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Intern Name: Samantha Sherman

Topic/Title of Lesson: Day One of Moose on the Move: Vocab and Comprehension
Length of Lesson: Roughly 50 minutes
Date Taught: To Be Determined
In this lesson The class will be introduced to a new story,
Overview Moose on the Move and all of its components.
Standards of 3E-CF 2
Learning (SOL 3.5)

What lessons can be retained from reading this book?

Essential Question

Students will be able to

Recognize and understand new vocabulary words
Objectives Demonstrate comprehension of Moose on the Move

I can answer questions that show I understand what I read

Learning Target and recognize new words.
Key Vocabulary or New words that will be introduced: Antlers, clearing, dam,
hooves, upset, understand.
Promethean board, pencils, new vocab sheets for
each student (words already on them), a book for
Materials each student, listening ears, open eyes, closed
mouths, and ready to learn students.
Introduction/ Ask the students what they already know about moose,
where they live, what they eat, other animals the like to be
Hook around, etc. Show them a picture of a moose.
1. Talk the students through the new vocab they will
see in the book while the words and their definitions
are projected on the screen.
2. Find and highlight new vocab words in their books.
3. Pass out the book to each student.
4. Introduce the book to them and ask a student to point
Instructional out the author and the illustrator.
Activities 5. Read the book as a class.
6. Once the book has been read, students will complete
the comprehension quiz.
7. If time allows, they can color their books when they
are finished.
Reading the book out loud as a group, extended, repeating
Accommodations and clarify the question several times out loud.
Tell me where you would fit into the forest or what you
Closure Activity liked about the story before you can line up.

Assessments Comprehension quiz

Resources Reading A-Z