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The first elements: B.

Iceux vapors, which condense Water pondreuse E.

Steam: C.

Running mercury: D. or water.

Chaos Calcaduc E.

Philosophical mercury: F.

Dry suffers G.

Metals: H.

The first two principles are, to wit H. and D., which by F. philosophical sublimation is generated, ie
that Mercury philosophical disposition is average, with power to convert Water in Steam. Now
everything is the first elements because iceux

Components are reduced to steam or water pondreuse, which one

Mercury must extract instead of Flowing Water, and said down Mercury

said first metal element is changed by transmutation

shaped dry Suffers; but first the first elements

down in Vapor iceux Elements. White or red wine as

the entire route to the last end of all [the work, hear what

considered ferment and final injunction Nature.

Explanation brive according to common sense and vulgal

God is Eternal and Almighty, which spawned his Son, which

proceeds the Holy Ghost, one God in Trinity, who made heaven and
Earth and all that lives there. He aussy made the Sun, the Moon and

Estoiles, which throw their influences in the belly of the wind,

as in the first type of ship is this threefold seed

which becomes the substance of all things that are

World, ie separately for each reign, without any

can move to each other, but in multiply them by their own

Under their similar without demoting iceux that the

reduction on their first universal material which is central and

Chaos in Nature.

In the name of Almighty God, know my son very beloved,

Nature of intent by Cy after Teachings declared. When

the last days of my life, my Body to abandon my perst

Soul does faisoit more waiting time of the Lord and the last

sigh, desire took me to leave you like a Testament and last

will, these words by which you will be taught several beautiful

affecting things very worthy metallic transmutation, ie

Philosophers' Stone, aujourd'huy vilified as vulgar

ignorant, and so hidden by the Sages, that just those in

true path can believe it, until they Ayent seen by

experience the truth of the thing.

That's why I made you ay teach the principles of Philosophy

natural, to make you more capable of this holy Science; but

especially as I leave you in an age where discretion is not yet

in you, as I could print if God had me there

let him live more, I speak with fear and grief that I have,

your heart, ainsy as Kings of Judah diverts qualities

His Father, as provided ainsy Solomon, father of Sciences, the

Benin riches corrupt the heart, and my womb

example began to print in your heart; most of the time

Children perverse fathers are inclined to good; but the aussy

Angels can bring forth demons, both inclinations differ

those of their fathers.

But to prevent this misfortune, which would disturb the repose of my soul,

as many times as you abuserais this secret divine, to use it to

impure and bad things, I want you saches as good

God gave it to me, through my prayers and good intentions, I had

to good use. And as for She ay I acquired all the property I

let your hands and your brothers, which soon will perish at that

owners of iceux in corrupting their morals; because it is a

secret of God reserved for her that make her divine Elected

commandments; which are chosen by him according to purity

their heart.

For he knoweth penetrate the secret of our Consciences and forecasts

qu'apportent usually overflows the Authorities and wealth

worldly men aussy does he give to those who are

worthy of so great a Treasury; that is to wit the humble of heart,

Patients and charitable. Ainsy these Virtues lead you to the top

secret pourveu you saches metal and Principles

Nature of operations; icelle by Nature because you will be enlightened, pourveu

you're in grace. But I still obmettray something to say,

that will be the truth of Practice, which you will find enough in the

autheurs old, pourveu saches you discover their intentions,

which are hidden under a confusion of empty words, and you must

as in a game Mesl cards, according to wit store everything

his value. I will conduiray this knowledge to the best man

world can do about the theory and knowledge of the first

Principles that are the keys to the Nature House, in which you

have to work. But as to the practice, do not you arreste to me, that

you do ayes resorted to autheurs who say good things and

evil: but here follows the Secret.

SCACHE all speak a Mesme way in two ways, including

one is vraye and the other is false; the true is that it can not

Estre heard that only enlightened, that walk uprightly

and according to nature which is nevertheless covered comparisons and

Examples under names and equivocal, which does not belong to the

Science, but are meaningful icelle, because there is no need icelle

only one thing, and one way of achieving, by voye

simple and natural, without getting lost in the plurality of breach

single leaven ours.

This confusion is the false and vicious drug plans because

yet the whole is significant of something that belongs

to Science; However, there must have developed about the ESGARD

quality, because Nature is simple and it works only


All things begin with a first principle, which is said

general and ending with the species that nature desires to produce, not

it usurps no one to turn to another, because it is

powerless of latest generation, otherwise every thing

after his time falls in his first original state. The Voyla

First of Nature; for if thou knowest observe this precept, you

will avoid the precipice of errors, which everyone dives before

to reach the true acquaintance.

We must Estre very simple man; aussy but requires constant Estre

after which was this ray of light, as much as stubbornness

a misconception is harmful, Perseverance is in the true

profitable, I donneray the following example.

When I first laissoy me unfortunately to seduce

wicked and misleading Alchymistes which by their damnable

practices destroy and consume the men of bed and board,

Three estions we just wandering through the world with all

possible inconvenience, which subject all new opinions,

have had all the trouble that can imagine, one while under the
Great domination, slaves and sometimes smaller,

essoyer to achieve some new knowledge. But

after materials tested by us, and that so many sophistications

does finally gave us regret our time and our goods,

till we see poverty by nostre about any mockery;

as desperate, we withdrew from these mistakes, peeling

Curiously us the most demonstrative signs of intentions

Philosophers. We saw bientost blindness and nostre

acknowledging our past mistakes, which caused us a new

regret of so many people that we savions burn

in these vain and ruinous research, like us. Because

cecy Estre can truly say a toll-free work; and the

Wicked sophists vuident purse before their various

vessels can Estre accommodated and prepared furnaces.

Ainsy reveu diligently with good books, like Arnaud,

Ramon Llull and the Code of all Truth, we made a

resolution, on which we are by the grace of God reached

nostre end after so much work went to this great secret. But a

we focused so much to sophisticated individuals to see all

days new things, which esblouissoient him eyes, would the

to leave. But although I had 45 years when it happened in the year 1420 and

After 20 months we saw this great Roy sat in his royal Trosne,

making the first projection on the white, then red.

What you will do as I do if you want to take and just as Estre

Estre need, especially God-fearing and do not need so much expense,

time, nor costs; for telling the time I estais way,

I leave by writeth, even unto the Work of perfection. Do

18 months, at which time said accomply Work was still there

fust failly once. This is the least, and this requires two Estre,

so that if one lacks, the other Suplee in his absence, both at work

advice. What you need to make sure you notice much of a faithful
Companion, gifted Mesmes Virtues that I have recommended to you,

which will never abandon you, trusting him as another toy

Mesme; and without being'm stubborn sometimes as its board

it will yours, do espousant no particular opinion by a

mutual consent of both, and where the direction will default vostre

acquaintance, who use?

A. Peat, or codicil Llull and his Testament, which

everything is taught from the beginning till the end. But

sometimes enigmatically, the great Rosary, flower flowers,

Elucidation of the Testament, the Appertoire and others, where is Science

complete, disguising the two materials, however, and hiding the

little heard. But I'm the donneray in sight if God made you the

thanks. You will find a small aussy Treaty made by one of us,

If you want to take the trouble to look, where you will find

Part of what I fail, but somewhat obscurely, if you do this

bright light, and the knowledge of the two materials. For in the Work,

it between anything else, which is only one same thing, but

here follows an example. Before a besieged town, there is only one

Man, as a Water drops are divided into only

Water, which joined are one body; ainsy men

Are well separated to disturb the city; but when the gap

is made, all in a body give to the assault, each leading to

plunder. Ainsy is it in the Work.


according Philosophers

It is a stone of great virtue and is called Peter, and is not

Peter and Mineral, Plant and Animal, which is found in all

places and at all times and in all persons, which must be

putrefy manure nine days and then distill the Elements;

which will be born a multiplicative sperm cough metals, that is to

ie mineral seed that is perpetuating Mesme soy,

reach perfection of infinite generation.

Take 8 ounces of what philosophers command you, that you

broyeras on marble, then imbiberas with 12 ounces of oil

Philosophers common, as it is like paste,

which gird fire and dissoudras. And when you see

Red escume up, oste the fire, and then put it back on the fire,

and as reiterated that everything be done Epois like melted wax. Of

which must be extracted by thy virginal Laict voye philosophy;

then separate the elements and conjoindras together projettant

the Silver finish, you will deliver it into as many fine Lime; then

continuing your Magisterium will aussy Pierre who has been red

Vertu Mesme the red as I white.

But keep toy from obscurity some, whom they deceive more

do not teach, mainly in the preparations you commander user

Nature of what knoweth nothing and teach you not required materials

nostre Work; but they agreed to talk, not the ignorant;

because under these puzzles all included; but you must collect good

Grain bad, and not be discouraged if you hear about this



Take two parts of Saturn, if necessary, the Sun or the Moon

Jupiter, and three parts of Mercury to amalgam, which

Pierre becomes frangible, which repeatedly on the broyeras

marble, and very sour vinegar soaked water and common salt well

prepared, soaking and often seichant until it contains in

soy extremely substance of Heaven. Then soaks again

Water that Alun, until mole paste, and put

dissolve, then congelle, and get a powder that will convert

Jupiter Moon.

But for the Sun, take stone vitriol and calcined red, and

dissolved in the urine of children and distills turn, and made so many times
till that the water is very red. Then this conjoincts Water

with the above water, before it is frozen and put these two waters

on the manure by a few days, so that it is better incorporated. And

distills all these waters and congelle all, get a red stone

as Hyacinrhe, which you projetteras part seven

Mercury or Saturn purged, and Sun will be red. Lull and other

teach all that is required the excess; but as said in

Figures and Allegories because saches that all materials by them

declared, are not matters in their essence, but figurative

the effects produced by these two unique materials in the Work



The Philosophers' Stone is nothing but gold very perfect, ie

brought to such perfection that he can complete all Corps

imperfect. Gold is this Peter, but not vulgar, as it

died, and nostre alive. It is He who will then need to take, but

SCACHE But what is that bright. When the fruits are ripe they bring

seed, through which they can Estre multiplied until INFINY;

and Gold is a fruit that has never acquired that maturity in the

mining, and hence is said death; because his seed is the thing

who can live and vegetate like the other two reignes.

But we can imagine him this seed, which is in desj

Potentially him because he is created to multiply its ainsy

two other brothers might otherwise Estre says the powerless

Nature. He imagined vrayment this seed that has tried by Nature

all ways to give effect to him; but his forces have not beene

quite large and require rescue Artist. This is why it is

said Ayde and I ayderay Avg Hold you for so very certain that gold is

the beginning of large nostre Work. But not in the estat it

is because it is hard, strong and very united in all its parts; but

he must break, and after surgery Nature. Aussy is said that

it must reduce its raw material, which is something other than Vif

money, which said Gold hath been first created and produced; but

especially as to reduce it to the raw material, it is

ayde a necessary and a liquid thing ainsy that throws Saffran

its dyeing. For what thing can make a liquid Corps of

soy is hard and dry, if it is a liquid, as we see that

the mud is made of Water and Earth. Therefore a warm water in

which said body will convert, and instead it is thick, it

held muddy and muddy. And this is for two reasons,

said first body to cleanse and purge it of any impurities

which by nature are remained in him, and can not Estre cleaned in

ostant him hardness, especially in the estat where he is, ny Mesme

when molten, nothing can Estre in separate, because it is so

although united, that part always follows the other. But when ainsy

amoly by the solution of the thing he wants, evacuations are

Mesmes of them, and impurities are separated from the pure things.

Philosophers have concealed all this reduction, not talking

as a veiled way, as say, convert

Elements all in all; that the ignorant explained by a

bad sense, that separate them.

This separation therefore, is converting iceux, which is said

Sublimation, calcination and dissolution, and such names are their

given that to put the ignorant error path.

So the first agent of the Philosophers is the body Now it takes

Ciments go through, and that is that the cleaning Meslanges

pourroient Estre penned his body, then put it in pocket tables

or subtle powder, it takes a sever water and

redissolve so many times that the whole body is dissolved, so that

ayt and there are no parish as water, and all this will be done in

several that are, however, only Mesme Water. Then it all

Easting dissolves, it must pass the water and pull the Soul of that
Hereunto body in water, and after oil or balsam, which will

after joined with the imperfect body.

All this work is only imitate nature in her purifications,

distilations philosophical and congellations. Ainsy it is said, looks

as Nature works, and imitate as closely as possible that you will.

For you have need to soften the body on which you work,

since I certainly tell you it is said Corps, with Water as

I enseigneray you; but like this hidden secret and it Revelle

no one.


Many felt that the water first principle of the Philosophers,

estoit simple Elemental Water or rain Will, or sea, others

dew of heaven; others have sought in simple, herbs and

animals, such heterogeneous things wrongly interpreting say

Philosophers, and focusing on their words instead of taking their

intentions. Like when they talked about Brandy, Wine

red and white vinegar, tartar oil such similar things,

ainsy the Water nostre sea. Because you have to saches they

speak in many ways, like when they say, Take Water

nostre sea; in another place say, Mercury or Quicksilver nostre,

because the word of Our wins another sense; because if they said

Sea water, we might Estre deceived in this place, but the Water

nostre sea, which is the Sea of the Philosophers, is one thing. They

hear their sea, the generality of that water, because

it is everywhere, anywhere. She is in heaven, because heaven

begets in the air, since it is not Air in the Earth to

produce all things. Secondly they name their Sea

the entire Work, and when the body is reduced to water, which he was

first compound, the water is said Seawater because

vrayment is a sea in which several skippers Sages

wrecked, not having Astre for this guide, which will undoubtedly
never to those who have once known. It is this which Estoile

conduisoit the Sages to the birth of the Son of God, and this

Mesme that makes us see the birth of this young Roy.

There is yet another nostre Sea Water is the Water spoken

Augurel saying,

Water I hear is externally of a powder to the species

itself, which is the great Elixir, which impalpable powder

white or red, works wonders on all kinds of body

imperfect and ill, which is only the first water, but

sublimated seven times and sometimes ten. Those who call aussy

Brandy, red wine, vinegar, and the rest, say true, for it is

an invigorating water which begin to grow and vegetate all things. It's a

Powerful and strong vinegar; .and to say in a word, it is a Water

which has strong power, without any ayde that her Mesme to

wholes the body convert their raw material: for it is she who

kills everything. She is in the wombs of mothers in order to procreate

Children. She aussy in the Tombs for consumption and

make their first nothingness. And how a few Ayent

defended the strong waters, which the charlatans and affronteurs

serve to corrupt and break Corps metals they

hear these strong waters, made several compositions and Things

contrary to the substance and quality of single subject nostre;

because nostre water taffy is a single thing, which contains

it all things of the world, and icelle if there were any

something strange it might never come to his end, that

said in fust thing separate.

That is why he must prepare us before all things, ainsy

the Body, lest any thing contrary and meslange

is opposed to the conjunction of both. It is strong because if water

it does have a great and admirable strength, how it might

make the perfect body its raw material. The salt Spirit
Gold dissolves common, but it is not with him Mesle

inseparably. But nostre dissolved salt dissolution

admirable, such that there is no difference between Gold and the Water st

is make same thing.

But what is the cause, I shall tell thee. Gold in his first

beginning was made Earth st Water Suffers which are heard

and Mercury, which Easting assembled with each other by the

meslange Nature's ingenious, were cooked by long time

and hardened in the Mountain as the said matters met.

But cooking icelle Earth broke gradually, as the

provision and digestion was advancing, however, after they have

corporification started and congellation said Corps, and that's what

makes it all the more perfect than the other metals, in the iceux

Suffers remained there, and have not beene purged as gold; because

or the Matrix who had not powerful enough fire, or

the impurity of Sulphur, which could Estre willing to separation. Ainsy

it is only as water poissie in mining, by some degree of

digestion and decoction; Water and estoit the Mesme he give him faloit

drink to the swell and rot, like a grain of wheat.

But Quoy that the Nature ayt digested and baked as its heat hath been

large, sachez yet it is not yet so perfect, it

ayt do him in some imperfection and humidity, which is to him

inseparable, some difficulty that it can bring. If he had this

humidity, it would not fuse, which gives moisture entry

nostre Water and whole body converts it like Levain

converts the whole mass in its substance, then gradually, as ainsy

Water made the water body, is made laditte Water Corps, by virtue

Levain said. But first among them is a battle that ensorte

and the other one by devouring a bitter and violent putrefaction.

It is this water prisoner, crying incessantly, and I Ayde-Avg

ayderay you. Ie Eslargismoy my prison, and if once you me

can make out, I'll rendray Maistre of the fortress where I am.

So The Water, which is locked in this body is the kind Mesme

Water that we give him to drink, which is called

Mercury Trismegistus, which hears about Parmenides, when he says:

Esjouit nature in Nature, Nature surmounts Nature and Nature

Nature contains. Because this water is locked up with his resjouit

The companion who comes to deliver his irons, is with Mesle iceluy and

finally converting said jail them, rejecting what is their

Rather, that is the preparation, are converted to water and mercury

permed. Nature overcomes nature, because the amount of water that

we give him by the icelle reiterations, said body strength to

dissolve, and subjecting to it, by the entry that gives him water,

said force prisoner said dissolution Corps, which is a voye

supernatural, to undo the work of Nature Air without destruction


Nature contains Nature, ie the body contains the Spirit,

Spirit contains the Body, because after the dissolution is the

congellation as who would say: Avg Ayde-dissolving, and I

ayderay you to freeze. So it is good that droict nostre divine Water

is called the Key Light Diane who esclaire in thickness

the night the. For it is the entrance to all the Work, and that which illuminates all

man. This is oyseau of Hermes, which has ny rest day nor night the do

trying only to corporifier in all places of the earth; because all his

center is full of the Spirit, which is like a poinct, which a

infinite number of rays, starting from the area, is going to make. Gold

I shall tell you how to connoistre laditte Water. But if the love

I bear you makes me hither commit a sin, pray God to me

forgive, and care make me some trouble, for your

imprudence. It must first saches you that some have

sought in several drugs, such as Antimony Salts, Alums,

Vitriols, Attraments; but never they found nothing of what they

endeavored, and will find there. For whoever does what he knoweth

seeks, knoweth not what to find; first we must

connoistre the increase will come to believe

hasardeusement, without first having much in esprouv

the understanding, it is madness.

If for example, how Parmy an infinite number of men you

find someone with whom we have, if we are acquainted with the

all right, or if we are well informed of some

Special remarks he aye or in his clothes or in his

no one. However, this water is in a body, and in all

Bodies that are in the world, which Ont inside them. And what

in fact seek nostre Antimony vitriol and others who

are such and similar names, which the philosophers gave him,

and give purpose. As to deceive the ignorant, for

any other reason, because nothing is said unnecessarily.

And nostre Magisterium afraid Estre compared to all the things that

are the World. One says to take Peter Simple Salt,

the other Salt Armoniac, Vitriol and all kinds of ainsy

drugs, say true. For nostre Material Salt Pierre (nottez

good), Salt Armoniac and true Vitriol; some say

Antimony, but all these things are special, not

universal. And instead nostre Armoniac Salt and Vegetable,

is universal, which does rest, it is in a corporifi

Virgin land; Body is made then Spirit and ainsy to INFINY or

until he went to the production of something, like

a species included in some form or reign, and then after

Mesme of him destroyed his compound, to return to his

first state.

For nothing in the world is lost, nor does nothing; but remains

in its entirety. Everything changes only in form and place, as

Water vapor esleve, returns after Water. For everything

ends where it began, and returns to the place where it

estait outcome. But here follows the difference between these

nasty drugs and nostre Salt Armoniac true. They are

all formed on Earth and in certain countries, or

industriously composed by men, who have yet to

them some strong substance, which may well corrupt and

sever any metal. Which suggests that the ignorant

these waters can Estre nostre Silver bright, since

have the power to dissolve, and must nostre Quicksilver Estre

a solvent. This error is really based on any

slight appearance; but has no reason, because they do

all consider the words of the Philosophers, which is that there are three

reignes, who each by himself his kingdom,

ny without usurping power never take one over the other. And

these three remain reignes each for them, without anything

borrow, otherwise the animal, which governs the other two;

but not iceux aye none of this power, as they are

Animal forced to, not the animal to them, nor them

only to each other. Ainsy those who worked on

Pet believing find something metallic, have

beene extremely blinded aussy well as those who worked

Plants on. Animal may cause the animal because

every thing produces its like. And how that

Operators usually by their calcination, dissolution,

sublimation and the rest, convert and believe change a species

the other is if they are widely abused, because you can not

change material things; it belongs only to the factor

which is Nature Mesme; ainsy and such people are usually the


Other more subtle considering these things, leave these two

reignes and go within the Maxime every thing

generates its like; but they do not follow them, because that there

sometimes as much risk to take the mineral to produce a

animal semen, the Plant or Animal. But the reason is that nule

metallic material, whatever it is, has vrayment seed in it,

especially as there was so pure that ayt metal impurities and impurity nule

not afraid to wear seed because the seed is a Quintessence

very noble, who can not get out of that most perfect body. But Nature has

Metals could ever lead them to perfection, and it is the task of

Artist. Why should look for something that ayt power

open the most noble body, to separate the superfluous and

to the seed of this there iceluy. This thing is a Water

full of fire, which for its quality wet mollifie Corps; and

wherefore it is called etching caused the sun and the

Moon, which has in it the power to destroy and revive.

Or to express myself better, I shall tell you what I could understand ay,

since the time I sail like the others, this sea

estrangre. SCACHE so that our Water, which is named Mercure crud

and imperfect, is a strong water resembling other strong waters as

in his body, and having the Mesmes effects; yet well

dissimilar because the others are specific and specific for the

dissolution of some body, but is generally dissolving nostre

everything in the world. They are somewhere here on Earth;

cy but that is everywhere; Mesme before our eyes, and nothing

Either that remply.

And how it is everywhere, it certainly has a body that we

makes visible, which is only a true and pure salt: for it is a land

white and pristine, which has never produced, and if it had

produces something, it would be useless to us. It is a true Salt

Armoniac; but the difference here follows. Salt dissolves vulgar Armoniac

Gold, but not perfectly, but the nostre does, and Silver aussy,
Mesle and intimately with them, and inseparably, especially as the

vulgar at its inception after corporification is Earth

impure Earth which is not of the nature of perfect Metal

as we see that the Earth has its particular properties,

Product everything according to the disposition and qualities of places

said Earth.

Ainsy lands which are converted into a drug Easting land

unclean and meschantes qualities corrupted Mercury is

in them, and have made to the Nature of their element. And having ainsy

contracted such alliance between them, we can not with nostre Water

separate them. So vain that we claim to that hereunto join

which is contained in the Gold, because the impurity of these lands

coarse repugnant there as they sone heterogeneous. But nostre

Material or Earth that has not yet taken shape iculire share is

ie in which it can Demeu rer, as in the Vitriol

vitriolic cave may never anything but Estre and Vitriol

not the Nostre. Because Earth is a universal Father and Mother, who is

Madonna even called it still produced nothing.

It is this Maid Beia, which has not yet beene corrupted ny

lost his freedom, to marry the infirm and ill net Corps,

as are captive, which may never come out of their

filthy prisons without the aid of art homm. Ainsy retaining

freedom with integrity, we see a philosophical way this

Bright sun do tricks infinite movement, up to

he came in a reign; previously wherewith he us

must surely surprise and not expect any

said reignes either. Wherewith I bailleray the following example. Water

town serves us all and is applied to things, because

it is a body that can Estre remply all echoes are we

adjoin him; it is capable of receiving the gousts, colors, and

substances that wants to give him, pourveu we take it in his

natural purity; because if you have previously Mesl of Absynehe,

Salt or Mesme few poisons, so she prendroit substance

things that seroient rnesles him. And uniting inseparably

hereunto it we would be useless and poisonous, ainsy than sea water

Estre can not used to the necessities of human life, because

its ponticit. For the sailors are forced to appeal Water

sweet, to serve their time during their trip.

Ainsy Mercury contained in all sorts of species, is well

nostre Universal Mercury. But as we do not need in this

Work, because he contracted a tlie affinity with the thing

contains, than he can Estre separated, without receiving the quality and

substance of the thing with which he made such an alliance. For said

thing that suffers is his Body and his or Animal or Plant has so

closely linked to all its moods and condit ions, it can not

producing species other than their Suffers, iceluy or in part,

as two seeds will not prevent the effect of one another, but

always produce only monsters.

Now then, the best I advis re now my dear donneray

Son, is that if your companion says to you Nostre Universal Mercury

in Antimony, Alum, or Vitriol, because this material are

Pure and clear, that contain a strong penetrating and Spirit as He who will

we seek, which are Mesme reign of mineral or

Metal, or the Philosophers say that matter is a nostre

Pure Salt, Salt is everywhere, the Spirit of Salt dissolves the gold, so nostre

Mercury is the common salt. You shall say to him: The Philosophers say

that truly nostre Raw material is a salt. But their word

receives several explanations.

And how in the Work, there are several Sels, I hear several

regimes, yet I find that nostre first subject is pure salt, which

universally by all the Earth. But here follows the difference. Jay

desj and said that all such drugs, reported above set, Have Materials
impure, formed some particular earth and allied with

Spirit from the Fontaine Vive, which are called the Metal

because they are in the reign of Minerals, but their spirits

Have beene corrupted and GASTES by contrary qualities of their Suffers

impure. I say now that the common salt is aussy little Pierre; by

it is no universal point, and it is a body formed by the

Nature, ainsy than other body which can never change

soy, nor convert, or rather go to production

of anything, as does nostre Natural salt and vegetable, which

procreate all things because it is the Spirit of the Universe, and

Nature is drawn to iceluy seed.

To say that it is a pen in a Fire Water, which

shaped Earth Corps, a non-obligated material assigned to ny

any thing, but able to convert all Corps

Because of its purity which is pure white salt, earth and foliage

Virgin, which still produced nothing. This salt is engendered him and goes Mesme

poinct him so he pleases without ayde of any man. And for

show that common salt, or otherwise, who have beene found in

some areas in Abysmes their vitriolic caverns do

are developed nostre Matter, who is it that has never seen nor heard,

that not one of these materials will be converted, nor beans, nor in

flowers, ny in fruicts; ainsy that every day nostre Salt

VEGETABLE, I show you so clear, that when I would tell you his

own name, do not you would believe me, if you do not understand it by myself

lyrics; and I know not like Jay boldness to speak so

before, I should think deserve punishment if the natural love of the Father

Son did not serve as an excuse for the offense committed.

That is why I dare not follow the rest of the Work, for what

I am afraid of failing, because I say too much, and others too little. And

it is in this poinct where everyone has erred, because it is the entrance to the

Garden that philosophers have so concealed and covered with puzzles and
deceptive appearances. It is the Key of all the Work, and that Quoy

you find in my books and in those of all others, things

difficult to hear; saches nevertheless, you can understand everything

Brieves words easily, and this water is the beginning,

the middle, and the end of all the Magisterium; because we have nothing to do

something other than icelle, which dissolves, congelle and finally makes the Body

the total perfection of the noble Pierre, which is called Mineral,

Vegetable and Animal; because it is grounded Hardware

The most perfect body of Nature, which is the blazing sun, father and

root cause of this new creation vegetable; because she

similarly to mother and first lunar material, body

which is imperfect matrix, Water Vegetable, because it's the Fountain

universal of all things that tend to vegetation.

Animal and called, because the dead body back to life in Easting

icelle Water, feeds her, as the white of the breasts laict

his first nurse. In which little acquires a form and in icelle

admirable power. Voyl what is this mystical Water si

industriously hidden till now, I do touch you

finger, if you are such that you have to Estre, and it pleases God to you

divest his graces, he granted me, not mine no merit,

but he has a good will to his children, who are

humble and charitable. I speak as the Father and not as

Philosopher, aussy am I point and declaring you little

something apparently croy that I say a lot, even more than ever

man has said; obmets because what I say, enough other teach,

and no one had ever Revelle you what I just told you. And then

is reasonable to leave something to your work, for some

just as you have, make yourself estimate that fear Estre, you mespriserois

because of such great ease. Only looks for

autheurs good that I have taught you; in them, I will you obmets

Revelle. And that you should say that I will appoint a high
quantity: it's put you in a great confusion, as SCACHE

the slightest iceux teaches you all the Work. And such are those who the

rpettent by several times; but I say you have to have those ausquels

more confidence, and if you can see them all, good will,

pourveu that you care for their hesitation, and you saches

discern their intentions in their words; because one can more

clarify one thing than the other, each with its stile dispute and

his words more or less intelligible, depending on where they want

show more or less clearly. To God, my dear child, pray

for my soul, and retains that this Treaty so faithfully st

secretly he belongs, and that it falls to meschantes hands.



My dear child it, although I too suspecting it to disclose

Sainte Science and Philosophy, for which I would have fear

arrest the previous two principles, that are so good meu

will and trusting in your prudence, I hesitated to you ay

Overview still give this small, by which you'll be more Estre

fully informed on the principles, especially the first

Mystical Water of the Philosophers, which is the mother of all metals,

and all things that are in the world, which I say

Estre do anything other than ardent Water, in which everything must Corps

Estre broken and in pieces, soon Estre led by degrees

digestion, up to a perfect sublimation. This water is

So Truly a Water of Life, which must be extracted subtly

of pure and virgin Earth, then revive, as it remains in

ny land nor water estrangre; but is clear as pure silver, of

in which he must have a good amount.

But if by my previous chapters, I do thee to hear ay given

quite clearly, does accused not my book but Mesme toy, for you

art not in grace, having the true you said the truth of the thing; and
to give you every opportunity and means to come to this that poinct

opens eyes and hearts of men, I still want you to reiterate the

Mesmes words pourveu you to be secret and the avarice ny

Lust does make you look rich; because it is the Work of

God, this light as concealed Veterans, the Seal

Seals, which opens and closes the Book of Life, which are writings

Esleus names, and those ayment God and their neighbor.

Saches therefore, Son of Doctrine, and the most expensive of my Children, that

the Sun, the Moon and perpetually throw their estoiles

influences in the center of the Earth, for which Achieving this requires

First go through the middle regions of the Air in

which are assembled said influences; and which mesles

joined to each other are then after distiles in the pores of the

Earth, up to the icelle center dpurant sand is sand, up

to the last drop of their air humidity; Air is therefore

full of these influences, the Earth is teeming aussy any, and

Nothing in the World that does is remply; because it is the

center of all things and the Universal Soul of all Corps; but

this seed is highly abundant in two grades, to wit

heat and humidity, which is void out all things that are

World, however, by the first approchement Masle which is the

ferment that joins said seed, which attracts and converts to icelle

its Nature; dividing ainsy species and ordering them according to

will and the first order of Almighty, so that nothing is

confused, and that everything produces fruicts its Nature.

Heat from said seed is hidden in its between, and is accordingly

invisible. But said moisture is the Body or the icelle Sperm,

engrossissant which is in the Air, requires separation and

physical purgation, which is preparing extremes; which

Estre must maturely considered the nature of this operation

mannered. Said seed called by Hermes, Mercury

Trismegistus, because of its triple Vertu, from another place in

the traces and veins of the Earth, purging and cleaned the premises by icelle

an infinite repetition; because these humidities is entresuivent

like the waves of the sea, how long they are to their

end or term that is home or center of the Earth.

For in this place Easting reached, elemental Water, Water or Air

magnified, left the Clean Air, which is said centric Fire esleve

even to the vapor form area, as it is ilo

down in aqueous humidity, how long did it ayt

meeting of a purified land, evacuations

previous to attach and join icelle, which according to the purity or

impurity, produces the Gold, Silver and other metals. But when

said Steam do not find this Earth, or Earth is qu'icelle

not enclosed between other land, such are the places where to do

mining, but is porous to all units, said vapor will

can cook, but tousjours eslve towards the circumference, where it

produced by the attraction of the Sun Cleste, herbs, trees and all

other things, or is congelle by the Air Corps in a certain

white, sometimes Mesl Parmy fat of the earth, sometimes

aussy visible to places where there wherewith join, then Easting

met by up rain or other moisture, and redissolved

carried down by a movement that never end.

Ainsy ruminates on what your Spirit may Estre this matter, because if you

do not connois this sudden informs you more, because you are

never come. Or those who need this Steam, which

tousjours would be imperceptible to our sight, without it the Body

borrows the purest part of the Earth, take good savent

their time, and do not expect that this Oyseau ayt resumed its flight,

but industrious and subtle hand, the iceluy separate body,

doubling and tripling their labor or even the quite of nettoyent

acquosit and its crude and elementary terrestricit; for it must

not that there remains nothing strange, especially since it mettroit

empeschement to the Work, humidity decreasing the power of the Spirit,

and terrestricit Body thickener instead of making the

diaphanous, for nostre main intention is none other than

take iceluy body on terms that nature has left

imperfect and perfect it by Art; ie that Nature had

purpose of making said Corps in its mining completely purged

said Earth, then cook till iceluy perfect maturity, which would be the

same thing as the perfect elixir, but the delay has come

Air that piercing the walls of Nature furnace has refroidy

the materials, although Nature aye makes every effort to


But I say ay as principles is assemblement

P art rementilest remarquerque to those principles

Metals are only Sulphur and Mercury: that is to wit the

heat and puretde Earth to Suffer, and this wet steam

Mercury, which is the Mesme who cleaned and purified said Suffers

its fculantes terrestricits, reducing it to distilations force in

a fat and special places on Earth, some

Once locked in a place where the heat from the center is retained

by some natural arch that makes reverberate on icelle matter.

Sometimes aussy in a vague and surrounded pores place where said

heat expands; and in these places there never occurs Metal.

But he who is surrounded heat where that fat was

raised by length of time and natural distilations on arrival

This steam, said steam joins the fat that putrefy

Overall, because a resist to the other; but the steam surmounting

Suffer the daily digests iceluy, so it consumes,

said in Mercury; which increases as the enemy decreases, and

Or would finally Mercury cooked by virtue of that and close

Suffers, which ainsy separated from said Mercury would have left us a body
aussy lucid than the Sun; but as I have said, the Air who intervened

has hinders the complete separation, and therefore the ripeness; it is

wherefore Gold seed point is not, as it might not Estre

Meury after the well digested or separated Suffers. Gold vulgar Aussy

is sheer focus due to its land fills his Suffers

Body, and other metals are even less, for each degree

because they abound more in bad Suffers.

It must therefore first nostre Work by separating iceluy

Suffers, which can never be extracted without reducing the body's

raw material, ie, it is in the estat ilo in mining

Air crud when it came congeller, which is not a good work

weighing heareth and knoweth that raw material; because it is she who

does everything. But those who have never arrived, or who have not

this light croyent this impossible, based on the wonder of

thing, or the darkness of those who writeth; which most

plutost hand have been purposely hiding Science, than teaching,

believing asseurer make enough real science, without showing the

way, on the contrary have hidden because the research is not subtle point

but simply natural.

And he who first found it had no book; but following

Nature, Quoy and watching how she works; because who wants to

That requires Estre first God-fearing man; then watch

like all things happen, and example of things

Natural make good and strong resolutions'. Because you do enqueste

human experiences, because the work is misleading, though

all consists only of experiences; but it is good and after

strong philosophical resolutions, for example, that would serve as

put two materials together in a furnace to wait

Colors if these are the real subjects of the Stone. And

when it seroient the true materials of Peter, serviroit

all this, if they estoient well prepared for without preparation

they do well pourroient Mesler together by a true marriage, ny

does fhould conjunction because of impurities said

materials. Ainsy must first connoistre the materials to their

substances, not to unfounded opinions, but with a good and

firm judgment. Like when they say the philosophers have only

Now that is a lively, and the Gold vulgar died, to be

ignoring what will keep that in ayt Now that another World

Gold vulgar, yet it is said that death is the purest yet

something all the Earth, and the last effect of Nature, and

Therefore the matter to which we must begin nostre

Work and need to hear this difference before or after

preparation, whereby, instead it has a ensevely

sepulcher, he is risen and developed vegetation way: as

aussy those who would think that the common water or sea water, or

much other waters without number, would be nostre Universal Mind,

after declaring so many beautiful things and rare iceluy, which are

Point hereunto water, not more than the vulgar Mercury, on which so

of people are abused.

A Philosopher as Raymond Lull, has said it takes both

preparation in the Work, both vessels and ways of operating,

it is confusing to the disciples, if they separate the savent

good from the bad, in order not to sow yvroye with the wheat.

Aussy As another has said, so many fires and stoves, ausquels

we ajouste faith, without considering that Nature oven and fire

unique, which is nothing but a Round Mountain, in which

continuous heat rising from the center to the circumference and

passing through Mineral Lands, will lock up and offended in

hereunto Mountains, where time-lapse, the baked material by various

However degrees. But the degrees are designed by a good Estre


Because that would be so ignorant who do not would judge, after having put
two materials together, of which one is fixed and the other is volatile,

which we want to take as a cheese, if a fire

too strong to eslvera the volatile and the fixed dwell alone; ainsy will

conjunction point. He who will, because there would be ignorant, that

would judge not need to gently hold the fugitive by a heat

tempered, until it is taken with the fixed; because then they

will kiss, and one can no longer leave the other; and I will asseure

you'll see the sign by which you are as good averty

autheurs, when it is time that the Ravens leave their small

Nest ; SCACHE that because your work you will be teaching, that pourveu

you work on suitable material, your spirit will find new cat

things, and will do more esteem of those who by their writings,

diverting more than they benefit.

I'll still donneray an example to guess.

You will find in their writings that the projection is a weight on

ten, fifteen on the other; but do not abuse, since in

all practices that were never made, there was tousjours

any difference in the first composition of materials, either

advancing or delaying the Work, or either be more or

concoctionn least; no one can asseurer the weight of the

projection because all are taught a Mesme Maistre. And

therefore we go trav tousjours differently. The Ainsy

Projections differ: but will the ignorant who deem it

tousjours must project how long that the material is no longer

frangible but remains firm under the hammer; this is the reason and

judgment that we all connoistre for qu'icelle seen great

light fails us not. Fear God, and be the Wise

constant the rest is easy, and with these things, it is easy

come to the Work, which I still Feray some words at the end of

this Summary. Take two of your materials, be it enough, and

prepares it as you taught, like the two purifications

Natural distilations. For thy Spirit dissolve your Body, and

opening iceluy if mesleront together the two spirits, the wit,

free and the prisoner, which are by no call the Eagle and the Lion and

Soul will follow the spirit leaving the body, which his COST

will return to Earth and sulphurous mud with which he had so

Languy long time and will be returned back after the Audit Body Spirit says extra

his, which attract to himself by many others who share between them

the aforementioned Soul which will increase by a slow and estouffe heat, and

administered with ingenious device.

For it is icy toil re saying is supernatural, the Easting of the link

conjunction that is as Jay told by a wonderful decoction

supernatural. Patience is the eschelle Philosophers and Humility

is the gate of their garden. For whosoever will persevere without pride and

without envy, God will make him mercy. And one by one, which is one,

are made three, three are two facts; and the two not without a

long struggle that must Estre finished by caution

the worker will be made one, clear, beautiful, transparent, which will provide for

deffauts all of his crippled brother. I said no ay te

more because it is sufficient, and as I say not, enough others

say, comb lthough it is in obscure words. Trav but go a little

and God will make you grace, for he did Desni Never to his servants,

when they in req uirent with a firm purpose to good use. Ainsy

I suivray urging you so that you can rule me you

as a man, and keep concealed what I give you,

as the most precious thing in the world. God grant us

all mercy, to whom be honor and glory for all ages


On behalf of the Holy Trinity of Paradise,

The work is conducted at the end,

three times as large,

Father, Son and Holy Ghost


Nicolas Valois to his Children, Hi

My dear Son when first took my desire to give you light,

no I did not believe the love of a Father so hard towards his child

fust forces me to declare you more besides; but as a believer tone

Benin and natural meu goodwill I want to drop on your

conscience occult secrets of my heart, to moult Estre

kept in yours without any iceux able to usurp

the risk of your conscience, on which I let you, so that after

this life, no harm will be done to me j and the largest croy

Treasury toy fear given, because no one can Estre compared to iceluy.

J'ay you desj given the overriding principles by my previous

Chapters, and following my remarks to come from thy head

business if the creator of all things allows. Otherwise I will

Custom anathmatisation worth, you or another that the el t

want to follow, and scattering them to ashes, so that

profanement not done and failure does happen, because my words are

single; but truth is put there, as hath been acquainted with me

data. For by other means can not practice icelle well

that the ancients had another way of craft, their tousjours

task is only and will only Mesme an end, and any child

simple and good life can not err, as is said, that the aforesaid

Principles and sachant what he seeks, although he can take

way for each other and wander sometimes, as I have done.

But no one is living in the world, that simple does mestier

misled if by any Maistre is introduced, and this must not

remove his hand; because this art that goes all the others, is more

Grand Prize that patient should not accompany anyone iceluy

looking; and when this Treaty would you yawned at the cost of all

property I leave you, pourveu you to take enough care auras

chance; having, as is said, hereunto virtues and what sachant

are you looking for something. Because Peter is not what so many impostors

provide more subtly explaining tell others that the thing

requires it. And so without calling jumble, where so many people

are abused, croy only man begets man, and

metal metal as gold, how it is said death, yet has

him his seed, by which it can Estre multiplied to INFINY and is

Gold said of three things, two of which are superficial, and

essential. For Gold and Silver are just red earth and white

icelle animated by essentiality, without which metals would iceux of

low esteem.

B oth are superficial Earth appears to us alive and

Water which hath been attached to icelle, which will void that when the

metal is fusibility; but said essentiality is the Soul or Fire

iceluy metal, which gives him moult Vertu, provided he is

icelle stripped of Earth that is to be served; because without the

Body Spirit can not act, and without the Spirit in vain for the body

will desire the Soul. Therefore advise that you seek, and you will find

that it is only separation of these three in order to have the best

they estoient before because Nature had time

enough to make them; but we nostre Art

perfecting, and to achieve this, we mestier is to shoot

Trial link the other two, which is the Spirit moult

condensed, which party, according void can remain in iceux;

but the soul will want to follow the Spirit and stripped ainsy Body

Blanchy will moult as such by appropriate calcination, which

thereafter will gradually yawned the Spirit as it is based

as wax, and then said iceluy Spirit will Menstruum Vegetable,

because revivifiera Stone and aydera icelle to putrefy so that

is fermented for his soul.

Note that because all things of the world are composed of five
things, the first is phlegmatic, a moisture

superfluous; Then, the mercury, which is icelle substance; There

troisiesme is oily, which is the Soul vivi fiasco; the quatriesme

Earth, which is the body; and fifth, the superfluity of the Earth,

which is converted to individuals, which is called black test; but

nostre composition is not phlegmatic but charge of this Earth

damned, which is the nostre Peter in prison. And ainsy icelle

Malignant intelligently separate the other Pure Land, will

nostredit compound, the material of the Pierre and without retardation

empeschement. Ainsy more clearly can not you inquired. Because

other plans do you fault, if not dissolved metal tone gradually,

ainsy that Nature operates rather hastily; then this Body Easting

dissolved, makes separation iceluy body in water, and subtle though

Separate, wash the quagmire, as whiteness gets there; then boute '

the Spirit of the Body and rotten iceux and during several apparoistront

colors. Since both materials and new forms appteront

Dragon not yet separated, and the Fire and Water fight; then

darkness come on Earth; he will appear and then the light will be done

a balm that mestier will multiply at will.

For as in one word in a thousand, Gold is nostre Corps, which must

moult steal and rot in the water, and this rot will be born

persevering to the Fire Salamander. And my God, I admire

Labourans diversity and conducting iceux because they condemn without

see, and no one is alive, if he had acquired it rot, or by

in a manner or by another pourveu icelle pust to achieve, not

trouvast miraculous thing; for it is said many things of this

rotting, whose books are facts that seem to signify fools

something else; surquoy they waste their time and property.

For notes that the Fire and Azoth enough for you; ie, Matter

prepared as said is, and Fire administered by the intelligence and

fournel subtle, for this purpose to conduct this material to decay.

For Easting once rotten, it is impossible that it comes more

perfect thing. But notes that while Agent requires the Patient, which are

j reported in a single material, the ayde the mediant thing. And

although some speak more clearly than others, even if the true

all is said; But we do believe in truth hereunto words because

the weight, the time, nor the materials (as if their mestier

estoit), there are literally j deducted, thus significantly, and

enemies rural Philosophy, which quirent that recipes

in such a short and easy Philosophy did care; but have everything

they find writeth, without considering that science is escrite;

but not entirely taught, and that reasons and significances,

as in Shaved, Archelaus, and many others, which practices

are all different, they are repeated many times; having

There resemblance compliance words, but of intention, which is

not just dissolve, and after j congeller materials prepared, ainsy

Veterans want to mean that when after saying so

sophisticated schemes, they teach qu'encor plans are qu'iceux

false, they are nevertheless examples of Truth.

And when others believe that Science could Estre

heard that word after word, everything moult deducted it

would follow that no one ever would arrive there by Book, put it against

Cyrus Peat. It is so noble that it can understand

one hour, to wit Science just not all

icelle of dependencies; for no one has yet been living all these

acquaintance who estendent on all things World, because the

Elixir only by different accommodations medicine is on all,

that Herms could experiment for too short life. But

on the simple stone, it can in few words heard Estre

by a man of good faith. As would say that Peter is the only Gold

Nature has left imperfect in the mineral, which must Artist

perfect till the last degree of perfection; and should only

the cook, and can cook without digestion and separation, both

But finally this became Elixir, if the heat of the mining had beene

moult sufficient.

Final Nostre intention therefore is none other than to take this Yet the

clean by Antimony, or cement; then open it in nostre

Water and induce separation of the Body, Spirit and Soul, it takes

moult wash and bleach the body so that the soul is better glorified

iceluy in to retrieve after this conjunction of Mercury

Philosophers and their crude matter, on which you will work,

as nature desires; to wit by single decoction in one

ship, which so many beautiful things in the sight apparoistront that

thou shalt rjouy. Ainsy seeks nothing that my teachings,

to be followed no other plans than those you cy after

declared: as well Intelligence understands enough about things

which apparoissent icelle implemented without being misled in his work,

nor so many others who have never had de Maistre. But

especially as the only natural love of the Father to the Son defeated me this

blow, and did surpass the bounds God commands, to tell you what

that no one else had dared to think; not astonished if I made you ay

several chapters, and if brevity is put in iceux; for I say word

which is worth Estre Nott and maturely weighed, without that you iceux

doives believe deception but simple truth without any malice,

as a Father can tell his Son, who tenderly ayme.

Because the difficulty of the art is to clear up, and rural facility

chymical of operations referred to practices that differential

teach you the rest, as cmentations, and other distilations

joint operations, which fhould nuisance to the brevity I want

keep my Treaty.



Previously treated as anything, is to tell the mestier

Fournel, which should look like his equal in Nature and Fire

proportioned digesting material such as mining in the bush

apperceue, which still are many such in various locations

France, like Paris, where all the Work hath been completed. But mine

will be done in round whole globe with a foot or diametrically

about, or as the amount of your material desires, and made a

Fire resistant Good Earth, and make the globe four fingers

of espaisseur. In the middle is a small round iron ring attached to

Costes walls in which is suspended a vaissel good wood

chesne of old, dry and not porous, settled by the middle round

into two hemispheres, of which the top one will hang a thread

Brass will pass through part of the sovereign fournel, to raise

mestier when these hemispheres will see the glass vaissel

similarly suspended from the center of said timber vaissel; then will

said first globe fournel aussy suspended between strong and Melting Epoisse

estoupe wall above and below and all Costes, except to the

sovereign part, in which there will be one round of fenestre

vaissel magnitude of said timber to pass, and aussy matter,

which is precisely estoupe well, and the two opposites Costes

two other fenestration, the first of four inches, so much to see

the colors to go hand experiencing the heat of said

fournel; the other opposite is only two inches, to give

Update hereunto paroistre colors, which all will be well glazed and

two well estoupes two buffer, there will ausquels as

He who will from above small coves to pull when you want: at

below said astrier globe will be a strong and thick, where there will

four fenestration four quinces, which will be four or ventailles

layettes iron or earth, whose tails will pass the said walls

to open and estouper hereunto fenestres when you want. To

astrier iceluy below, it takes even more espois and stronger,

separated from the other four inches in the middle of what would be a
fenestre fquare right on Fire, through which pass the heat to go

the four top, then after circulating around the large globe

by means of this heat eschaufant, cause a heat

estouffe to matter, which heat will be so slow that will,

estoupant hereunto fenestres, as is said, then below iceux

two astriers will be home, will be as big as mestier around which

will be to provide the records or aster Air, where below this

the focus will ashtray, all closed precisely, otherwise when you

Osteras put ash or coal, which will be 24 hours 24

hours. Estre and has all the coal due to Mesme way, and


Another way is fournel audit; Athanor is a tower of up to

COST said fournel, which the outgoing heat from the foot encrera

fournel said in the below iceux atriers and will go through the

fenestration, and the passage of the Athanor you can still put a



Preparation of Water

Te j having taught material that contains water, which you mestier,

Thou shalt separate to that way. Icelle dissolved in common water

distilled, and Easting dissolved icelle purge filtration paper

gray, then cook in earthen vessel, often in escumant; before

it congelle braye on the marble, and over parts of three dishes

sablons menus, washed and dried moult in a strong vessel

glass stone, although fought with a large container which will sit

in Water for icelle moisture by condensing the Spirit to the fund,

then set fire by 10 degrees or 12 hours, and get a book

material 12 ounces of Spirit, which will be necessary and dflegmer

iceluy correct, then the ship estouper finely that spirits do

out, and while you ainsy continueras ayes of such spirits to


Preparing for Work

Now my son, especially since my main purpose has not beene te

deduced by all the things necessary to implement menu, which

bring confusion and brains rompement but you declare

Work just what is said, how it

begins by what she voye perfect.

I laisseray behind all other things known for quite

vulgar operators, which you can take lesson

said operations, not these Chapters mine; which never

writings were but are obscured in allegories and rehearsals

unnecessary; and because in iceux, it is entrusted should, operates

this way.

When you have good amount of the aforesaid Water, puts the two

well sealed vessels thereby take Gold or Silver well purged

by the Cement and impalpable powder, and wash as desseicheras,

then put into a cucurbit and pour water over your both

it floats with one finger, then closes the vaissel of Alembic without spout,

digest a natural day, then distilled at slow heat spirits more

volatile. This fact will hand on your other Metal Spirit as

said front and distilleras and ainsy ritreras as your metal

retains half the weight of the fixed spirits, having

chased all the phlegm in the boiling bath; thereby separates with

Ash said the spirit attached to metal, then right recommenceras

back to back on other Metal Water said as before is

said metal until it is changed to half its weight

more fixed Spirits Water said, and you all said tireras

Spirits and remain simple water and without acrimony. Thereby,

take all the water, and put on your Drop Count Metal,

that put buried as your water or shade, then by tireras

Ash, and put another water as above, and as continueras

Metal tone is discolored. This, put together all your water

you will do digest and tireras Water from off your Golden oil. This

fact, all your work on recommenceras said oil, with your water,

as he hath been charged, as said oil will have all gone through

hereunto Waters.

And if after hereunto past, as aforesaid, the ship's bottom

uncleanness remains, like the first Terre, should hereunto

Land put together, and until said oil does make

more land. This fact draws all the water from above said oil, food

in a well estoup glass vessel, then take the Mark

or land that is party oil and tireras her substance, and then

calcineras high fire.

Therefore, take the other guarded Water and your labor on again

said land, putting Water above as j hath been said, then

digesting and removing your water, with what it will take to

substance. We must reiterate that work, and that it draws from this Earth

we can draw on; and when nothing can happen, it must be

recalciner. This accomply that being, the quagmire will be cleaned,

then will put together all the said water, and separated from their

Earth to start this work, which will last as long in tousjours

icelle Earth will be found impurity. And labors are nothing

the extraction of the Soul and calcining the Corps, which Easting

ainsy made; ayes the lively twelve times the weight of Mercury

said Earth, and shalt digest fixing semblance till then

still put one hand up and ainsy twelve parts, and after

put a great digestion. But keeps the Volatile not go away

and your light is so natural, qu'iceluy rejoice '. The digestion

Easting completed in 30 days, allowed to cool your vessels and separates

your materials and draws bright tone Silver thereafter of Fire, you

shall keep in a temperate place, then shalt impreigne Earth. which

serve to separate moisture in clear water, that you will hold in place
net; then incere Drop Count the oil or the Soul heretofore guarded,

as his body is and will be consistency remply Wax

fondue, with which you shall tenth of money Vif

thou hast separated, which will serve as Menstruum to Pierre.

Another way of proceeding is such. Take your Body and purge

as above, and then pays off your water, it floats as a

finger, digest 29 hours as above, and then distilled by the strong bath

and reiterates up as the Body do more complexion and tone

Oil and returns so many times that there is still more land; this

which can not be by means of our waters; then said oil

well purified must Estre washed several enemas, and guarded

clearly. This fact, of the other part of the Water j guarded, must draw

the Spirit of the Earth, as it is said, and how Earth

new, throwing the old can no longer be used; then wash icelle

Earth so many times that no dirt remains there, then by

Another way before this can not be, reject the golden waters

on said body by digestions and small imbibitions and remove the

Water bath over low: and so often reiterate that the Earth reboive

his mind; and to do this, it is not necessary to separate

said icelle Water Soul.

But notes that the Earth does not reboira in his mood if it icelle

remains some junk, and Easting joined together with reason;

it is matter of Peter that you will deliver the furnace at

cy will be rotting after said because you will see a

perfect sublimation, which separates the pure from the impure will bring out the

Clear and resplendent mercury, which by philosophical fixation,

Pierre will give you a perfect and enough for you.

For if I wanted to tell all the wonders that are there, no trust

you do should have to my writings, and should think my deceitful words. As

aussy brevity I keep neglecting you could make them

The Experiment (which God keep you). For when would be in iceux
dcevance, moult saches well that you think is mestier inquire,

and what light work keeps to men of good faith. For two

things many people do fail and the Theory of empeschent

undertake anything, to wit little faith and patience. And the

Practical, too much water or fire.

Because these things make good plaited much wit, that must

First believe Estre called Fire and Water, and wear

patiently the afflictions of this world, if we want to have life

eternal. Hey, My Child, the thing is not so difficult that

miscreants judge of the faith, because you brief sauras Truth, if Patience

is with thee, thou pourveu ayes these four things in mind.

For without faith you will never be able to believe such marvels; without

Patience, put nothing in belief, ny measures of Fire and

Water, carry nothing to end.

The little moisture is retardation to Peter, but it too is

dgastement of icelle and ainsy of Fire. For on that, and the Spirit

Mind advance with the ayde fournel because unsuccessfully running-t

we ankles Harp, who knoweth what tone to take. Is true

that we can get back to Pensement the thing we seek,

or dryness, frigidity, heat or humidity, as is tempering excess

is harmful. And when mestier is to go from one extreme to another,

as happens in the work it can without Estre

great changes do not happen all at once, but gradually;

ainsy harshest charges are exerted on the people, and

Lions proudest are softened, all in moderation; because what is

done by jumping, short bruslement risk.

Two things are nostre material, which must Estre nostes: the

One is iceluy Corps of hardness and compactness, which does

Estre can amoly Mesme by its substance, which is him

rendered; the second is the preservation of the species, where all such

words are not heard in Decay, where the two parts of

Body are picked up, and is a female and one of the other sex,

as by moisture, it attracts the dryness of the other

rot, which is the great secret; because there are all contents

mysteries of Peter.

And in this part, be able to consider the degree of heat by the

heat from manure, or something else putrfaite but

and mortified as a slow heat. And this agrees with the

Measurement of Water, which customarily is only ten against one;

moult grand meschef to arrive late; for if once meschef

happens, the other repair because you do not care anything inquire if at

Work icelle want to hear, must deslier the Body of her impurity,

then according perfect the Nature: desligature and is done only the

preparation and putrefaction.

And all the Work are only two perfect dissolutions, to wit

putrefaction and said projection, which are aydes than Mesme

nature. My words are clear, and yet they have no assurance-ru

truth till that knowledge is given to you at the first

Experience shalt, pourveu you to be a little Thoriquant,

ainsy learning ay I made you; but the corruption of the World

aye Gast you.

After, seeks maniment vessels, and layout

materials, as appropriate; and following the word present Treaties

for word, moult paroistront wonders before your eyes. And these

Mesmes errors make thee wise; having, as is said, the

knowledge of the theory and sachant what materials and

What hereunto must be sought; as well as under the brevity I ay Giseh

Complete science, nevertheless, the most common sequela of

j men will no longer savans without icelle faith, patience and firm

trust in God, which all our goods come; then in Easting

icelle grace, when able inquire what it is that Peter, which

Lull says enough in his Theory.

This known Easting, advise the Mesme Lull in his Work

praticale means to operate; that by toy as apperceu. Guards

Water and Fire; but none will give you if fournel to light

that I have done, because without iceluy able to nothing if I warn you,

that the two means to operate, one of which is false and the other true, and

the true hidden under the false. And aussy ay a rpett same thing

several times; but as I have told you in my other Chapters of

Parmy the man who found himself a multitude connoissant

well, I told you ay you'll find a pearl Parmy a barrel

grains, where a blind do not come to end, in that in contains

the hand.

Ainsy if my eyes are open you Teaching, do not doubt

practical icelle estudie: for thou sauras enough that dmesler

the Work requires, if more're savant my exortemens. But guard

other toy Book inquire if Lull said, or some that

sauras you have done well, as our companions, who left Ont

to their Children Books writings of that Science, in which fear

Estre making grand prize lesson. But they have not dared to say, I

icy put on your conscience, I asseure me meschief

does happen. So I end mettray you to say to this Chapter

the Society for the Maistrise; but the Holy Ghost is in my thoughts. Amen.


Of Work

While no inquisitor should Estre Art Thoriquant before that

put his hand to Practice; moult because who hears what he wants,

to later may come to head, like so many inept labourans, which are

Simple sophisticated, wasting their time and well, without

find what they want; but to him who walks in

Wherever he connoist, although he can go astray, yet arrives

sooner or later the place where he wants: and when would the knowledge

situation where it tends, other than to the East or

North, tousjours he will come to the end; because from walking

to this climate, found in the final end someone will teach him the

City, if he knoweth the name.

Ainsy is it nostre of Work; because he who knoweth not what road

take, can consume all his time on the Lead on

the Estein, or some other material that will desire by some

compliance or quality name it finds escrite; but

otherwise he who is estudiera the most noble, can wait

a nobler end. Because when one would have another warning that

everything can only give what she has, is not it

sufisamment for us to seek perfection in perfection,

and not in imperfection; although without hereunto things

imperfect, the Stone could estendre His Virtue: for it is the

Earth, where mestier is take our seed to convert it

icelle seed

So Ainsy Gold is the material, which must Estre returned to its

Raw material, in wit, Sulphur and Mercury, by separation

and purgation of iceux; ie their impure Earth, which takes it

Ensevely body as in a sepulcher, which is the cause why

Spirit can not act, as it will be after he stripped, not

mestier that is to separate any land icelle but purify and

clean, as aforesaid; because it is the body, as water is

the Spirit and Fire, the Soul and splendor that makes this enlightened Body,

But even in my little chapters, so many detours are

found that because of Shaved and others; comes into doutance that

Truth is there because darkness serves only desvoyer. And I want you to

to clear.

For if in iceux is found sufficient thing according to your opinion,

seeks ay when I taught you, even though I told you everything aye; but

amount of opinions confirm the resolutions. And if you croy I

aye not say enough things, yet do ay I say unnecessary things:

but on everything keeps silence, and if profit does iceluy happens to you my

Thin the Treaty, as aforesaid; as such knows advantage to it

collect than other well, so sometimes arrive drawbacks

and against opinions of some rural investigators want my dicts

Estre matted since iceux is put the greatest treasure of the Earth.

Wherefore throughout ayes eyes stuck on this noble material,

in which is what we want; but he must strip by

a very slow gentle regime; its radical moisture may receive

pity, but hastivet is to flee, and that is mestier Seasons

provide leaves, flowers and fruicts. For the highest firs have

beene high suddenly, but gradually, Drop Count; ainsy

is necessary that the body is conducted by its nature Mesme way it

beene done Corps; to wit by purifications, for the Spirit out of

Body and will want to follow the Water, and the soul similarly.

Ainsy remain the only Earth, which will aussy by esleve

Water, till that nothing goes; and which will remain at the bottom

unnecessary and will retraire his land, ie separate it from the water. And

again it work so many times that there remains more

muskeg, so the Earth will be served, on which you gradually

rebouteras the Spirit, and when iceux ainsy be assembled, all the dishes

fire in a round vessel, from where it will come out that you do your Voyes

Material output in plain Mercury, which will focus on the COST

vessel; then amalgameras with this Mercury of Gold

Philosophers, which is the aforementioned Soul put that in a flask

the stove that I have taught you.

And there will be 40 or 50 days, with a very low heat you rgleras,

boutant often hand in fournel or judging your eye

to matter; her not be too viste conducted. For notes

icelle that material is an enclosed fire, so small that brief

time it can Estre suffocated. And we need to fire iceluy

maintain; pourveu death because that happens to him, taking the counter nostre
fire, he resjouira in iceluy, and him will grow so strong that

dominate the moisture of the material; so that force will be

putrefaction happens all pesle-Mesle material, and will be

tour in color Verd lizard, which gradually will turn

on bazann and black, often regarderas .What you by

fenestration raising half the timber with wire vaissel

brass. Icy is the great difficulty of Art, as represented by

allegories of the philosophers; is aussy their sea, forest and their

a word, all the Work; icelle for through putrefaction, Nature is

converts and changes shape, and no change ny mutation

may do any thing in the world than by

putrefaction. This is the mystical water of the Philosophers, which is vile

in all things, and without which nothing is engendered. And if you can

asked the way to the Stone, as any aussy

Another thing, you'll be able to teach by word icelle: rotten.

For without icelle rot nothing can be done, and only icelle

enough. Ainsy seeks something else, but that you icelle

mayest achieve; to keep as short as is said, other

long process do you want to do, ny ny Lions Dragons, ny

Dogs, other animals ny, ny Elements separations, ny

anything else; because who croireoit as to convert the Earth

Burning, we must first convert the Elements; because

first, the Earth is water, then is air and the air is

Fire is more neighbor voisinet Air than Earth; but

this process is long and confuses more than it teaches.

Composed Easting blackened Nostre so, he must come to

bleaching and whiteness there can come without being gray,

but the fire continued to till the bleaching operation

perfect; because then it should increase slowly, and not all of a

So, as the body nourishment croist him must Estre

yawned. And milk nostre Pierre is the Fire; because it is only Fire,

which requires strong light, depending on the strength of the complexion and icelle

was represented by the prophet Elijah, who devoured the flames

Fire whole costs and deposit.

Between predicted, colors, befall other moult but

hereunto do not look like crazy flowers that nothing

serve; and these words have any Brieves Science described,

no thing remains to say; but the work will be toy

teaching, when several things will happen against your thought,

which will have recollection of having leu in the books, including the name

God is bny. And what I still have to recommend is faith,

patience and purity, without which the proportion and with these

arrangements would be delayed. So come to the rest of the work.



Fermentation extraction of the substance; but we do not have

mestier memory to do otherwise than what hath been said, and will be

spoke after. But the Multiplication is necessary to wit, that

is not a mere reiteration of the Work; that is to wit to

materials and not the length of time because if the first

Accomply hath been implemented in nine months, the second will

three, the troisiesme in three weeks and end in short time.

For the first time length is required, especially as the

Nature is dead, for some strength is in it; which

nevertheless, is the input force and the leaven of Peter.

For without icelle would work in vain nostre Fire him for nothing

entreroit not in matter; but icelle attractive Vertu has to draw his

nourishment of the Fire Philosophers and more as his strength and

Under croist and more powerfully as it affects nostre Fire, and

shorter time sen draws nourishment from him; and finally sees

is pure fire. Wherefore the beginning it does not overcome if

tost because the enemy is ten times more powerful, and now that his strength

is increased by ten times, they are equal, and therefore they feel the

Fire icelle common putrefaction arrives. Ainsy they increase in

Under projective Feray I mentioned at the end of that Treaty.



Although in the Books of the Philosophers Projection will be if

do not to forget anything; that force you to be iceux

request, I will say. That any assembly of contrary parties do

can do without some mediator aye the ingress, the wishes

of one and the other to wit, the join. Now the Elixir is so remote

imperfect metals, that he would wish iceux not marry without

the obligation and commitment to the promised faith. And that this Elixir

Gold came, this Or has that power over to him Elixir

promise liaison and marriage with soy without fear, which holding

forces the firm to enter iceux other body; but not without

regret it receives, it demonstrates that the complaint made by

its projection. We therefore need three or four shares Or ripened

melt in a crucible; which melted Easting, put a part of

Elixir your top, and iceux mouveras with a little fight as

they are well Mesles and then cast them into bullion, and will be

Medicine for metals. And if your Work is white dishes

Money instead d'Or. But for Medicine Human Body,

this matter requires further statement, you'll find enough

in Lully.

Enough is said about these things at present, that desire does doubts

work. For if by this my little treatise you can come there, believes

not that anyone Llull, nor of others, you must suffice, not that I

you defend them, but I will recommend them; but not after

Experiment to get done; because their lyrics are by me

Briefly stated, and mine will not be found in any of

their books, if not covertly and things mesles Parmy

fabulous. Pray God to inspire you, for without his grace nothing can

Estre made; moult and observes my teachings so that misfortune

This happens by default, and only after this life, nothing we

hinders the celestial kingdom, where we want to lead the Father,

Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Cecy is my last remarks in the form of the Work which is Epilogue

rpett moult and well taught, who follow the wishes of my Children,

although with little dark in some place there is nevertheless Truth

layout, and more light can Estre given

When it comes that no one engages in mestier where he believes go

his life, not too much sauroit iceluy heard; wherefore in iceluy

Learning is never unnecessarily time employee, the ny

tardement j the worker is harmful; because within this small Art

or, should we moult before esprouver zero esposer work. Ainsy

nostre in Science, Theory must first walk, then must Practice

keep track of.

For icelle nostre Philosophy, which onc by other nule Science does

measured, that he who deserves the quires in icelle completely engages,

without losing time nor opportunity, nor in his views vary up

last experiment; However, it is based on reason,

not believe that this art comes without a fetch, seeing that the least

Science consumes young Estudians years without much wit,

ny gain profits by education, nor the court flatterers,

who with Big meu rent ruined. These greedy merchants and

artisans, aussy all forensic and other officers, and consume their age

their body, having first that can reach large, as are the

things of the world unprofitable; but noble iceluy Art

Philosophy gist Treasury of the Kings, the favor of Peoples, and the glory

of Heaven; iceluy subject because, man is nothing impossible.

Ainsy, my child, to inquire anything else forsakes not I

Teachings that my only wants you obtempres; but those of

all good autheurs who preceded us, and where I am

imitator, like Lully, j by me as recommended; because iceluy

of course no doubt come into work; but that by cy

before I'll aye yawned the whole Work in which little is

obscured. If do regret that I have not dared to speak more

discovered, still makes me give this little abstract, which will be more

Once rpett the Magisterium, that you will notice with good engine, as a thing

of great price; because although it seems to differ from speech, nevertheless,

the intention is only it, although that one can say that the other fails. And

if the difference is found there, it is only the difference of

operations, according to the difference Magisters.

For it is more Magisters, some of which are simply called

Mining, which I do not speak; the others are called stones, which he

is two kinds: that is to wit that the operation of one does gist as

that only wash the body, both by water and by fire.

The operation of the other is to the Golden bright Ashdod; the invoice and

generation which follows Nature in the procreation of Metals, and

icelle cope well, should moult wit, the manufactures ovens, this

as they do not exceed the increase in decline as

degrees necessary, which we will discuss one while; because the lights are

note aussy well as how and quality of the Work of the vessel.

Work which consists of four parts, to wit in solution,

congellation, Albification and rubification; four parts which I

according dclareray for philosophers, not by ignorant

Rural, which take the syllables for the intention.

For it is two solutions in the Work, one of which is mystical and the other

philosophical. It is aussy two conjunctions or Weddings, one

rustic and the other Philosophical. The rustic is the qu'assemblement

parties but the philosophical is the conjunction happens on Fire,

to wit in the natural dissolution of the body, and of the congellation

the Spirit; since this body and this Spirit meet one another and

join together, to wit the thickened water till a poinct and

Body amolly in Mesme degree.

For generative part puts her under the subtle which is the Air, and

ainsy joined, and is the solution congellation, division, composition

and putrefaction of Philosophers Musse till huy, and leaves

diversity of words, all these things are only Mesme operation

which comes after imbibition half the weight of the material by

the icelle Water to bleaching, after which further imbibition is

made, and then comes the compost rubification, and are the four parts

j reported.

But above all, necessary that the Body, as is said, is dissolved,

so that the heat enter into its profundity, soon redissolved and

freeze, as is said, with the thing that is approached. Because

ainsy as worms are produced from a single material, the only bled

generates another bled, the Sun and the humidity of the water causes

germination, which produce its like, is at the end iceluy bled

converty in the flesh and blood of man. Ainsy nostre Fire, which in

like the Sun, is the life and death of Pierre nostre, by a

between the two in his spirituality; and say in a word, what is

icelle nostre Peter iceluy wheat is an example. Because icelle is only

metallic seed drawn similar body, and sowed Land

metalline to create something of his nature by approchement

Nature metalline.

Gold for Work icelle to come, many things are required,

first time. Although any time is icelle can do;

but the Spring advance especially the Work, especially as the coldness

Winter coming to hit the fournel, Fire suffers and loses

part of its strength; so that at such a time will be necessary moult

the engine of the worker, to Ayder Fire against the cold.

Secondly, the place must be free and secret, and able to do everything

nule without constraint. Tiercement, the person must be gentle,

equal, peaceful, consistent and clever, and in no way contradicts its

Companion, by any presumption of reason, if not to give

Board following reason and Nature.

For materials, j by me have enough beene declared, although

better explanation can not Estre made, by declaring that any

thing begets its like: that Nature is approaching and Nature

joined icelle; Nature and that Nature contains; because everything estrangre

rejects is the book.

But to hear the beginnings, that any dye SCACHE

Cuttlefish is useless in its dryness by Water ains any color is provided

on the sheet. Now we have seen in the procreation of metals, three

core subjects, the first is a wet steam, proclaimed

Mercury; and the second is the heat of the Earth, which is the Sulphur;

two materials which is generated from the raw material

Metals. And all that is to reduce iceux mestier Metals in icelle

Raw material, moult iceux subtilier should, as said is,

icelle icelle of extracting first and second material; because when measuring

nostre Peter might build of Animals and Plants, as

Some people want, it would be necessary to take them alive and suffers through long

dissolution, seeing that Nature reigns no perfect spot not one thing

without the equal mixing of these two parts.

It is aussy between men three kinds complexions, some of which

are quite coarse and rural, that have no proper gear; other

are very subtle wit, and believe everything, and nothing will come, which

invent things out of nature, and no book want to hear;

but troisiesmes are more perfect and take between these ends

the middle, and poor participate in each other; because as

the strong wine, because of its heat, is harmful to human health, and

Water kills by its crudity; but the proportionality of the two is meslange

moult properly.

So in the Philosophers' Stone the first material is not icelle

the raw material of all things, ny aussy Metals, but

about iceux nostre Raw material is found; because it is necessary that the

Body to be demoted, not until four Elmens, nsaids principles

metal. And when iceluy Corps avily form, must qu'iceluy

takes new form in its mineral Menstrual, and take iceluy

substance; as seen in the stomach of the woman, the child take

Food icelle of menstruation, till the age of Estre generated on


Ainsy the first Matter of Metals is icelle steam from the Earth, and

icelle heat, which is generated by the material nostre

combination of the two; because the Earth or Water only are useless, but

their proportionate meslange all things are generated. And so that

you do not doubt my words, look at the still Mining

aujourd'huy are; Air ausquelles well between them, always go up

hereunto hot vapors in such abundance, that Labourans that there

work, hardly suffer their shirt, the heat that these

places inhabited by hereunto vapors; if not, and if so hereunto rise, as

often happens qu'iceux seroient suffocated if they remained longer

it wished to do. Aussitost void because they are out, that their candle is

esteindre wants; and when they returned to the mine, located

vapors hereunto attached to icelle walls, and at the slightest touch

condense into oil droplets.

This is the first Menstrual Philosophers, which we would

mestier well. But the Fire is the system of all, which is divided into

three, of which the first comes from the sun, which cooperates imperceptibly

any generation, as the first type of agent which is in

any kind of seed and proclaimed natural light. The second is He who will

which, from the center to the circumference of the Earth, hereunto door

smoky vapors, and is said unnatural; which is compared to He who will

Art, by the administration which has increased the natural; the troisiesme

is said against Nature, which is generated from the first, to wit vapors

Metals and rots the compound, as we heard

First Menstrual which corrupts both the material out the form

specifically, it is carried to generation; ainsy and natural and

against Nature, are only one same thing; if that against Nature,
by greater debilitation, walking more slowly destroying


And unlike natural as generating stronger icelle,

which feeds on the other, which is its extrinsic, but not er

paroist said nothing about extrinsic material without intrinsic icelle which

is said natural light; ainsy one wakes the other which dissolves perfectly

Body, subject fournel whose degrees are first

instance, heat fever or manure; the second bath; the

troisiesme Ash, and quatriesme Charcoal or flame; for

in iceux are successive digestions, the first is the

Body of solution, which is done by the conjunction of Masle and

female, where does a rotting homogne Water by Fire

moron; the second is separation of water, which will derive from Elmens

Chaos, as the philosophers say; and comes as troisiesme

which is called a Water Water dew; and are all the quatriesme

Elmens set. Procession which testifies Nicolas Flamel

; but mostly keeps that destroys the intrinsic extrinsic or him

lack of collateral; ie, keep all Fire and Air, which

Estre preserved want to feed digestion by icelle without

moisture or frigidity of icelle Pierre do their damage. Guard again

Air and Water of burning fire, keeping aussy first and Cold

the dry ; because all these four forage conservation

by the proportions and degrees of heat fournel; because the Fire and

Azoth enough; but Azoth, which is the composition which contains

soy said four Elmens, Silver is bright and not vulgar, He who will nsaids

which is pulled Corps, not mine, dissolved by the bright silver,

especially since it is cooked more than vulgal; Body is made for it Water

reprimand, which comes Azoth, like animated Spirit.

And notes that the first composition is made of three things wit,

Metalline water or Mercury sublimated white or red Levain, and

Suffers Second, in which Llull seeks weights; because as

Mercury takes color it available to the other. It derives from aussy

Stone three humors, by dissolving the coagulant and one after

the other; to wit that of the Water, the Air, and radical; but icelle

Only radical Fire, which does not draw its otherwise by Ash

low heat nature, and not as the radical mood of glass that

the Fire that gives strength; and this is the icy difference there is between Art

vitraire and nostre Art.

The Pierre is aussy made one thing, which contains two, three

and four; because there are four Elmens, the three Principles, and the two

Materials, the wit, Sulphur and Mercury, not vulgar in their

Nature, ains, the Corps reduced material icelle; simply because Easting

perfect, they are useless without us an ingenious and mondification

separation of things imperfect, dissolving slowly manure

philosophical dregs of Fire, Air and Water, so that the Stone

remains without junk, and it will be the separation that is said. Separates

Tierra del Fuego, and subtle Espois with the engine, because after the excitement

this Peter nourishes agrees with a juice that is in icelle Sorty

the first operation, which is called Water Stone. Although a

vessel, a material and a regime sufficient.

If do so at the beginning than at the end several regimes,

several vessels, materials and lights are required, Even till

Triturations September. But having, as is said, several Mercures, iceux

diets cause their diversity; and that, in this place, I want to state

nearest Menstrual of the material icelle Peter, still SCACHE

that the Spirit can not join the Corps, as is said, after

qu'iceluy body will be made of the Spirit by nature first nostre

Menstruum, which is Fire against nature Menstruum another is required,

which is root nostre Pierre and icelle converts, as ainsy

Matrix for Animals, where they find food and creative, and this

Mercury last multiplications are done, putting a part of

On the Elixir mil iceluy bright silver and with him in the fournel Beacon
slow, then increase by three calendar days is the Work of Three

days; which can be repeated till an infinite multiplication.

Ainsy Art afraid to say Brieves words, not as yet

Other Sciences, nsaids by philosophical minds; not because iceluy

can we otherwise explain, however much we should think the no similarity,

it is noble and admirable.

Aussy must he Estre Revelle with figures and examples like that

say, take the floor, grinds it with water, rotting in the other waters

and various broyemens crumples hard with salts and burns more

times to acquire purity. Item, take a piece of the Body, and seven or

nine or ten to the Spirit, and put the ship in

fournel where they will be forty or fifty days becoming moult

white and red, whose experience will see on the laminated iron

red. Because if it runs without smoke, then take three shares of Levain

red and two shares of Air and water, and shalt amalgam by digreras

degrees, which will release a red crystal and transparent, which take a

hand and puts the crucible and incrant Drop Count its oil, as

it is melted and it flows smoke. For then you will

perfection, both in red than white, says is like putting a weight

this Elixir of such weight as to Water red or white,

Elixir according to the following manner j declared that enough is said, and you

Suffice it again if you do not want in this way. Extracts by

Spirit crud digestible Spirit of the dissolved body, that you a ayes

Ash sets you dissoudras more also then find in icelle

gummy oil incombustible stone, which is called the Soul, which is

invigorating the United Natures, because you disjoindras in Natures Spirit,

Assemble in the oils. And saying is the Work, in addition to

j that hath been by me sermone. For fournel, you've had enough of

knowledge, well as other more now that I do not want

talk, but toy will quired, mestier if any, and that persvremment

you deign to remember my warnings; because not only will Avg

chef does not come from this Work, nsaids led you to as much as icelle

I can; pourveu that greed, or laziness, not control you.

As to leave nothing to say that you would deal, I'll augmenteray

yet my fourne1 if it is in the estat it enough for you, changing

something iceluy in icelle way. To wit, that instead of the

build, as hath been said, you do it just like the

B.C.D.F.L.M.N. and O. For you Osteras A.G.H.I. and K. And instead of A.

shall make a similar fenestration than I. And yet G and H. If

mestier is; but over all, it is precisely estoup, that nothing

ny can not get out by the will, which will be on

fixedly placed such a vessel F. And what gist with him, so that

the vaporous heat from the first fournel enters said F., as

mestier will, it can be used to milder digestions, but we must

that is reinforced by F. outside, because of which the Air barrera against.




Salvum ME FAC

If you want to wit the way

To Peter and Mining,

In Llull should see you;

It is he who made me to wit,

And learned the right bill

Or engendered Mesme of Nature.

But for Peter, it should

Having the liquor coming.

It is a seed to wit,

Strength and great virtue,

Including Gold and his Wife products

A perfection are conducted.

But first thou dissoudras,

And put the stone.

Ainsy as Nature and Science

The teach people consciousness.

By reducing its principles

This noble metal and heavy;

Ainsy being done in sections,

Dissections of human body.

To see on secrettes parties

Top divested properties.

For a Seed in this place

Is beginning and middle,

And late this admirable Work.

This is aussy, as has writeth,

A Salt, a Water and Spirit,

Easting which united together,

Are one balm, I think,

And this perfect balm,

Mercury is actually yawned.

Then comes one of them protrude oil,

Combustible without failing.

Who is more opportunity,

Mercury is no longer connoist

And devoured without wings

Tail of the Dragon poisoned;

Then in March queste by reason

Made to Mercury in prison

By the light horses Camp,

And gives warning to Vulcan.

While the colors seeming,

Go one after another nascent,

Lead Easting and Mars as lightning,

Causes bones to powder Mercury.

Then the moon a gray coat

Silver Waters she took,

With tears and everything in mourning,

Sun mourns her husband.

And praying for deliverance,

The unwelcome to any excess.

Nevertheless, the Vulcan Geolier

Continues his daily Fire.

So as the beautiful Venus

However, at times surrounded her,

Red coat lined with green

Whose whole body is covered his brother,

Holding in his hands hanging

Moult of fragrant flowers.

After Heaven or Air issuant,

Pet spell a very powerful.

With several smaller still,

Which suddenly devours Vulcan.

Aussy made the beautiful Venus,

Who would go to him juice.

And if cried with a loud voice,

Women have led me without fault.

And my seed in all directions,

In short, beyond, spars;

But their soul in me uniting,

Their blood iray I am grazing.

Then he and his small ensemble,

They say that is very similar to Gold,

Locked himself in a room,

And the door closed on him:

Eating much more encor,

That he had done till golden.

Ainsy so he had done,

This first oil in fact,

Combustible and delectable

Or have named that no drinking.

Then came a transparent Old Man,

Animal seizing this,

Which ends the icy thing,

That throughout icy I expose

In this regard according finally,

Which now I terminate

To tell you that if you are wise,

Icy shalt learning

Secret of the greatest ever

Sage taught Hermes.




My dearest and natural Son it, although as heretofore, paternal love

ayt induced me to declare to you things and moult significantly high

which j wonderful man had me so clear, nsaids

by obscuring each hereunto figurative similarities to

mislead them unworthy that this noble Art quirent and teach Enfans

Science, which I command you keep silent and zero iceluy

rvel1er man on pain of damnation, as he hath been en- us

charged by those who wish iceluy. For all things seroient degraded

on earth; iceluy but keeps your heart, otherwise you enseignerois

not; which any significance and declaration will give you: for though by

heretofore aye some truth to iceluy Art, yet in him are

many faces, which presents this theory preserve thee, pourveu

thou art true imitator of doctrine and pious.

For when by your own hands should have seen all the Work completed late, j

Serois to do this more savant if your conscience defiled estoit because

dvoyement that happen to any man who usurp and j icelle croiera

will not achieve the effect of its practices, some good gear ayt it, and some

right voye pust keep it. For quite have hereunto beene of their vices

rejected, although they had Experiment. And what have the Jews and

Arab icelle lost, unworthy, yet which had

among them by tradition, as Cabal traditive; which was by all

Powerful given to Moses on the Mount Sinai, ainsy icelle

kept from father to son without Scripture, how long Ezra; and

Ezra David Roy, some figures characters, the Parmy

sacred stories of the Hebrews for by icelle, Estre did and built this

moult and wonderful edifice of the Temple of God. But Roy iceluy

David is corrupting in its manners by the impurity was not only

iceluy deposed of Art, but private to see the construction of this

beautiful building.
What I say to you, as he beene taught by some copy

icelle traditive of Jewish Kabbalah, which estoit called Magic, which is the

Philosophical science, which Hermes, Pythagoras, Numa

Pompilius, and many others, have stopped in youth, not

icelle for Science only or Art Stone wit, but for

All Nature acquaintances, knowledge and agreement of icelle and

aussy to discover the occult and hidden things to men in

joining the upper to the lower things, true marriage.

And applying inherently active to passive things, so it

in naist wonderful things to see and hear, and others who are

deemed to miracle, to be born as roses, and grapes in March, or

a moment several reptiles and animals on Earth. Rains, and Item

thunders, what made that rural people believed that this Magic

was the part of Satan, changing the word Magic and Witchcraft

enchantment. Philosophers have beene such savants Hermes, Joseph,

Amanadus, Ptolemy, Apollonius and several that it would be long

to tell; but especially Roy Solomon son of David, which if estoit

savant moult and subtle character, and he argued from the disputoit

highest cedar of Lebanon, even to the smallest sheet of hyssop. Such

have beene aussy those in the birth of the Son of God came to him

presents mysterious wear and suitable for its size and capacity

their doctrine. Since iceux have beene many labourans in iceluy Art,

as Arnaud, Bacon, and many others; between which good

Lull memory was good, recommended, especially its

Testament and its codicil. For although I aye Science gave you

as well escrite, yet do not esbahis iceux writings in if you are

Some obscure points to ignorant. For whoever would icelle in

so that everyone pust icelle practice, deserves more

Hell and damnation than there are blades of grass on Earth.

And when a Jew, had Flamel explanation of his paintings, yet

it was a long time coming icelle at first; because every worker, as well
indoctrinated he is, must moult help of his labor with patience,

constant and firm Faith in God. Ainsy do chaille thee, to be hereunto

obscurities; but that boute him your cure, and iceux my writings,

but reserved above all, those of Lully, both by me

recommended for what it is impossible to tell everything it, although that

all by me ayt beene said; but not in succession, following due nsaids

and acquaintance.

For as is said, the toy Toil to be teaching, you pourveu

Ailles by the right path, first recital, what thing you

looking, for what purpose and by what means. And I do not esbahis me

aujourd'huy are so few that come to this Art, seeing the hastivet,

incredulity and impatience Labourans which voudroient to qu'icelle

them came without inquiring and without fist icelle is to hand. For such there

a, who did not want to give time, nor bother to

practice and even had they more clear that I'm giving.

Alas ! A poor Estudiant is so held in a book, which will give him

just a word of this precious art and toy ignorant, you are croies

easily send and labor of Autruy. He who will would be well

cursed, which after consumption of his time and his youth,

mettroit the hands of such a lazy, lazy; for no matter

socialite is iceluy to compare. For Quoy abandons any

thing and there vak same toy, or more icelle is intended. So my

dear child, and in such good condition as before, want to toy iceluy

leaving little Treaty, by which you will be indoctrinated voye of theory

more main points that could have been omitted or obscured to Estre

Other my preceding Treaties.


The knowledge of this noble art has come to us by books, both

Thoricaux that Praticaux: ainsy as the Treaty of Kabbalah

Judaic, that the Lord gave to Moses for Estre kept dearly

Enfans between God ausquels is given the perfect knowledge

of any nature, as less than that; whereby, as

is said, are indoctrinated to conjoin Enfans things according to their

own genus and species, to produce things from Nature, and

wonderful to hear.

So many, as is said, by hereunto acquaintances, made

miracles, like the magicians of Pharaoh against miracles

Moses, who, according to some opinion, take science from the icelle

time of the flood, but icelle natural knowledge is divided into

several parts, of which the first is the knowledge and astral

combination of upper and lower Elmens as

and the generation of rains, thunders: aussy reptiles and flies

by the power of natural virtue, but icelle not hear, nsaids

the second, which is nostre intention, which has Mesmes principles

Mesmes and objects; Quoy it is only partially restricted and forced to

some natural body, rather than the first is free and not

assigned to other intention than to that of the worker.

The troisiesme, are the occult Venus of Animals and Plants, as

rural and worldly Doctors believe hear moult, which

drift depends on the second. And it can Estre and conceue of sceue

any artist Pierre is the second icelle in all its circumstances,

which it is everywhere, is not yet very well that

Gold alone. For iceluy is enclosed in the power of Nature, which is

Suffers known or Fire. Because it is a virtue that after several astral

flows in the earth, it is condensed and thickened by double virtue

with moisture in the air, which is as Deputy him. Gold is the Ainsy

Universal Medicine and the Fountain of Life.

And having to icelle Medicine, consider first that

you seek, and what you want voye operate. Because to make a Tree,

naturally should operate Natures bright, wit, which Ayent

increasing force and virtue as the Tree; which has soy in a soul

drawing nourishment from the Earth and a multiplication of trees, which

is not that subtle earth Mesle with water, which keeps its

Suffers somewhat occult, which raises icelle Fire and Earth

Water to follow his companion, which is j in wood, by

Vertu some attractive and affinity, and from qu'icelle aqueous Earth

iceluy wood in between the small end of its roots, begins to icelle

take the required type of wood and make wood because of the fattest

Earth ainsy carried by the water remains in the trunk or branch to

iceluy the increase, the more subtle will foil.

And when the water has no strength to climb, which carries a subtle vapor

is flower; then thickening is FRUICT, the center of which

form small grains in which the soul is imagined by virtue

Fire, as in the whole of the Tree. Which by virtue of the Sun

meurissant comes to act and Vertu Soul. And ainsy, the species is

continued by his seed, and this similarity; Gold has a seed

imagined, by which it can Estre multiplied, and is on medicine

Imperfect bodies.

But the vulgar Gold is like death, and has no seed in him: for

there is grass torn preseason. But who could replant

icelle meurir grass and make it bring seed. Because

multiplication of herbs, only herbs that gist, and if grass has not icelle

Seed for not having had enough nourishment in the earth,

we seek icelle seed budding rawer and greener as

those who go to the imperfect metals, which are more cruds and Green,

that is not the Gold and Silver; or those more subtle than Nature

Mesme, go to the four primary Elmens, which Nature

aussitost could make a horse a Metal; or make believe

the raw material of all things, not thinking that Nature is

impotent of any new creation, which belongs to God alone.

For it pleased him create all things World first

Material, Nature and give power to the second, to wit on

seed; although it appears issir Earth without anything

seed because no time, no place, or subject, to give

new form without seed; like worms in the timber; because then

the species can be born of matter, not of the species. But it's not

the only first universal material; ains a Suffers content material which icelle

power and produce under such species.

Suffers because everything is Masle and yeast, which converts the first

Matter. But we give him the second. For Nature has given me

my body but not my seed, is not to Nature

similar to Avg. For all things are engendered and of Masle

Female. And how to dissolve and that the first opening

Body of Gold, is mestier a moisture that is as female,

Gold bearing in himself hermaphroditement Masle and female, as the

Plants; because iceux have j need other females as a

Own land where they are planted; ainsy gold is enough. Because in

iceluy nothing between it's in him Mesme it, although I say aye

that Peter can Estre made all things. It's good

differently, because you have one, what we call Peter.

Gold Stone is itself the very quintessence of a pure

each thing, which is released and extracted from his impure Earth

gesne as that held in its interior; which Quintessence

is not just a virtue and invisible substance corporal eyes,

which can of itself does not contain Corps ainsy the Soul

the man. Wherefore this Quintessence as noble, has mestier

a subtle body moult and approaching the nobility of its substance

subtle, Quintessence and corporifie which is a medicine

wonderful for all diseases, as most or least. But Gold has

icelle Quintessence in him more perfectly than other Corps

both because of its long and perfect digestion in the bowels of

Earth, including his body is formed which body it, although that

But the rural shout, however, is only Earth. For, as is said,

icelle Quintessence or Gold of the Philosophers, is invisible to the eyes

body, and is not apperceue something other than the Earth, however, not

more than in human body where the soul is manifested by its

Effects and faculties. All things are composed of three things,

to wit that makes the Earth Body, which is the Spirit Water, and Fire

that is the Soul. Gold is this composition for, although the

Earth is very pure, is nevertheless only resplendent Earth

Virtue of Water and Fire. For as hath been said, Easting of iceluy

But this splendor, this Earth will be of little worth.

Gold then, having beene composed of these three things is still him

hereunto three things, and, after a more accomplished digestion,

convert to another substance paste, whichever is the least of this

digestion; because he has in him seed, like all other things.

Ainsy such as similarity of Apple, not Apple ny

iceluy still less similarity, and plant the Apple croieroit

to bring an apple tree, erreroit. Because Apple is a Body

Because of Earth and Water and coagulated by Suffers apple, having

in it to produce under his fellow; but this would open

Apple would find in her the sperm, the center of which is the seed

capable of producing an apple tree. Gold is therefore without the deception

Material which is derived Matter of Philosophers, because that is where the Earth

to draw the Earth, which is sown in the Golden, Philosophers. Meaning

icelle spirituality j declared without Or is that iceluy Mesl nothing

of strange.

Wherefore I will ay as recommended Theory, which imbued reason

in the heart of man, because fear and ignorant rustic. Because

it's not that meslement can Estre made some metals; but
SCACHE for certain, that no body will Mesle perfectly,

which are only differential and impure lands. But the Spirits

Ingres had together. And you enough.

But I have said that all things are generated by two and Quoy

Or are contained in the two, another Spirit makes the entry and opens

the door of the sovereign Heaven, which is found in all body Estre ELEMENTE

and called repupu, southern Oyseau, brighter than the end, however, and

Yet nests in pensions, as it is in Gold

content. Ainsy and it is precious; Oyseau which is called Paradise,

because he resides in the higher regions and makes its nest in the Earth


This thing is so noble and vile, that is to wit in his vile corruption

and noble in his generation. For never comes corruption, more

noble generation will follow. Nature and ainsy tousjours improves

things till a certain term and then leaves. But the Artist

icelle should look like, and if he believes imitate it boldly imitates:

but if he believes the upgrade, it notifies it perfect with the Quoy

things, and find that it is tousjours with like.

As in similarity, which would wish to have good amend fruicts

Nature, should enter such FRUICT Nature and not the other

species, nor on another Nature as apple on apple. Vray

is that Nature can be born Monsters by terrible commixtion

unreasonable, with the raw, as in apple on Plants

Poirier, but yet according tousjours Nature, to wit at Pet

Animal, Plant to Plant, and still more approaching

Nature, like Pear Pear on rather Chesnes or other

trees opposite kind. But the noble metals are highly or very

imperfect, and do not believe the best amend the worse, the nsaids

subtiliant and purifying increasingly ayde and by means of the

Simple Matter, that is in Nature, lest the alliance of a thing

estrangre does Mesle with nostre material for infecting instead of

purify it. For, as is said, everything remains in his realm

without switching to another, each multiplying their kind.


Nature is simply moult, neither variously operates with nsaids

Mesmes Vessels and Materials operations. Because the top is

as down, and instead '. Ie they are made of

single material, and Mesme regime, however, keeping the order

diffrentiaux and compliance regimes. For the animal suffers j

will power the plant congeller Mercury, nor the Vegetal

Animal, ny ny one another clot, ny Estre coagulated by Suffers

or the mineral Mercury.

Ainsy are mistaken who believe extract their raw material

Plant, based on what Peter is saying Vegetable nome, or

Animal Easting called animal. For the Animal remains reign

animal, Plants within vegetable, mineral and the mineral it, although that

animal vegetable substance is made by converting a

the other, by digestion of the convertible. But j Metal will be made

Vegetal Animal ny, ny Animal and Plant, Mineral done. Because the

Metal remains in its metallic nature; although it may go to one

and to another, but by perfect Medicine Elixir or Stone

perfect. Ainsy when we say that Peter is nostre plant,

we say that it depends on the basis of universal and Nature

plant, which cause her new vegetation and new

life. It is further known plant, especially as it has in Ingres

the Plants, and repairs the life with vegetables, as appears

Lull in by virtue of its medicines. And what we say

animal, because it is composed of Body, Soul and Spirit,

and antidotes and medicine to the animals as Plants.

Because it extends the life of men, and restablit their youth, although

it is overwhelmingly a mineral; but gradually

successive, manages to icelle Animation, ainsy like to rotting,

one of which meine icelle to vegetation, and other entertainment to icelle. this is

wherefore it is said that the Work is a two and three nuicts

days. The similarity of the three days Easting reignes, and nights

pourrissemens iceux of which are recommended as dissolutions,

for, although they are several solutions, it is however that

two kinds, one is rural dom and violent, the other soft

philosophical, in which they are included ensemblement.

These three stones are aussy figured in the Work by the three suffer

iceux of three reignes. For by Pierre mineral or mineral degree,

Suffering comes metallic color; by the plant level, comes the

Coagulation and smell the plant suffers; and the animal level

icelle acquiring perfection, for iceux degrees on iceux reignes

Metals like to iceux stripped of their impurities and

junk, making manifest Hidden and perfecting

clearly what perfection occult, out of the quagmire of

Earth, on vegetables, by repair and restablissement

invigorating mood of lost and consumed by debilitation and

short-iceux vegetables. And the Animals by Vertu

dividing the pure with the unclean, impure which causes corruption

our body, and decreases the radical moisture and heat from natural iceux.

Ainsy bringing health, youth restablissant and better with

Body proportion in its Elmens.

So that the outside that paroist debilitated by debilitation

Indoor resumes its former vigor, both in iceux Plants

that animals; and is stripped icelle Medicine nuisances

accidental, which came estaient him because of moods

superfluous and corrompantes or astral dryness of a weak nature and


Wherefore the Sages Doctors deffendent Gold chemistry to

medicines because not stripped against the Fire

nature and has not acquired by hereunto perfections iceux

pourrissements perfectly separate these things.


But I have said nothing is overwhelmingly caused a material

only because a matter has no movement, nor does fear do

Mesme on soy and thus should have two diverse

natures which are as Female and Masle it, although, as is,

that no things be, which are hermaphrodites and carry with them

Masle and female, as metals and Plants; yet in iceux

should be a material that makes act of female and said

menstruation, for that matter corrupts iceluy and

icelle of corruption naist other Menstrual nearest neighbor and to

metallic material, that He who will come down from very general kind in

which and from which naist Child of the Philosophers, for the seed of

Masle first, which, as is said, attracts and converts all the virtue

iclluy of menstruation in the first substance.

But to hear about the Nature of Metals by their

generation, I will say by repetition, that all things of the World

are composed of four, which are calidit, frigidity, dryness, and

humidity, overwhelmingly descended from calidit and frigidity, which

according Parmnides are the two principles of Nature, but

average conversions from one to the other; which are Fire, Water, Air and

Earth. Fire is hot and dry; Air is hot and humid; water is

cold, wet and cold and Earth.

Wherefore Fire Air can Estre made for their convenience and

because of the Middle calidit is among them. The Air Water made by

humidity, Middle similarly between Air and Water. Land and Water

by frigidity, which is between Middle Earth and Water, which are participants

icelle of frigidity. Fire is so in this way, an alliance with

Air in the loss of calidit, and Air to Water by humidity and

Water to Earth by frigidity. He who will Ainsy Fire of a descendant

the other is worn, as is said, to the center of the Earth, which is

as a poinct which all successful.

And iceluy center and everywhere agitated, packed into its flames

the size of the Earth, but in vaporous form, rather than

estait it down in the form of water, and other places, to

empescher does the natural circulation. And steam cleaned and icelle

purifies the places through which it passes, until it comes to a place

moult purified by other previous vapors, and unites the ausquelles

Earth moult subtle, warm and humid, ainsy as fat because then

icelle steam joins icelle fat, and ensemblement corrupt.

So that the two slimy naist lubricity, which

leaving the very general kind, enters the mineral reign, which

some call Calcaduc or lizard green, and then down and

Mercury comes in metallic flowing, which contains soy in its

Suffers own Gold, Silver or other metals, depending on the purity or

impurity Earth this place, and which finally by a perfect

decoction becomes ilIec Metal destination.

But if ever icelle steam and grease were not met,

never would have made Metal; each apart enough to do Easting

Metal iceluy the begetting it, although they both overwhelming

are descended from a, by icelle creamy substance conversion

metallic metal in hereunto Lands, which j this poississent

steam, and made fat. Ainsy is metal, mainly when

Such a meeting is done in clean and decent place to be hereunto

digestions. Ainsy As in a mountain vault at as a

oven, for what hereunto vapors that rise are there tousjours

trapped and can not get out, only because the waters and aussy

rains, that roll and flow around hereunto Mountains,

without retardation ny DEMEURANCE on hereunto; because the places applanis

as campaigns one was not found Mining, because the rains,

by LA DEMEURANCE finally come into hereunto Lands, leaving the

icelle area of destitute, that poor quality for simple

Vegetation only, but tousjours the Sun, father and first

because of the things, restores its icelle Vertu debilitated rays.

For iceux rays and vapors alliance attraction between them,

these rays will be hereunto fears, as is said, are restored to

produce herbs, trees, corn and the like, because

all that is to be hereunto over, and nothing in the world naist otherwise.

Ainsy, the abry winds up rain and the metals are generated,

especially as the Fire agist more powerfully and naturally it there

fhould not found place where Air and Water put

empeschement; because iceluy Fire fulfills the intention of Nature, which

Fire is considered in this way, to wit in that cy, whereby it is

enclosures as all kinds of seeds, and is generated from

Sun, as I have done further statement; but another is the Fire

sousterrain, which proceeding from the Centre or the things that illec

move, excites and provokes iceluy equipment Fire and multiply in estendre

Virtues its more powerfully.

But the rot Fire Fire is the third which may be considered by

the similarity of several collected herbs, which by virtue of the Air

is eschauffant ensemblement, move each other, and so causes

moisture hereunto to act against each other by the heat medium

designed by Air, and as eschauffement and penetrating heat,

how long to cook eggs, stink with the help of

moisture, and putrefying ensemblemenr hereunto herbs. For each

Fire bears his thing in it Mesme, and its Centre. And this Fire,

Nature of Fire, content in everything.


All who writeth the noble Peter, have rather have confused the

Estudians, taught the true icelle of operation, yet many

have beene, who managed this by Science Books. For the aussy

Sages felt that it should sufire hear and wit, without further

intelligence, it estoit a stone of great virtue, because all

man of sense, should on simple sayings of the Philosophers,

moult imagine great things, not only by their effects, but

by natural reasons. Ainsy like when you would know

no, otherwise it is a separation of pure things Vertu

with the unclean and impure to pure convertible.

Which has particularly power on metals, does seroit-

sufisante she not, to make you understand that the original icelle

Estre must iceux of metals.

Because if you know the nature of things, you sauras each Suffers

has power to coagulate his Mercury, impossible and Easting

Nature outside to join the Lion Man, the Man in ny

Metal. And when someone would say that the most noble virtue that is in

Nature, of Man must proceed, since man is the most

noble body that is in Nature. I would answer: No Body is

perfect as the Spirit; Quoy but that perfection is the Body,

Body of iceux seek only the separative virtue; and when

iceux we would like to extract hereunto she never our apparoistroit

eyes only by means of his body, as small as it is, which will be

always close, to attract gradually t ll things his Nature.

And how does the perfect Elixir ayt the separative virtue,

tousjours has he Ingres and mestier, ayt aussy Vertu fixative:

otherwise the money would be made Vif Now in its projection, which

Vertu comes only fixative Gold Suffers terrestrial, fixed and that

Quicksilver iceluy multiplies in nostre Magisterium, and putting himself

remaining deep imperfect natures, to be hereunto

to perfection as Levain; that is to wit till the end

Nature as having accomply, leading multiplicative Vertu icelle

according to the degrees of digestion nostre Magisterium.

This moult balance, and sachant that the most perfect of all

Metal is gold or silver; some other material you should think

look for this noble and powerful Vertu in Gold? And when you

saurois does not Mesme that this noble metal contains in the secret

Virtues two together, the fixed and volatile, where he was

overwhelmingly generated, and which by their various properties

and contrary qualities corrupt each other, for icelle

Corruption bring out a new generation purest st more

excellent than the first.

Since the first Yet, as is said, was created and primor dialement

composed of two contrary hereunto Virtues, and thus as a result of

two things, is subject to death What is not of him who is ainsy

from a single thing; aussy because it is said Phoenix, who power

resurrect and take rebirth in its ashes, and

the least iceluy Metal purify its superfluities, as far as can

Artist by Nature voye however.

Which voye j declared only rot and depuration of

which putrefaction naist any generation; according to each species

individual, and to come to icelle putrefaction, consider not

ajouster not to Metal Metal ny other estrangre powder, nsaids thing

moult and approaching close to its Nature.

For he who is good and natural philosopher, bright Spirit, must

imaginatively penetrate the secret of the occult. What you

connoistras by similarity similar things; because Nature is not

diverse in what it does, nsaids are all things composition Mesme

Land, to Water, Air and Fire, where Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury.

For though gold is very tightens into its parts, and seems

indivisible, yet it is built to be hereunto things, like all

Other Nature; because the bottom is like the above, and what causes

on Earth and in the Air, is not different generations; that of

wood and wheat, or of Man; Soft like the tasks, the

Thunders and metals, are based on more or less spirituality

or physicality, and the center and inside the one, it can

connoistre the center and inside the other.

And if you said to myself up to see the center and inside the wood, moult

should corrupt his first form, so that no j

could more Estre wood, I will answer thee: I ay you desj says he is

two kinds of solutions, one slow vio, and the other natural; that is

say the rampant cor, and the other maintaining the species. And yet

may, in one and the other, draw some FRUICT. For if one keeps

Here, let the other do to separate the terrestrial superfluities

Composed, so that leaves only the things that are the Virtues,

which the ancient philosophers Wise did things


But if you doubt lose the specific form of wood in flames

Consuming Fire, made your separation in water; and if the water is not

strong enough to corrupt, there adjoustes Fire. Er if when you did ste

icelle to the specific shape of the wood material, at least you'll have him in

given another much more noble than the first, which will come to

Animal; as happens to nostre Magisterium.

Saches so that initially a per ptuelle dew of heaven flows in

Earth, which leads to icelle bowels Metals & Minerals,

and out of the area and icelle the Plants and Animals of all

species, the most excellent of all is human. What's needed

connoistre wit, and to hear how things are in the

Nature, and therefore they are overwhelmingly exits; to discover

after which is the universal power of things, in which

the secret hidden

These well known ainsy things, a subtle Spirit will Estre makes things
miraculous in nature, as said of Jewish Caballe. Because

past by Science icelle completely understood, several estaits

miracles like to order Mesme to Nature and Elmens.

What the Jews miserable one believed in miracles attributed to JC

Estre made by virtue icelle address and Science, wherefore as

icelle unworthy lost, and Christians who iceux transported to the

jourd'huy have and will be used to the honor and glory of iceluy

Lord; ainsy as required, that every Man to icelle

indulges in everything he does pleases God, in vain icelle he put his


Therefore seeks first to conform his will to you, then you

find glory. For I will ay left by writeth sufficient thing, if you're


Now it must first serve you your gold and then dissolve and narrow

moult impalpable powder; iceluy then extract a volatile Spirit

white as snow, and another red as blood, which

will generate a third set in a humidement continuous heat.

But nostre Magisterium consists mainly of four operations.

To wit, solution, ablution, conjunction and fixing: which four

are just dissolve and congeller; in the solution are the parties

divided and became all dark matter; in ablution, assemblement

is to be hereunto parties and come to bleaching.

In Conjunction, new apparoist darkness; and fixing are

all set Elmens. Which are divided into four parts

twelve degrees, the first is that the calcination of the Body

Veterans included a endormy Dragon in the Fire, and guarded by a

Old man who suffers is the virtue of restraint in the soul that

D mogorgone Earth awakens in March proclaimed by no nostre

Loadstone, which is the first single material or Air. For then the

Earth is hereunto separation materials which are the Sun and Moon. To

second degree solution which is a ferocious beast devours nostre Sun

the presence of nostre loadstone. Which puts seven beautiful flowers,

but the Fire is resolved by sweats and takes better birth. The

troisiesme degree that is separation, separation is iceluy Mercury

by the female parts, which are those of the body, those of the Spirit is to

ie two Aymants.

The quatriesme which is conjunction, Easting Water aside, the

Old spouse aforesaid Man to Woman, where by soft pink

over their necks appear. The fifth one is Rot degree or

darkness. The sixiesme, Congellation the septiesme, libation, Child

is three times nourry suitable laict. The huitiesme, Sublim ation,

Gold and Silver sone exalted; but the degree of fermentation, which is

the neuviesme, is the seed jetty on Earth, and the Sun and Moon as

Saturn was slain, and will rise again to moult splendor, which

is the degree dixiesme.

The onziesme and douziesme enough by me and have ests Prosnes

preschs, which are multiplication and projection.

It remains to say the degrees of heat, which you should consider

by the temperature of the air, from Aries, how long cancer: from

Cancer, till Libra: Libra and since, up to Capricorn.

But notes that the seven rivers that are in the Work, are the seven

imbibitions which Nicolas Flamel made mention moult. Which

September imbibitions are repeated twice. And enough for you my

dicts: because as said is, if the more clear I explained, aussy

although there would come the Wise as Fol, Fol and the Sage, and

meriterois damnation hazarding a thing that might ever

Estre repaired, when once it would be sceue. Wherefore do onc

escrite was, nor will be more clear. But if can not understand

I say with paternal love and truth, works ainsy boldly,

as have all those who Ont sceue; because j Man has spoken

clearly, something he ayt education given, than simply

and superficially, not in succession to escape the inconvenience.

For aussy operations are all quite long in Lully escrites.

Which I command you as follow; although I leave that little book

thing is obscured. But I just say things that you

greatest kings of the earth ought to consider more than their own


And keep it carefully, that nobody put the eye, and that

when death aviendra you, if not earlier ost ru did, burns before toy

My book, in which, in my preceding writings if you have added

faith, take those Llull and separates the grain yvroye, as

odds are longer found.

But for the fournel and Fire, I leave you with three kinds,

to wit one of the lamp, the other the manure and the other coals.

And iceluy fournel are still much different to wit bath or

Water, Air or simply warms and tempered by a globe

Wood just closing, which I put more trust in

the other. Though all is one, you give saches pourveu

Fire extent, not hastivet, who lost several artisans.

Ainsy I pray you and exhort you, so that Avg possible is,

keep my commandments, to be God and bny

honored, to whom be honor and glory forever and ever.


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