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Lesson Plan for Principles and Practices of Management Concepts (PPMC)

Programme: MBA Trimester:3(Noble) Paper Code: MBA 32 Academic Year: 2016-2017

Lecture Details of the Topics/Sub-topics Methodology Book Date of Actual Date

No. to be covered (Page No.) Class as Per of Delivery
Unit1:Introduction about Financial Lecture TB1.1-1.4 24-10-16 24-10-16
L1 Management, meaning, Objective,
Financial Goal- Profit maximizations, Lecture TB 1.5-1.11 26-10-16 27-10-16
L2 Wealth Maximizations-Financial
management Decisions area

Unit2:Risk and Return-Meaning- of Lecture TB 2.1-2.6 31-10-16 31-10-16

L3 risk-Risk associated areas-Money
value future value-Future cash flows
Simple interest- compound interest Lecture TB 2.7-2.12 3-11-16 3-11-16
L4 Problem

Risk- Meaning- types of Risk- Lecture TB 4.1-4.6 6-11-16 7-11-16

L5 Calculation of Risk and return Problem RB 101-110
Unit-3 Sources of Finance-When Lecture TB 4.8 10-11-16 10-11-16
L6 company needs finance- different
methods for raising funds- cost
associated for raising funds
Long term and Medium term funds- Lecture TB 20.1-20.15 12-11-16 14-11-16
L7 Equity shares- preference shares-
retained Earnings-Loans- Public
deposit-Debentures- Bond
Short term fundsPrimary market Lecture TB 20.16-20.27 24-11-16 24-11-16
L8 secondary market- different TB 20.34-20.35
methods for raising funds in
primary market and secondary
Unit-4 Cost of capital: Meaning of Lecture TB 16.1-16.10 2-12-16 1-12-16
L9 cost of Capital-Cost- Importance Problem

Cost of Equity- application- Lecture TB 16.11-16.34 5-12-16 5-12-16

L10 computation of cost of capital Problem

Cost of debentures- tax application Lecture TB 16.01-16.10 8-12-16 14-12-16

L11 before and after tax Problem

Waited average cost of Capital- Lecture TB 16.17-16.19 13-12-16 16-12-16

L12 marginal cost of capital Problem
Unit-5 Types of investment Decision- Lecture TB 32.1-32.5 14-12-16 17-12-16
L13 Capital expenditure decisions-Capital Problem
budgeting process

Investment evaluation techniques- Lecture TB 32.44-32.49 17-12-16 19-12-16

L14 traditional Method and Modern Problem
Payback period- Average rate of Lecture TB 32.44-32.49 19-12-16 19-12-16
L15 return method- profitability Index Problem
method-Discounted pay back period
Net Present value method- Lecture TB 32.14-32.27 21-12-16 21-12-16
L16 Importance- Advantage and Problem RB 101-110
Disadvantage-IRR Method
L17 Capital rationing- Project selection Lecture TB 32.52- 32.53 21-1-17 22-1-17
under rationing Problem TB 32.44- 32.46
Capital Budgeting decision under risk Lecture TB 32.44-32.53 3-1-17 5-1-17
L18 Problem RB 111-136
DaL19te of Commencement of Classes: 17-06-2016

Text Book (TB):

1. Shashi k Gupta and Rk Sharma(2009) Financial Management Theory and practices, Kalyani Publishers,

Reference Books:
1. Rajni Sofat and preeti Hiro (2011), Strategic Financial Management, PHL Learning Private Limited, New

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