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Robenia pseudacacia (Rob) Malarial Fabeacea family

Affinity: STOMACH, Abdomen, Rectum, Skin

(Massimo, Group: Fabeacea)

Producing a lot of symptoms in digestion area
The stomach is the CENTER of the suffering
The stomach is EMPTY
The energy of the stomach is MOVING UP
Anguish, as if you have an empty stomach, you have
ot fill it, its just jumping out of your body ad not fillin
gyou at all
As if they cannot control this kind of suffering and can-
not keep the energy inside
I am not like the others, I am unlucky, I am a profes-
sional loser
There is nothing I can do to become strong
I need to do something to TRY to do to appear okay
Severe weakness, being completely unsupported
I cannot do anything by myself
Often religious affections (not so common in other Fab)
Almost fanatic, to lean upon something which is stronger, absolute, sure, assuring you that is you
follow this religious waythen you are better than the others, you are doing your job
Then you are not someone in disgrace, like the others commonly think of you
Difficult Integration of Sexual Life
(Bapt) how hard it is to please your mouth, to please your anus
Not allowing yourself any pleasure
Dis-connected, benumbing, not feeling your pelvis, your genitals, your bladder, your anus
To protect yourself form something that is so difficult to integrate
To avoid
(end Massimo)

Lots of BURNING in stomach

Affinity: GI, Stomach, Rectum, HEAD (left side)
Aversion to everything that is black and somber
Excessive pride, always under impression will be disgraced
Love and excited passions
Dreams of travels and pleasures
Angry at least cause, passing to fury
Head as if full of boiling water
Extreme THIRSTgreat dryness of mouth and throat
Worse Motion, Worse spring and fall, worse damp weather
SOURNESS, vomiting sour, diarrhea sour
Combo of GASTRIC an HEAD symptomsgastric headache
Congestive headache, as tho brain were knocking against skull (when moving)
Worse emotion, mental exertion, reading
Robenia pseudacacia (Rob) Malarial Fabeacea family

Belching, Sour
Distention and rumbling of abdomen and bowels
Disgrace, moral agitation
Vertigo as if the brain is loose
Headache forehead and temples

Mind; P; AMBITION; Loss of (p, 34, 6-12) (34) *

Mind; P; BED; Remain in, desires to (p, 46, 6-13) (46) *
Mind; P; DELUSIONS, imaginations; Emperor; thought himself
an (p, 3) (3) *
Mind; P; FANATICISM (p, 14, 1-1) (14) *
Mind; P; HAUGHTY (p, 91, 17-36) (91) *
Mind; P; IRRITABILITY; Indigestion, in (m, 2) (2) ***
Mind; P; MOROSE, sulky, cross, fretful, ill-humor, peevish (p,
397, 131-620) (397) *
Mind; P; SADNESS; Indigestion, in (m, 8) (8) ***
Mind; P; THOUGHTS; Vanishing, loss of; sudden (p, 3) (3) ***
Head; P; BUBBLES, as of (p, 16, 5-8) (16) *
Head; P; KNOCKING sensation; Brain against skull (p, 19, 1-2) (19) *
Head; P; PAIN; Forehead (l, 639, 700-5928) (639) ***
Head; P; PAIN; Sides (l, 430, 273-1904) (430) ***
Eyes; P; TEARS; Sensation of (p, 20) (20) * Also affects Lacrymal Apparatus
Face; P; DISCOLORATION; Red; one-sided (s, 59, 6-36) (59) *
Face; P; PAIN; Wandering (p, 11, 1-1) (11) *
Mouth; P; HEMORRHAGE; Easily; gums (l, 62) (62) *
Teeth; P; PAIN; Touch; agg.; food, of, from (m, 10) (10) *
Throat; P; INFLAMMATION, sore throat; Tonsils (l, 190, 19-61) (190) *
Stomach; M; FAT food, after (m, 52) (52) ***
Stomach; P; ERUCTATIONS; General; sour (p, 219, 63-195) (219) ****
Stomach; P; HEARTBURN; Night (t, 9, 4-4) (9) ***
Stomach; P; VOMITING; General; supper, after (m, 5) (5) *
Abdomen; P; PAIN; Liver; gallbladder; region of (l, 3) (3) *
Rectum; P; CHOLERA (p, 160, 16-200) (160) ***
Female; P; ERUPTIONS; Herpetic (p, 30, 3-3) (30) *
Perspiration; P; ODOROUS; Sour (p, 87, 11-45) (87) *
Skin; P; ERUPTIONS; Urticaria, nettle-rash; stomach complaints, in (m, 10) (10) *
Generalities; M; EATING; After; immediately (m, 43) (43) *
Generalities; P; FAINTNESS, fainting; Rising; on (m, 41, 3-24) (41) *
Generalities; P; PASS away with stool, as if whole body would (p, 1) (1) ***