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College of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Internship Report


[Ultra Industrial Services Est. ]

Reporting Period:

[16/06/2012 - 28/06/2012]

Submitted by:

[Mostafa AL-Gurashi]


[submission date (29/06/2012)]

Mechanical Engineering Department

Summer 2012

The company work in pipelines maintenance

removing black powder and filtration .


Day 16/06/2012 was the first day of training

in Ultra Industrial Services , in this day I met the
project coordinator Eng Abdullah AL-HARBI and sit
supervisor Eng Shabir ahmed bhat , through this meeting
they give me introduction about the company and the
projects that they finished with aramco and they told me
about the new project in Ras Tanoura .Through this
meeting we agree Eng ABDULLAH ALHARBI will be my
supervisor and his Mobil 0503338474.Acording to Eng
Abdullah the first two weeks the will be course of safety.
For the weeks after most of the time will be in the site.


Through this course I learn sequence and basic steps for

job safety. According to aramco we have to follow
procedures for safety starting by gas testing procedure
using 3 in 1 Gas Monitor G.I.2.709 Manual ,Electrical
safety for boom or Mobile heavy equipment operator
testing and certification G.I.7.025,inspentction and
testing of requirements of elevating / lifting equipment
G.I.7.030,street and road closure, reinstatement and
traffic controls G.I.1021.000,fire fighting training
company personnel G.I.1783.001 ,safety spectacles
G.I.8002, safety footwear G.I.8.005,isolation lock out
and use of hold tags G.I.2.709, GAG.I.2.01testing using
3 in 1 monitor G.I.2012,pressure testing safety. For the
basic safety steps , site inspection to confirm the safety of
working area and ensure maintenance readiness. Also, to
ensure that operations are not generating risks for each
other. Another important factor the communication
between the workers and the massage should be clear
and loud.Work permit procedure must be implemented
and joint inspection should be done per G.I.

For the equipment safety, all lifting devices must be

inspected and color coded operator and rigger must be
certified from Saudi Aramco and having valid certificate.

For the launcher first thing placement of the frac tanks

and chemical tanks. Because improper placement may
block the access to the launcher. Storage of the chemical
and the diesel in proper way to avoid any leakage and fire.
Depressurization of the trap door to maintain the right
pressure inside the launcher. Next step, injection of dry air
then opening of the trap door and placement of the
scrapper then close it .the last step injection of the
chemical and diesel. After all this steps , confirmation of
crew members location. Also, checking that there is no
trapped pressure and checking that all fittings and
equipments are in proper shape. The chemicals shall be
properly labeled . Materials safety data sheet(MSDSs) shall
be readily available for each chemical on site. Wash hands
thoroughly after handling chemicals. In case of eye or skin
contact ,promptly flush affected areas with clean water for
a period 15 minutes minimum , remove contaminated
clothing and seek medical attention. Chemical storage
shall be minimized on-site, Don't mix incompatible
chemicals, use of approved equipment and procedure.

Safety for Receiver:

It is tool to receive the fluids ,scraper and sludge.

First step, depressurization of the trap door then opening

of the trap door then retrieval of the scraper. Last step
closing of the trap door.


It is a communication device driving through the pipeline

corridor it show where is the scraper location. Some
recommendations personnel are required to wear
PPE, including safety helmet, safety glasses , gloves and
safety shoes.Another important issue to explain to the key
workers the purpose of this JSA and enforce
implementation of contant.Also,use the JSA to identify the
hazards and list the precaution on the work
permit.Garbage shall be disposed property on a daily
basis.No worker or supervisor should operate any valve
without the prior approval from the SA operations .If an
injury or near miss occures , the JSA shall be reviewed
immediately to determine whether changes are needed in
the job procedures.


Starting from next weak the company wating the access

ID from aramco for me .The location will be in raisa
tanura.Also, the company wating to finish paper work for
this project with aramco.