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Final Portfolio

Personal Self-Evaluation

Name: Chowdhury Yeethhaf

Period: 3

Rate yourself in the following areas:

Quality Poor Average Above Average Excellent Superior Best
(Top 25%) (Top 10%) (Top
5%) (Top 1)

Diligence X

Reliability X

Punctuality X

Responsibility X

Integrity X
Concern for
Others X

Leadership X

Initiative X
Writing Skill
Reading Skill

Listening Skill X
Skill X
Management X

Please list detailed evidence for your rankings.

Leadership and reading skills are superior because I usually take control in whatever group
work is assigned.

Integrity is superior because I have never lied or cheated on any of the work given.

Rest of the skills located above average because of my consistent work throughout the year.
What are three words that would most accurately describe you? (Use adverbs to
enhance each of the words, such as: passionately motivated.)
1. Ambitious leader
2. Innovative worker
3. Candid listener

What are your professional and academic strengths?

1. Leader
2. Exceptional pupil
3. Work ethic
4. Respectful
5. Honest
6. Patience

What are your professional and academic weaknesses?

1. Put others before myself
2. Too critical on myself

What are you doing about your weaknesses?

I am changing myself in the sense I am learning went to not stick my neck out for others.
I am also learning how to not be critical on myself, but rather learn from my mistakes.

What obstacles have you faced so far and how have you dealt with them?
Coming from an immigrant family, I have faced many hardships. One hardship I faced was not
being able to speak English when I moved to the United States; I overcame that obstacle by
taking English classes on top of the classes that were already given to me.

What is the most compelling reason to trust you?

The most compelling reason to trust me is because I am a firm believer in karma. Also, my
character speaks for itself.