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2010 Tel: 01246 416544

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
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3.Is this the course for you?

4.About the Academy
5.Training Centres
6.Course Syllabus
13.What is Hypnotherapy?
14.What is NLP?
15.What is Stress Management?
16.What is Psychotherapy?
17.Course Structure
18.What you will Receive
19.Course Costs
20.What does the course include?
21.Time commitment & eligibility
22.Continual Professional Development
24.Application Form

Could you see yourself here?

Some of our Sheffield class, spring 2009. All our classes involve plenty of
student participation in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You are
welcome to visit one of our ongoing classes – please contact us
for details of your nearest centre

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✓Is this the course for you? Read what we offer:

✓ An eclectic course which covers a wide range of therapeutic

interventions and psychological approaches
✓ FOUR recognised qualifications including the ONLY externally validated
Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, recognised as the ‘gold standard’
by the hypnotherapy profession, equivalent to NVQ4
✓ Quality training by experienced lecturers who are all successful therapists
✓ Ongoing supervision and support with qualified supervisors,
both during and after course completion
✓ An extensive range of CPD’s (please see page 22 for further details)
✓ A course that equips you to be a competent and confident therapist
✓ Suitable for people wanting a career change as well as those looking for
personal development
✓ An opportunity to develop a full-time business that will be both financially
secure and personally satisfying
✓ An escape from the stress of being employed with no job satisfaction and Some of our 2009 class practicing hypnosis in the hotel grounds
little control over your life
✓ Ideally suited to someone who is a ‘people person’, a good listener and
someone who has bags of empathy and enthusiasm
✓ A competitively priced course with a choice of payment options
✓ No need to miss a weekend if you are on holiday – with centres throughout
the UK you are always welcome to join us in another location.
✓ All our courses are within easy access of road & rail links, with on-site
accommodation if required
✓ The only course offering a Stress Management Qualification
alongside Diplomas in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and NLP.
✓Validated by ALL THREE major hypnotherapy organisations besides
stress management and psychotherapy bodies PLUS the Open University and
Learning Skills Council

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
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About the Academy: Directors & Principal Trainers, Alan Cooper & Carole Wan

Carole has been a self-employed stress management consultant and therapist since 1992. In a previous life, Carole was
a magistrate and worked in the finance industry, both of which enabled her to witness stress first hand! She was made
the UK Training Officer for the Association of Stress Management in 1996, responsible for the development of course
materials and course delivery, and was promoted to College Principal in 1998, with overall responsibility for the running
of the College of Stress Management. She was Training Accreditation Director for the National Council for
Hypnotherapy, from 2001 until 2005. Carole is also a qualified
supervisor and EMDR therapist
Alan became a partner in the company some years later. Since then,
he has been instrumental in developing a range of CPD training aimed
at therapists and those in the caring professions. Along with Carole,
he has also written and delivered courses in both Stress Management
and Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & NLP. Alan holds qualifications in
Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and NLP. He is also a
fully qualified EMDR clinician with EMDR UK & Ireland.
After initially writing, developing and then delivering the course in
Sheffield and London, Carole & Alan expanded their school, due to
ever increasing demand, and now offer training in a number of
centres throughout the UK and Ireland. Their school is the first to
incorporate awards in both Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and
Stress Management. The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis also
offer a range of continual professional development courses, a ‘fast track’ hypnotherapy training course for suitably
qualified professionals, validated training in stress management and a range of personal development training, both in
Europe and the UK. Their plans for 2010 include offering an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Skills, incorporating
advanced hypnosis, coaching and psychotherapy. This will take place in the UK and Europe.

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Our Training Centres

We run our accredited courses throughout the UK, as these are constantly being expanded, please
contact us for further details. Some of our centres include:

Bloomsbury Hotel 16-22 Great Russell St London WC1B 3NN

Ramada Encore Aston Avenue Birchwood Business Park, Warrington WA3 6ZN,

The Beauchief Hotel 161 Abbeydale Road South Sheffield S7 2QW

Twin Oaks Hotel Church Lane, Palterton, Chesterfield (J29, M1)

Derbyshire S44 6UZ

Selwyn College Cambridge University Grange Road Cambridge CB3 9DQ

Jurys Inn Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 2HP

Swindon Holiday Inn Franklin Road Swindon Wiltshire SN5 8UB

Fionnuisce Herons Court Market Quay Bandon Cork

successful students, Chesterfield 2009

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
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Course Syllabus: Our course consists of twenty units, run over ten weekends. Content may be subject to change and revision. Hypnotic

Techniques are indicated in TEAL . ALL our training days have a high perecentage of practical experience and demonstrations. Our trainers have many years of
experience and are therefore able to draw on this when explaining how clients may benefit from each approach as it is taught.

Module One – Unit One Building Rapport

Introduction & overview Calibration
What is Hypnosis? Chunking
History of Hypnosis
Trance States Module Two – Unit Three
Therapeutic relationship Self Hypnosis
Brain Wave patterns Trance Inductions:
Hypnotic Inductions - Introduction & Practical Direct
Module One – Unit Two Arm Levitation
Trance Inductions: Authoritarian
Relaxing Scene Ego Strengthening
Progressive Relaxation Confidence & Self Esteem
Permissive Dealing with Abreactions
Wake up Techniques Contraindications for Hypnosis
Post Hypnotic Suggestions Can Hypnosis Fail?

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
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Module Two –Unit Four Physiology & Stress Hormones

Psychodynamic Psychology Glazer Stress Control
Freud & Defence Mechanisms Hypnosis - Stress Reduction
Jung & Archetypes
Dream Analysis Module Three - Unit Six
Transference CBT
Resistance REBT
Cognitive Distortions
Module Three – Unit Five The META model
Recognition & Causes of Stress Stein’s Clenched Fist
Hans Selye Introducing VAKOG
General Adaptation Syndrome Mirroring & Matching
The Human Function Curve Pacing & Leading
Type A/B Personality

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Module Four – Unit Seven

Introducing NLP
VAKOG & REP Systems Module Four – Unit Eight
Eye Accessing
Predicates & Submodalities Self Hypnosis
Milton Erickson & Milton Model Eye Fixation
Metaphor & Story Telling Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Confusional Techniques Smoking & Weight Loss
Script Writing Stress & Substance Abuse
Metaphor Construction The initial assessment process

I have
really enjoyed the course. I
originally qualified as a counsellor 8 years
searching for hypnotherapy
ago at postgraduate level and I consider your course
training I was looking for a professional yet
to be equal...excellent quality. I have built up some
friendly organisation with the experience and ability
amazing contacts, too. I really valued your support; you
to teach the necessary skills..I found this and so much
were approachable, good humoured and always professional.
more with ACMHL. The course has exceeded my
I now have several very valuable qualifications and I look
expectations, it has always been fascinating, often challenging,
forward to attending further training with you in the future
but always thoroughly enjoyable. The camaradarie amongst
fellow students has been excellent and I look forward to
FL, Chesterfield
further training with Carole & Alan


Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
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Module Five – Unit Nine Module Six – Unit Eleven

Hypnosis & Depression Somatic Disorders

The Grief Cycle Diaphragmatic Breathing

Stress/Anxiety Reduction TV Technique

Grief & Bereavement Protective Shield

Timeline Techniques OCD

Anxiety Disorders & Panic Attacks
Module Five– Unit Ten
Circle of Excellence Module Six –Unit Twelve
Peak Performance Protocol
Blackboard Induction Epigenetics

Phobias Mind/Body Medicine

Joseph Wolpe Stress & Immunity

S.U.D.S Psychoneuroimmunology

NLP – Fast Phobia Technique Deepening Trance States

NLP –Swish Testing Trance Depth & Suggestibility

Guided Imagery

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
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Module Seven – Unit Thirteen

Module Seven – Unit Fourteen
Medical Hypnosis –
Pain relief
Skin Disorders
Glove Anaesthesia - visual
Medical Hypnosis – Eating Disorders
Glove anaesthesia - kinaesthetic
Body Image & Society
NLP – advanced anchoring
Medical Hypnosis – Headaches
Calibration Skills
Sexual Problems
Sexual Problems - Taking a History

Module Eight –Unit Fifteen

I hope
you both realiuze what
amazing teachers you are, you posess
Existentialism & Psychology
such positive energies that feed through to the
students. I always left the classes feeling so vibrant
Humanistic Theories
and self assured....The class was such a different mix of
lovely people from different backgrounds..we all got on Sports Hypnosis
so well and we could always rely on the two of you to
sort out any problems. Musical enhancement

LS,Sheffield Goal Setting & coaching strategies

Performance enhancement &
PTSD, including EMDR explained

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Module Eight – Unit Sixteen Module Nine –Unit Eighteen

Personality Theories NLP in the therapy room, including:

Adaptive/Maladaptive Coping Strategies Reframing
Self - efficacy - Bandura Parts Integration
Learned Helplessness Affirmations
Attributional Theory Clean Language
Vicious/Virtuous Circle TOTE flexibility
Locus of Control - Julian Rotter As If
Measuring Stress Frames
Stress Hardiness Backtrack
Lifestyle & Health Promotion – Nutrition & Physical Values
activity Grovian Language
Miracle Question
Module Nine – Unit Seventeen
I would
Paediatric Hypnosis like to say a big thank you for your
help and wonderful teaching.  The course was
Hypnosis for Childbirth brilliant, and I feel that you have changed my life in such a
positive way.  I miss traveling up to Chesterfield each
Revue of HPD & Homework including learning
DD, Manchester

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
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Module Ten – Unit Nineteen

Practice Management including:

Setting up a business
Business Development
Branding & design
Making your own CD’s
Hypnosis & the law

Heavy snow resulted in a much reduced attendance at

Module Ten – Unit Twenty graduation, coupled with the absence of Heather, who
gave birth to Tobias a few days earlier!
Preparing your Sessions
Congratulations to our class of 2009!
Resume of Course

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 13

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is among the oldest phenomena known to man and is found, in one form or another, in virtually every culture throughout the
world. Although such altered states have been known for thousands of years, the term “hypnosis” (from the Greek “hypnos”, meaning
“sleep”) was only coined circa 1840 by Dr James Braid, a Scottish physician and remains a somewhat less than accurate description of
the experience, as the hypnotic state is, in most respects, entirely dissimilar to sleep.

There are many forms of psychological therapy but Hypnotherapy is distinctive in that it attempts to address the client’s subconscious
mind. In practice, the hypnotherapist often (but not exclusively) requires the client to be in a relaxed state, frequently enlists the
power of the client’s own imagination and may utilise a wide range of techniques from story telling, metaphor or symbolism to the use
of direct suggestions for beneficial change.

Regardless of the techniques employed, perhaps the most important thing is that a client should expect to feel comfortable and at ease
with their therapist. This is of particular importance in Hypnotherapy, in which the value of the treatment is greatly enhanced when
there is confidence in the practitioner.

Unlike many other psychological therapies, Hypnotherapy is generally considered to be a fairly short-term approach in which beneficial
change, if it is to occur, should become apparent within a relatively few sessions.

Who may benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Again, the answer to this question is “virtually everyone”. In this regard, it is the innate healing capacity of our own body that may be
stimulated by Hypnotherapy. Consequently, the list of problems which may be amenable to Hypnotherapy is far too long and varied to
catalogue but certainly includes: stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, unwanted habits and addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating,
alcoholism), disrupted sleep patterns, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, fear of examinations and public speaking, allergies and
skin disorders, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Additionally, it has proved of value within surgery, where normal
anaesthetics have not been practical, in the wider sphere of pain management and in the areas of both sporting and artistic
performance enhancement. As an adjunct to other counselling techniques, it can also assist in helping to resolve relationship
difficulties and be useful within anger management strategies.

With thanks to: William Broom Chief Executive & Registrar, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and General Hypnotherapy

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 14

What is NLP?

NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The ‘Neuro’ tells the fact that we process information about the world neurologically, using the five senses of sight, hearing, touch,
taste and smell. ‘Linguistic’ refers to the language that we use to communicate, both speech and internal thoughts and our language.
‘Programming’ relates to the patterns we use to organise our thoughts and behaviour.
Unlike some other schools of psychotherapeutic thought, which concentrate on how problems arise, NLP started from studying people
who are exceptionally good at what they do, and finding out how they do it so that anyone can get similar results by doing the same
NLP evolved in the early seventies out of the work of two people: John Grinder, then an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the
University of California, Santa Cruz, and Richard Bandler, a student of psychology at the university. Much of early NLP was based on
their study of: Virginia Satir, a family therapist, Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy, Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, and Milton
Erickson, hypnotist. Bandler and Grinder identified many of the underlying patterns of behaviour and communication that made these
therapists so effective in assisting people in changing their lives for the better. They used what they found to create a set of models of
human skills and capabilities that we call NLP.

Our approach to NLP looks at the therapeutic application of these techniques, as part of an integrated approach to treatment. We
believe that a competent therapist will possess a ‘toolbox’ of effective strategies that he or she can use with a wide variety of clients.
At the Academy, we show you how to use NLP for a diverse range of presenting issues, including phobias, motivational work, coaching,
addictive behaviour, public speaking and performance enhancement. In addition, a knowledge and understanding of NLP will enhance
rapport skills, both in and outside of the therapy room.

Carole and Alan are both qualified NLP Trainers and Certified Professional Coaches.

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What is Stress Management?

Stress is the physiological, behavioural and psychological response to an external stimulus that triggers the ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction. Stress
Management is all about identifying the causes of stress and teaching effective coping mechanisms whilst, at the same time, eliminating unhelpful
stress responses and helping individuals to understand the cause of their stress.

Alongside increased legislation and litigation, there is now a growing demand for trained Stress Managers, whether working in a therapeutic setting
or within industry.
Our certificate in stress management is now included as part of this course. Students will also qualify for acceptance onto the Diploma & Advanced
Diploma in Stress Management on successful completion of our course, dealing with corporate stress & stress audits.

Our Certificate in Stress Management and Diploma in Stress Management together form part of a recommended training which complies with the
standards of ISMAuk ‘Comprehensive Knowledge for Stress Management Practitioners’ as published by the International Stress Management
Association UK. Our training and course content has undergone a rigorous assessment and is documented in the ISMA guide to Stress Management
training. Graduation from our Certificate and Diploma will qualify applicants to apply for ‘Member Grade’ admission into ISMA. Suitable applicants
already holding the Diploma may also apply to study for the Advanced Diploma in Stress Management with the Academy, qualifying graduates to
deliver stress management training themselves.

We believe that we were the first and, as far as we know, the only training school to incorporate validated stress management training as part of our
course. An understanding of stress - what it is, how it affects us and how it can be measured - is an integral feature of therapy in the twenty-first
century. Many clients present with stress, either as a primary concern (redundancy, relationship issues, bullying in the workplace are all examples) or
as a secondary concern, triggered by depression, anxiety or bereavement. Students of the Academy will gain a unique insight into this profitable and
worthwhile career path, with opportunities to take their studies further should they wish.

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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is, essentially, a ‘talking treatment’. We cover some of the more well-known psychotherapies below. Although hypnotherapy is often
seen (by both the general public and clients) as a therapy in it’s own right, hypnosis may be seen as the ‘tool’ that a therapist uses, rather than the
therapy itself. Although there are a number of approaches to hypnotherapy, such as cognitive hypnotherapy and hypno-analysis, we believe that an
eclectic approach is better than any treatment that is too rigid. We will introduce you to the use of hypnosis in sport, performance enhancement and
education, all of which may be seen as ‘non-psychotherapeutic’ models. Within medicine, too, hypnosis may be seen as an adjunct to a purely
medical treatment, as in the case of pain management. In psychotherapy, however, hypnosis is a flexible and effective treatment, useful for helping
clients with a wide range of issues. We find that it is particularly effective in cases of anxiety and panic. It also has a proven track record in helping
individuals suffering from low self esteem, feelings of jealousy and guilt and in cases where further resources are needed in order to overcome fears,
phobias and habits.
There are several ‘systems’ of psychotherapy that we cover on the course. We believe that there are some valuable lessons to be learned from each
and will show you how to integrate different psychological approaches within a treatment plan. The National Occupational Standards for
Hypnotherapy require that qualified hypnotherapists have an understanding of the main psychological approaches although many schools choose to
skim over this important area, whilst others stick to just one model. We will cover psychodynamic approaches, as popularised by Freud. Of particular
interest are his (and later his daughter, Anna’s) categorisation of the defence mechanisms, which are often apparent in the therapy room. A
Cognitive approach is often aligned with hypnotherapy, as cognitive distortions can easily be identified and resolved using hypnotic techniques such
as ego strengthening . An existential approach to psychotherapy studies the philosophy of life. The existential psychotherapist is not unnecessarily
concerned with the client's past; instead, the emphasis is on the choices to be made in the present and future. This approach, of course, fits in well
with our coaching module. Humanistic Psychotherapy incorporates person/client centred approaches as popularised by Carl Rogers. Rogers'
technique of active listening is considered fundamental to most counselling styles, and is included in virtually every counselling training. The
existence and strengthening of rapport is, we feel, an essential element in the therapy room. More recently still, humanistic psychology also shares
many of the fundamental tenets of existentialism, and the rapidly developing area of study, "Terror Management". Graduates will automatically
qualify to apply for membership of the National Council of Psychotherapists (see page 23). Both students and graduates are welcome to attend our
highly regarded CPD in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Hypnotherapists, a highly practical two-day course which provides delegates with an in-
depth understanding of how to use cognitive therapy skills within their practice and for personal use, too.

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 17

Course Structure

The course runs for TEN WEEKENDS,usually every 3-4 weeks, from 10.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. As we train from a number of locations,
the total course may last from between seven and ten months. As we hold induction days throughout the year, you will be advised of
the next available start date for your chosen centre. We also operate a ‘rolling programme’ of modular training, which means that you
can join us at certain points in the course. However, as we often have a waiting list for our courses, you may find it advantageous to
pre-book onto our next academic intake – normally April and October - to secure your place. If you are unable to attend a particular
unit in your chosen centre you are, of course, free to join us in an alternative location (dependent on an available space).

We operate with small classes. Each training weekend combines lectures, group exercises, demonstrations and plenty of practical work.
You will also be expected to complete written assignments in-between classes along with research and reading a selection from our
recommended reading list. The estimated time commitment is seven hours per week.
A student handbook will be issued on your induction day, and a reading list can be accessed by way of our web site.

Students are obliged to complete 17 units to receive their certificates. If several units are missed, due to unavoidable circumstances,
you will be invited to attend our next available course, usually at no extra cost to yourself.
Students who wish to re-attend single units can, once qualified, apply to us for a student dispensation of £65 (including VAT) per unit
and £120 (including VAT) per weekend.

I You have
would like to take this been an inspiration to us
am finally on my way to
opportunity to thank you for your all, thank you again. I am happy to
being a counselling psychologist
teaching and sharing your experience recommend this course to anyone. I
and i would like to thank you both -
and expertise. You are certainly the most look forward to attending the Stress
completing this course has rapidly opened
inspiring therapists I have ever met Management Diploma.
doors for me that otherwise would have
been firmly shut!
WRC London MLL London
SS. Leicester

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 18

What you will receive

Each month you will be issued with two units of our course material, eventually building into an extensive course manual. All individual
units are issued on disc, for you to download and read at your leisure. In addition, further handouts and sample scripts will be issued
both before (by e-mail) and at each weekend. A student handbook will also be issued on module one.

On successful completion of the course, provided you have fulfilled attendance criteria and completed all homework assignments, plus
paid for the course in full, you will receive:

Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Dip.HPsych

Diploma in NLP Dip.NLP
Certificate in Stress Management Cert.SM

You will also be invited to complete a portfolio of work so that you may be awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD),
an externally validated award, issued jointly by the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the NCFE awarding body. Further details will
be issued on registration.

You will also qualify for the following concessions:

★ A discount of 15% (including VAT) on ANY ACMHL CPD course

★ Free registration and guidance for your HPD

★ FREE full-page entry on our web sites for the first twelve months following graduation, with a generous discount for the following
years. This will also include links to your own web site as a way of increasing your web presence.

★ Supervision both throughout the course and afterwards (supervision will be charged for separately, where required, following course

★ Once you have successfully graduated, you may join the National Council for Hypnotherapy with the designatory letters (MNCH) Lic,
the National Council of Psychotherapists (MNCP) Lic, the General Hypnotherapy Register (GQHP) and/or the Hypnotherapy
Association. Please see page 23 for further information on validations.

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 19

Course Costs
Your total investment is £2,475.00 (including VAT). This covers all tuition fees for the following FOUR awards:
Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
Diploma in NLP
Certificate in Stress Management
Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
Your deposit is £275.00. This includes VAT and is non-refundable (unless the course is cancelled or your application is
You may pay the remaining balance of £2200.00 (including VAT) in one lump sum or two payments of £1100.00 (including
VAT). If opting to pay in one or two instalments, your first payment is due no later than two weeks before your first
weekend and, where applicable, two weeks before weekend five. Alternatively, you may pay in monthly instalments, which
will incur an additional administration fee of £100. In this case, your first monthly payment will be £460.00, followed by
eight monthly payments of £230.00. No payment is due on the final module. All monthly payments include VAT and fall due
either two weeks before each module or, if paying in cash, must be paid by 10.00 am Saturday morning of each module,
excluding module ten.
Payment is normally by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer. Electronic payment will be available from spring 2010.
We are also registered with the learning and skills council to offer CAREER DEVELOPMENT LOANS. Our provider number is
9462, and full details can be accessed from

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 20

What does the course include?

The cost of the course includes:
★ Comprehensive course manual, provided on ten discs, presented in a quality presentation binder, with room for
all your scripts and handouts, too
★ A quality, bound student handbook, which includes a guide to preparing and presenting your HPD portfolio
★ Course handouts and scripts, issued monthly by e-mail and hard copy (These plus the manual totalling over 700
★ All tuition fees & certification fees
★ FREE Registration for the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, accompanying tutoring and ongoing support.
★ Guidance & mentoring to assist you in setting up a professional therapy practice PLUS a FREE web presence
(see page 18)
★ Experienced (over 25 years experience) trainers who are highly qualified in all the skills they teach
★ Refreshments
★ Regular supervised practice days for trainee and recently qualified students, competitively priced at £60
(including VAT) per day (10 am until 6 p.m.)
★ Small group (minimum 4) practice and mentoring sessions from our own consulting rooms, where students
have the opportunity to practice recording sessions of hypnosis onto CD. Small charge, lunch included.
★ FREE attendance at our supervision group whilst training. Once qualified, these sessions are favourably priced
at £150 per annum.

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 21

Time Commitment, Admissions Criteria & Eligibility

Our training weekends usually run from 10.00 am until 5.00 p.m. There will be two short breaks per day, and a minimum of 45
minutes for lunch. The estimated home study commitment is 7 hours per week. This consists of practical work, research, monthly
assignments and HPD work. You will also be expected to read recommended texts from our core books and practice hypnosis, under
supervision. We encourage students to keep in contact, both during training and on graduation, in order to engage in practice sessions
and, later, group supervision. Homework is sent and marked electronically and students are encouraged to forward all homework on a
monthly basis.

We believe that life experience can be just as valid as academic acumen. We therefore have no policy for academic achievement but
will look at each individual application on its merits. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant we feel is unsuitable but we will
ALWAYS spend as much time as you require answering your questions in order that you can feel confident that you have chosen the
right course. You are welcome to meet us and any of our trainers, usually whilst conducting a training session, so that you can also
meet and talk to our current students. We are committed to equal opportunities (our policy is available on request)

Career Change or Self-Development?

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many students attend our courses hoping to add to existing skills, such as
counselling and nursing, whilst others simply wish to complete the course as a means of self-development. A high percentage of our
students have also made a dramatic career change, and are now working as a hypnotherapist, either full or part time. Although income
varies considerably, most hypnotherapists charge £60+ per hour (higher in London). Advice on practice management, including the
setting up of your own business, will be given in unit twenty.

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd co no 05399829 VAT Reg No 982 0704 18
Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd 22

Continual Professional Development

Here is a sample of our CPD (Continual Professional Development). Further details will be given on registration or can be
found on our web site: Students are eligible to attend any of our CPD’s whilst training with us and
will qualify for 15% discount. Please note that all our prices include VAT.

Masterclass in Depressive Disorders childhood anxiety, PLUS some innovative & effective techniques
This masterclass is designed for hypnotherapists who wish to for controlling panic attacks. An extremely comprehensive
increase their skill base with the use of depressive disorders. course
Rates of depression are increasing annually and yet, according
to Michael Yapko, in his book Hand-Me-Down Blues it is one of Cognitive Therapy for Hypnotherapists
the most treatable disorders. Medication alone can never be an A two-day introduction to Cognitive Behaviour and Rational
entirely adequate form of treatment. However the use of Emotive Therapy, with particular emphasis on using the
psychotherapy and hypnotherapy has been shown to be an techniques as part of your hypnotherapy session, as well as
effective intervention, whether used alongside traditional coaching and relationship issues. One of our most popular CPD’s
medication or as a stand-alone therapy. This popular three-day
course covers stress & depression, anxiety & depression, Certificate in Working with Children
Trauma & PTSD, the significance of upbringing, both cognitive & How to develop confidence and skills working with children of all
hypnotic interventions and depression in childhood. ages. Children respond incredibly well to hypnosis and often
Recommended! benefit from learning techniques to help then overcome fears,
control pain and enhance learning. This course has been
Certificate in Smoking Cessation developed by Carole, who has worked and taught at Great
One-day course packed full of step-by-step guidelines for Ormond Street hospital, using hypnosis for children with pain
effective smoking cessation. Includes plenty of scripts & advice and phobias
and information on working with groups as well as individual
clients. This is one of our most popular CPD’s; feedback from Diploma in Stress Management
previous delegates confirms that the procedures taught, if As Associate University Lecturers in this subject, Alan and Carole
followed, result in excellent results. Please book early for this are the ideal people to qualify you as Stress Managers. The
course as we are often oversubscribed course runs over six days, and covers communication skills,
workplace bullying, stress & the law, organisational change,
Specialist Certificate in Anxiety, Panic & Phobias occupation stress, time management and much more.
Anxiety, panic & phobias form a large percentage of our work as Graduates will, on course completion and homework submission,
hypnotherapists. Learn how to offer safe, effective and rapid qualify to apply for associate membership of the International
treatment, using both hypnotherapy & CBT. Covers Stress Management association
emetaphobia, dental phobia, separation anxiety, generalised
anxiety disorder, avoidant paruresis, adjustment disorders and

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Validations Our training course is validated with the following organisations. In addition, please visit our web site for
information about Open University Validation, UKCHO membership and the Learning Skills Council as well as how to
progress to ISMA membership

The Hypnotherapy Association

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

The National Council for Hypnotherapy

The National Council of Psychotherapists

On successful completion of the course, students may join any of these organisations and qualify from reduced rate corporate advertising, in addition
to the many benefits afforded by being a member of these organisations. As we offer the HPD, all students will also benefit from FREE student
membership of the NCH for the duration of their training. Our course also fulfils UKCHO (the United Kingdom Confederation of Hypnotherapy
Organisations) criteria, being “ a minimum of 120 hours face to face teaching and a minimum of 450 hours study;” as well as being based upon the
National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hypnotherapy published in 2002 by Skills for Health, the Government's Sector Skills Council for the UK
health industry.

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Please complete in block capitals

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Present Occupation (If unemployed please give previous occupation, if any.)


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Please supply preferably the e-mail address OR FULL name and addresses (including post code) of TWO people – other than a
member of your own family - who can give a personal, educational, or work-related reference

Background: Educational and/or experiential. Degrees and/or professional qualifications/A levels/GCSE, etc.

Have you undertaken any form of education or part-time study since leaving school? For example: work-study courses; evening classes, etc. If so,
please give details:

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If none of the above applies to you, please use the available space below to describe the abilities, aptitudes and interests gained through your life
experience, which you believe could assist you in helping others. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

If you have ever been treated for any psychological or relevant physical condition, please give details below (continue on a separate sheet if
necessary). If you are unsure of the relevance of a condition, please give details irrespectively. This information will be treated in confidence

Why do you want to train in hypnotherapy ?

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marketing. Thank you

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In the remaining space, please give any further details you wish to add in support of this application) e.g.: further details of education; reasons
for wishing to enrol for a course of training, i.e. career or general interest, etc. Please be sure to use this space to indicate any prior involvement
with/knowledge of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. (Use a separate sheet if required.)

Please indicate which is your preferred centre: wherever possible please provide at least two centres that you would be
prepared to attend.

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Method of Payment if Accepted:  One instalment "  Two instalments  monthly  other (please specify)

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Please read and sign (on page 29) the following terms & conditions before submitting your form
Terms and conditions. This agreement is made on the understanding that each individual trainee takes full responsibility for his or her own behaviour in
relation to applying these skills. ALL students must take out appropriate insurance before practising these skills in any circumstances other than a training
environment. The authors and trainers of the course disclaim any liability, loss or injury as a consequence of use or misuse, either directly or indirectly, of any
information presented in either the course manual or whilst training.

ACMHL and its trainers reserve the right to refuse entry to the course or to disqualify trainees at any stage. Certification will be awarded on full satisfactory
completion of the course, and submission of all homework. This decision will be at the discretion of the Course Director. Full certification will only be approved and
awarded when all outstanding payments have been made and cleared. Please note that a minimum attendance of 17 units is essential in all but exceptional
circumstances. Students who habitually arrive late, or leave early, may have this time deducted from their attendance record.

Course Dates: We reserve the right to change dates/venues in exceptional circumstances. If, due to circumstances beyond the control of ACMHL or its trainers, a
course is cancelled, candidates will be offered a place at the nearest alternative venue or, if preferred, a full refund of all fees paid for outstanding modules.

Attendance: Students should give a minimum of ONE WEEKS notice, wherever possible, if unable to attend any unit. If a student is unable to attend their chosen
venue, they are welcome to attend an alternate location, or an alternate date, subject to availability. There is no additional charge for this facility. In all but
exceptional circumstances, at least eight modules must be attended at the registering centre.

Payments: Course fees must be received in advance by ACMHL. Receipts will normally be issued on the final day of the course. Please ensure that cheques are
received NO LATER than fourteen DAYS before the course start date. If the monthly payment option is selected, please note that modules are payable in advance.
This means that modules one and two are payable two weeks before the first module; module three is payable two weeks before module two, and so on. Cash
payments fall due on the Saturday of each module,also one module in advance. Students who are paying monthly will be charged an additional £100 administration

Refunds: Refunds can be made at the discretion of ACMHL if a trainee is unable to continue the course. The refunded amount will be the proportion of the fee
unused, if paid in advance, excluding the deposit. Each module is priced as an equal percentage of the course. If a student wishes to discontinue training any time
after weekend two, refunds will only be offered in exceptional circumstances. If no notice of non-attendance is received a minimum of 3 days before the training
weekend, the fee will be forfeited unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

Homework: Any student who wishes to apply for the HPD must complete 75% or more of their portfolio before the end of the course, otherwise a marking fee of
£50 will be charged. Students who are unable to complete all our prescribed homework before course completion will receive a certificate of attendance. A charge
for full certification will then be made. Further details are in the current student handbook.

Copyright: The rights of The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd, Carole Wan and Alan Cooper are established as authors and owners of the course,
training manual, and all handouts and visual aids and as such, this has been asserted by them in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988.

No part of these publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,
recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the authors and publishers, or a licence permitting restricted copying in the UK, issued by the Copyright
Licensing Agency, 90 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1P 0LP.

Please submit your completed and signed form with your deposit to: The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd, 8 Balmoral Crescent, Dronfield Woodhouse,
Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 8ZY

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I ENCLOSE MY NON-RETURNABLE DEPOSIT OF £275.00, made payable to: Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd (ACMHL)




ACMHL, 8 Balmoral Crescent, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield, S18 8ZY

Please check the following before submission and posting:

✔ E-MAIL ADDRESS (PREFERABLE) OR FULL address including postcode of two referees

✔ Short CV to be submitted with application form
✔ You have indicated preferred payment method
✔ You have indicated which centre/s you prefer - minimum of two where possible
✔ You have advised us of your telephone/e-mail contact
✔ Cheque for £275 enclosed, payable to ACMHL

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