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Omar Vetrano S.A.C.I.F.I.

The term of the contract extends to social 03- 03-2027.

ISO 9001 Certification.
View In our main principles category was the ROLLING
DYNAMIC and MANUFACTURING balancers achieving
In these two areas one national recognition and international.
Our directors were invited by Universities
Different countries (Germany-Italy-Spain - England - Canada)
To give lectures on vibration control.
Today we are considered as one of the three more companies
representative of the world in the heading control vibrations.
Achieved this notoriety, the large manufacturing companies
gas and steam turbine, compressors, etc. (Asea Brown
Nuovo Boveri- Pignone- Elliott Fiat Ansaldo Siemens- -
Westinghouse - Thermodine - GHH-Man, etc) encouraged us
to enter the field of repair and manufacturing pieces of equipment they
make themselves.
So we took the Division: performing contracts
Authorized Service Shop

Agreement for South America companies with above mentioned.

To achieve this objective in the last three (3) years conducted
investing more than 1.5 million dollars, such capital was assigned to training
personnel reshuffle building, incorporating latest machines and
technology procurement tip, as well we also increased twice our personnel.

Omar Vetrano S.A.C.F.I. occupies now at 50 people high professional qualification and
extends its service to more than 10 countries on three continents.
The designs of the products are totally own, although adjusted to standards
international safety and quality, our department Research and Development designed not only
products end to obtain but also techniques, processes and tooling for processing.
Rules and agencies international certification those that fit the OMAR products Vetrano SACIFI
I.S.O. organization International Standardization.
I.E.C. Commission Electrical International.
C.E.T.O.P. European Committee
Transfer hydraulic and Pneumatic.
D.I.N. German Institute Standardization.
The preparation of the individual to meet the performance required in each job
is framed in procedures training assurance system
quality according to ISO 9001.
The aim of technological innovation was implemented in the last years was the
obtain products suitable to compete in the world market under standard quality
standardization, reliability, delivery time and internationally competitive prices.
With this concept, each new product requires the design and manufacture of machinery that
must produce to achieve competitive prices and quality assurance.
In the last 3 (three) years we have incorporated the following equipment: . Special machine -
Hydraulic Puller extraction, hauling and placed shells for large generators (self-produced).
.Special machine - 300 ton hydraulic press Extraction turbine discs (manufacture itself).
Special machine - machining device
U .A.F.N.O.R. Association
French of standardization
B.S.A. Association of British Standardisation
U.N.I. entity standardization Italian
U.L. laboratories certification USA
New products developed and manufactured by OMAR Vetrano SACIFI.-
Compressors and Suppliers for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
National: first manufacturer Biosafety equipment - Needles and disintegrating
inutilizIsers Syringe , avoiding the risk of infection, because the destruction occurs at a
temperature sufficient to remove all kinds of viruses,
including AIDS - HEPATITIS B, only product in the world these features.
. Making Cabinets revealed in stainless steel and painted.
. Preventives viewboxes
Panoramic. . Washers for instrumental dental doctor Ultrasound.
. Importing units
Complete dental origin Korea.
.Treadmills Professionals
100% national integration.
. Making all kinds of parts for steam turbines - gas - rotary compressors -
even balancer made by team variable speed electronic devices
turning and grinding various parts to 40 tn. (Own manufacturing and acquisition
Argentine) market.. Special Machine - Horizontal Drilling mobile cylinder or other part that
requires service as horizontally (self-produced).
Special device in Crane 30 tn.
Micrometer movement to avoid damage in the assembly of large parts or
equipment (self-produced).
. Diverter assembly jigs, manufacturing, Simple assembly and tooling design (self-produced).
Machines purchased:
. Schenck balancing machine for turbos (Germany).
. Vibration Analyzer expectro site graph.
. Dynamic balancer.
. Analysis software.
. Laser alignment system.
. Brand Schenck (Germany).
. Alesadora TOS (Italy).
. Tig Welders system marks Merle, Kami, Velemar (Argentina).
Measuring Instruments and calibrated certificates
All these facilities should be added 300 special devices that make our
production. In turn we have implemented a customer service system that allows
provide services 24 hours. and 365 days year.
The economic result of efforts before mentioned throughout the last three (3)
years we could summarize in the following
figures: increase in Volume Production 230% increase
Employed personnel 100%
Alternative - pumps - fans - and Gearheads multipliers - generators -
alternators, etc.
Human Resources
Since the products manufacture has a content of engineering and knowledge each
More important, the capitalization of resources humans is the critical point of the
investment in recent years. For this we have a training department
internal and external.

On the domestic side, each job has defined training scheme determined according to a
assurance system quality (OV-PG-18-01) that and feedback ensures upgrade implementation
annual plans training. In the aspect outside our department concerned with form and update
techniques applied to vibration maintenance to preventive and predictive staff and educational
institutions, official and private. This department has all the necessary elements to achieve
practical and technical said end.-
Expansion of Facilities m2- 70%
Increment Exports 380%