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NP Vanessa
So much to do, so little time and yet I was there for more than
two hours.
When I first arrived, the member was lethargic. Her oxygen
saturation was at just 80 percent. She still smoked and was
supposed to be on continuous oxygen. However, her oxygen
machine didnt work and while one oxygen canister was empty,
another one was full. After showing her how to switch out tanks
and starting her on the remaining tank, the members oxygen
saturation increased to 95 percent and she became more alert.
She said she wasnt sure how to contact the oxygen supply
company. However, using the telephone number on one of the
tanks, I had a repair person scheduled for that day with new tanks
to be delivered a little later.
It turns out that along with not using her oxygen, the member
wasnt taking her medications either. She said the pill was too
large for one of the medications. The other? She wasnt sure why
she wasnt taking that one.
Her responses to screening questions showed she was dealing
with moderately severe depression. Along with her medical
challenges, the member lived alone, had a minimal support
system, was limited by mobility issues, ate only one meal a day
(not financially related, she said) and did not have home health or
A care management referral was made indicating her needs,
including recommendations for counseling and medications for

depression and smoking cessation. I also contacted the members

primary care provider to get the member in for an appointment.