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James Academy
City of Malabon
PAASCU Level II Accredited
Course Outline in Science 5
School Year 2017-2018


I. Matter II. The Human Reproductive VI. Motion and Distance XI. The Earth Structure,
A. Matter and Its Properties System and Puberty A. Recognizing Motion Processes and Weather
1. Classifying Matter Based A. Human Reproductive System B. Measuring Distance Disturbances
on Its Properties 1. Female and Male A. Layers of the Earth
2. Distinguishing Between Reproductive System VII. Heat Energy 1. Crust
Useful and Harmful 2. Fertilization A. Thermal Energy 2. Mantle
Materials 3. Proper Care for B. Heat Transfer 3. Core
B. Changes in Matter Reproductive System C. The Effects and Applications B. Weathering and Erosion
1. Physical Change B. Puberty of Thermal Energy C. Weather Disturbances
2. Chemical Change
C. Responsible Living with III. Animal Reproduction VIII. Light Energy X. Moon, Stars, and
Matter A. Sexual Reproduction in A. The Nature of Light Constellation
1. Proper Waste Animals B. Light and the World A. Moon
Management 1. Mechanisms of Sexual 1. The Moon and The Earth
Reproduction IX. Sound Energy 2. Features of the Moon
2. Internal Fertilization A. The Nature of Sound 3. Phases of the Moon
3. External Fertilization B. The World of Sounds 4. Myths about the Moon
B. Asexual Reproduction in 1. Properties of Sound B. Stars and Constellation
Animals 2. Effects of Sound on 1. Characteristcs of Stars
1. Mechanisms of Asexual Objects 2. Constellations
Reproduction 3. Effects of Sound on People
4. Preventing the Bad Effects
IV. Plant Reproduction of Sound
A. Sexual Reproduction in Plants
1: Course Outline in Science 5, S.Y. 2017 - 2018
1. Flowering Plants
2. Nonflowering Plants X. Electricity and Magnetism
B. Asexual Reproduction in A. Nature of Electricity
Plants B. Circuits
1. Vegetative Reproduction 1. Electrical Conductors and
V. Marine Ecosystem 2. Electric Circuit
A. Types of Marine Ecosystem C. Electromagnetism
1. Ocean 1 .Electricity and Magnetism
2. Intertidal Zones 2. Applications of
3. Nearshore Regions Electromagnets
B. Protecting Marine Ecosystem

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1: Course Outline in Science 5, S.Y. 2017 - 2018