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Synopsis Submission - Notification

17 February, 2017

Dear Student,
Congrats and Warm Welcome to the 5 Semester!

1. You will be pleased to know that you can start writing project synopsis in the area of your
specialization opted, after paying your semester fee. Synopsis guidelines is enclosed for your
reference. You are advised to involve yourselves completely on the project work starting from
th th
project synopsis in 5 Semester and with the completion of project in final (6 ) semester.
2. Link for synopsis submission will be activated from 15 February, 2017 and Last date for Project
Synopsis submission is 30 May, 2017.
3. Approval / rejection of Synopsis will be notified within 3-4 weeks of submission of synopsis.
4. Synopsis if approved, student can start their final project work.
5. Synopsis if rejected, student can submit the revised synopsis after taking into consideration of
remarks given by evaluator before 1 week of July 2017.
6. Final Project Report (in the area of your specialization) will be submitted during 6 Semester after
paying requisite fee for project link activation.
7. For any further clarification please contact Student Support at 1800-102-3434 (TOLL
FREE) OR post query in the STUDENT ZONE.

Note: Topics selected, should be appropriate enough to justify the project. The project should be
genuine and original in nature and should not be copied from anywhere else.

Happy Learning,
Amity Directorate of Distance & Online Education
Instructions for submission of Synopsis

Before the start of project work, the student has to submit the synopsis of the
Project Work to be undertaken. The approval by the Expert Committee for the
project synopsis is mandatory to start the Project Work.

1. Synopsis is prerequisite to project work ( Weightage; 100 Marks: Project Work :70
Marks,Viva:30 Marks); it consists of summary of events that you intend to undertake in
pursuance of project work.

2. Submit synopsis by end of May (January Session) and end of November (July
Session). See Academic Calendar for exact date(s).

3. Understand the following while filling the fields:

Title of the project

Current organization

Organization where project is to be conducted


Name of the guide


Introduction: Brief introduction of the topic

Objective: aim/goal of the project

Scope: what can the project contribute?

Motivation: what led you to choose the project

Methodology: This is the important part wherein you have to specify the way you will
precede with the project. Starting from collecting primary data and research to
secondary data and the journey you are Methods of collecting data i.e.
internet, library, questionnaire, interviews etc., technology involved etc.

Tools and hardware/software: technical and non-technical tools, hardware and

software used for conducting the project.
Literature survey: brief detail about the work done till date on similar project by people
around the world. (Highlight what you have studied so far about this topic)

Process logic (input-to-output): explain the logic behind the result, what will be input
and what would be the end result

References: Links of referred websites, name of referred books, research papers etc.

Schedule of work completion: expected date of completion

4. Project Guide: Project guide selected by the student should be an expert in that
relevant discipline with a minimum of five years of work experience