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If the left chain of a DNA

Taligaman, Butuan City molecule has the nucleotide sequence
FIRST QUARTERLY EXAM IN GRADE 9 CCGTAGGCC, what is the sequence of the right
SCIENCE chain of the DNA molecule?
Direction: Choose the letter of the correct
answer. 17. Occurs when the phenotype of the offspring
1.Which system is responsible for the exchange of
oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air and the
is somewhere in between the phenotype of
cells? both parents.
a. circulatory c. excretory a. Codominance c. multiple alleles
b. digestive d. respiratory b. Incomplete dominance d. sex
2. Where does exchange of gases take place? linked traits
a. alveoli c. bronchioles 18. Expressed in both sexes but more
b. bronchi d. diaphragm frequently in one sex than in the other.
3. The life support system that feeds the cells with food a. Sex-limited c. sex-influenced
and oxygen is the ___________. b. Codominance d. multiple alleles
a. circulatory c. excretory
19. Traits that are controlled by genes located
b. digestive d. respiratory
4. Which organ is referred as the living pump? on the same sex chromosome.
a. heart c. lung a. Sex-linked c. sex-limited
b. liver d. stomach b. Sex-influenced d. multiple
5. Which organ serves to filter and warm the air entering alleles
it? 20. Which sex chromosome determines a
a. air sac c. diaphragm persons sex?
b. bronchus d. nasal cavity a. X c. Y
6. The materials carried by the circulatory system b. XX d. XY
include which of the following?
21. The following are other factors that may
1. Blood 2. Hormones 3. Oxygen 4. Cellular waste
a. 1 only c. 1, 2, and 3 influence the expression of human sexuality
b. 1 and 2 d. 1, 2, 3, and 4 EXCEPT:
For numbers 7 11, choose from the following options. a. Aneuploidy c. genital
Write the letter of the correct answer. development
a. X is true and Y is false b. Social interaction d. polygenic
b. X is false and Y is true genes
c. X and Y are both true 22. In a cross involving two heterozygous
d. X and Y are both false parents, which is the chance of the offspring
7. X. Oxygen is taken up in the body during
having the dominant phenotype?
Y. Oxygen is delivered to the tissue by the a. 25% c. 75%
respiratory system b. 50% d. 100%
8. X. Lungs are organs of respiration 23. In a cross between homozygous dominant
Y. They are situated in the abdominal cavity parent and a heterozygous parent, what is
9. X. Alveoli are tiny sacs at the end of bronchioles the chance of the offspring having dominant
Y. Alveoli have thin and moist walls to permit phenotype?
faster diffusion of gases a. 25% c. 75%
10. X. The heart is divided into four valves b. 50% d. 100%
Y. The valves of the heart are left and right atria
24. In a cross between homozygous dominant
and the left and right ventricles.
11. X. The aorta is the main and the biggest artery in parent and a heterozygous parent, what is
the human body. the chance of the offspring having a
Y. It carries oxygenated blood away from the heterozygous genotype?
heart. a. 25% c. 75%
12. A long term smoking habit can destroy the cilia along b. 50% d. 100%
the lining of the air passages. How might this affect a Red-eyed fruit flies have the dominant trait
smokers health? (R), white-eyed flies have the recessive trait
a. The smoker will have very limited air. (r). The recessive allele Xr causes white eyes
b. The smoker will have difficulty in breathing.
in males.
c. The smoker will not be able to filter pollutants.
d. The smokers respiratory tract will be blocked. A cross was made between a heterozygous
13. You always hear and see the statement, red-eyed female fruit fly and white-eyed
Government Warning: Cigarette smoking is dangerous male fruit fly. Answer the following
to your health. How does cigarette smoking increase questions:
the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases? 25. What will be the genotype of 50% of the
a. The chemicals in cigarette harm the blood cells. female offspring?
b. They can damage the function of the heart and the a. XRXR c. XRXr
structure and function of blood vessels, thus increasing b. X YR
d. XY
the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
26. What percentage of the male offspring will
c. both a and b d. neither a nor b
be white-eyed?
14. The component in the nucleus of a cell that
a. 50% c. 75%
codes and stores genetic information is called
b. 25% d. 100%
27. What is the chance that the female
a. DNA c. Nucleoplasm
offspring will be white-eyed?
b. Nucleolus d. RNA
a. 50% c. 100%
15.A nucleotide is composed of:
b. 75% d. 25%
a. Base only c. sugar only
28. What is the genotype for the female parent?
b. Protein only d. sugar, phosphate and base
a. XRXR c. XRXr
16.The structure of the DNA is actually double helix
b. X Xr r
d. XX
arrangement. The nitrogen bases in each of the
29. It happens when the concentration of
chain can only pair with specific bases, like
organic nutrients that comes from domestic
adenine pairs only with thymine and cytosine pairs
garbage and thrown in bodies of water, c. It reduces the number of insects in a
increases rapidly. given ecosystem.
a. Eutrophication c. d. It allows animals to feed permanently
Deforestation from one type of plant.
b. Acid rain d. Water 38. Plants make food by absorbing water and
pollution carbon dioxide. Which of the following
30. The build-up of pollutants in organisms at substances is the origin of oxygen released
higher tropic levels in the food chain. as gas by green plants during
a. Water pollution c. photosynthesis?
Deforestation a. Water c. carbon dioxide
b. Biomagnification d. Acid rain b. Sugar d. ribulose-1,5-
31. The increase in the earths temperature biphosphate
from rapid build-up of carbon dioxide and 39. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are gases that
other gases. cycle out in the ecosystem. Which of the
a. Biomagnification c. Greenhouse following gases is important to
effect photosynthesis?
b. Global warming d. Air pollution a. Ozone gas c. Oxygen
32. How are limiting factors related to b. Water vapour d. Carbon dioxide
population density? 40. Plants are considered as food makers. In
a. The greater the population density, the which of the following cell organelles does
greater the effect of limiting factors photosynthesis occur?
have on a population. a. Ribosome c. Chloroplast
b. The greater the population density, the b. Chlorophyll d.
lesser the effect of limiting factors has Mitochondrion
on a population. 41. The light-dependent reaction of
c. The lesser the population density, the photosynthesis must come first before the
greater the effect of limiting factors light independent reaction because its
have on a population. products are important to the fixation of
d. None of the above carbon dioxide. Which of the following is/are
33. In nature, what environmental factors might the products of the light-dependent
account for differences in the population of reaction?
different animals? a. ADP only c. ATP only
a. Availability of sunlight, nutrients, or b. NADPH only d. ATP and
water NADPH
b. Presence of other organisms that feed 42. Plants are very unique among other
on the plants organisms due to their capability to trap
c. The space available to each individual sunlight and make their own food. Which of
plants the following enables plants to trap energy
d. All of the above. from the sun?
34. If the population species of a given area is a. Epidermis c. Cuticle
doubled, what effect would this have on the b. Chloroplast d. Chlorophyll
resources of the community? 43. When cells break down food into chemical
a. Competition for resources would energy it undergoes three major processes,
increase as resources decline. glycolysis, Krebs cycle and electron
b. Competition for resources would transport. Which of the processes provides
decreases as resources decline. the most number of ATP molecules?
c. Competition for resources would a. Glycolysis c. Electron transport
decreases as resources increase. b. Krebs cycle d. no idea
d. Competition for resources would 44. Sugarcane juice is used in making table
increase as resources increase. sugar which is extracted from the stem of
35. Which of the following is NOT a way to the plant. Trace the path of sugar molecules
prevent extinction? found in the stem from where they are
a. Preserving natural areas produced.
b. Keeping endangered animals as pets a. Root ------ stem c. flowers-----leaf------
c. Breeding endangered animals in stem
captivity b. Leaf-------stem d. roots-------leaf------
d. Reintroducing endangered animals to stem
nature 45. What will happen if ATP and NADPH are
36. How might products be designed so that already used up at night?
they are more environment-friendly? a. Less oxygen will be produced.
a. Less energy should be required for their b. Less carbon dioxide will be used.
use. c. Glucose production will stop.
b. Less energy should be used in their d. Water molecule will split to form
manufacture. electrons.
c. Products should be designed to be 46. Which of the following best explains why
recycled or reused. planting trees and putting up urban gardens
d. All of the above make products more can help prevent global warming?
environment-friendly. a. Plants produce oxygen during day time
37. Why is biodiversity important to and perform transpiration.
ecosystems? b. Plants absorb carbon dioxide that
a. It increases at each level of the food contributes to the rising of earths
chain. temperature.
b. It helps populations adapt to ecological c. Plants perform photosynthesis.
d. Plants use up carbon dioxide during b. Cover the plant with paper bag
photosynthesis, release oxygen to the overnight and test for the presence of
environment, and perform transpiration. starch.
47. Oxygen is essential in cellular respiration. c. Put one potted plant under the sun and
What is the role of oxygen in the electron the other in a shaded area for two hours
transport chain? and test for the presence of starch.
a. It provides a high energy proton. d. Cover one leaf of a potted plant with
b. It releases an electron. carbon paper for two hours and test for
c. It serves as the final acceptor. the presence of starch.
d. It forms water. 50. A farmer is experiencing a problem in
48. Vegetable farmer wants to increase his growing his crops. Most of the leaves of the
harvest. Which of the following conditions crops are turning yellow. Which of the
should the farmer consider? following will likely result from the yellowing
a. The kind of soil only of the leaves of the crops?
b. The amount of water only a. It will increase the production of food.
c. The location of the plots only b. It will decrease the production of food.
d. All of the above c. The production of food will remain the
49. Abby wants to know if leaves are capable of same.
making food during night time. Which of the d. None of the above.
following experimental design should Abby
do to get an accurate answer to her Prepared by:
a. Put one potted plant in a very dark place III
over night and test for the presence of