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Computer Hardware Devices

Fact Sheet Assignment

Computer hardware is anything you can physically touch. There are many devices that can be involved in
the information processing cycle (input, processing, output, and storage). Your job is to learn more about
any current hardware device and to present the information you found onto a one-page fact sheet. Your
assignment should provide at least 10 interesting facts about your device. The facts must include:
Name of the device
Function of the device
At least one image of the device
Manufacturer of the device
Where the device can be purchased
Price of the device
What the device can do
Device specifications

Other areas of research can include:

General history of its development
How it works
Competitors and prices

List of possible topics:

Keyboard Scanner Touchpad

Mouse Microphone Webcam
CPU Stylus Credit Card Reader
Projector Touch Screen Monitor
Motherboard Trackball 3D Printer
Speakers/Headphones Scanner Video Cards
Memory Cards/SD Cards/ Printer Hard Drive
Flash Memory Digital Camera RAM

** Assignment can be done with a partner


A current device was chosen and least 10 facts with images were presented
1 2 3 4
Additional research was done
1 2 3 4
Information was presented in a neat, organized, and concise manner.
Spelling and grammar were checked
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Monitor Fact Sheet
By: Rachit and Deon

Name: ASUS VS Series VS247H-P Black 23.6" 2ms LED Backlight

Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 50000000:1 (ASCR)

Function: A display screen used to provide visual output from a computer

Manufacturer: Asus
Where the Device can be purchased: The monitor can be purchased by at any
tech or any general merchandise retail store.

Price: This monitor costs around $170

What can it do? : It has a resolution of 1080p, so it has good picture quality

Device Specifications: Its a 23.6 monitor with an ASCR ratio 50000000:1

Other Facts: The first monitor was created in 1897
Biggest Monitor: LG made ultra-wide monitors, which includes what it claims is the
"worlds largest" such device, a 38-inch behemoth with a 3,840 x 1,600-pixel resolution
Best Resolution for a Monitor: The highest result ion possible was a Samsung O-
LED 8k monitor that they showed a CES 2016 back in march.