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Alice Ann Munro, born Alice Ann Laidlaw (Wingham, Ontario, July 10, 1931) is a

Canadian narrator, especially of stories. She is considered one of the most outstanding
current writers in English language. In 2013 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Personal life
Alice Munro was born in Wingham, Ontario, in July 1931. She first lived on a farm west of
that Canadian province, in a time of economic depression; This elementary life was
decisive as a background in much of his narrative.

He met very young James Munro, at the University of Western Ontario, where he practiced
manual labor to pay for his studies. He married in 1951, and the marriage settled in
Vancouver. He had his first daughter at age 21. Later, with his three daughters, in 1963 he
moved to Victoria, where he ran with his husband a bookstore.

She divorced in 1972, and upon returning to her native province became a fruitful writer-
resident at her old university. He remarried in 1976, with Gerald Fremlin. From then on,
she consolidated her career as a well-oriented writer.

Munro had begun as a young man with stories (written since 1950), written in the short
time he had had until then, as well as published two compilations of stories and a novel.

Before 1976, she wrote Dance of the Happy Shades (1968), her first stories, some very
early in her life, 1 but also the important novel The Lives of Women (1971), and interlaced
stories Something I've Been Meaning To Tell You (1974).

Prizes and recognitions [edit]

He has won three times the Canadian prize for literary creation, Governor General's Award.
In 1998, she won the American Book Critics Circle Award for The Love of a Generous
In Spain she was awarded the Kingdom of Round Award in 2005, by Javier Maras, and in
2011 with the Tormenta Prize for her book Too Much Happiness.5
In 2013, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.6
He has also won the Giller Prize (twice), the Rea Award, the Lannan Literary Award, the W.
H. Smith Literary Award, the Man Booker International Prize and the Ennio Flaiano Award.

Dance of the Happy Shades, 1968, short stories.
The lives of women (Lives of Girls and Women, 1971), Lumen, 2011, novel.
Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You, 1974, intertwined accounts.
Who Do You Think You Are? Or The Beggar Maid, 1978, short stories.
The moons of Jupiter (The Moons of Jupiter, 1982), Debolsillo, 2010, short stories.
The Progress of Love, 1986, RBA, 2009, short stories.
Friendship of youth (1990), Debolsillo, 2010, short stories.
Secrets to voices (Open Secrets, 1994), RBA, 2008, short stories.
The love of a generous woman (The Love of a Good Woman, 1998), RBA, 2009, short
Hate, friendship, courtship, love, marriage (Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship,
Marriage, 2001), RBA, 2007, short stories.
Escapada (Runaway, 2004), RBA, 2005, short stories.
The view from Castle Rock (The View from Castle Rock, 2006), RBA, 2008, linked stories
about his family.
Too much happiness (Too Much Happiness, 2009), Lumen, 2010, short stories.
My dear life (Dear Life, 2012), Lumen, 2013, short stories.

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