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A service project of

The School of Ageless Wisdom

Cycles is a monthly publication of The School of Ageless Wis-
dom. The members of the School are experimenting with rejoining
astrology and astronomy. The experiment is called Astrochemistry
and involves astronomical calculation to determine cyclic energy
patterns and the works of the Masters D.K., M., and R. as aids in
determining the meaning and significance of these cycles. This
information is intended to be useful in daily life.

Disciple/Initiate: Cancer The Whole is Seen as One.

This sign is, as you already know, one This sign, Cancer, being concerned
of the two gates of the zodiac because primarily with the world of causes, Full Sun Meditation
through it souls pass into outer manifes- has about its inner meaning much in-
tation and to the appropriation of form, definiteness and an apparently vague
At the time of the full moon,
and subsequent identification with it for subtlety which proves most elusive to
many long cycles. It is the gate which the ordinary thinker. This also is true the moon is completely
stands wide open, broad and easy to of all the signs which go to the forming out of the way of the Suns
pass through and yet it leads unto the of the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens. radiation to the Earth.
place of death and to that long imprison- In the last analysis, it is only the initi- This is the time of highest
ment which precedes the final revolt. It ated disciple who can fathom the true
spiritual potential and the
is allied with material nature, and with meaning of these zodiacal influences as
the mother of forms, just as the other they pulsate throughout the manifested time that the school holds
gate, Capricorn, is allied with spirit, the universe, because they are primar- a public meditation. All are
father of all that IS. ily the expression of spirit or life more welcome to this planetary
than of soul or body. Therefore, until service.
In this sign lies hid the whole problem after the third initiationas you have
of the Law of Rebirth. Reincarnation is oft been toldthere is little to be known
implicit in the manifested universe and or said about that mysterious essence Mon 18 July 2016
is a basic and fundamental theme un- which is divinity in motion. When you, 7:30 PM
derlying systemic pulsation. There are for instance, read that the keynotes of (map on last page)
certain things which I would like to make this sign can be expressed in the Bibli-
clear in connection with reincarnation. cal phrase the Spirit of God moved

Festival in Key Word for the Disciple:

I build a lighted house and therein dwell.
Soul-Light of Cancer:

The Light within the form.
This is the diffused light of substance itself, the dark light of
matter, referred to in The Secret Doctrine. It is the light awaiting
the stimulation coming from the soul light.

upon the face of the waters does it, or the mystery of self-conscious entity, tinguished the Christ from all preceding
in reality, mean anything specific to whilst the Mutable Cross holds hid the world Saviours was the fact that He was
you? You might reply by saying that it mystery of form. In these words, you the first of our humanity Who, having
means, God moved in substance and have the key to the secret of manifes- achieved divinity (and this many have
produced by moving the outer tangible tation as a whole and to that mystery done), was permitted to see the golden
forms. But does that truly convey to which was revealed to Christ at the thread of light and of living life which
you an intelligible truth? In Cancer, God final crucifixion and to which He testi- links the light within the centre of all the
breathed into mans nostrils the breath fied His understanding reaction in the manifested Crosses; He was allowed to
of life and man became a living soul. In triumphant utterance recorded in The know the meaning of life as it expressed
these words, you have established the New Testament: My God, My God, why itself in the Cosmic Crucifixion, which
relation which exists in the mind of God hast Thou forsaken Me. He then left the is an episode of cosmic life and not of
between spirit (the breath of life) the soul Fixed Cross and the Identity which had death, as is generally supposed.
(consciousness) and man (the form). hitherto been His and identified Himself
However, does that statement convey with that which was then revealed. To Hercules comprehended the true mean-
an intelligible concept to your mind? these words, thus translated somewhat ing of the Mutable Cross and, with full
I think not, because the synthesis of inaccurately in the Christian Bible, there knowledge, mounted the Fixed Cross,
the final relation is beyond the average are three meanings or true significances. with all its attendant difficulties and
grasp and its `linking or essential unity The translation hinted at in The Secret labours. The Buddha comprehended,
(lying as it does outside of conscious- Doctrine (S.D. II. 613), The robe, the through complete illumination, the
ness and known reality) takes place robe, the beautiful robe of my strength meaning of both the Mutable and the
first of all in this signone of the most no longer serves expresses the inner Fixed Crosses, for the secret of rev-
ancient of the signs and one of the first revelation of the Mutable Cross, as it elation in Taurus was His, just as the
to be recognised and established as an was revealed to the Saviour, looking secret of directed energy in Scorpio
influencing factor by ancient humanity. at life from the angle of the soul. In was the source of the strength of Her-
the words quoted above My God, My cules. But the Christ, knowing both the
I state a basic truthvaguely acknowl- God, why hast Thou forsaken Me, the above secrets, also understood with a
edged by youthat in Aries the essential mystery of the Fixed Cross was shown living comprehension, the mystery of
substance of manifestation awoke to re- to Him and the secret of the Cardinal the Cardinal Cross, because the light
newed activity under the impact of divine Cross was, for the first time, held before of the Transfiguration (undergone in
desire, impelled by the divine Breath, by His eyes. The words, embodying that Capricorm) revealed to Him the glory
divine Life or Spirit. In Cancer this living central mystery, have never yet been and transcendent mystery.
substance assumed a triple differenti- given out. One of the factors which dis- (Esoteric Astrology pp 312-315)
ated relationship to which we give the
names of Life (Aries) of Consciousness
(Taurus, the next sign to Aries) and man-
ifested duality (Gemini, the sign preced-
ing Cancer) and these three, blended
together, came into outer manifestation
in Cancer, thus completing an esoteric
quaternary of great importance. Here
the first major fusion, inchoate and unre-
alised, took place. In Libra, these reach
a point of balance and of a somewhat
static equilibrium (later to be disturbed
in Scorpio), so that this essential triplicity
appears clearly in relation to each other.
In Capricorn, the sign of initiation, this
basic triplicity begins to return to the
earlier state of the breath of spirit but,
this time, with full awareness and prop-
erly fulfilled organisation, so that form is
a perfect expression of the soul and the
soul is sensitive and responsive to the
pulsations of the One Life, as that Life
reveals, through its activity, the perfect
will of the Logos.

The secret (so-called) of the Cardinal

Cross is the secret of Life itself, just as Orion Nebula from Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes
that of the Fixed Cross is that of the soul
thought is examined, every response is
examined and every action is examined

for the source of the activating Energy.
Is it what the personality wishes to be
accurate Illusion? Or is it in the Light
of Universal Inclusivity? Does it ring the
tone of Atma, Buddhi and Manas? Or is
it simply the lower mental assessment
of the personalitys notion of right.
Cancer: RulerNeptune, Ray6th Disciples can be trapped in a web of il-
lusory Right when the Higher Right of
Yearly Keynote any horoscope interpretation as unverifi- the One Life escapes acceptance. This
From Winter Solstice able. Unless the Disciple is an Initiate, in is actually the point of consciousness
to Winter Solstice: which case the horoscope will be self- between the Third and Fourth initiation
REBUILDING THE SHRINE interpreted and kept absolutely private. which takes the shortest period to make
OF HUMAN LIVING. the necessary transformations.
In current studies, we are assuming
Keynote for Constellation Cancer: students are at least on the Path, and These Disciples do not seemingly cause
I BUILD A LIGHTED HOUSE understand the difference between the harm but are separative to a degree
AND THEREIN DWELL. self-serving personality forces and the that blocks full Atmic Insight, thus hin-
Selfless Energies of the Soul. dering the Plan. Only a locking into the
CANCER has the ruler of Neptune, Hierarchical focus and Communion with
the 6th Ray, related to Scorpio in con- To achieve the next step forward or to the Master of the Ashram will allow the
nection with Disciples and Initiates. make a new turn on the spiral of devel- necessary adjustments to be achieved.
opment through the three Halls (of Igno-
The Triumphant Disciple: rance, of Learning, and of Sacrifice), Living IN the world without being OF
Cancer and Scorpio, through Neptune definitely transmuting the Energies of the world requires a difficult grasp of how
and Mars, are related to Ray 6. Trans- the Egoic Lotus Petals Disciples must the Hierarchy views the process of hu-
formation of the mass consciousness study the forces of their own equipment man evolution. Accepted Disciples are in
into the inclusive consciousness of the by attracting the Energy of the Triad the position to empower Illusion as well
disciple. into brain consciousness. This is done as Truth. They have not yet reached full
through fixed Meditation, where every Spiritual Identity, and every one of them
The accuracy of astrological predic-
tions and interpretations will be based
upon the potency of the thought-forms
which have been built up in connection
with twelve signs. These thought-forms
were originally constructed or anchored
on the mental plane by the Hierarchy in
Atlantean days and they have steadily
gained in power ever since.They serve
as focal points for certain forces and
enable individuals, for instance, to be
in touch with great reservoirs of energy
which then definitely condition them.
Esoteric Astrology, pg. 69.

NOTE: It is very important to keep in

mind that unless an astrologer is at least
a Third Degree Initiate, Soul-Infused,
there is NO WAY that astrologer can ac-
curately interpret a Horoscope because
that astrologer will not have access to
know where an individual stands on the
Path, leaving all interpretation simply
admitted guesswork, or worse, falsely
claiming to be accurate!
A dazzling region of celestial birth and renewal in a small portion of the
Since NO Initiate is allowed to verify nebula near the star cluster NGC 2074.
status, individual Disciples MUST weigh
takes its place and the initiate lives
henceforth in the light of correct or
Straight Knowledge, expressing itself
as wisdom in all affairs hence the
titles of Master of the Wisdom or Lord
of Compassion.

Let it be remembered that this achieve-

ment of focus and this attained freedom
are NOT the result of a symbolic cer-
emony, but the result of lives of suffering,
of minor renunciations and of conscious

The 4th initiation is ahead of all Dis-

ciples. The Revelation which brings this
Divine Simplification, must be sought
through understanding HOW separa-
tion has continued to have a roll in con-
sciousness. The 4th Ray of Harmony
Star Cluster R136 in Nebula 30 Doradus through conflict enables the Initiate to
live in the Eternal Now and to renounce
the bindings of time. The 4th Degree
has to discern, through Spiritual Intuition therefore, right timing in the revelation Initiate has transformed from the Identity
and Sensitivity, where the Truth lies that of Divine Intention and in the direction of living to the Identity of BEING.
will Empower and Enhance Hierarchical of the thinking and the planning done in
structure. Their Ashrams by the recipients; initiates pg. 702, 703. I would ask you to
and disciples. Again we come back to ponder this Initiation of Renunciation
ALL initiates pass through this stage the same necessity for right interpreta- remembering ever in your daily life that
as they approach the 4th Initiation di- tion of the revelation or of the vision. In this process of the crucifixion of the
rectly after the 3rd initiation has been treading the Path of Discipleship and the lower self is only made possible by the
achieved. While it would seem that the Path of Initiation, the human being has practice of detachment every day. The
4th Initiation separates an Initiate from to use the dynamic or the potency of the word detachment is only the Eastern
other Disciples, the opposite is the fact. Love of God; on the Way of the Higher term for our word renunciation. That
The 4th Degree Initiate is at ONE with Evolution, it must be the dynamic and is the practical use of such information
All levels of humanity in every respect. the potency of Will. here given to you.
The lower three worlds are no longer
controlling, but instead are demanding I would ask you all, therefore, to ponder My prayer and wish is that your goal
transformation to LIGHT. The differ- on the distinction which exists between: may be clear to your vision and that
ence, is the difference between being 1. Self-will, 2. Determination, 3. Fixity the Strength of your Heart may be
In the World, and not being Of the of Purpose, 4. The will, 5. The spiritual adequate to the undertaking.
world! One view will observe and feed will, 6. The Divine Will. Each of these
separation, while the other vision will indicates a certain aspect of the will; you
observe and empower only Unity! will learn more on this point by doing Key to Symbols
your own thinking and defining. All that I
a Aries A Sun
The Rays and the Initiations, pgs can hope and pray is that your individual
700, 718: will can be merged with the Divine Will b Taurus v Vulcan
Just as advanced humanity can pre- and that you will with increased stead- c Gemini C Mercury
cipitate the raincloud of knowable fastness tread the Path from darkness d Cancer O Earth
things (the Divine ideas working out to Light and from death to Immortality. e Leo B Moon
as intuitions in all the many areas of
f Virgo E Mars
human thinking), so the lesser Initiates On the Buddhic or Intuitional plane
and Disciples within the Hierarchy can (fourth level of the cosmic physical g Libra F Jupiter
begin to precipitate into their conscious- plane), the mind nature even that of h Scorpio D Venus
ness some of this Divine Intention. It is the higher mind or the level of abstract Ophiuchus G Saturn
this reservoir of power which embodies thought loses its control over the i Sagitarius H Uranus
some of the Purpose and Implements Initiate and is henceforth only useful in
j Capricorn I Neptune
the Plan. service. The Intuition, the pure reason,
complete knowledge illumined by the k Aquarius J Pluto
One of the problems of the Hierarchy is, loving purpose of the Divine Mind l Pisces

Mar Feb Jan Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar

l k j i h g f e d c b a l
Astrological Signs

Ophiuchus Ecliptic
Virgo Leo
aAries l
f e d c Taurus Pisces

Capricorn Cancer Gemini

Sagitarius g b
Aquarius j h
i Scorpio Orion
Map of the Astronomical Constellations

The bar at the top of this chart represents the as they appear in the sky. The straight line through longer, the Sun appears to be in some constella-
distribution of the astrological signs throughout them represents the ecliptic, the apparent path tions longer than others (44 days for Virgo and
the year. Each sign is one twelfth of the year. of the sun through the sky. Note that the signs only 8 days for Scorpio), and that the ecliptic
Below it is a map of the zodiacal constellations and the constellations do not match in time any passes through a 13th constellation, Ophiuchus.

SUPERMUNDANE III can we become worthy travelers to the compassionate to those who stumble.
459. Urusvati knows how much far-off worlds. Thus, when We speak It must not be forgotten that in each
people prefer to strive toward the far- about the Supermundane we must, first incarnation we improve certain quali-
off worlds rather than attend to their of all, comprehend our earthly state. I ties in ourselves, whereas many other
earthly problems. The reason is clear repeat again that those who cannot qualities remain dormant. That is why
Earth-dwellers bear no responsibility successfully deal with the earthly can- people often wonder when they see
for the far-off worlds, but the duties of not correctly strive toward the Super- someone who is successful in some
everyday life impose many burdens. mundane. ways and weak in others. Only in the
Few people want to understand that Not even those who strive to follow Subtle World are the former accumula-
the reality of the far-off worlds will be the Instructions sent to them can al- tions awakened, and, of course, so are
revealed only to those who deal suc- ways know how to apply them in life. the errors.
cessfully with earthly conditions. But this should not upset us. Those Thus the Thinker often defended a
Without a realization of ones pur- who have passed through many earth- person by saying, Do we know what is
pose on Earth, it is not possible to ven- ly journeys know how their experience in his heart?
ture into the supermundane spheres. was accumulated, and the one who has
Only through earthly self-improvement experienced and learned much will be

Astrochemical Pattern June 30, 2016 to August 1, 2016

NOTE: Days shaded in box A mark the Five-day Opportunity at the time of the Full Moon for Penetration, Polarization, and Precipitation.

A Mon 6:01 am CDT Tue 5:57 pm CDT

B 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1
C July
Nelson Mandela International Day July 18: For freedom, justice and democracy. (
D International Day of Friendship, July 30: to inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

E c II d
(Ortho C, IV) (Eso D, V) (Hier O, III) (Ortho B, IV) (Eso I, VI) (Hier I, VI)

1 2 3 1 2
Key: A=Lunar cycle CST or CDT. B=Day. C=Month. D=Astronomical Info. E=Constellation/Ruler/Ray F=Decanate/Planet/Ray
Sharing Light
Each month a
co-worker shares
insight on a
particular subject
related to discipleship.


The Rays and the Initiations pgs. 474-476, Master D. K.

It is my intention to be very practi- natural process - are as yet unrealiz- 2. These two threads are, for the dis-
cal. The building of the antahkarana able. My problem is to present the ciple, a fusion of past knowledge (the
(which is consciously undertaken upon process in such a manner that edu- consciousness thread) and the present
the Path of Discipleship) is a process cators will be thinking, speaking and (the creative thread).
which is followed under certain ancient teaching in terms of bridging, and thus 3. The life thread or sutratma proper
and proven rules. When these rules approaching basic statements which is closely blended with these two. You
are correctly followed, the sequence have a definite bearing upon this point then have atma-buddhi-manas (the lat-
of events and the appearance of the which we are considering. I would like ter being the agent of creation) func-
desired results are inevitable and un- here very succinctly to recall a few of tioning to a certain degree consciously
avoidable. There is much that I could them to your attention: in the aspirant.
say which would be of small use to the 4. The fusion of personality and
average aspirant, as it would be con- 1. Knowledge-force expresses itself soul is in process, but when it has
cerned with subjective realities which through the consciousness thread and reached a certain point it becomes
- though existent and occult facts in a the creative thread. apparent that a creativity or a cre-
ative activity of the Will is needed to
bridge between the Spiritual Triad
and the personality, via the soul.
5. The bridge which must be con-

Knowledge-force expresses
structed is called, technically, the
6. This bridge has to be built by the as-

itself through [a fusion of] pirant who is focused upon the mental
plane, because it is mental substance
(in three grades) which must be used,

the consciousness thread and the three aspects of the mind - the
manasic permanent atom, the Son of

(past knowledge) and the

Mind or Ego, and the mental unit - are
all involved in the process.

creative thread (the present).

Students would do well to learn that
this process of building the antahkara-
na is one of the means whereby man,
the trinity, becomes a duality. When the
task is completed and the antahkarana

a creative activity Non-discriminatory Policy
The School of Ageless Wisdom

of the Will is needed to

admits students of any race,
color, national and ethnic origin
to all the rights, privileges, pro-

bridge between
grams, and activities generally
accorded or made available to
students at the school. It does
not discriminate as to race, color,

the Spiritual Triad and national and ethnic origin in

administration of its educational
policies, admissions policies,

the personality, via the soul

scholarship and loan programs,
and athletic and other school
administered programs.

is definitely built - thus producing per-

fect alignment between the Monad and
its expression upon the physical plane
- the body of the soul (the causal body)
is completely and finally destroyed by
the fire of the Monad, pouring down the
antahkarana. There is then complete
reciprocity between the Monad and
the fully conscious soul on the physi-
cal plane. The divine intermediary is
no longer required. The Son of God
Who is the Son of Mind dies; the veil
of the temple is rent in twain from the
top to the bottom; the fourth initiation
is passed, and there then comes the
revelation of the Father.

This is the final and far-reaching result

of the building of the bridge which is, in
reality, the establishing of a line of light
between Monad and personality as a
full expression of the soul - between
spirit and matter, between Father and
Mother. It is evidence that spirit has
mounted on the shoulders of matter
to that high place from whence it origi-
nally came, plus the gain of experience
and of full knowledge, and of all that life Hubble Ultra Deep Field
in material form could give and all that Representing a narrow keyhole view stretching to the visible horizon of the uni-
conscious experience could confer. verse, the Hubble Deep Field image covers a speck of the sky only about the width
The Son has done His work. The task of a dime 75 feet away. Though the field is a very small sample of the heavens, it is
of the Savior or of the Mediator has considered representative of the typical distribution of galaxies in space, because
been completed. The unity of all things the universe, statistically, looks largely the same in all directions. Gazing into this
small field, Hubble uncovered a bewildering assortment of at least 1,500 galaxies at
is known to be a fact in consciousness,
various stages of evolution.
and a human spirit can say with inten- The most prestigious prize in Germany in the field of astronomy and astrophysics,
tion and with understanding: I and my the Karl Schwarzschild Medal, will be awarded this year (2016) to Robert Williams
Father are one. of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Maryland, whose
name is inseparably linked to the most celebrated observation target of the Hubble
Space Telescope (HST): the famous Hubble Deep Field (HDF).

is written, published and mailed to those

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