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MEDICAL SCHOOL Duke University School of Medicine

LWhat did you think about the disadvantages

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and advantages of managed health care?
What are the most interesting or difficult Who do you think is responsible for the
questions asked in a med school interview? rationing of health care?
excerpted from LIf Im to talk to the Admissions Committee
tomorrow, why should I tell them to let you
Recently interviewed students completed an on-line in?
questionnaire documenting the most interesting or LWhich of your accomplishments on your
difficult questions asked of them in a med school AMCAS application do you consider your
interview. The CDC surveyed the website and found biggest success? Your biggest failure?
these for you LHow would your best friend describe you?

Harvard Medical School Stanford University

LWhat about Harvard Medical School scares LWhat are some of the things that you will
you most? have to give up as a doctor?
LWhy didnt you go into social work if you like LWould you share your religious beliefs with
working with people? your patients?
LDo you think that there should be mandatory LHow do you help people who dont want to
HIV testing for couples wanting to get be helped?
married? LIn what field do you think the next major
LWould you prefer to provide less effective advancement in medicine will come?
medicine to more people or more effective
medicine to fewer people? SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse
LWho is your hero and why? LWhat do you think of the priority system for
LHow can you tell if someone is truly organ recipients? and also the priority
compassionate? system for allocating funds for medicine?
LWhat negative experiences from your
Weill Medical College of Cornell University different jobs made it clear to you that you
LWhy study medicine when you have so man wanted to pursue medicine?
LIf someone 15 years from now were to write University at Buffalo
a book about you, what would you want to LWhat would you do if you caught your
have included in that book? roommate cheating on his AMCAS
LIf you had a magic pen, what would you do application?
to remedy health care in America? LWhat is the biggest problem facing
LHow can we minimize health care costs medicine?
when people are willing to pay more to be LWhy are some doctors unhappy practicing
healthier? medicine?
LRegardless of your grade, what course LWhat is the most important development in
would you recommend that all students the world over the past 25 years?
take? LWhats your cause?
LWhat are you passionate about?
LWhat would you do if you got in everywhere, A few words of sound advice . . .
and what would you do if you got in LNothing will prepare you better for an
nowhere? interview than a solid understanding of your
LWhat is the one thing that distinguishes you application in other words, read it again!
from the rest of the candidates? LKnow your motivations to enter the
LHonesty is the best policy mean what you
say, and say what you mean
LPractice your interview techniques with a
mock interview in the Career Development

The Career Development Center | 159 MVR Hall | 255-1846 |