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Cultivation: Or Scorched: Burned

Important Gardening Intriguing: Attractive Settlement:

Words Customarily: Usually
Marrow: Sumsum
Shelter: Protection
Dense: Thick Minutely: Teliti Shipment: Delivery
Abundance: Wealth Deplorable: Tercela, Moderately: Sedang Springboard: Facilitator
Acute : Sharp Awfull Nearness: Proximity Stringent: strict/ hard
Adept: Expert Disperse: bubar Nobility: Bangsawan Surge: Flow
Ail: Be Weak Distinctive: Unique Swiftness: Speed
Annihilate: Conquer Drew: Attracted Obsolete: using
Appeal: Demand Overwhelmed: Meliputi Tangled: Jumbled
Edge: Boundary Thanks To: Because Of
Branch: Tributary Emerge: Muncul Peculiar: Odd Thresh: Cutting Tree
Encased: Bungkus Penned: Write
Canopy: Shade Entities: puzzles Pits: Hole Unadorned: Plain
Carcass: Remains Excavated: Dig Polish: Clean Undergone:
Catastrophe: Disaster Exceed: Melewati Prejudice: Prasangka/ Experienced
Ceased: Stop Exempt: free from Bias Underneath: Below
Celestial: space Exposed To: Prominent: Terkemuka Unrestricted: Unlimited
Coincide: Happen Mengarahkan Proportionate: Balanced
Together Extend: Widely Spread Virtually: Almost
Concealed: Covered Extolled: Praised Rear: Raise Animal Virtues: Qualities
Considerable: Sangat Resemble: Be Similar To
Much Foster: Help To Develop Restrain: Mngendlikan Warp: Bend
Contemporary: This Era Friction: Abrasion Revered : Honored Widespread: Extensive
Counterparts: Partner Rupture: Burst Willow: Kind Of Tree
Cruel: Vicious Grapped: Searched
Scale: Climb Yield: Give Result
Hamper: Hambat Scavenger: Crow

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