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2 ISNIN 09.01.2017

Class : 6 CEMERLANG No. of pupils : 41 pupils

Time : 8.40-9.40 Duration : 60 minutes

Subject : English Topic : Unit 1 READING : A WINDOW

Theme : World of Knowledge
Focus Skill : Reading

Learning 2.3.1 Able to read for information and enjoyment:

Standard (a) a) fiction
Learning : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
Objectives 1. response to 5/8 questions based on the story correctly.
EMK Values : Love for peace and harmony
CCE/EE : Multiple Intelligence/Contextualism/Verbal Linguistic
iThink : Bubble map
Prior Knowledge : In the previous lesson, pupils have learnt about ;
1. choosing a book to read.
Teaching Aids : Textbook (Pg. 4) , exercise book, dictionary

Assessment : Can demonstrate understanding of texts by completing tasks with some guidance.

Activity Teaching & Learning Strategy

Presentation: Listening and speaking
1. Talk about a folktale.
2. Test prior knowledge with a few questions.
3. Thought showering on the tales.
Practice :
4. Read aloud the text in the Textbook Page 4. Dictionary skills.
5. Divide pupils into groups and assign them with a paragraph
to each group.
6. Use dictionary skills to locate the meaning.
Production :
7. Individually, pupils answer the given questions. Reinforcement.
8. Consolidation.

Reflections _____/_____ of the pupils were able to understand the lesson taught.
_____/_____ of the pupils were able to complete the assigned task(s).
_____/_____ of the pupils needed extra guidance/reinforcement.
_____/_____ of the pupils participate actively during the lesson.

Remarks The teacher will carry out the lesson on the next day due to:
Meeting/Course School Program
Accompanying pupils Outside of school activity
CRK / MC Cataclysm holiday / Special holiday
Event public holiday / Public holidaY