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Part 1 - What notice (A-G) says the same as sentences 1-5? Write the correct letter
in the given table.

1 You want people to switch off the A Dont miss The Living Planet
lights. Saturday on BBC One
10.30-11.30 a.m.

2 B
The box is only for recycling glass. DANGER:
Air quality

3 You want to recruit volunteers. C


4 People should beware of exhaust D Join ECO HERO KIDS club

Phone 953328
If you enjoy documentaries on
wildlife, watch this TV programme. GLASS MUSEUM
Closed from 12:30 2.30 pm


G Activities for 12-15 year-olds

Saturday 2
For information 885534

1 2 3 4 5

Part 2 - Read the following text carefully.

Hawaiian teenager Bethany Hamilton became a very famous surfer

when she survived a tiger shark attack in 2003. She was just 13 years old.
Bethany wants to do great things and is going to make a difference to
the lives of people around the world for many years to come.
Bethany used to surf every day with her family. Her home is Hawaii,
surfers paradise. One morning she was surfing with some friends when a
shark attacked her. The shark bit off her left arm and Bethany almost
Bethany Hamilton became a source of inspiration to millions through
her story of faith, determination and hope. And now, her story is a motion
picture called SOUL SURFER.
In the film, you can see how Bethany helped tsunami victims. She also supports a charity
organisation called SurfAid -other famous people who support SurfAid are Jack Johnson and
Kelly Slater.

Access to clean water is vital to the health of any community. In the

Indonesian Island of Nias and Mentawai Islands, many young children die
because of bad sanitation and because it is difficult to get clean water. In
2006 SurfAid began its work in Nias. The organisation works to restore
and improve water supply systems. They repaired wells damaged in the
2005 earthquake and made new systems to collect rain water. In 2009
they started a Clean Water Programme in the Mentawai Islands with
similar objectives. The goal of SurfAid is to save lives through the improvement of access to
water and heathier sanitation practices. "I am not looking for Band-Aids, I'm looking for real
lasting change so the people become self-reliant, said Dr Dave Jenkins, the founder of this
non-profit organisation that has received several international awards, and several donations
from private and corporate donors, most involved in the surf industry.
Glossary: tiger shark - tubaro-tigre / well poo / self-reliant - independente / non-profit no lucrativa

Choose the appropriate option according to the text. For each question, write the
letter A, B or C.

1. What happened to Bethany when a shark 2. When did she decide to help victims
attacked her?
of a tsunami?
(a) She lost her arm.
(a) When she went surfing in Hawaii.
(b) She lost her foot.
(b) After her trip to the Mentawai
(c) She got a bruise on her arm.
(c) After the shark attack.
3. Bethany is a source of inspiration 4. Whats the goal of the organisation?
because (a) To create a surfing community safer
(a) she helps other victims of shark attacks. from shark
(b) she helps kids in need through a charity attacks.
organisation. (b) To teach young people how to surf.
(c) she has won the world champion surfing (c) To help people build healthier
title five communities.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Part 3 - According to the text, are the following sentences RIGHT (A) or WRONG
(B)? If there is not enough information to answer RIGHT (A) or WRONG (B), choose
DOESNT SAY (C). For questions 1-6, write the correct letter A, B or C.

1. Theres a film about Bethanys life.

A Right B Wrong C Doesnt say

2. SurfAid helps surfers like Bethany, Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater.

A Right B Wrong C Doesnt say

3. Children in Hawaii die from poor sanitation and from dirty water.

A Right B Wrong C Doesnt say

4. The Nias and Mentawai Islands are surfers paradises.

A Right B Wrong C Doesnt say

5. A tsunami damaged the water supply system in Nias.

A Right B Wrong C Doesnt say

6. The government doesnt support SurfAid financially.

A Right B Wrong C Doesnt say

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Part 4 - Here are some descriptions related to environmental problems. What is

the word for each one? The first letter is already there. There is one space for
each other letter in the word.

1. All the trees are cut down or destroyed. D ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ ____
____ ___ ___

2. An increase in world temperature. G ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ W ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___

3. Its used to describe an animal facing extinction. E ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

4. Unwanted industrial products or substances. W ___ ___ ___ ___

5. Harmful precipitation caused by industrial pollutants. A ___ ___ ___ R ___ ___ ___

Part 5 - Complete this conversation between Sheila and her friend David. What
does David say to Sheila? For questions 1-4, write the correct letter A - E.

Sheila: David, did you see the news today? A Oh, I dont watch TV that
David: (1)______ often.

Sheila: There was a big earthquake in San B Yes, I never miss ITV
Francisco. Evening News.

David: (2)______ C No, I usually read it online.

Sheila: I think at least ten people were killed.
Its been on CBS all day. D Oh, really! Was anyone hurt?
David: (3)______ E No, I didnt. What
Sheila: Dont you watch the news? happened?
David: (4)______
Sheila: Not everyone has access to the Internet.
My grandma, for instance, prefers to watch the Eight OClock news.

Part 6 - What disaster does each definition refer to? Read and complete with the
words from the box.

1. ________________________ - the water covers areas usually dry; streets may look like rivers
2. ________________________ - the grass is yellow and there is not enough water for farms
3. ________________________ - big ships pollute the ocean and kill birds and sea life
4. ________________________ - an intense tropical storm with powerful winds and heavy rain

flood oil slick

drought hurricane

Part 7 - Complete the following gapped text by choosing the correct word from the
options given. For questions 1-10, write the correct letter A, B or C.

Pollution can be seen throughout the world (1) ____ also in (2) _____ own homes. (3) _____
comes from household chemicals, the amount of water people use and the waste people
produce and throw away. What can be done to stop (4) _____ pollution? Surprisingly, a
person can help save the environment (5) _____ doing simple things. (6) _____, we need to
(7) _____, which saves landfill space for other waste. It takes very (8) _____ effort; it is not
hard to place plastic and glass bottles, aluminium cans and paper in a bin. (9) _____, we
need to watch the amount of water used in the home. For instance, we can (10) _____ short
showers instead of baths.

1. A because B and C or 1.
2. A our B their C mine 2.
3. A There B It C They 3.
4. A those B these C this 4.
5. A through B with C by
6. A First B Next C After
7. A recycling B recycle C collect 6.
8. A little B no C much 7.
9. A However B As a result C Then 8.
1 A catch B take C make 9.

Part 8 - Complete these conditional sentences with the correct tense of the verb in
brackets. Use the zero conditional.

1. If we ______________________ (not/recycle) paper, our Science teacher gets angry.

2. If you water a cactus every day, it _____________________ (die) in a short time.

3. You _________________ (get) sunburnt if you lie in the sun all day.

4. I feel tired if I ___________________ (not/eat) breakfast.

Part 9 - Complete these conditional sentences with the correct tense of the verb in
brackets. Use the first conditional.

1. If Kate and Mark _____________________ (visit) the exhibition, theyll learn renewable
sources of energy.

2. Sam will feel really bored if he _______________________ (not/find) a summer job.

3. If they dont attend the modelling lessons, they ___________________ (not/become) famous

4. If Mary wakes up late, she ______________________ (miss) the bus.