
discuss life according to the Rasta perspective.

According to Rastafari philosophy, "the herb is the key to new

understanding of the self, the universe, and God. It is the vehicle to cosmic
consciousness" and is believed to burn the corruption out of the human
heart. (8)

Cannabis Use and Islam

It is interesting to note that the use of hemp was not prohibited by

Mohammed (570-632 A.D.) while the use of alcohol was strictly prohibited.
Despite the fact that Mohammed did not disallow cannabis, orthodox
groups of Muslims today consider cannabis to be forbidden.
29 | P a g e

However, many historical groups of Muslims considered hemp as a "Holy

Plant. Medieval Arab doctors used hemp as a sacred medicine which they
called among other names kannab. The Sufis (Muslim mystics) originating
in 8th century Persia used hashish as a means of stimulating mystical
consciousness and appreciation of the nature of Allah. They maintained
that hashish gave them otherwise tremendous interiority and basic insight
into themselves. They also claimed that it gave happiness, reduced anxiety,
and increased music appreciation. (9)

According to one Arab legend Haydar, the Persian founder of the religious
order of Sufis came across the cannabis plant while wandering in the
Persian mountains. Usually a reserved and silent man, when he returned to
his monastery after eating some cannabis leaves, his disciples were amazed
at how full of spirit he was. His disciples went out into the mountains and
tried the cannabis themselves. So it was, according to the legend, that the
Sufis came to know the pleasures of hashish.(10)


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spiritual ecstasy. Fuller, Robert (2000). Stairways to Heaven. Westview
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The heroin epidemic resembles the days when Crack cocaine

became the major drug that destroyed communities across the United
States and other parts of the world including the Caribbean that began in
the early 1980s. The Crack epidemic coincidently began around the same
time when the Iran-Contra Scandal was being exposed. U.S. cities such as
Los Angeles, Miami and New York City experienced a rise in crime and
disease. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported back in 2015 that
heroin use in the United States increased 63% from 2002 through 2013.
Fast forward to 2016, heroin is sweeping across the United States at
unprecedented levels.
31 | P a g e

According to an NBC affiliate reported that state officials were set to declare
a public health emergency in New Haven, Connecticut over the rise of
heroin use which has resulted in two deaths:

Officials in New Haven on Friday were set to address a public health

emergency declaration brought on by a rash of heroin overdoses in the city
beginning Thursday. New Haven police said emergency responders saw at
least 15 overdoses since Thursday afternoon, and possibly up to 22. At least
two people have died. The city is warning residents that there is a batch of
tainted, life-threatening heroin on the streets

In the suburbs of Long Island, NY, heroin use is an increasing problem.

According to a website devoted to the heroin
epidemic on Long Island states that in 2012 2013 more than 242 people
died from heroin use. Long Island is home to some of the wealthiest
communities in New York State which goes to show that heroin is affecting
all neighborhoods rich and poor. The NBC news report said that the CDC
admitted that heroin has become an epidemic since 2002

The CDC reports that between 2002 and 2014 the rate of heroin-related
overdose deaths more than quadrupled and more than 10,500 died
nationwide in 2014.

Now the question is why heroin use has dramatically increased since 2002?
Maybe the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 after the
September 11th attacks under the Bush regime had something to do with it?
The main-stream media (MSM) establishment mouthpiece The
Washington Post admitted in 2006 that heroin production in Afghanistan
broke all records while under U.S. occupation:
32 | P a g e

Opium production in Afghanistan, which provides more than 90 percent of

the worlds heroin, broke all records in 2006, reaching a historic high
despite ongoing U.S.-sponsored eradication efforts, the Bush
administration reported yesterday.

In addition to a 26 percent production increase over past year for a total

of 5,644 metric tons the amount of land under cultivation in opium
poppies grew by 61 percent. Cultivation in the two main production
provinces, Helmand in the southwest and Oruzgan in central Afghanistan,
was up by 132 percent

Washington claims that Mexico is the source of the heroin that is flooding
U.S. streets with 10,500 hectares under poppy cultivation in 2012 while
Afghanistan had 224,000 hectares according to the United Nations Office
on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in a 2014 report but the numbers tell a
different story. Mexicos heroin trade is small in comparison although it has
been increasing its production capabilities.

However, not only heroin from Afghanistan is the major source for U.S.
citizens, Big Pharma, or the corporate drug dealers who sell legal
drugs also have a hand in the epidemic because they produce and sell
Opioids such as Oxy Contin and Percocet which is similar to heroin.
Opioid medications are normally used as painkillers for broken bones,
lacerations or post-surgery pain. However, abusing Opioids can also lead to
heroin use.

The online news source The Huffington Post published an article titled Ron
Paul Had Accurate Conspiracy Theory: CIA Was Tied To Drug Traffickers
33 | P a g e

highlights what the former Libertarian Presidential nominee Dr. Ron Paul
said on the involvement of the CIA in the drug trade which was not a
Conspiracy Theory but a fact when taking into consideration the Iran-
Contra Scandal:

In 1988, while running for president on the Libertarian Party ticket, he

highlighted yet another conspiracy theory, and this one doesnt collapse
under investigation: The CIA, Paul told a gathering of the National
Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, was involved in trafficking
drugs as part of the Iran-Contra debacle.

Drug trafficking is a gold mine for people who want to raise money in the
underground government in order to finance projects that they cant get
legitimately. It is very clear that the CIA has been very much involved with
drug dealings, Paul said. The CIA was very much involved in the Iran-
Contra scandals. Im not making up the stories; we saw it on television.
They were hauling down weapons and drugs back. And the CIA and
government officials were closing their eyes, fighting a war that was
technically illegal

The Taliban banned the production of opium in 2000. The War in

Afghanistan was mainly about producing opium which did end up in the
streets of Iran, Russia and China. According to a Pravda report in 2015 by
William Edstrom titled Heroin Dealer in Chief. Afghanistan, Source of 90%
of The Worlds Heroin stated the impact of Afghanistans opium
production on neighboring countries:
34 | P a g e

Afghanistan, source of 90% of Earths heroin, ended 90% of Earths heroin

problems when Taliban outlawed opium in 2000. The reason for War in
Afghanistan was because Taliban outlawed opium growing which ended
economic wars (opium wars) against Iran, Russia and China

The heroin epidemic is now affecting cities and towns across the U.S.
Edstrom estimates that 165,000 Americans will die from the heroin
epidemic in the next 10 years:

The War in Afghanistan began as an opium war against Iran, Russia and
China; the tables are turning into an opium war against Americans on track
to kill 165,000 Americans (2016-2026). Americans, 5% of Earths
population, take 60% of painkillers on Earth

The death rate could go much higher considering the increasing level of
poverty in the U.S. especially in the inner cities where the highest
unemployment rates is among the 18-34 year olds. Many young adults will
unfortunately turn to the drug trade whether they sell or use as hope fades
for the lack of jobs or opportunities.

Fox News had a segment with Geraldo Rivera that shows how the U.S.
government (in this case, the U.S. Marines) is involved in Afghanistans
heroin production with Washingtons approval of course. Watch Video:

Heroin is a valuable commodity as long as the War on Drugs remains in

effect, thats why Obama extended the Afghan mission until 2017, for the
35 | P a g e

next U.S. elected president to occupy the White House. If its Hillary
Clinton, U.S. troops will remain in Afghanistan indefinitely. Trump might
do the same, but that still remains to be seen. On July 7th, 2015 NBC
reported on Afghanistans opium production and where they stand in terms
of world supply

According to the United Nations, the war-torn nation provides 90 percent

of the worlds supply of opium poppy, the bright, flowery crop that
transforms into one of the most addictive drugs in existence. NBC also
quoted John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan
Reconstruction who did say that Afghanistan has roughly 500,000 acres,
or about 780 square miles, devoted to growing opium poppy. Thats
equivalent to more than 400,000 U.S. football fields including the end

Thats a large amount of land devoted to opium production which provides

an opportunity for the CIA to cash in on the illegal drug trade for their
secret covert operations (which avoids public scrutiny) and re-establish a
drug trade route to target the populations of China, Iran and Russia.

The heroin crisis then and now is a direct consequence of the Military-
Industrial Complex. During the 1970s, around the same time during the
Vietnam War, heroin made its way to the United States from the Golden
Triangle which became an epidemic. It was estimated that more than
200,000 people in New York City alone were using heroin. At one point in
time, you were able to find used syringes on public playgrounds. Now,
heroin from Afghanistan has made its way back to the U.S. Heroin is
profitable as much as it is strategic; it is also used as a weapon against
Chinese, Iranian and Russian populations which has led to addiction, crime
and helped spread diseases such as AIDS. Heroin is now affecting the
United States, the CIAs very own territory. Not that the CIA really cares
36 | P a g e

who it effects when you closely examine their history of drug trafficking
with the Iran-Contra Scandal or the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam
War as author and activist William Blum noted in his book Rogue State,

The CIA flew the drugs all over Southeast Asia, to sites where the opium
was processed into heroin, and to trans-shipment points on the route to
Western customers.

As long as the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan continues under the guise of

establishing a democratic government, the flow of heroin will continue
unabated. One question we should ask is who owns the planes and the
ships that transport 90% percent of the worlds heroin from Afghanistan to
the rest of the world in the first place? It sure isnt the Taliban.

The original source of this article is Silent Crow

Copyright Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow, 2016.

37 | P a g e
38 | P a g e


With the Caribbean basin being so close to Colombia as this map shows, the
use of the Caribbean as a drug trans-shipment point, to Europe and North
America, has increased as international pressure continues to ramp up
against Mexican drug cartels. William Brownfield, an assistant U.S.
Secretary of State in charge of international narcotics and law enforcement
affairs said: We see this crisis coming we even have some sense as to when
it will arrive. The crisis is being fuelled by Mexican drug cartels who are
responding to increased police pressure along their northern border with
the United States. But there is also an element of state-supported help as
countries antagonistic to the United States, such as Venezuela, work closer
with drug cartels, the analysts warned.
39 | P a g e

These sentiments were underscored during a Dec. 15 hearing in front of a

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on drug trafficking, by Sen.
Robert Menendez, D-NJ, who said there seems to be a lack of urgency as
violence continues to grow in the Caribbean basin.

The problem is becoming so dire in the Dominican Republic, Menendez

said, that a presidential candidate in that country recently warned that his
country is close to becoming a narco-state.

He said that the government is incapable of stopping drug traffickers,

Analysts with the state department say Colombian narco cartels are
increasingly using Caribbean countries as trans-shipment points for drugs
headed to the United States and Europe. These routes were highly popular
during the 1980s when Colombian cartels made Miami and southern
Florida hugely popular entry points for illicit cocaine shipments, the
analysts said. I have observed with great concern the security situation in
this region, said Liliana Ayalde, deputy administrator for the U.S. Agency
for International Development and a former U.S. ambassador to Paraguay
Over the last ten years, theres been an alarming escalation of homicides in
the region, she said.

In the 1980s law enforcement began choking off maritime trafficking at the
same time that Colombian cartels were being dismantled because of
international pressure, according to analysts.

Brownfield said this served to shift major drug trafficking activity to Mexico
where home-grown cartels used age-old smuggling routes along the porous
overland border. But the explosion of violence over the last six years in
Mexico has drawn international pressure on the cartels, who are shifting
operations further south in neighbouring Latin American countries.

He predicted that recent intervention efforts, targeting Central America,

will begin to take hold this year, at which time the cartels are predicted to
shift the smuggling routes into the waters of the Caribbean, where tiny
island nations, are vulnerable and not equipped to deal the volume of
money and violence, that the cartels bring with them.
40 | P a g e

I am neither satisfied with the progress being made on the ground, nor the
news and information I am receiving from the region, Menendez said. He
noted that in the Bahamas, the murder of 104 people last year set a new
homicide record for that island nation that had been set only a year earlier.
But that pales in comparison to Jamaica, which has become the murder
capital of the Caribbean, Menendez said, with more than 1,400 people
murdered last year.

Early signs support Brownfields prediction. Rodney Benson, an assistant

administrator with the DEA, described an operation last July in which the
DEA helped the Dominican Republic arrest a member of Mexicos Sinaloa
Cartel, who had been coordinating cocaine shipments by air from
Venezuela to the Dominican Republic.

And while the arrest was counted as a successful operation, Benson said,
the Dominican Republic was unprepared for the ensuing violence of
reprisal that wracked the country.

Menendez said that despite this spike in violence, there are troubling signs
of the drug cartels staying one step ahead of law enforcement. One example
is the amount of money the U.S. government is allotting to this fight. While
the focus and the funds are on Mexico and Central America, Menendez
noted that funding for anti-drug efforts in the Caribbean are actually
expected to drop to $73 million from $77 million a year earlier.

If we dont pay attention to the Caribbean, Menendez warned, were

going to repeat history.

The information and statistics above offers well documented proof of a

highly organized sophisticated thrust by Narco Cartels, out of Mexico in
Collusion with Colombians and other South American countries and most
recently Caribbean islands, like Belize,Venezuela,the Dominican Republic
and others as transhipment point for drugs destined for Europe and
41 | P a g e


I indicated since 2003 that the Mara Salvatuchra or MS 13 , and the

Trinitarios (the Dominicano gang active throughout the US , St Thomas, St
Croix, Belize and peripherally through proxies in some Antillean islands),
are the proxies of some powerful Mexican narco-cartels . Increasingly
Caribbean gangs are as I have stated previously, displaying certain
characteristics most often associated with terrorist organizations i.e.
kidnappings used as a political bargaining chip whilst simultaneously using
kidnapping as a revenue stream, their use of highly sophisticated military
grade weapons, tactics of dismemberment of rivals and even civilians as a
means of sowing terror and fear in their opposition, local populations and
the elite within the state apparatus. One of the most recent contemporary
examples of a narco-state in the making is Sint Maarten, a former Dutch
colony and formerly part of the now non-existent Netherlands Antilles.
42 | P a g e

Figures 1-2: In photos Shurendy Quant and his Dutch Goth celebrity
lawyer Inez Wiske. A potent example of the preceding and the impact of
Urban American gang-culture on the Caribbean is that of the No Limit
Soldiers (NLS), a crime syndicate originating in Koraalspecht Curacao.
Their exploits can be read about, in most Dutch media outlets in Holland
and the islands of the former Dutch colonies in the Caribbean.

The crime syndicate is involved in various criminal enterprises, Another

major activity of the gang are contract killings. The gang is known for
operating murder-for-hire squads that are used to eliminate rival drug
trafficking operations in Curaao as well as in the Netherlands. Colombian
crime groups as well as criminal organizations from the Dutch Penose are
known for doing business with the Afro-Curaaoan gang in the committing
of contract killings. Wikipedia, not the most reliable information source on
the internet, contains clear facts that can be gleaned from police reports,
local and international media. In April of 2013 Arthur Hall Senior News
Editor of The Gleaner a leading Jamaican publication wrote an article on
April 16 2013 wherein it was stated that: Curacao National Sent Home
From Jamaica Awaiting Further Deportation.
43 | P a g e

The Curaao national who was deported from Jamaica under controversial
circumstances last week is now in custody in that country awaiting
deportation to the Netherlands to answer several charges.

The 30-year-old Shurandy Quant, otherwise called 'Tyson' and 'Padmore',

was taken into custody immediately on arrival in Curaao last Thursday.

"He is wanted in Holland to answer charges so the authorities there asked

Jamaica to arrest him, and they deported him back to the country from
which he arrived, so they sent him here," said Norman Serphos, public
relations officer for the Public Prosecutor in Curaao.

"He is being held here while we await the green light from Jamaica, where
the matter is to be settled," added Serphos.

The matter that has to be settled relates to efforts by lawyers representing

Quant to prevent his deportation.

Attorneys-at-law Carolyn Reid-Cameron and Chukwuemeka Cameron have

argued that Quant was deported despite a Supreme Court order that he
should be allowed to stay in the island until the case was settled.

Due process not followed

They contended that due process and the rule of law were not followed.
44 | P a g e

But the police are claiming that while they were aware of an application in
the Supreme Court, they received no instruction that impacted the
deportation order signed by National Security Minister Peter Bunting.

The lawyers have indicated that they have been instructed to initiate
contempt of court charges against Bunting.

Quant is described as a very violent, wealthy and sophisticated world drug

trafficker who fled to Montego Bay, St James, to avoid capture.

According to international law-enforcement agencies, members of his

organisation are tattooed 'NLS - No Limit Soldier' on their hands and 'TRU
- The Real Underworld' on their chest or head.

They also wear chains with the associated insignia NLS/TRU.

It is feared that Quant would use his considerable wealth earned through
the illegal drugs trade to corrupt the local police.

"I know that he is wanted for trial in connection with a drug case, but there
are others," Serphos told The Gleaner.

Quant subsequently won the case enumerated above. Now the question in
my mind is which, street gang has the financial wherewithal and the
obvious legal representation that Shurendy Quant and his No Limit crime
45 | P a g e

syndicate has available to them? Certainly not in the case of Afro-Caribbean

males in the impoverished Caribbean context. Shurendy Quant is
unequivocally one of the executives of a well-oiled, sophisticated, money
generating enterprise.

There are clear facts that can be gleaned from police reports, local and
international media and the various snitches, that have absconded from
NLS. One such snitch/rat being Anthony Bertinus aka Pencho. Bertinus
stated publicly in an interview with Margriet Martinus who worked for the
Dutch magazine Niuewe Revu, the photographer for the piece was Sinaya

Bertinus stated in an interview with the Volkskrant a Dutch newspaper that

he knows who ordered the hit on Helmin Wiels; I will include excerpts from
the interview herein. The article was written by Charlotte Huisman dated 8,
September 2016. The article was of course written in Dutch, I have
translated said article for my readership. The article was captioned as
follows: How Three Rich Casino Bosses made 600,000 Euros available
To Assassinate Helmin Wiels.

Who gave the orders to assassinate Helmin Wiels? Anthony Bertinus

knows first-hand. He told his story to the judicial authorities on Curaao,
but his name was leaked to the press. My death sentence, Anthony
stated thats why I want to tell my side of the story. Anthony Spencer
Bertinus (50) is in a Dutch jail, behind the glass in a freezing cold room.
Bertinus is in jail for an armed robbery on a Marijuana plantation, which he
committed several years ago, while he resided in Holland. He was
extradited to Holland to serve his sentence. He will talk to us about, his
intimate knowledge of the assassination plot, to liquidate Helmin Wiels and
the principals and financiers of said plot.

Bertinus gave a detailed statement to the Public Prosecutor on Curacao,

with the understanding that my name would not be revealed, but the
Public Prosecutor named him in an earlier hearing as a witness. His name
appeared in a report in the local newspaper Amigoe on Curaao, as a
witness. Commenting on the report in Amigoe Bertinus said: That felt
46 | P a g e

like my death sentence, now that it doesnt matter anymore, I want to tell
my side of the story.

Even behind bars in the Netherlands Bertinus is not safe. He was

threatened recently, by a fellow inmate from Curaao. The man said to him
that: Pencho I know that you are marked for death. There is a price on your
head and I want to cash it!

Bertinus begins to talk.about the most volatile question on Curaao, who

murdered Helmin Wiels? Bertinus says that he grew up in Koraalspecht
with Burney F aka Nini, the former campaign manager of Jorge or George
Jamaloodin. Jamaloodin was a former Finance Minister in the Cabinet of
the then Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte.

Figure: Anthony Penchu Bertinus.

Gerrit Schottes party the MFK is now once again a part of the government
in Curacaos Parliament. Gerrit Schotte is the same individual that the
criminal Penchu and many others including the Public Prosecutors on
Curacao, has linked to the murder of Helmin Wiels, why then is this
individual a participant in the political process? The insanity of the matter
boggles the mind.
47 | P a g e

Wiels center campaigning in better times.

48 | P a g e

Wiels lying dead on the Mari Pampoen beach in October 2012 photo
Michael Kooren for Reuters.

Bertinus specifically named lotto boss Robbie Dos Santos, the Sint
Maarten based casino boss Francesco Corallo has been (named as an
important person in the Sicilian Mafia by the authorities in Italy), and a
third unnamed person, as being the principals in, financing, authoring and
ordering the assassination of Mr. Helmin Wiels.

More than three years after the murder of Helmin Wiels, the Public
Prosecutor on Curacao, launched a preliminary hearing against Nini. The
Public Prosecutor claims that Nini, is the link to the three big bosses and
the hired killers. Bertinus and Nini know each other from their younger
years growing up in the same No Limit Soldier stronghold, the
Koraalspecht neighborhood. Bertinus said that Nini, was good friends
with his elder brothers.
49 | P a g e

Bertinus said in his statement to the Public Prosecutor, that Nini,

confided in him that: The three gambling bosses each contributed 400,000
Antillean Guilders, which amounted to 1.2 million guilders the equivalent of
600,000 Euro or 650,000 US dollars. Nini, told me that Wiels did not
keep his mouth shut, about the corruption in the gambling and casino
industries on Curacao, which led to his assassination. Nini thought that I
would adhere to the no snitching code. What he didnt know was that my
father had been friends with Mr. Wiels.

Bertinus told us his life story (some of which I have excerpted in the
following). When I was 17, I moved from Curacao to Rotterdam. In
Rotterdam I started a career as an armed robber. I was eventually locked up
in prison. After having been released from prison. At the age of 23 I was the
European Kickboxing champion. In Rotterdam with its large Antillean
community, he met people from his old neighborhood Koraalspecht. Some
of them were members of the No Limit Soldiers (NLS).

After his father died Bertinus returned to Curacao. He saw how drastically
Curacao had changed. Barely a week after he returned, Helmin Wiels was
murdered by members of NLS from his neighborhood.

Bertinus went to work as security at the Haifu Minimarket, in

Koraalspecht. He also did odd jobs, for Michael L a member of NLS. One
day Michael told Bertinus to go to Nini, who they heard had contracted
NLS members to execute the contract on Helmin Wiels head.
50 | P a g e

Figure: The Haifu Minimarket clearly visible.

The executives in NLS were furious that their people were involved in the
hit and wanted to see money! They demanded that Nini, pay them 25,000
Euro. We know that you were instrumental in orchestrating the hit.
Bertinus told Nini.

In the case file of the hearing on August 2014, there are three statements
by Bertinus against the organizers of the Wiels hit. The actual statements
were made by Bertinus in February, 2014. Then he was imprisoned, on
suspicion of the attempted extortion of Nini. Bertinus claims that he has
changed his life and wants to do well by his island, Curacao. He says that: I
was shocked, to see children as young as, 13 and 14 years old, walking
around with guns and openly sympathizing with the No Limit Soldiers. The
new generation of gangsters, do not have an ethical code. There is only
51 | P a g e

senseless violence. He said that Curacao is held, too tightly in the grip of the
mafia. Everything is being taken over and robbed, by criminals, the harbor,
water and electricity companies, the casinos. My island is the scapegoat,
everything is becoming more expensive and there is hardly anyway one can
make an honest living. The youngsters in Koraalspecht see the expensive
cars, that the gangsters ride around in and they also want to be gangsters.
While the gangbangers continue to do the dirty work for the, crime bosses.

I stand by what I say; even if it costs me my life, the crime bosses must not
evade justice this time. I do not want my beautiful island to be ruined.

Figure: a Facebook photo: In this photo Dangelo Damascus left and Elvis
Kuwas right in photo. The two persons
shown above are the ones held responsible
for the murder of Helmin Wiels. Both are
being described by the Prosecutors Office on
Curacao as members of the No Limit crime
52 | P a g e

Figure: Photo a bonafide NLS member, poses proudly in the heart of NLS,
territory in Koraalspecht Curacao Sinaya Wolfert.

The naming of Elvis Kuwas and Damascus as bonafide members of the NLS
does not fit with the proven image of the NLS. The NLS is a very modern,
highly regimented and organized criminal syndicate that is consciously,
franchising, branding and consolidating small street gangs both on Sint
Maarten and in Holland. A real NLS member is either branded with a tattoo
like the one above on the right shoulder of the man in the photo, or they
wear the syndicates logo of the tank on their chain. Within that gangs
culture only highly ranked members are allowed diamonds and other
precious stones in the medallion of the tank logo, more diamonds and
precious stones marks the wearer as a shot-caller (general) within the crime
syndicate. The two men Elvis Kuwas aka Monster and Dangelo Damascus
were not identified in the media as having any specific tattoos indicating
their allegiance to or membership within the NLS crime syndicate. There is
however evidence that proves Kuwas, was being used as an assassin by the
group, specifically to hunt down Erwin Juliana, the highly ranked BVC shot
caller, who was killed in 2015 at the Hato International Airport, Curacao.
Juliana was not killed by Kuwas, the specifics of the hunt for Juliana was
highlighted in the corporate media and I will highlight some of the excerpts

To date Burney Fonseca aka Nini was sentenced to 25 years for having
orchestrated the murder of Helmin Wiels.

An explosive, detailed report in the police magazine Blauw/Blue gave

detailed information culled from police reports in the city of Rotterdam and
elsewhere, on the activities of the No Limit Soldiers (NLS), Buena Vista City
(BVC) and a gang called Kura Piedra/Army, in the city of Rotterdam.
Published on the 28 March 2015 captioned: Bendeoorlogen Binnen Het
Koninkrijk/Gang Wars in The Kingdom, and written by Marielle den
Breejen all photos are from the Rotterdam Eenheid or the Unit Rotterdam
and ANP, here are some excerpted highlights from the report: Members of
53 | P a g e

the No Limit Soldiers and Buena Vista City street gangs, regularly come to
Holland to flee rivals in Curacao and to further their criminal activities.

The gangs are caught in a fierce ongoing, violent gang war. Wherever rival
factions meet, they immediately open fire on each other.

Curacao has a chronic problem involving criminal gangs whose

members are often complicit in, armed robberies, illicit narcotics
trafficking, rip-deals, and gun running. The gangs are in possession of
huge arsenals of weapons. The most dominant of these gangs are the No
Limit Soldiers (NLS), from the Koraalspecht area and Buena Vista City
(BVC), from the Buena Vista neighbourhood.

A year and a half ago the Recherche Samenwerkings Team (RST) the
English translation for RST is Investigative Cooperation Team (ICT),
warned us (the Dutch police) that members of the NLS and BVC, were
leaving Curacao for the Netherlands, according to Edward Van Meel
national information coordinator of the recently established info-cel

In a section entitled: Moordcommando/Murdersquad or the Hitteam, it

was stated in Blauw that: De KMar op Schiphol treft op 26 Februari 2012
zes Kilo cocaine aan in de vleugel van een vliegtuig uit Bonaire/Curacao.
On February 26, 2016, at Schiphol International Airport, personnel of the
special KMar unit discovered six kilos of cocaine in the wing of a plane that
transited Bonaire made a stop on Curacao, with its final destination being
Schiphol. The subsequent investigation that followed consisting of
Customs, KMar and FIOD, exposed a drugs-pipeline that led to the
Caribbean. Eighteen suspects were arrested, among those arrested were
personnel of the Schiphol International Airport and persons in the
Caribbean. The Justice Department in Amsterdam made their findings
public. They took that course of action, when it became clear that people
within the crime syndicate responsible for the drugs transport, were
blaming some of the persons responsible for the shipment of illicit narcotics
with theft, such an accusation is usually cause for the accused being killed.
Some of the suspects were members of No Limit Soldiers (NLS). In October
54 | P a g e

of that year (2012), the investigation unit uncovered a plot led by members
of NLS to liquidate a BVC shot caller (Erwin Adriano Juliana). The
detectives warned Juliana that he was being hunted. In the beginning of
November (2012) one of the leaders of NLS, went to Schiphol International
Airport to pick up a hit man flown in from Curacao, subsequently a second
hit man arrived days later. It became apparent to the investigative team,
through listening to the hit teams cellphone conversations, that they were
unable to find Juliana, thanks to the detectives previously warning him,
Juliana was off the grid .Towards the end of November (2012), the
(Koninklijke Marecheussee)/ KMar, the FIOD led by several arrest units,
conducted a series of raids multiple suspects and the hired hit men, were
arrested, firearms and illicit narcotics were found, several seized cellphones
contained pictures of the suspects posing with firearms, money and drugs.
A case was being built by the Public Prosecutors office against eight of the
suspects for the establishment of and membership in an ongoing criminal
enterprise. NLS head honcho Shurendy Quant aka Tyson Q, was among
those arrested, however due to insufficient evidence, the presiding judge in
Haarlem, ordered his predetention lifted.

The following is documented evidence from previously classified

information, from the national investigation unit in the Netherlands, which
proves a definite NLS presence on Sint Maarten. Sint Maartens judicial
authorities and police force has yet to acknowledge the chronic problems
created island wide since NLS, began operating on Sint Maarten. What
follows is damning evidence of the scope and extent of the operations of
NLS on Curacao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands: The No Limit Soldiers
is a criminal syndicate with a military, hierarchy in Curacao, Sint Maarten
and the Netherlands. The general and the colonel are at the head of the
organization, further down several lieutenants (shot callers) issue orders to
their subordinates soldiers. Specific women called princesses are used to
fulfill supportive roles and carry out important tasks within the NLS crime
syndicate one such female was Latoya Flanders (Source: DRIO Rotterdam).
55 | P a g e

Figure: Above Latoya Flanders, aka Nuta and Urvin Nuto Wawoe, a shot-
caller within the No Limit Gang aka Tru from Koraal Specht Curacoa.
Flanders proudly wears a white T-shirt with the alternate name of
NLS/TRU The Real Underworld.
56 | P a g e

Figure: At right a No Limit Soldiers promotion instead of the

aforementioned TRU is used the organization is one and the same. The
website shown is their official site. On their FB page
Latoya Flanders is eulogized by Urvin Wawoe in poetic verse he refers to
her as Nuta and himself as Nuto.

Above Latoya Flanders the deceased paramour of Urvin Nuto Wawoe.

Flanders was murdered in Sint Maarten on Thursday, September 5, 2015.
She was liquidated in a reprisal shooting, in the ongoing war between
Buena Vista City (BVC) and the No Limit Soldiers (NLS), both of which
originate out of Buena Vista (BVC) and Koraal Specht (NLS) on the island
of Curacao. The war being waged by the gangs have transcended the narrow
confines of their neighborhoods on Curacao and have taken on a regional,
international character. The following is quoted from Sint Maarten News
online (SMN): Based on the information SMN News received from persons
within the community that know some of the gang members they said the
spate of killing started after NLS leaders ordered the execution of two men
at Curacao's Airport. While Urvin Nuto Wawoe was caught with a large
amount of illegal drugs that landed him in prison on St. Maarten and a
huge prison fight led authorities to send him to a prison in the Netherlands
for his own safety, the other gang members are hell bent on getting revenge
for the assassination of two of their members. The two men referenced in
the excerpted quote are BVC shot-caller Erwin Adriano Juliana aka Jais and
his nephew. The event that precipated the ongoing war between the both
factions mentioned previously, dates to when the gangs were in a pahse of
cooperation, and were essentially allies, is as follows: NLS is a crime
syndicate that is being used by certain narco-cartels based in Colombia. As
a franchise that is, essentially a muscle and protection source when huge
quantities of cocaine is being shipped from Colombia to Curaao or Sint
Maarten in multi-kilo drug trafficking operations into the Netherlands and
the United States. The so called Snowflakes case was just such an operation.
In the Snowflakes case 623 kilos of Cocaine was shipped to Curaao and
Sint Maarten, we speak here of a transshipment operation, the ultimate
destination being Europe and America. The local police on Sint Maarten
discovered 170 kilos of Cocaine in a house in Cole Bay which led to the
57 | P a g e

arrest of Miguel Arrindell and several other men, some of those men were
members of the NLS. The so called Benzi case is also linked to the
Snowflakes case. The Benzi case began with the theft from NLS, of several
kilos of Cocaine by Buena Vista City (BVC) shot caller, Erwin Adriano
Juliana aka Jais, this led to a contract being placed on his head by the
executives within NLS. Juliana was liquidated at the Hato airport on
Curaao, in the first half of 2014. Another spurious tale being spun by the
corporate media in the Netherlands Antilles is the lie that NLS travel to
Colombia and purchase huge quantities of Cocaine. Due to the nature of the
narcotics trafficking terrain in Colombia and the dominance of Colombian
cartels outsiders rarely travel to Colombia if at all to purchase narcotics.
The volume of Cocaine in the Snowflakes case points to the fact that Miguel
Arrindell was a Warehouser of Cocaine for a Colombian cartel, NLS being a
franchise that is closely linked to a cartel, functioned as muscle and security
in the operation. That operation spiraled out of control resulting in the so
called Vesuvius investigation which I went into at length in the post The
No Limit Soldiers Organized Crime in the Netherlands Antilles.
58 | P a g e
59 | P a g e
60 | P a g e
61 | P a g e

The Netherlands has a large Afro-Curaaoan community; cells of the gang

are appearing in large Dutch cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague,
Amsterdam, Lelystad and Dordrecht. Members from Curaao cooperate
with gang members living in the Netherlands to smuggle cocaine they
obtain from Colombian as well as Jamaican narco-trafficking cartels, into
major Dutch cities. From there the narcotic is distributed to smaller
dealers. NLS as the evidence shows is a franchise that is being used as a
distributer or a Distro, in the popular parlance. They are also being used as
muscle to ensure the huge shipments of Cocaine coming out of Colombia to
specifically Curacao and Sint Maarten are not tampered with by local
cowboy criminals. The incidence of NLS absorbing certain local street
elements is a brilliant move and is testament of their franchise model. NLS
have and are establishing a strong local presence as is attested by their,
transformation of prison politics at the Pointe Blanche Prison and their
restructuring and strengthening of gang-culture locally, corporatizing it and
stressing on obedience to the orders of the executives within NLS.
62 | P a g e

Above a CD cover bearing the NLS tank logo and a now deceased member
Lil Homie. The very name Lil Homie is an Urban American ghetto term, it
is alien to the language and true culture of Curacao. As I have wrote
innumerably, both in Blogs essays and in all of my books, American urban
culture specifically gang culture, is being exported globally by corporate
America which is overseen by rich middle aged and older white males, but
the poison that they export is cheerlead by young African American males
and females. The Afro-Caribbean young people identify with the colour of
63 | P a g e

their American peers and subsequently imitate the worst aspects of their
culture. American urban culture and its derivative gang culture, is a
negative and dangerous culture of death, made palatable by corporate greed
and clever marketing tricks, in slick glossy magazines and expensive videos.
The terrorism that the American corporate machine has unleashed on the
world through their so called Hip-Hop music industry is nothing short of
criminal. Since that culture began being adopted by Caribbean youth, the
region has undergone unalterable changes that are absolutely devastating
and far reaching, the impact is generational. Bear witness then to our
reality in the Caribbean.

Above the public face of the NLS crime syndicate. Note the jewelry worn by
Nuto, a lieutenant/Shot caller within the syndicate. Such jewelry encrusted
with diamonds can easily cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000
dollars. Such wealth has allowed the syndicate to expand their operations,
64 | P a g e

to Sint Maarten my island, and they are wreaking havoc here. Read in the
following the devastation being wrought by this syndicate on Curacao.

The is from my Blog:



The former Netherlands Antilles is being portrayed in travel blogs, tourist

related magazines et al, as idyllic vacation havens while that may have been
the case 30 years ago, our contemporary reality is anything but ideal. The
corporate media in their insane attempt to protect, a failed one pillar
economic activity called tourism, have been under-reporting the true
reality that citizens of the former Netherlands Antilles exist in today.

In my previous blog posts on this site and my Lionzman website

I have methodically deconstructed the false narrative that, these islands are
safe places and are idyllic vacation spots. As a result of the state in the
former Netherlands Antilles being abysmally and endemically toxic,
criminal and corrupt, unable to govern and the state itself is a human-
trafficking entity as I have shown with numerous posts on all of my sites.
The state itself is a narco-trafficking entity with politicians, their family
members and proxies engaging in every type of criminal activity, including
prostitution and drug smuggling.

This post will be limited to the creation of the narco-states in the former
Netherlands Antilles. The child of unchecked gambling based and
prostitution tourism is the street gangs and crime syndicates that have
sprung up in the wake of the aforementioned. These new entities though
65 | P a g e

they garner much front page and headline, news they are mere bit players
in the narco trafficking industry in the former Antilles. The old-guard
Syrian, Lebanese, Anglo-European, Chinese , Arab multi-millionaire and
billionaire families who have entrenched themselves in these islands
generationally for decades are the ones importing, exporting and
transshipping, voluminous amounts of illicit narcotics, human beings and
automatic as well as semi-automatic weapons to and from these islands in
their attempt to hold onto their hegemony, both within the illegal narcotics
trade and their lucrative human trafficking trade which is tied into the
prostitution sector throughout the Caribbean.

The local Afro-Caribbean crime syndicates such as NLS and BVC are mere
bit-players and pawns in a grand scheme beyond their comprehension.

Since the Afro-Caribbean gangs are the front line soldiers, in the war for
hegemony in the regions ongoing narco-wars, I want to focus on a crime
syndicate that is literally devastating Curacao and Sint Maartens young
and vulnerable. The name of the syndicate is the No Limit Soldiers (NLS),
NLS and their primary rival Buena Vista City (BVC), have both established
themselves in major cities throughout Holland and it is a documented fact
that NLS is operative in all the Antillean islands, Holland and other
European countries and maintain strong ties to crime syndicates in
Jamaica, Miami and Haiti.

My primary goal in these posts is to inform and educate people about the
lived reality of the law abiding citizens of the former Netherlands Antilles.
Another objective is to promote the ideology of independence as the only
seriously viable option to our present neo-colonial status. My third
objective is to gather a body of fact based verifiable data that will eventually
be used to bring a case to the United Nations, for the total independence of
Sint Maarten from Holland, not with the present criminal clans ruling the
island, but with an enlightened body of leaders who will take the island
into independence and beyond.

I will now show from evidence gathered within the public domain that, the
NLS is in fact an instrument that is being used to further enslave and
66 | P a g e

destroy our youth. The NLS crime syndicate is consistently being portrayed
as a street gang, yet their tactics, political clout, financial wherewithal and
international, transnational and regional scope of activities place NLS, in
the realm of an international organized crime syndicate, with its own media
arm, that has the ability to perpetrate terrorist attacks, assassinate
politicians, liquidate highly placed rivals, bribe public officials, traffic illicit
narcotics through the region et al. They also serve as muscle for the
transshipment of illicit narcotics, from Colombia and Mexico to the former
Antilles heading to Europe. The resultant turf wars, rip-deals and drive by
shootings continue unabated, claiming the lives of gangsters as well as the
innocent, even children and the unborn are not exempt from the touch of
death in this brutal saga.

To those who will learn I want to paraphrase my prediction from 1999

when I lived in Groningen. I wrote the following in a Souliga Youth
publication in my capacity as President of said foundation:


Ladies and gentlemen: The so called Antillean in Holland is being

marginalized and discriminated against not only because they are so called
buitenlanders (aliens) but also because the Antillean is being used as a
primary tool of advancement of the criminals that control the cocaine trade.

Any people who in large numbers in any community in the world will sell
Crack Cocaine as a means of livelihood will always be despised and looked
upon as men of little or no worth at all. I wrote further that The
incidences of youth on Sint Maarten murdering their peers is as a direct
result of the self-destructive policy of the illegally installed government
since the children of those whose interests the politicians represent are not
part of the prison population it may bode well for the average person to pay
keen attention to what is written herein and develop some sort of
awareness as this book is in fact a teaching tool which will not only
67 | P a g e

highlight problems but it will offer solutions that will attempt to solve some
of the most pressing of those problems.

A way to ensure that the government of Sint Maarten becomes an actual

public service organ that functions in the best interest of the population at
large would be to, for a special interest or pressure group government of
Sint Maarten before the United Nations Tribunal of Human rights and
charge the individuals within the so-called government with Human rights

If such a charge is properly launched it will gain international prominence

and it is on this platform that the real country Sint Maarten can be formed.

In the event of an actual formation of an independent government and

country the entire population would have to literally be re-educated and
deprogrammed from the miseducation and racist genocidal policies of the
present system of government.

Above Erwin Juliana, the BVC shot-caller liquidated by NLS on the HATO
International Airport, Curacao.
68 | P a g e

Figure: Destry Juliana shown above from a still shot of a YouTube video,
eulogizing him. Destry Juliana, who was the brother of Erwin Juliana, was
killed by an NLS hit-squad in the ongoing BVC, NLS war.

Figure: Shafien Mauricia: who was killed by Teke Teke Snack bar in Cay
Hill. He was an active member of NLS, originally from Curacao but he was
operating on Sint Maarten at the time of his murder.
69 | P a g e

Figure: Above a photo taken with a cell phone and posted to Facebook by
Latoya Flanders. Boss Lady can clearly be seen on the medallion on her
chain TRU another handle that the so-called No Limit Soldiers (NLS), use
for their crime syndicate in their media and on their clothing and tattoos.

The clearly visible tank on her chain marked her in that gang's culture as a
"made", member of the syndicate. The Five stars tattooed on her breast
branded her as a person who was highly placed within the crime syndicate.
Judging from the evidence that the "victim" provided of her lifestyle i.e.
deathstyle, I see incontrovertible proof of the young woman in question
being a bonafide member of NLS who had made her bones.
70 | P a g e

Figures 1-2: The images shown above bare salient testimony to the,
sophistication, organization, education and thorough understanding of
modern technology and its use, for the purposes of self-promotion and
branding, demonstrated by the top-tier within the No Limit crime

The fantasy being perpetuated by the corporate media, that No Limit is a

street gang, will be shattered herein. No internet attention seeker I come
from the St Peters area on Sint Maarten a place known for its share of drug
dealing and recently gang related liquidations and activity and I still reside
in St Peters. I have not seen any public support of No Limit within my
environment, however there is in areas such as Dutch Quarter and Mount
William Hill a definite affiliation with the organized crime syndicate.
71 | P a g e

Figure: Above left a still from one of the videos produced by one of the
many NLS YouTube accounts. At right Luigino Victoriano Martina, aka
Small V.

Figure: Luigino Victoriano aka Small V at right chains with diamond

encrusted medallions all bearing the No Limit logo, testament to the
financial wherewithal of NLS.
72 | P a g e

Figure: The No Limit logo. NLS in Curacoa's official logo, of course an

imitation of Master P's logo. The diamonds and gold are real though.

Figure: Luigino was shot to death in a reprisal attack, led by members of

Buena Vista City (BVC), on Curacao.
73 | P a g e

Figure: Above is a photo of Janishairah Jano the young woman of

Curacaolinian parentage born in Holland, who was murdered earlier this
year in a drive-by shooting on Curacao. Janishairah died in a hail of bullets,
as the result of a revenge killing, in the ongoing war between No Limit
Soldiers (NLS) and Buena Vista City (BVC). The ongoing war stems from
the liquidation, in 2014 of BVC shot caller Jais and his nephew at the Hato
International Airport in Curacao.

Janishairah was the girlfriend of a BVC linked man, whose brother was said
to be one of the shooters that killed this man, Luigino Victoriano Martina.
Four young children were in the car with Janishairah and her boyfriend;
two of the children were seriously wounded. The man driving the car was
flown to Rotterdam Holland for medical treatment, where he subsequently
died as a result of his severe wounds.
74 | P a g e

Above graphic proof of the toll, the imported Urban American culture is
wreaking throughout, the former Netherlands Antilles.

Janishairah received multiple gunshot wounds to her head, resulting in the

horrific photo above, where brain matter is clearly visible on the gurney
75 | P a g e

As I have written previously the imported gang-culture brought to this

region, by the corporate American money machine is the harbinger of many
of the most brutal and dastardly acts ever witnessed in these islands.
Although drug dealing was evident throughout the region. The appearance
of young organized criminal gangs such as NLS and BVC masquerading as
Hip-Hop labels are a new phenomenon, directly adopted and imported
from North America, via their rap music industry. The sophistication of
gang-culture in the Caribbean and its subsequent brutality is as a result of
imitation of and exposure to American Urban gang-culture. I have written
extensively on the culture and its dangers to the Caribbean and the linkages
of gang elements, with terrorist elements in prisons the same holds true for
the former Netherlands Antilles. Readers of my Blogs know that I use the
present day reality, in the former Netherlands Antilles to advocate the total
independence of Sint Maarten from Holland, which is a country directly
responsible for much of the corruption and exploitation of the populace.

Figure: Above in photo a young boy who was one of four young boys in the
car with the two adults shown previously, being held in the arms of an
unidentified male. One of the young boys is on the ground with another on
76 | P a g e

the stretcher above; the fourth child is not in the photo. The oldest boy was
no older than 6. All of the children were severely wounded except the boy
being held by the man wearing shorts in photo. One of the boys
subsequently died as a result of his wounds.

As I have written previously the imported gang-culture brought to this

region, by the corporate American money machine is the harbinger of many
of the most brutal and dastardly acts ever witnessed in these islands.
Although drug dealing was evident throughout the region. The appearance
of young organized criminal gangs such as NLS and BVC masquerading as
Hip-Hop labels are a new phenomenon, directly adopted and imported
from North America, via their rap music industry. The sophistication of
gang-culture in the Caribbean and its subsequent brutality is as a result of
imitation of and exposure to American Urban gang-culture. I have written
extensively on the culture and its dangers to the Caribbean and the linkages
of gang elements, with terrorist elements in prisons the same holds true for
the former Netherlands Antilles. Readers of my Blogs know that I use the
present day reality, in the former Netherlands Antilles to advocate the total
independence of Sint Maarten from Holland, which is a country directly
responsible for much of the corruption and exploitation of the populace by
the so-called leaders, which creates the hopelessness that in turn creates
space for gangs like NLS and BVC to operate preying off of the leadership
void in said communities.
77 | P a g e

Ecstasy pills seized in a DEA raid in the US. Ecstasy this drug is now the
rage in the Caribbean, and specifically throughout the former Netherlands
78 | P a g e

Above Ecstasy seized by the police in Guyana from a citizen of Suriname.

Ecstasy is relatively easy for Dutch passport holders, to smuggle into the
former Netherlands Antilles and Suriname. Although Surinamese no
longer have Dutch passports, the large Surinamese diaspora in the
Netherlands and throughout the former Netherlands Antilles are
facilitators of ecstasy, smuggling within the region. Dutch so called
79 | P a g e

autochtonen or indigenous Dutch i.e. Caucasian Dutch people are the

source and creators of the ecstasy drug, coming into Sint Maarten. XTC was
first produced in XTC is an acronym for 3, 4-
methylindioxymethamphetamine aka MDMA.

The drug called XTC was first produced in 1912. The scientists who
developed XTC were seeking to produce a drug to be used to heal. XTC was
found to have an effect on the central nervous system. Alexander Schulgin
began experimenting with the drug on human subjects 65 years later.
Psychotherapists began giving the drug to patients in their sessions
ostensibly to calm them. Soon ecstasy began to be used as a party drug
and recreationally.
80 | P a g e

XTC is listed as a schedule 1 drug by the US government (hard-

drug), and all other western governments. The photo above shows how XTC
is being packaged and marketed to young children, the packaging bears the
likeness of Scoobydoo the popular childrens cartoons character, the words
81 | P a g e

Scooby Snax are clearly visible in bold fonts on the front of the package.
There can be no doubt who are the targeted users in the above shown

Future an Atlanta rapper, who is enjoying mainstream success.

Unfortunately his music is replete with lyrics glorifying, substance abuse,
Future raps about drinking lean and popping Mollies, Molly is a popular
term for XTC. This particular rapper is very popular throughout the
82 | P a g e

The increasing sophistication of the arms and ammunition available

throughout the Caribbean is an unprecedented development that does not
bode well for regional security and political stability.
83 | P a g e

Another example of the military grade weapons that are available on the
street level, throughout the Caribbean.

The police in Trinidad just after Scanny Martin, Hassan Atwell and
Christopher Monster Selby escaped from prison in a daring jailbreak.
84 | P a g e

A shipment of drugs seized at the Rotterdam harbor in the Netherlands the

illicit narcotics, originated in Colombia. However the drugs were
transshipped to the Netherlands via the Caribbean island Curacao, a former
colony of the Netherlands.
85 | P a g e

A drug seizure made in Puerto Rico by DEA and ICE agents.

86 | P a g e

Above the funeral of Scanny Martin one of the prison escapees profiled
earlier. Note the Muslim dress of many in attendance.
87 | P a g e
88 | P a g e
89 | P a g e

The two photos shown above bare salient testimony, to the fact that
military grade weapons are being used, to settle disputes on the street level
and to maintain hegemonic control of drug turfs throughout the Caribbean.
Trinidad where the photos were taken by Ian Alleynes Crime Watch
studios is presently the scene of a pandemic of epic proportions in the
ongoing street level gang wars, of reprisal shootings, turf disputes and
personal disputes that are wreaking havoc and have already destabilized
that society.

In the photo, is Hassan Atwell a potent example of what was previously

enumerated. Atwell was imprisoned on a kidnapping charge he was never
tried nor was he ever convicted of any crime, yet he was kept in prison for
six years without his case being tried. According to his mother he became
very depressed, leading her to believe it is due to his oppression at the
hands of the prison authorities that resulted in the prison break hatched by
him and his two cronies.
90 | P a g e
91 | P a g e

Atwell began posting on his Facebook page while imprisoned a series of

posts which spoke of and foreshadowed his intentions of escaping from
prison, he also expressed in his posts that he was prepared to die the death
of a shaheed (martyr).
92 | P a g e

A mashup of the two companions of Atwell and himself, Scanny Martin far
left top, Atwell center and far right, a head shot of Christopher Selby aka
Monster inset far left along with a head shot of a grinning Atwell, with
closed eyes. Next to Selby is a post from Atwells FB wall that reads: A true
believer would accept death any day over oppression. And a true believer
must do everything in his or her power to remove themselves from under
oppression without fearing death. All of Atwells post prison break FB
posts foreshadowed his escape plan, not just intentions since him and his
cronies had planned their escape, even paying prison staff to bring in
firearms into the prison which they subsequently used to kill a prison staff
member and then turned their guns on the police waiting outside.
93 | P a g e

The photo above is of Omar al-Mukhtar Muslim resistance fighter who

fought against the Italian colonization of Libya. Atwell posted the following
post alongside the photo of al-Mukthar: The true spirit of a true Muslim.
O Allah give us the faith and spirit of our forefathers (Salaf) whose feet
was firm on the battlefield and whose hearts were strong and full of love
for Islam and feared none but you O ALLAH AMEEN.

Atwell began to proclaim his jihad in his FB messaging clearly showing his
state of mind and his commitment to jihad. The authorities in Trinidad
missed the messaging totally.
94 | P a g e

An FB post by Atwells mother giving her opinion on her son and his
95 | P a g e
96 | P a g e

Above more Atwell posts including the post in full on martyrdom prefaced

A mashup of Atwell and his ever present smirk and Atwell in death,
murdered by Rasta City, the rivals of the gang that ruled in his area in
Laventille .

During the time that Atwell was alive, the man who was a key player in the
Enterprise area, was Selwyn Alexis aka Robocop. The boss of Jamaat al-
Muslimeen Yasin abu-Bakr officiated at the funeral of Alexis. Bakr also
officiated at the funeral of Hassan Atwell praising him as a hero.
97 | P a g e

Scanny Martin after he was killed by the police, in a shootout at the Port of
Spain General Hospital. The hulking Martin above right was one of the men
charged in the kidnapping and murder of business woman Vindra Naipaul.
Click the link for more info http://nazaritze-

The western secularist mind sees death as a final end. The praxis out of
which Martin, Atwell and countless others before and after them view
death, is out of the Islamic praxis of shuhada i.e. martyrdom. The pictures
in and of themselves were a coup, since they showed individuals who
knowingly marched forth to meet death (inghimasi). Atwell and Martin
particularly are viewed as martyrs in their various Muslim communities.
98 | P a g e

This link is of video footage of Martins funeral

The video is graphic salient proof of the truth of what is written here,
Martin a convicted murderer and rapist, was still honored by his peers and
cohorts within his Muslim community. This spirit has rapidly spread
throughout the Caribbean and its most powerful manifestation on Sint
Maarten is within the prison system. It will only be a matter of time before
this type of activity begins to manifest itself here when that time arrives the
government, will be woefully unprepared for the fallout.

The Jamaat al-Muslimeen the organization that Atwell and Martin was
linked to is a criminal organization, with a pseudo-Islamic faade. The top
tier is overseen by clerics, while the rank and file consist of criminal
elements, that picture though in recent years has undergone drastic
99 | P a g e

Above Yasin Abu Bakr at the lectern in his masjid at Mucurapo road in
Trinidad. I have written extensively about the Jamaat on this Blog click on
the link below for an in depth report from Aljazeera, wherein the Jamaat is

Shawn Crawford aka Abu Sad at-Trinidadi, the poster boy for Islamic State
from Trinidad. Hails from the same Chagaunas Enterprise neighborhood,
as Atwell, Robocop and Martin. The latest gang from that area, calling itself
the Unruly ISIS gang is an offshoot of Robocops gang (now deceased
Enterprise godfather).
100 | P a g e

Drastic changes are afoot throughout the Caribbean. Recent releases in the
regional media attest to this incontrovertible fact. Three days ago a (today
is August 5, 2016), damning article appeared in the Daily herald on Sint
Maarten captioned Martinique issues appeal to locate Rachid Rafaa.
Rachid escaped house arrest on Morne Rouge, Martinique. The following
day (8/3/2016), both of these articles appeared side by side in the daily
mentioned previously: Minister concerned about ISIS threat in
Caribbean and Trinidadians held in Turkey for Alleged ISIS Involvement.
The information is damning for several reasons. The primary reason that
information is as a result of the article in Dabiq issue #15, wherein an ISIS
member whose operative duty, within the terrorist organization is to kill
enemy combatants as a sniper. The article contained this photo. He said
the following: Alhamdulillah, I am currently one of many snipers in the
ranks of the mujahidin here in the Caliphate. I head out regularly with

my team and get to take part in many fierce battles against the various
enemies of the Islamic State.
101 | P a g e

The man shown in the photo . He was referred to in the article as Abu Sad
at-Trinidadi. When asked in Dabiq: What message would you like to direct
to the Muslims of Trinidad? In the article he explicitly calls for suicide
attacks in Trinidad: The first part of my message is to those who claim
Islam and yet blindly follow the muftis and imams: In calling you to vote for
the taghut leaders they are calling you to commit kufr, yet you obey and
follow them, thereby apostatizing. I say to you, fear Allah and return to the
religion. Return to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved
prophet, for they are sufficient for us as a guide. Do not become deluded
and allow yourselves to follow these evil leaders. Read the biography of our
beloved prophet so you can see how he dealt with various matters.
Following the palace scholars is not from the religion of truth. Fear Allah as
he should be feared, and wake up and come back to the true religion before
its too late.

To those I know who have learned the sound creed, I say, what is the matter
with you? Youve been deceived and deluded by the devil. Years have gone
by and you still havent performed hijrah to the land of Islam, your land,
the place that we used to speak about and dream of. It has become a reality,
and yet youve become from amongst those who remained behind. You
wanted your children to live in a land where Allahs law is the highest, yet
you now remain in a place where you have no honor and are forced to live
in humiliation, subjugated by the disbelievers. Do not be from those about
whom Allah mentioned in the noble Quran. Indeed, those whom the
angels take [in death] while wronging themselves [the angels] will say, In
what [condition] were you? They will say, We were oppressed in the land.
The angels will say, Was not the earth of Allah spacious [enough] for you to
emigrate therein? For those, their refuge is Hell and evil it is as a
destination (An-Nisa 97). Who were they? They were the ones that did not
perform hijrah to the land of Islam. I also say to you, my brothers, that you
now have a golden opportunity to do something that many of us here wish
we could do right now. You have the ability to terrify the disbelievers in
their own homes and make their streets run with their blood. Where is your
102 | P a g e

jealousy for the religion? They are bombing your brothers and sisters day
and night in the land where Allahs law is supreme. It is an obligation upon
you to act and force them to think thrice before bombing the Muslims.
Therefore, terrorize the disbelievers and make them feel fear everywhere,
even in their own bedrooms. Due to their mere disbelief, their blood by
default is lawful to spill. How much more obligatory is it to do so after
theyve waged war against the Muslims and killed their women and
children. For this reason, amongst others, the Islamic State leadership
emphasized the importance not to differentiate between disbelieving
soldiers and their so-called civilians. Attack the interests of the Crusader
coalition near you, including their embassies, businesses, and civilians.
Burn down their government institutions just as they try to bomb our
buildings where Allahs law is upheld. Follow the example of the lions in
France and Belgium, the example of the blessed couple in California, and
the examples of the knights in Orlando and Nice. If you do so then your
reward is with Allah and you will have no regrets when you meet Him. If,
however, you abandon your brothers while continuing to live in the shade
of an enemy at war with Islam, within a petty distance from many Crusader
interests, then do not be shocked if Allah strips you of the speck of faith
remaining in your dying hearts, as a punishment for your sin and

Trinidad as a result of its large Muslim population and the endemic

racialism, between the Hindu community and the African Trinidad
community, is a divided, racially polarized community. Endemic corruption
within the police, judiciary and government along with porous borders, are
all social realities that are conducive to the program of not only
recruitment, but also direct attacks in a western theatre, containing high
levels of Europeans, Americans and Canadians, all of whom are groups of
people either resident, or travel to the region on a yearly basis as tourists.
The abiding reality regionally is one of a highly penetrable soft target, allied
to the American led coalition attacking the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), in
Iraq and Syria.
103 | P a g e

The ability of Caribbean governments to combat terrorism is minuscule and

the ability and capabilities of terrorist entities, their proxies and affiliates to
inflict damage, regionally is well documented and huge.

The man called Sad at-Trinidadi in the interview previously boasted that:
We would weigh all of our options as we awaited our opportunity for
hijrah. At the same time, we knew that we couldnt just sit and dream while
doing nothing, so whenever the disbelievers in Trinidad would kill or harm
a Muslim, we would take revenge. We would work to accumulate money in
order to buy weapons and ammo. Alhamdulillah, we were successful in
many operations, and this was only by Allahs grace.

Abu Abdillah, my wife, and I were arrested at one point, but the police
werent able to make a case against us. We were nonetheless charged for
possessing guns and ammunition. They seized my computer and phones
and found the videos, books, and lectures on jihad. The taghut government
of Trinidad then plotted against us, claiming that we were planning on
assassinating the prime minister and a number of other ministers in order
to cause chaos and panic in the country. That would have been an honor for
us to attempt, but the reality of our operations was much smaller, as I
described before. We were imprisoned for terrorism along with some
Muslims who merely knew us as well as others whom we had never even
met before. Alhamdulillah, they planned and plotted but Allah is the best of
planners. They were unable to make a case against us and we were freed, by
Allahs permission, and despite being placed under surveillance, we went
back to doing what we knew we had to do, commanding the good and
prohibiting the evil. (The so called State of Emergency in Trinidad, the state
claimed that criminals were fighting over drug turf, here the terrorist
openly boasts that it was him and his friends, who were responsible for
eliminating those who had : whenever the disbelievers in Trinidad would
kill or harm a Muslim, we would take revenge. I wrote many articles,
showing the dangerous government practice in Trinidad of deliberately
obfuscating the facts pertinent to reportage, of terrorist activity in Trinidad.
104 | P a g e

Terrorist activity there is usually; called criminal activity and terrorists

are referred to as criminals in an attempt to appear internationally, as a
safe, country. The facts of the out of control crime wave and the known
terrorist activity in Trinidad since the early, eighties is well known
internationally and well documented. As I said the articles in the Herald are
damning since they expose the inability of regional governments to combat
terrorism. As I have indicated innumerably, tourism will all but cease to
exist in this region, under a sustained terrorist campaign. Regional
governments will be forced to cooperate on a variety of levels, including,
regional security, intra-regional information exchanges, intra-regional
travel, intra-regional import and exportation of goods and services, visa
and work permits within the region and increasingly the exchange and
sharing of profiles of Caribbean citizens involved in terrorist activity, or
affiliated to terrorist organizations.

Dabiq: After making the decision to perform hijrah to the Levant with two
of your closest friends, Abu Abdillah and Abu Isa, you experienced some
delay. What happened?

Abu Sad at-Trinidadi: The three of us decided to make hijrah to the Levant
and join the Islamic State after witnessing the plight of the Muslims in the
Levant, but we had some unfinished business with some disbelievers who
had wronged the Muslims in the community. Our tickets were already
booked, and we were ready to depart within a week but we felt guilty
leaving without finishing what needed to be taken care of. It was a difficult
decision, and it was for this reason that we would later look back at this
moment and say that perhaps it was a final test from Allah to see if we were
worthy of being granted the honor of hijrah and jihad. As painful as it was,
we decided to delay our hijrah, and there soon came an opportunity to exact
revenge on the two kafir criminals we were hunting.

The operation was carried out in the middle of the city in broad day light
and was caught on camera. It wasnt our plan for it to occur that way, but it
happened according to Allahs decree. Following the operation, Abu
Abdillah and Abu Isa were arrested, and I went into hiding. We decided
105 | P a g e

that we had to leave Trinidad nonetheless because nothing was going to

stop our hijrah, by Allahs permission. Once more, Allah bestowed a
tremendous favor on us as Abu Isa was released pending investigation. Abu
Abdillah was also released and we left Trinidad one-by-one. I left first
along with my wife, followed by Abu Abdillah, and then Abu Isa, and we
met up in Venezuela. We had missed our original flights so we had to stay
there for some time until we were able to book new flights.

The future of the Caribbean depends on the full cooperation of

governments on a scale never before witnessed, in this region. The habit of
depending on western European countries, America and Canada, no longer
can suffice, a hands on regional approach is the only solution to the very
real issue of Caribbean terrorism and terrorist organizations in the region.