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Teaching and Learning

Bulletin Board Worksheet

(To be completed and turned in by the first Friday of the month for which they are creating the
bulletin board. Example: if a student were creating a bulletin board for October, the board and
worksheet must be complete by Friday, October 7.

Student Name: Cassidy Davila

Period: 3
Row #: 8

1. Month: November
2. Holiday/Theme: 30 Days of Thanks
3. Why did you choose this theme? I chose this theme because I thought it would be a
fun and interactive way to include the students. Along with this, I liked the idea of a giant
calendar on a string that you can flip the dates over!
4. What resources and materials were used in the construction of the board? I used
construction paper of various colors (red, yellow, orange, white, black, etc;), scissors,
clothes pins, tacks, twine,
5. Describe your bulletin board in detail (how will I know by looking at the board
which one is yours?) My board consists of the saying 30 Days of Thanks on the top
with lines of numbers 1-30 below it on strings of twine and clothes pins. On the back of
each number there is a different phrase or word of something for the students to be
thankful for.
6. Describe the academic unit or lesson that you would use as a classroom teacher
to link your students to the board? What is the purpose of the theme you chose?
Be detailed here; I chose my theme because it was an interactive way to get the
students to think about things and write about them. How I would teach my lesson is that
everyday in the morning at circle time I would have a different volunteer come up to the
front of the class and flip over the card that represented the date of the day. I would then
ask Whats something to be thankful for today? and have the volunteer of the day read
whats on the back of the card (assisting them if they have problems). I would then
repeat whats on the back of the number as if surprised and ask the students if they
agree thats something theyre thankful for and if they could give reasons for why. By
doing this I could help improve the childrens communication and thinking skills. To
further this lesson, I would have the students go back to their desks and take out their
journals and ask them to write about whatever was on the back of the card. It could be
something they like about it, a story involving it, a description of it, anything really but the
prompt would change each day. This would allow the students to be creative and work
on different types of writing. After each student is done, I would share what I wrote and
then ask if there are any volunteers that would like to share theirs.

Name: ________________________________________ Date: ________ P3 Row: _____

95 85 75 65

Creativity uses ingenuity and combines shows some limited

imagination, going imagination when imagination when imagination,
outside shaping ideas into shaping ideas into selects one idea
conventional a product with a product, but may without evaluating
boundaries conventional stay within the quality of idea
boundaries conventional

Effort extra effort is maximum effort effort is evident; minimum effort

evident; goes is evident; may fall short of is evident;
above and product expectations product does not
beyond addresses all meet
expectations expectations expectations

Theme theme is topic is obvious general topic is topic or theme is

immediately but specific recognizable; not evident;
recognized; theme may not has no academic contains no
academic link is be evident; loose link academic link
evident academic link

Visual Board includes Board attempts to Board includes Board contains a

elements that are include elements limited colorful, limited color
especially fun, that make it lively engaging, fun, or scheme; does not
lively, engaging, and engaging lively elements engage audience
colorful, and

Written portion Addresses all Addresses all Is missing detail Minimal

requirements with requirements with or some requirements met,
detailed some effort; more requirements; lacks effort and
explanation; detail may be more effort is detail.
shows extra effort necessary needed