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water injection systems

A-ESP-V water injection pumping system

We produce several types of water injection pumping systems.

A-ESP-V water injection pumping system is an individual submersible water injection system
developed for water injection to any selected well.

Major advantages:
longer run life;
easy to operate - submersible design requires no special premises for assembly;
head and capacity parameters are selected for a specic well;
high maintainability.

The schematic diagram of the individual pumping system for water injection into a stratum is
given on picture. The pumping system is a converse-designed serial ESP. Fluid ow is directed
from top to bottom, thus providing water injection into a stratum. The pumping area is stacked
to separate from water feed area. Fluid is supplied from the string top. Under conditions of
the well remote layout from the main communications centre and other systems of reservoir
pressure maintenance, application of the pumping systems is most optimal.

A-ESP-C-CW brine injection pumping system

A-ESP-C-CW pumping system is intended for deep-seated Cenomanian aggressive brine

lifting and follow-up injection into oil stratum. The pump operating elements are made of
Ni-resist. The pump materials allow successful pumping of brine of 15.9-20.3 g/l salinity
and 1400 kg/m3 specic gravity at uid temperature up to 90C. The brine injection
pumps design is analogous to A-ESPs.
All the pumping systems can be used for several wells, as well as for any specic well
to cut down the costs of traverse line running and oileld capital premises. The water
injection pumps can also be completed with the soft start control systems to improve
reliability and reduce starting moments in operation.

A-ESP-V water injection pumping system