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Orinquia Tours & Expeditions s.a.

PUERTO CARREO VICHADA 314 341 3300 - 317 489 6322
Carrera 10 N 19-33 Barrio Las Acacias.
NTR: 37.723
1 Day River Dolphins sight and Ecological Walk Bojonawi
Rio Orinoco. Puerto Carreo, Vichada
O t&e offer the Guidance and Transportation of a 1 Day Dolphins Sight, Birdwatching and other species from the Orinoco
Basin, its second affluent Meta river and the "Bita" river, first protected river of Colombia. Ecological Walks on various
stablished Path in the Private Natural Reserve "Bojonawi" on the Orinoco River.
June 2017

Services Include:
* Comfortable Boat from Puerto Carreo on the Orinoco river towards the mouth of the Meta river for
(Toninas) River Dolphins sight. Other stop on Bita river mouth and "Cao Negro" on the way to
* Qualify Bilingual in English Guidance along the trip.
* Local Typical Lunch at the Private Natural Reserve, Bojonawi.
* Hydrants Drinks and Snacks for the walks.
* Small First Aid Kit.
* GPS.
* Colombian and Venezuelan phones for communication.
* Experience and Safety Warrantied.
$191,750 BOJONAWI. $767,000

* Do not include Airline Tickets.

* Other trips or number of people
Orinoquia Tours & Expeditions S.A.S please contact.
** Services, Prices and Itineraries subject to change without notice. **
1 Day 1 Pax 2 Pax 3 Pax 4 Pax 5 Pax 6 Pax 7 Pax 8 Pax 9 Pax
$ x Person 614,900 332,800 238,767 191,750 163,540 144,733 131,300 121,225 113,389
$ Package 614,900 665,600 716,300 767,000 817,700 868,400 787,800 727,350 1,020,500
* All prices in Colombian Pesos.
"Bojonawi" is a Private Natural Reserve with 4,600 Ha. All the areas for conservation of Flora and Fauna and our enjoyment.
With Processes of Recuperation of Forest, Morichales etc. On various stablished path we can walk through Floodable Forest,
unique for its wonderful Flora and Fauna. Species found in this forest are: Howling Monkey, Giant Otters, Toninas or river
Dolphins, Caiman, Turtles, Deer, Rabbits, Capybara, Ground Birds like Chenchenas, Paujil, Pavas, Garzas, Small Birds and
Prey Birds. Different Ecosystems in one place. The handkerchief lagoon (La Laguna El Pauelo) is its main attractive for its
enclave between millenarian Rocks, the Savannas and the Forest.




Pto. Carreo Vichada.
314 341 3300 317 489 6322
Detail Description.

Travel and Itinerary.

As early as possible after breakfast 6:30 AM comfortable Boat from Puerto Carreo on the Orinoco river towards
the mouth of the Meta river, its Second larger affluent, for (Toninas) River Dolphins sight. Other stop on Bita river
mouth, the only Colombian Protected river and "Cao Negro" Black Creek on the way to Bojonawi. Welcome and
first walk on a path selected. Back to camp at 12:00 PM for Lunch, Local Typical food and approximate at 2:00 PM.
second walk on the Lagoon. Return to Pto. Carreo at Sunset.
Possibilities to see: Howling Monkey, Giant Otters, Toninas or river Dolphins, Caiman, Turtles, Deer, Rabbits,
Capybara, Ground Birds like Chenchenas, Paujil, Pavas, Garzas, Small Birds and Prey Birds
The day trip is from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM approximate.

Hydrants Drinks
6 Ud. per person day: Exp. 2 water, 2 Juices, 2 Sodas.
* Alcoholic drinks not included but optional with agreement.

General Conditions

Reservations at least two days in advance with the cancelation of 50% of the cost and the other 50% at the end of
the trip. Prices, Conditions and Itineraries subject to change without notice.

Services Conditions: The priority of the Guide is the safety of the tourist and the transportation units therefor his
recommendations must be follow. In a case of an emergency of any kind or any circumstance that in his
judgement poses a risk to any tourist, the transportation units or his own he can return immediately canceling the
operation without been considered an unconcluded service. No night traveling allowed unless in an emergency. At
sundown must return to the indicated place. Extraction of Flora and Fauna are forbidden and will not be allowed.

Extras included

All the Guidance includes: Small First Aid Kit, GPS, Small Solar Charger for small equipment like phones and
rechargeable batteries, Bilingual Guidance Services in English, Certification in First Aids and CPR, Colombian and
Venezuelan phones for communication. All the pictures taken by the Guide are free to the Client.

We also offer Sport Fishing, Expeditions, Adventures, Ecotourism, Birdwatching and Observation Tourism.

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For personal attention please contact:

Manager: Alejandro E. Siblesz Vera: 314 341 33 00 - 317 489 63 22

Promotor: Fidel Cano: 319 297 18 65 ask for DEPORVITA fishing
Puerto Carreo, Vichada
National Tourism Registry N 37723
This document is part of the atttached proposal.
June 2017
Conditions for the provision of services:
Inland navigation: The priority of the guide is the safety of the tourists and the boat, therefore they must take care
of his recommendations. In case of a health emergency or the existence of any circumstance that in the opinion of
the guide may affect the safety of a Tourist, the Environment, The Boat or his own, he may return immediately to
Puerto Carreo canceling the day of operations without it being possible Consider breach of contract. Do not sail at
night, at sunset must return to the port. Do not travel at night unless an emergency warrants it. Strictly Catch and

Walking Paths: The priority of the guide is the safety of the tourists and the ecosystems visited and their inhabitants is
vital, therefore, his recommendations should be heeded. The objective of the walks is to know the different ecosystems
and habitats and the species that inhabit it. Silence when walking is crucial for the sighting of different birds, mammals,
reptiles and insects that can be seen without interrupting their customs and way of life, to the natural, without the
intervention of man. Being prepared for extreme climatic conditions is crucial as heat, sun, rain, humidity, water saturated
soil, storms, wind, mosquitoes and other insects etc. Weather and season will determine the route or path to take.
The extraction of Flora or Fauna species will not be allowed for personal transport purposes.
General recommendations:
1-. Try to travel light but with boots, hat, poncho for rain, sunscreen and anti mosquitoes on hand. Swimsuit, towel, at least
one change of clothes, backpack or comfortable carry bag.
2-. Most sites in the area have limited cell and / or power coverage to recharge. It is a good strategy to keep the cell phone off
to save batteries because trying to connect to it consumes the battery faster searching for a signal and also prevent
international roaming from generating unforeseen expenses.
3-. Always wear life jackets while traveling by boat and following the driver's instructions.
4-. Make sure the cameras have memory capacity and charged batteries.
5-. Always carry a "personal" container for moisturizing drinks and recharge whenever you can..
6-. Refrain from jumping into murky waters unless potential obstacles have been checked first.
7-. Refrain from bathing in running water.
8-. Prepare yourself physically for the outing by doing some exercises the days before it.
9-. Try not to touch trunks, branches and stones when walking in the jungle, there may be spines and harmful insects.
10-. Do not smoke in areas at risk of fire, dry or with a lot of breeze.
11-. Alcohol and other substances accelerate circulation causing fatigue and causing the reaction to sting venoms to move
faster in the bloodstream leaving less time to react..
12-. In the rainy season have protection for rain and plastic bags for luggage and equipment such as cell phones, as well as
shoes suitable for getting wet, it is not recommended to wear sandals.
13-. When buying sun block and mosquito repellent think of those that less damage the environment.
14-. Common sense and prevention are the best company for the trip.
15-. Notify the guide of any health conditions such as allergies, diabetes, recent surgeries, phobias or any condition that may
result in an emergency before the tour so we can be prepared before it.
Orinoquia Tours & Expeditions S.A.S. Complies and promotes the following laws:
Law 17 of 1981 and Law 1333 of 2009 on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
Law 63 of 1986 and Law 1185 of 2008 on Trade of Cultural Property
Resolution 0584 of 2002 on Wild Species that are threatened in the national territory.
Law 1453 of 2011. Article 32. Illicit management of exotic species. In the same way it promotes compliance with the applicable
regulations to counteract the sexual exploitation of minors.
Law 1336 of 2009, by means of which Law 679 of 2001, to combat exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and
adolescents, is added and strengthened.
Law 679 of 2001, by means of which a statute is issued to prevent and counteract the exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism
with minors, under article 44 of the Constitution.
Technical Standard for Sustainability: Orinoquia Tours & Expeditions S.A.S. Complies with and is identified with the Sectoral Technical
Standard of Sustainability. Identifying the possible Environmental, Socio-Cultural and Economic impacts by making them known to the
Tourist and disseminating the activities that can help to minimize and compensate them.

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